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  1. Chassis rebuild is complete. Hex screws, bearings, alloy prop shaft, motor mount, shocks and steering. The Jazrider steering was very sloppy in the bit that joins the two sides together, a little brass tubing solved this, now it's very precise. Was gonna stay brushed but went with brushless in the end, just a cheap GoolRC combo I had spare. Added some scale brake disks to the sexy alloy wheels, I didn't add the brake calipers yet as there's a ridge on the steering knuckles that gets in the way, maybe I'll leave 'em off, dunno yet. and also magnetic body posts as I want this to look quite scale. Lots of bodywork next, vents, mesh, exhausts etc, and I need to make a roll cage and bulkhead for behind the drivers cockpit.
  2. Somebody knows somethings, in the past two weeks there have been many Falcons going for as little as £110, including a shelf queen that went for £150.
  3. Added some decals(more to come), and working lights. Then finish the driver and I think that's it.
  4. Tamico will send to the UK but have a minimum order of 151 euro, you have to email them.
  5. UK is great for current car parts , but anything more than a few years old can be a nightmare. The only two places I can find the parts I need are in Germany, Modellbau-Seidl are not shipping to UK, and Tamico have a minimum order of 151 euros.Even Jap stores are out. I'm tempted to buy another car just to get the parts for Tamico.
  6. Tamico has told me they now have a minimum order to the UK of 151 Euros, where else can I order rare tamiya parts?
  7. Got the blue backed with silver and added a little white, next will be florescent red and orange flames. It's been over 2 years since I airbrushed anything and I made a few stupid of mistakes on the paint, nothing a few strategically placed decals won't fix. At least I'll know what I'm doing when it comes to my DF01 Lancer build.
  8. Got some lights and some sexy scale exhausts for the sides. And I need to fit a square peg in a round hole. My new file set and maybe a Dremel should do the trick.
  9. Candy Blue down, medium silver goes on tomorrow.
  10. Oh yeah, ordered an alloy prop shaft and steering set too. Should be here from Hong Kong in about 8 years.
  11. Got a used DF01 Porsche Cayenne from ebay after wanting the Racing Lancer, but I had to cancel my order from RCJaz due to shipping problems. Hoping to add some scale features, spare wheels etc. Bought screw set, bearings, rally interior and bodyshell. I'll try the GT tuned motor from my Bigwig, see how that goes, I'll prob change the servo and esc too.
  12. It's getting closer, hope to have it finished in the next week or two. Decided to go with flames. My airbrush is not liking the cold weather though.
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