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  1. Good knowledge, thanks for the tip. I've got a feeling it'll be a bit of a zip tie effort...
  2. Thanks so much @Baddon, that's really helpful. I'm slowly (re-)learning all this stuff so please continue to bear with me. I just have a few questions that follow from your response (serves you right for being so helpful! ): If I replace the mechanical ESC with the new style, do you know if this will mount on the frame properly? It looks like it will sit too high for the original dust cover so I guess I would have to buy the re-release dust cover. I guess the new ESCs don't need the separate resister (or its accompanying mount)? Is it more likely that the problem would be with the RC gear though? I'd rather not replace that if I don't have to (assume that means a new receiver, new servo and new transmitter...) I suppose it's also possible that the issue could be with the battery as it's ancient and may not be charging or distributing power consistently. It appears that what I need to do is replace the ESC and get a new battery and see if that fixes the problem. If not it's the RC gear.... FInally, can you recommend an appropriate ESC? I saw this and thought it might work. Thanks again everyone, appreciate your input R
  3. Thankfully I still have the old manual, so I should be ok to deconstruct it if I need to. Appreciate the MB was re-released but figured it might have some changes from the original.... Steering is fine so I will look at the ESC. I suppose my question there would be if I can simply buy a new ESC and whether that will work with my old RC set-up without any modification. Thanks all
  4. Hi, I'm a noob so please bear with me. If I have posted in the wrong forum, please let me know... I have recently dug out my vintage, slightly-battered Monster Beetle (58060). It probably hasn't been driven for over 25 years! However, having been stored (assembled) in a bone dry loft, it is in pretty good shape. Spec is mostly stock but with an original RX-540VZ Technigold. The RC is all original Futaba, FP-R102GR/ FP-T2NCR. It runs almost perfectly but there does seem to be an issue with it sometimes having a life of its own, continuing to drive without input or not responding to any input. This is an intermittent issue, rather than something that happens all the time, and occurs while the car is in range. Steering inputs seem to be fine. I was pretty young when I first had the car and my memory on how it all works is a bit sketchy, so any pointers as to what the problem might be or how I could fix it would be appreciated. Is it likely to be the motor, the receiver or the controllers/servos? If I needed to buy a replacement RC system, would current systems slot in without modification or are things not compatible any more? Like I said, I'm pretty clueless so would certainly appreciate input of those more experienced. Many thanks R
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