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  1. As long as Tower’s site doesn’t show discontinued, I think you still have a chance!?
  2. I got an email this morning saying it was ready to ship but my credit card didn’t go thru since it expired from when I placed my order in October.
  3. Are you sure you have the tires installed correctly, the 3 piece wheel should clamp the tire securely. I know just getting the center ring in the tire is a pain in the *** sometimes!
  4. You’ll probably get it sometime early next year? I don’t see why you wouldn’t get it, Tower is still taking back orders?
  5. I don’t remember if 8/6 was the first day Tower had their pre orders open, but I did place my order around 12:45 AM. I’m just curious how many kits they got in their first shipment?
  6. Just got it today, was supposed to be delivered yesterday but Fed ex was delayed to today. I placed my order at a little before 1am on 8/6, wonder what time you placed yours James?
  7. I’m guessing they sold wayyy more than they initially ordered! I was supposed to get it today, but Fed ex has it delayed now!!
  8. Looks like Tower is starting to ship out the 934, just got a notification that the one I ordered 8/6 just shipped.
  9. This talk of limited supply and cancelled pre orders made me order another one from Tower Hobbies, d a m n you TamiyaClub! Lol
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