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  1. I should be getting mine from Tower tomorrow, I ordered mine on 9/30.
  2. Check eBay, I searched 36mm standoff and the first one had brass ones in m3x36 as an option
  3. Looks like you have to unplug the servo and rotate the plug, look at the wire colors in your photo.
  4. As long as Tower’s site doesn’t show discontinued, I think you still have a chance!?
  5. I got an email this morning saying it was ready to ship but my credit card didn’t go thru since it expired from when I placed my order in October.
  6. Are you sure you have the tires installed correctly, the 3 piece wheel should clamp the tire securely. I know just getting the center ring in the tire is a pain in the *** sometimes!
  7. You’ll probably get it sometime early next year? I don’t see why you wouldn’t get it, Tower is still taking back orders?
  8. I don’t remember if 8/6 was the first day Tower had their pre orders open, but I did place my order around 12:45 AM. I’m just curious how many kits they got in their first shipment?
  9. Just got it today, was supposed to be delivered yesterday but Fed ex was delayed to today. I placed my order at a little before 1am on 8/6, wonder what time you placed yours James?
  10. I’m guessing they sold wayyy more than they initially ordered! I was supposed to get it today, but Fed ex has it delayed now!!
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