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  1. Yes, I consider blackfoot monster beetle and clod as monster trucks. The lunch box is you know that thing you carry your lunch in
  2. @Fabia130vRS I dont sell alot and sometimes when i sell to usa i get a hold on my money 21 days before i can transfer to bank. I have never had a hold for local sales.
  3. Edit You lose money to ebay fees right away. I called to ask if they made a mistake as the fees seem high was on the phone maybe 25 mins but was told no mistake. It even sounded like PayPal still gets some money still.
  4. i only use facebook for rc car groups. in one of the groups one guy made me a part for free had to pay shipping and tracking was included.
  5. Angle looks ok to me. Awesome looking clod let me know how the shocks perform.
  6. A new sealed tb02 which i got for a really good price.
  7. I too had a king cab then sold it last year and regret it. If you want to use it I would take it all apart and clean it and fix or replace anything broken. Check the ball differential and make sure that’s good. Then get new ball bearings and replace the shock oil. Here a few links: Manual: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/manuals.asp?cm=400 Monster racer body tbg reproduction: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/TBG-TYPE-PRERUNNER-HILUX-HI-LUX-MONSTER-BODY-tamiya-monster-racer/111705967673?hash=item1a0231cc39:g:F94AAOxyyghQ6RaK
  8. i know the nissan fair lady z doesn't fit but would the calsonic z fit? Tamiya Karosserie Calsonic Impul Z Wide (tamico.de)
  9. Could anyone post pictures of your touring car underneath chassis to see scratches from ff03,xv01, tt02s,ta02, tb02,tb03,m06,m07,m08!
  10. Had the pro version but sold it awhile ago decided to order a ff03 maybe next month. what size shocks would i need for street / parking lot use 50 or 55mm ?
  11. No issue with them and seem like good quality. Only built two axles currently but so far so good. Another company I like is RC-Schrauben. As for tools get a mip 2mm driver.
  12. Thought about it but i always worry the belts break.
  13. i hear rcscrewz not that great and missing or incorrect sizes. i have teamknk for my super clod build.
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