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  1. Glad it fixed your issue. Mark bryan makes great videos.
  2. not an infraction but owned a outcast 4s, the trucks are very solid after 25 uses motor started to go. only spares i needed was the front and rear lower arms untill i upgraded to rpm. sold it a few months ago as i got bored with it.
  3. got my td4 super avante front universal and slipper clutch today.
  4. I will be building a td4 super avante with a few hop ups over the winter slowly. Cant really paint or use it untill spring but thats ok.
  5. i believe they are 3x38 screw pins and 4 needed so tamiya 19804360 3x41 suspension pin should be correct.
  6. I used to have a 2003. My bro had the 1996 impala ss but sold it a few years ago. Now he has not sure the year but a trailblazer ss with the 6.0 litre ls2 engine, not his daily but fun and fast.
  7. Finised my rere Blackfoot chassis. Complete with mip diff, lunsford turnbuckles, vqs hi cap dampers, reinforced ball end adjusters, and a few hex screws. Next up the body i dont think i will paint it but will add the stickers and the accessories.
  8. My top force was like that it was never done I always upgraded something. It became a money pit.
  9. Never used Willspeed Alloy steering for tamiya top force. Will ship worldwide. 30 canadian dollars, plus shipping.
  10. have only 3 right now as i sold a few. arrma gets run the most but all are fun. tamiya rere blackfoot, kyosho rere ultima, arrma outcast 4s.
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