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  1. @TurnipJF I Will look into this today, it look like a nice option. Thanks @Losi XXT-CR Just for general use, road, parks, tennis court.Was just wondering if the rubber has hardened through out the years, its the same tyres for the last 5 years running stock motor. just recently change to brushless system. @Prescient Wow that is one nice looking truck, what brand of tyres is this? I'm located at Sydney. Thanks anyone have tried this tyres, as I'm on budget https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-4PCS-1-10-Wheel-Rim-Tires-Redcat-HSP-Monster-truck-RC-Car-12mm-Hub-88005/192390538170?hash=item2ccb5ea3ba:g:OHkAAOSwB4BaKgoZ Thanks for all the reply
  2. Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone would know best tires setup for brushless WT01, as the original spike tires does not have any grip at all, the only best grip I can get out of this tires is on grass. Have anyone try the tires for HSP or redcat from ebay? are the any good? Thanks
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