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  1. tamiya 51111 (4mm adjuster) will fit the smaller balls on the steering knuckles of the frog.
  2. there is a optional v2 m05 chassis that takes modern lipos Tamiya 54605 M-05 Ver.II A Parts (Chassis), (M05V.2/M05Ver.2/*M-05/*M05Ra), NIP | eBay
  3. there is also team brood monster truck machine wound 540 in 17t, 23t, and 27t. you will need a hobbywing 880.
  4. Think you need 53218. Can anyone confirm? https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-hard-joint-cup-for-gear-diff-53218-00014338?search=Tamiya joint cup
  5. Watch this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7Uuz2vSrjA8
  6. Yes, it is the single replacement that large one piece spur.
  7. all the blue gearbox brace parts are custom rc parts from facebook/ebay, the silver steering arms are willspeed, the stocks are tamiya buggy big bores, carbon chassis nick walker fb, tamiya aluminum servo stays short,battery holder nick walker fb.
  8. ps17 with custom stickers from mci racing.
  9. It works and fits in the manta ray and top force. also better than the aluminum part it replaces.
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