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  1. No trucks from Tamiya with a slipper clutch sadly. There are trucks that don’t need a slipper like super clod buster , squash van, Blackfoot. For the Blackfoot you can get a ball diff from mip. For a non Tamiya there is team associate re release of the rc10t coming this june which has a slipper clutch.
  2. might need a new servo saver if its cracked, also try a longer screw if the saver works it way off. servo could also be striped. great looking hop ups as well , your son and maybe you will enjoy it.
  3. Paint has always been expensive here ps cans are under 20. For me it’s has been servo’s from overseas the price and the wait time is too much, so I have been buying them from Amazon and arrive in 1 to 3 days.
  4. Paint a boomerang body to match then you can swap between the two.
  5. I have used my new build clodbuster a lot last year and never broke the stock anti rotation plastic part. if you want to upgrade go for metal. https://www.rcmart.com/hot-racing-aluminum-gearbox-lock-mount-silver-for-tamiya-clodbuster-cb1012lm-00107383?search=Clod&page=2
  6. 2. Td4 On mine I had the Tamiya buggy big bores 54504,54505. Look up the website plazajapan, have them at a good price. Another option but I haven’t used is Tamiya tt02b df03 alloy dampers.
  7. last year a dyna storm at 300 canadian from eBay.
  8. I did have 20 a few years ago but a lot of them were not getting used and taking up space. Then I went thru this building and selling phase. Now I mostly keep my collection to runners. I am at 4 right now. With room for 1 or 2 more in the future. My favorites are buggies and monster trucks. Below is my perfect(ish) collection for me. Super clodbuster gray edition: Always wanted one as a kid. Tried making one from axles a few years ago but gave up and sold the parts. Purchased the gray edition kit and loving it. Upgraded with parts from ukmonsters. Top force: Had a 2017 kit but foolishly sold. Making a new top force evo out of parts. I am still building. Ultra hornet: Kind forum member who let me make one of their designs. Kyosho ultima rere: My fastest buggy currently. Didn’t get a lot of run time last year due to leaky red shocks which are now changed out. Some upgrades are rb7ss shocks, Kyosho turnbuckles, speed gear set, 13.5 brushless motor, factory works shock towers.
  9. Got the date from Tamico website. Not sure if that official date.
  10. i couldn’t wait untill end of march for a top force to be re released again so i ordered a few parts parts to make a top force from parts.
  11. thinking if i get it too i will try 5000 to 7000cst team associated diff oil . oil diff is going front ?
  12. plazajapan website has the tamiya superstock tz motor for not much money.
  13. it’s my middle name and at the time I had a top force 2017 kit.
  14. The Hobbywing 880 is great . I am using a Hobbywing 880 and two 17t holmes hobbies retro sport on 2s without issue.
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