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  1. hobbyking track ts d99x is good, have one in my top force.
  2. Looks correct. Threadlock only round ball connectors if want.
  3. Very nice! Would look nice on the shelf.
  4. rcmart has spares but shipping may take a while.
  5. thanks for the reply will go with the adjustable timing.
  6. parts are taking me a month or more from hk and states for delivery.
  7. hello looking at getting a 13.5 brushless considering two motors one has fixed timing of 45 degrees and other adjustable timing .will fixed timing be slower whats the difference? can i still use boost and turbo with fixed timing? leaning towards the adjustable timing motor. motors for bashing not racing. any tips.
  8. i got black egress wheels as spares for mine. think these pepperpot style wheels also work https://www.jcracingproducts.co.uk/wheels/kyosho-optima
  9. I have managed to squeeze a 138x47x23 hardcase lipo in a top force battery tray. If your battery is to big you could run 2 velcro straps as in picture(not my pic) below. Never tried a 3s battery so up to you. Tray roughly measures 136x48x32
  10. My Top force has a 4200kv on 2s and only broke a rear gearbox at the shock tower mounting point. Lots of spares available and can switch gear diff if ball diff gives trouble. Also can use modern 2.2 wheels. Never owned but I think a tamiya df03, db01 or db01rr should be fine with lots power. For non tamiya Arrma does silly fast.
  11. This one has the correct lengths 53828 DT02 turnbuckle set.
  12. Here's my top force from last year using df03 shocks before getting hi caps. only need one set of df03.
  13. Next on my list is getting good quality brushless motors like reedy and trinity for 3 buggies and I want to try the Tamiya 15.5 brushless in my terra scorcher re re.
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