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  1. I have some ridiculously heavy silicone material in my GF01's. Made/sold by Gravity RC. Work really well. No mess. No leaks. It acts like a viscous LSD.
  2. I've heard you can flip the rear arms on a WR02 and use TA03 universals in order to stretch the wheelbase a little. Could this be done for the GF01? Maybe just the front since most of the load is in the rear.
  3. That was my first as well. Great choice. Find a Thorp and call it good. Lol.
  4. Without actually buying a Honda City Turbo, i kinda made one from a Willy. I didn't think the Montero would fit so well. Need to order WR02C universals and mount the body, but i dig it.
  5. There's a set on eBay right now, but i'm not willing to pay $60 for it. I may make a carbon fiber version of my own soon.
  6. Making the template out of clear poly made it easy to transfer to aluminum. The only other things i needed to make was 8, 4mm spacers. No cutting of the original chassis was involved.
  7. Starting something a little different. LWB WR02 w/ a pretty rare ABC M-chassis Cooper truck. Extending the chassis by 45mm. It will be a basher. I bought the body used and it ended up rougher than expected. Still cool tho.
  8. Hi guys. New here. Sell rigs? I rarely sell without later regrets. Back in '02, built a Juggernaut2. It was a beast. E-Maxx trans and drivelines. Custom wheel wideners. 1950's panel truck body. Didn't drive it much so i sold it. The list goes on. RC10DS roller. Had it for over 10yrs w/o doing much to it. Sold. Custom IFS Wraith. Sold. Stampede with rare ThunderTech Racing carbon fiber chassis. Sold. About 3 different HPI RS4 MT's. Each was purchased to replace one that was sold before it. All sold. I really miss the last MT. It was sick. Losi Trekker with Lindberg Hilux body. Sold. Each sale has had its regrets, but i can't keep them all. Tamiya fever is on now tho. My first rig was a Blackfoot back in the mid 80's. My brother is holding on to that one. Recently, i fell in love with short wheelbased rigs. 2 GF01's and one WR02 are permanent aquisitions now. A second WR02 may be on the way and i am searching for another GF. So cool. So fun. Its a sickness.
  9. Where are you located? I have a 240Z shell that i could part with.
  10. Looking for some fun rigs. Please send pics and price.
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