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  1. I know nothing about the rc10t but I like your idea about using parts for other projects. Have any pics of the monster racer?
  2. The race steering set I have is the re re item 47388. Nice avantes everyone I am working on a original with some 2011 parts.
  3. look under on road (other) should be a few there. nice car! https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/manuals.htm
  4. Turn my top force into an evo clone. Get my avante 88 running for the spring with a few 2011 parts.
  5. This sharpeways store does bumpers and metal a5 and a lot of terra scorcher and thundershot parts. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/thundershot-3d-prints-by-badaboom49
  6. you can get a repro body and decals from Canada. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/TBG-MID-BODY-FOR-KYOSHO-SWB-TURBO-OPTIMA-MID-SE-BODY-AND-WING/152886177143?hash=item2398b9ed77:g:rREAAOSwnsRab4YG https://mciracing.ca/products?keywords=turbo+optima+mid
  7. I am not sure hope somebody knows but parts look different than this trf211x build. The website fibrelyte makes some carbon parts.
  8. Xerun is top of line,Ezrun middle and Quicrun bottom. Nothing wrong with bottom or budget esc motors though.
  9. How about something a little different like the tamiya kong head or king yellow 6x6 truck? https://www.rccaraction.com/project-tamiya-konghead-trick-track-truck/#outer-popup
  10. what about a home 3d printer cost 200-300usd and some can print abs plastic? I want one from hobbyking but I lack the skill to draw parts in 3d.
  11. Rcmart has a really good deal top force at 149 or 189 with hi cap dampers. manta ray is priced 92 both need bearings. df02 aero is 129 and comes with bearings.
  12. If you cant find a original part you can get a 3d printed d part. Heres a link. https://www.shapeways.com/product/YCRQG6A2N/081011-01-tamiya-kingcab-monster-racer-knuckles?optionId=65535086&li=marketplace
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