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  1. i believe they are 3x38 screw pins and 4 needed so tamiya 19804360 3x41 suspension pin should be correct.
  2. I used to have a 2003. My bro had the 1996 impala ss but sold it a few years ago. Now he has not sure the year but a trailblazer ss with the 6.0 litre ls2 engine, not his daily but fun and fast.
  3. Finised my rere Blackfoot chassis. Complete with mip diff, lunsford turnbuckles, vqs hi cap dampers, reinforced ball end adjusters, and a few hex screws. Next up the body i dont think i will paint it but will add the stickers and the accessories.
  4. My top force was like that it was never done I always upgraded something. It became a money pit.
  5. Never used Willspeed Alloy steering for tamiya top force. Will ship worldwide. 30 canadian dollars, plus shipping.
  6. have only 3 right now as i sold a few. arrma gets run the most but all are fun. tamiya rere blackfoot, kyosho rere ultima, arrma outcast 4s.
  7. Placed a order from rcmart for Blackfoot upgrades August 9 and received on August 26 so 2 weeks and a few days. Fastest I received anything from them lately.
  8. Purchased a mip ball diff for the rere blackfoot but as i was checking all the parts i am missing the blue thrust grease. Blue made me think of marine grease but dont think its that. What can i use?
  9. found this shows the screw pin to shaft sizes i remember looking at this for my terra scorcher. hope it helps. ta01/02 stainless steel hinge pin ? - Vintage Tamiya Discussion - Tamiyaclub.com
  10. There is the mip diff for hotshot found on ebay not sure if it works with the vintage super sabre. A nib 2008 boomerang on ebay is $30 less than the super sabre and the hotshot is $240 usd from towerhobbies.
  11. local hardware store might have something like weller iron 60watts and get 60/40 solder. right now i use a duratrax tk950 station works amazing got from amainhobbies with discounts under 100.
  12. Not sure if out of production but rcmart has the white vqs wheels or you can get some from jcracing who makes them in 2.2 size. Egress 89 4wd (jcracingproducts.co.uk)
  13. few grease alternatives listed here. Lubrication confusion - General discussions - Tamiyaclub.com
  14. I got a set of vqs dampers item 47455 on my terra scorcher but I am wondering what other tamiya kits they can be used on. I know super astute, terra scorcher, fire dragon and thunder dragon. Can they fit hotshot? What others do they fit? Thanks.
  15. For upgrades i have rpm arms, 6s shocks as my 4s had leaky shocks and team associated turnbuckle balls.
  16. Finished cleaning and upgrading my arrma outcast today and took a few pictures. Sorry its not a tamiya guys.
  17. The evo manual is up on tamiyablog and i am also thinking of getting one when available.
  18. I purchased a crimp plier but didnt work. Any know of one that will work with 16 awg wires and the tamiya snap connector set?
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