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  1. All the modern racing buggies are tough durability wise. I would build stock and replace anything that breaks. A quick search on kyosho America shows tons of upgrades. Not sure which are needed maybe rctech can be more helpful than me. https://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-off-road/1022201-kyosho-ultima-rb7-thread.html
  2. how about one of these. https://www.amainhobbies.com/kimbrough-25-spline-servo-saver-for-futaba-thunder-tiger-servos-1-kim114/p4582
  3. A kit would be cool but I already bought most of the parts to make one.
  4. you can try contacting usps but if anything like canadapost they wont know when it will be released from customs. hopefully you get them soon.
  5. After watching that video on kyoshoamerica i will be building a joel johnson inspired rere ultima. So far ordered a tomahawk body, factory works shock towers and stickers.
  6. will be finishing up my rere terra scorcher this week.
  7. what stickers will you be using on your turbo ultima body when you get it?
  8. Finished my Top Force evo clone runner.
  9. there is a new nitro tamiya car coming out in september. i am looking at it too but know nothing about nitro. https://tamiyablog.com/2020/08/tamiya-upcoming-releases-september-2020/
  10. just wondering if anyone has fit a turbo ultima, ultima 2, pro or tomahawk body to the rere ultima.
  11. No experience with a&l make sure you can get spares. Another option is adding the 2018 super astute trans. Check manual for all parts needed.
  12. good to know, i really only need one set now. thanks.
  13. yes it will if you have the evo style shock towers from the new carbon set or the yeah racing set. yeah racing also sells the shock towers separately.
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