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  1. Thanks all, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet so I’ve handballed it back to my old man. He built it, so he can learn where he went wrong! 😂 I gave him the rundown of the above possible causes so we’ll see how far he gets with it. I did wonder whether something got caught in the rack and pinion system. There’s a hole in the chassis below the steering set up that could have let gravel or grass in. Think he was a bit lazy with the grease too, the rubber boots seem to offer some resistance as well.
  2. My dads just built himself a bigwig re release. A couple weeks ago when he first built it the car was running great. He came around with it today for another drive and the steerings just not working. It’s got very limited travel, gets stuck and it won’t return to neutral. The servos a towerpro mg996r. Yep, it’s a cheap one but still wouldn’t think that would be the issue? It’s got about 10kg of torque and the same ones in my sons lunchbox and that’s been running hard for the last week. He’s left it with me for a “service” 😂 So before I start pulling it apart what should I look for?? Is it worth upgrading the servo?
  3. Got my 5 year olds grasshopper running again. He broke the spring mount that’s part of the chassis, it cracked across the hole. Super glue fixed it for a little bit but it didn’t last long. I fashioned up some crude but effective brackets to reinforce them and screwed into the mount, drilled out the hole and hes back on the road again. As soon as I showed him he said “so now I can take it out the front, flip it and break it again?” He’s next level smart ***. 🙄
  4. Thanks mate, I should be able to start on the cross trainer and weight station soon too. If I can get into the habit of dragging my *** out of bed nice and early each morning and aim for 20 mins of cardio and 20 mins of weights in the garage I should be off and flying 😊
  5. If I have one more guy in a hobby shop tell me I should get a (insert soulless modern spaceship rc car) I’ll probably slap him.
  6. Childhood in the 1980’s. Simple times and the world was a better place back then. @matman you’re spot on mate.
  7. I got a lunchbox kit delivered yesterday for my young fella ready for Christmas.
  8. If I have to listen to the baby shark song once more I think I’ll explode! Whays you’re favorite Maiden album?
  9. Iron Maiden, early Metallica, Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Lynrd Skynrd, Van Halen. Metals my main thing, I play guitar too so that influenced a lot of what I listen to. I like a lot of other genres too, swing revival stuff like Royal Crown Revue, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and some easy listening edm like Avicii, Grum, and all the old 80’s synth stuff. And I can’t go pass good Aussie rock like Australian Crawl, Cold Chisel, The Angels etc.
  10. Thought I’d throw my progress in with my health kick over the last couple of months. I’m 35, 6’4”, and started at around 112kg, which was a similar weight for the last 15 or so years. I’ve got some advanced arthritis in my knee, have had recent shoulder surgery and hips are both arthritic with torn labrums and needing surgery at some point soon. So vigorous exercise isn’t something that’s been an option. When I was younger I did cross country running, wrestling, and played field hockey. Even when doing that a few times a week i was a similar weight. I wouldn’t have considered myself overweight, just a more solid build but definitely carried extra weight around my middle. Most people in my family are a similar build so put it down to genetics. But in hindsight I definitely should have been a bit trimmer. Ive been a carpenter for the last 15 years but have been off the tools for 12 months because of the body issues. I was really worried I was going to blow out in weight but only put on a couple of kilos and got to 112. I decided to go on the low carb diet, cut out sugar and change a few eating habits. I’ve been doing it for about 2.5 months now and it’s been fantastic! It was hard to get out of the habit of breads and pasta, and early on I broke a few times. But for the last 6 weeks I’ve been really committed and try and limit myself to about 30-40g of carbs a day, which is usually by way of a couple of low carb beers and some carbs in vegetables. I feel completely different in myself, I’ve got way more energy, I’m not feeling hungry all the time and I’m not crapping 3 times a day like I used to! I’ve dropped down to 102.5kg with zero exercise and think Ill get to 95 the way I’m going. I found some really simple alternatives to the things I love. Instead of pasta I spiralise zucchini, and it tastes better too. Instead of flour pizza bases I make the fat head pizza recipe and it’s super simple and tasty. My wife makes broccoli or cauliflower bread which is great to have with some dip or make toasted sandwiches. If I have a couple of beers I get the really low carb, and I love coke as well as bourbon and coke on the weekends, so coke Zero it is. The best part of it all is that I’m still eating plenty of fatty foods that I love like meat, bacon and cheeses.
  11. Not sure on what country you’re in and the legality of it there, but CBD oil is great for anxiety and insomnia. Most people will turn their nose at it because of the stigma attached but it’s a safe and natural remedy.
  12. Haven’t worked on enough to really make a well informed decision but I can’t imagine it getting much harder than the fox. Love my 2 foxes but ffs they are a pain in the butt. Especially if you wanna adjust the esc brakes or anything like that. Way too many things to take off to access it.
  13. I hunt a lot and home butcher so the slicers for the bacon and salamis we do at home. 😁
  14. Postman brought my 5 months old first Tamiya today! He’ll be 10 months old when he gets it at Christmas, but I still reckon you’re never too young for your first Tamiya 😁
  15. WO steering upgrade this arvo. Best 10 mins I’ve spent tinkering yet! It was giving me grief since I built it, now it’s solid, less sloppy and just looks better. No clearance issues with 3mm rods and the alternate servo plate.
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