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  1. Lots of plans but one is finish my clod buster by spring.
  2. i sent another message yesterday and today they responded that i could send my car in for inspection. i dont think its a good idea for me as i am in canada. hopefully my car will quiet down in the spring when i plan to use it. also seeing if they would send me a new set of gears e parts.
  3. i also emailed tamiyausa about the noise issue but they stopped responding to my emails.
  4. canada is in lock down again so could also be why closed untill dec 17th.
  5. i have seen duratrax polycarb paint sells for about same price as tamiya but larger can 4.50z
  6. I dont regret these Top Force, Terra Scorcher, Super Clod Buster, Kyosho Ultima.
  7. Lots of regrets most are onroad. Just a few. F104 v2, No idea why I bought this it was so low to the ground and couldn't find a track anywhere close. sold for cheap. Tb04, Read too many negative posts about it. Sat in a box for 3 months then sold it. Dual rider trike, Had idea to make into a rally motocross bike never did and sold. M05, looked cheap and sold it. Wr02 Jimmy, too many wheelies. Sold.
  8. Cool go for it. For value depending on how used it is and how much you want to spend i will say 30 to 70usd.
  9. check ebay team blue groove for a body and mciracing.ca should have some decals.
  10. My vote is for top cat it looks different than the standard buggy with hidden front shocks. I would also recommend a chassis protector look up jconcepts.
  11. Not a big fan of the wig but it’s a good price.
  12. I only have trackstar motors but I believe they have motors called skyrc ares.
  13. Got another ts50 in my ultima and it flies! Comes pre soldered only need to solder 3 wires to motor and battery connector. Separate sold program box very handy.
  14. haven't started the body yet might be a while.
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