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  1. Hello, does any have a Zahhak bodyset they want to sell? don't need the decals though. edit ;picture not my buggy
  2. Sometimes I get the opposite like "what selling again"
  3. Sorry for any confusion the part the attaches to the stock 74 spur is called drive gear. The drive gear is the only aluminum part. The idler gear is made of plastic/nylon. I believe the manta ray has the idler gear made of aluminum but not the re re top force(47350). If changing to 50529 or 47393 then you don’t need to worry about it. If using 47393 pinion choices range from 0.6 21t to 25t. If you want your top force to be more like the evolution you can get 47395(front gearbox) which is like the torque splitter but under it’s new name center one way.
  4. Only one aluminum part and it’s the idler gear dude. pictures here
  5. @ThunderDragonCy Thanks no pressure lol. @Jonathon Gillham 47393 is a solid one piece spur gear 69 and 66 ( no aluminum parts) stock is 74 spur gear with an aluminum part attached to the spur. No idea how quickly it wears out as I never used it. Wouldn’t you weaken the plastic by constantly open it check it. Up to you.
  6. @Jonathon Gillham Bearing sizes: (16) 5x11x4 (10) 5x8x2.5 Pinion: If using 47393 start with 69 gear and use 0.6 21t. You line 21t in the 16t position on the motor mount, basically five down. Will give you a 8 fdr. Gears: If using 47393 will not need to use the stock one in kit and removes an aluminum part from gearbox.
  7. Radio shack porsche my brother got it for me when I was 10 maybe. It was awesome, I may still have it somewhere in a box. My first hobby grade rc was a tamiya king blackfoot.(really wish I still had the king blackfoot)
  8. No bushings and yes to shaft. Yeah racing ta01 motor mount is good I have no complaints. Also think about replacing the soft aluminum idler gear that goes in rear gearbox with 50529 or 47393.
  9. Need for my ff03 pro I can’t get my motor to fit, bought a yeah racing one and didn’t work. Will buy from anywhere in the world and I don’t mind import fees. picture of what I need
  10. From experience anything new built can be difficult to sell and may only get half of what you paid. Trying selling the unbuilt one and go crazy with upgrades on the built one. Example carbon chassis, better shocks, hex screws, turnbuckles and a fast brushless motor.
  11. Center one way for front gearbox item 47395. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/47395/index.htm
  12. My bad I may have gotten the last set. 65.02 cad shipped and on way to me.
  13. My list FF03 Pro: not running, waiting on motor spacer from hk, body needs painting Top Force: running, waiting on another body to paint and use mci top force evo stickers M08: need to build, waiting on pinion, stabilizer, body and esc Arrma Outcast 4s running, leaky rear shocks waiting on replacement from arrma
  14. dt03 edited http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-84435-dt03-chassis-black-edition-wracing-fighter-body-p-81985.html?cPath=420_1183 http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-47371-dt03-fighter-buggy-green-metallic-p-78521.html?cPath=420_1183
  15. Will ship worldwide ask for a quote. Thanks. New unused king cab monster racer c part tree $45- price drop $35 canadian PayPal
  16. My shopping list: 1. M08 kit, titanium screws, tires, diff oil, aluminum rear suspension, undecided body 2. Tamiya 51619 mazda 3 body for ff03 pro
  17. Went for the dual rider and maybe a trf201. Check the builds section soon for a dual rider motocross theme with mods to the driver figure. Thanks.
  18. I own a top force, ff03 pro, king cab, arrma outcast 4s. I don't race so main use of my rc’s are street or park field. I did recently get a kyosho buggy but sold it thinking it’s too nice to use. Other rc’s I owned and sold are tt02, wr02 jimny, m05, axial scx10, 959, tb04, original blackfoot, dt03. i have been thinking all this week about getting a tamiya dual rider but keep making excuses to not buy it. Like it will fall over a lot, it’s weird, people might laugh at me. Also have been thinking gmade gs02 ts builder kit but will take a few months to get all parts and would need to find somewhere to use it. Any have a dual rider/dancing rider or gmade? Considering other kit suggestions too. Thanks
  19. Df03 shocks are a good option less money too.
  20. @Juggular Rcmart got the mst cfx-w kit with portal axles for 299 and free shipping.
  21. Took my new non Tamiya outside today.
  22. Decals https://mciracing.ca/products/thunder-dragon Manual https://www.tamiyaclub.com/manuals.asp?cm=387
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