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  1. hi guys I am building a truck for first time and have an mfc03 but don't have a radio system yet .In the Tamiya site they advice to buy the fhss 4ywd futaba ystem but In Israel i can buy the 4yf system that is also fhss does any one can tell me if it good also ( from what find in the forums I don't find a clear answer ) Regards Doron
  2. Hi Thanks for help .I get the FCC ID from other forum .If any one need it AZPFHSS1-24G . more detail can be found on the FCC site Doron
  3. hi To my sorrow Israel is one of the countries that ask for licence for 2.4G Thanks for try to help Doron
  4. hi In Israel every transmitter has a pass test issued by the Israeli communication office . If the transmitter had a FCC or EC license it is prevent this process
  5. Hi I am from Israel . I try to connect to Futaba directly and get an answer that they work only with north america and canada and I have to connect to the distributor in my area who can answer my inquiries. < there is no one in Israel >only in Europe and I don't know where in Europe
  6. Hi I want to buy the futaba attack 4ywd 2.4 ghz set for my truck . I have a problem in finding the FCC licence number that i need in order to import it No local shop bring it so I can not buy it locally .I suppose that the number is on a sticker attached to transmitter or receiver Regards Doron
  7. Hi I am in first steps in building a 1/14 truck with MFC 03 . In the site the RC system, is Tamiya Attack 4YWD-2.4GHz that is FHSS system I show in some reviews that the MFC need an FM radio system , 1) Can some one help me with this ? 2) Any other RC systems that I can use ? 3) does any one know the structure of data protocol that is used ? Regards ahead Doron
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