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  1. I purchased a crimp plier but didnt work. Any know of one that will work with 16 awg wires and the tamiya snap connector set?
  2. Was it a recent purchase? Checked earlier and none available. Ali express won't ship the battery to me and banggood just sold out.
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a lipo battery that will fit the terra scorcher without having to modify, I was going to get the rounded core rc lipo from modelsport but they are not shipping past uk. Any suggestions for a lipo battery? Shipping to Canada.
  4. Cy makes this steering mod. https://www.shapeways.com/product/DF3G2VQNT/tamiya-terra-scorcher-bearing-steering-set
  5. Think ta01 ta02 uprights are the same. I sometimes use these black ones item 10445572.
  6. Hard to say but kinda looks like a vintage rc10 or maybe losi transmission.
  7. Yes, I consider blackfoot monster beetle and clod as monster trucks. The lunch box is you know that thing you carry your lunch in
  8. @Fabia130vRS I dont sell alot and sometimes when i sell to usa i get a hold on my money 21 days before i can transfer to bank. I have never had a hold for local sales.
  9. Edit You lose money to ebay fees right away. I called to ask if they made a mistake as the fees seem high was on the phone maybe 25 mins but was told no mistake. It even sounded like PayPal still gets some money still.
  10. i only use facebook for rc car groups. in one of the groups one guy made me a part for free had to pay shipping and tracking was included.
  11. Angle looks ok to me. Awesome looking clod let me know how the shocks perform.
  12. A new sealed tb02 which i got for a really good price.
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