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  1. M07/M08 Parts (prefer to sell all together) M07 stabilizer 54747 M07 low friction king pins 54813 Yeah Racing titanium screws for M08 60d supergrip radial tire x2 M chassis 60d inner sponge 53255 Price - Best Offer Super Astute re re Parts 2018 (prefer to sell all together) Tamiya 53922 23,25t steel pinion super astute gears super astute a part tree (missing a2) super astute b bag Price- Best Offer Tble02s - used only 5 times Price - sold
  2. If you cant find a original part you can get a 3d printed d part. Heres a link. https://www.shapeways.com/product/YCRQG6A2N/081011-01-tamiya-kingcab-monster-racer-knuckles?optionId=65535086&li=marketplace
  3. I use the same yr70 as my rear universals, heres a link. http://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-universal-steel-swing-shaft-tamiya-df03-tt02b-df03015v2-p-26617.html?cPath=595_744_713
  4. With the quicrun grab some ball bearings and a steel pinion. There is tt02 high speed gear set for more gearing options. https://www.thercracer.com/2013/07/tamiya-54500-tt02-high-speed-gear-set.html?m=0
  5. If it’s a new tt02 it comes with a motor and speed controller capable of brushed and brushless motors. I would stick with that and learn to build and upgrade later. With the included tble02s speed controller you can upgrade to a 13.5 brushless motor.
  6. Save the rc10 for a shelf or light use in the backyard. If wanting to stick with team associated they have the rc10 b6 for 300, or ebay might have a used one for cheaper. If just having fun in the backyard i reccomend tamiya neo fighter.
  7. Yeah carbon shock towers are good i have not broken it after 3 months of use. Got their full set coming this week. You could add 3mm ceramic diff balls and a one piece thrust bearing to the ball diff to make it stronger , or the ta03 ball diff but i would only add the ta03 if you break yours.
  8. Hello, does any have a Zahhak bodyset they want to sell? don't need the decals though. edit ;picture not my buggy
  9. I usually like to keep my collection small 5 or 6 max, sometimes I get the opposite like "what selling again".
  10. Sorry for any confusion the part the attaches to the stock 74 spur is called drive gear. The drive gear is the only aluminum part. The idler gear is made of plastic/nylon. I believe the manta ray has the idler gear made of aluminum but not the re re top force(47350). If changing to 50529 or 47393 then you don’t need to worry about it. If using 47393 pinion choices range from 0.6 21t to 25t. If you want your top force to be more like the evolution you can get 47395(front gearbox) which is like the torque splitter but under it’s new name center one way.
  11. Only one aluminum part and it’s the idler gear dude. pictures here
  12. @ThunderDragonCy Thanks no pressure lol. @Jonathon Gillham 47393 is a solid one piece spur gear 69 and 66 ( no aluminum parts) stock is 74 spur gear with an aluminum part attached to the spur. No idea how quickly it wears out as I never used it. Wouldn’t you weaken the plastic by constantly open it check it. Up to you.
  13. @Jonathon Gillham Bearing sizes: (16) 5x11x4 (10) 5x8x2.5 Pinion: If using 47393 start with 69 gear and use 0.6 21t. You line 21t in the 16t position on the motor mount, basically five down. Will give you a 8 fdr. Gears: If using 47393 will not need to use the stock one in kit and removes an aluminum part from gearbox.
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