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  1. I've pre-ordered one as well but I didn't get a date; is May the likely date for release?
  2. I'm still confused about the Egress; I've pre-ordered one yesterday but there is still no mention of the release on any Tamiya site....why would that be?
  3. I can't wait for this announcement tomorrow morning (7am UK). I have just pre-ordered an Egress from a fairly big Tamiya outlet, so they are either chancing it or they have good information that it's going to be released in the morning.
  4. Many thanks for the comments; I ended up going for black (with matt lacquer for the roof) as I owned a rare black 2cv many years ago! I painted the shell and couldn't understand why it looked so dull....I then realised there was a protective cover on the outside! I'm glad I realised before trying to apply the matt lacquer on the roof!
  5. Many thanks for all the replies. I was in the model shop today and picked up a can of PS 23 Gun metal grey to test. I think it would look good with a deep red/maroon roof. None of the other colours really stood out for me; will post up a few pictures when it's done. I need to cut out the shell and was thinking about some curved Tamiya scissors to do the wheel arches - are they decent enough? I've had a few full size 2CV's in the past which I've restored and this model is making me want another one. I can't believe how much more expensive they are though!
  6. Hi there, I'm just about to start preparing the 2CV polycarbonate shell for painting and would like to do it in grey (something like the pictures below) but I'm struggling to find any appropriate colour that would work with polycarbonate. The closest I could find is Tamiya Pastel Grey but it looks like that colour is discontinued. The other option is an original Citroen colour called Celleste Blue which is a pastel blue shade. Any help/advice on what my options are would be gratefully received. Thanks Tim
  7. The Falcon was my first Tamiya kit; I told my parents the kit came with a radio set otherwise they wouldn't have bought it as the complete package would have been out of their budget. I then saved up for the radio set which was painful having the completed car sitting in my bedroom. I remember upgrading the 540 for something hot and it really was fast and great fun! I would absolutely love a re-re.
  8. Thanks for that. I bought the Sand Scorcher kit last year when I was on holiday in Japan, and initially tried to replicate the box art but couldn't get it perfect so rubbed it down and started again. I was going to do a Herbie replica so ordered some L87 Pearl White but once I sprayed the shell I decided to keep it as it is in the picture. I'm not going to run it so it will just sit in my office. I worked in a big RC model shop many years ago when I young and built Tamiya kits for customers in the run up to Christmas so it's nice to take my time and enjoy building them now!
  9. 2CV kit arrived today from Germany - a present from my wife for my birthday. Well timed as I've just finished my Sand Scorcher! I've rebuilt a full size 2cv on a replacement chassis so this should be much easier.
  10. many thanks for the info. I've just ordered it!
  11. Hi there I am patiently waiting for the new 1/10 Citroen 2CV to be released here in the UK on the 30th September; tonight I noticed that a Germany eBay seller has them in stock (good feedback), and I just wondered if the instructions/box of Tamiya kits are Country specific? Many thanks Tim
  12. Hi there I was visiting Tokyo last week and picked up a re-released Sand Scorcher with a Futaba 3PV model set and a Tamiya Lithium Ion battery x2 (6.6v 1100 - the one shown on the box). I really enjoyed building it, and having worked in model shop when I was young it really took me back! The problem is I assumed the Futaba speed controller MC331CR would cut off the battery when it dropped (it did but below the threshold for the li-ion battery), so the battery is now faulty. I have another one but I assume I will either A) have to change the speed controller to one which is compatible with Li-ion, or buy a Ni-MH hump pack for it? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Tim
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