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  1. Thanks wooders. i like the look of those wheels and tyres. The tyres say they are 2" while the wheels are 2.2. Would they fit each other and do I need glue? Like the idea of bigger wheels to increase clearance. I'm guessing these are bigger! what about these? https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/115256/ cheers oli
  2. Hi again wooders- missed the bit about tyres there! Loads to look into thanks guys
  3. Markbt- thank you. I will keep the old shocks for now and get some chunky 2.2 wheels. Any recommendations for them and where I can buy some! Cheers Oli
  4. Wooders- thank you, ordering a new ESC later! I take it I keep thebreciever I have now and just ditch the old MSC and resistor(sorry if that sounds stupid). Will let you know how I get on. Oli
  5. Hi all, I have dusted down my 30 year old raider and it works! Or did! Bought new battery and it was running great. Turned off but didn't disconnect and somehow the old MSC got nudged on . when I smelt smoke it turned all off and recharged battery. It now works only on full speed, I guess I have blown the resistor. As I can't get a spare u was going to buy the 1060? ESC and use that. My question is this... Is it relatively easy to swap the old style MSC out and replace with a new one. Can anyone explain what I need to do please. I have a futaba attack r controller- do just swap the crystal over to the new ESC? Is there anything else I need to remove? Also I need new tyres for the rear wheels and new rear shocks ( the others have always sagged and it seems to run too low to the ground. They are 65mm so was thinking I could get some linger ones? Any advice on what size shocks and wheels I'd need would be appreciated along with where to source them (/I'm in the UK). My kids are you so want them to get used to the fun of rc cars before they migrate to more modern models! Many thanks for any advice. Oli
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