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  1. I always wanted the Fantom ep-4wd!
  2. The Black Edition was just released, you can still get the Super Clodbuster also.
  3. That could be it? Lol. They need to go back and adjust the rest then!
  4. Why is the MSRP on the Black edition so much cheaper than the Super Clod, $392 vs $516?
  5. It’s in stock at Tower, also there’s a coupon code to save a few dollars.
  6. If your engine is seized, try heating the case/head with a heat gun. That usually loosens up the piston so you can rotate it, then you can drop oil into the engine as was mentioned before. This has worked for me several times whith old nitro engines. Be careful if you do plan on taking the engine apart, some of the screws may be frozen. Then you’re stuck with extracting stripped screws and sometimes trying to find odd sized fasteners to replace them.
  7. Well, I thought I knew where it was but unfortunately can’t find it. Hopefully someone else can help you?
  8. I’ll check when I get back from work tonight if no one else has it?
  9. Looking good Suprachrgd82! Tower shows early Nov now for stock. If you’re going to order from Tower, I would suggest joining the super saver club. It’s only $4.99 for a year right now and you get better discounts. Even with the price of the super saver club, you can get it for $280 shipped!
  10. I did the same thing thing many years ago when I was running my modified clod buster. Just make sure you use the same type of batteries like Wooders28 mentioned and you may have to drop the pinion size to keep the motor and esc cool on extended runs.
  11. I would do all the parts. Make sure you have some debonder handy to clean up any mistakes or runs.
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