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  1. https://www.banggood.com/SKYRC-GSM-015-GNSS-GPS-Speed-Meter-High-Precision-for-RC-Drone-p-1484506.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
  2. Thanks. Bought it from Euro Carparts, have emailed them. Hopefully they will just swap the ESC over or similar.
  3. Having some issues with the ESC in my Mad Bull. Only recently bought and assembled. Was running the silvercan in it fine. Thought I'd fit a 13.5T sensored TrackStar brushless motor. Followed the instructions and held the Set button when turning on, waited for the Orange light to Release, then pressed Set again on the next Orange and once more to complete setup. The LED is orange when turning the ESC on. Wired the motor up with the Blue wire to A, Yellow to B and Orange to C. Have tried two sensor cables, but I get no response from the motor. With one of the sensor cables the ESC started to heat up and I could smell wiring, no smoke and only warm before I unplugged it. Anyone else have a similar issue with these?
  4. Surprised so many still use and want to use Tamiya plugs. I had these fail on me about 30 years ago when running nothing more than 6 cell NiCd packs. Dreadful connectors really and very restrictive too by all accounts. Have run a number of plugs over the years. Deans are ok and do the job, but are small and fiddly to unplug, plus cheap ones melt easily when soldering. I used to run Powerpole (Anderson) and I'm pleased to see others did/do as well. Good connectors and no complaints with them really. I only really changed as in the UK at one point they become difficult to get hold of. Also soldering them up is a bit of an art form sometimes. Also used Corally bullet plugs, Very good and easy, but worked best with saddle pack setups and not so good for newbs. EC5 connectors are very good. But I found them a littler pricey to buy. By far and away the best connectors are the XT60's though. Compact, but so much easier to use than Deans and I believe with similar real world current capabilities. They are also super easy to solder, probably the easiest of all the connectors. And they are cheap to buy and easy to get hold of. If you have high current applications I'd probably opt for the XT90, but most 1/10th RC needs should likely be fine with the XT60. And as an added bonus for any who don't know. The male (battery) EC5 plug will connect to the female (ESC) XT60. So if you run XT60's you can safely plug in batteries with EC5 connectors too, which can be handy.
  5. Can't see it crawling very well. The suspension just isn't designed for it. Limited travel and it is independent. All the crawlers pretty much are live/solid axle (bar the Traxxas Summit, not a true crawler, but it uses cantilever suspension and is very capable). Most crawlers also have locking diffs. Low speed work and lifting/spinning a couple of wheels will stop your Impact, easier than you might expect.
  6. Soldering is pretty easy, mostly common sense tbh. This is a good vid to get you going: As for connectors, I'd recommend XT60's over Deans. The Deans are ok, but cheap ones are easy to melt when soldering. The XT60 is much easier to solder. I also find the XT60 a lot easier to plug in and out, especially if a bit wet, covered in mud or with cold hands. If you plan to solder, get yourself a helping hands too. Much easier to get these to hold a bit of wire while you tin it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HELPING-HAND-MAGNIFIER-MAGNIFYING-GLASS-CLAMP-SOLDERING-STAND-CRAFT-MAKE-HOLD-OK/392404365358?epid=2255300204&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5b5d1f702e:g:QEIAAOSwfvddZ9Hw&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qVFLbOIrgYUV5BaXD2zZ6PoA6GyFxueSrT6IRUSkOaSiBjGfu4Vq8rxLf2MFnZGypr1idGWy0zSuG3ApmPVnoWxGB7UPeH3MOY0fHEL3zDsfyl8w1AoYJJUHbfwuKH3qtOzBem9OJsEP%2BmV%2Fr5A1L7VVgr%2F5X4GTxsnRkca0EUfUIVakkBJAUhaO8qfsQlt7oA09lo04%2BT2fzbYoksQpV2USiMKDfdtsEttUEvfFlpUQTclPzfo40lxcuqZgya3Xe%2FcitQQ%2Br2SaTMKv4IyQXB2RtOfV46xMqOlt7K91kqxvHfnB5f3SV2%2FpjEYDzQOBKKy3TsvPD%2FpDr%2BVEd3rcp5sOjt9ZgRuStGT5ivInMvx%2BmRyYuEjuYeb%2FK6bSovmlRZ36EsGIGs5yyvENzaGpV0lygu9lOAr2ZEmTN8Xl9mykYnfaYsrKlF2rycnChZtWeIlrsE1oRKe3MKqkqNEvc44BUAeiGIl2XhzkkozibXN39y1WVknvu5dEMmS7SGaipJGGypUimtIzdnVPYq%2BOuIDH5%2BrTK8sd8eByfRzr76Ty4GSuo%2B4R3ke1%2BWWyLTZ78WhyWc%2FOl8pLRn38NkQznhLLQ6YiSymvJFiQyl7092xloQArmMGLEj95oCMn3FDkm%2BD%2BL4hl2EmCMfFLt4lTpCJjsQrpFDOX7hD2j5MelQjImbuyz3GPJeO2qMd4FgzcuMNaCU60yJWMCO%2FgqezFWuGtC9bbHegVJQ%2BWS83QMVWdQ%3D%3D&checksum=392404365358b0a32375b45d49d7aa58c8198f8f8a20&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qVFLbOIrgYUV5BaXD2zZ6PoA6GyFxueSrT6IRUSkOaSiBjGfu4Vq8rxLf2MFnZGypr1idGWy0zSuG3ApmPVnoWxGB7UPeH3MOY0fHEL3zDsfyl8w1AoYJJUHbfwuKH3qtOzBem9OJsEP%2BmV%2Fr5A1L7VVgr%2F5X4GTxsnRkca0EUfUIVakkBJAUhaO8qfsQlt7oA09lo04%2BT2fzbYoksQpV2USiMKDfdtsEttUEvfFlpUQTclPzfo40lxcuqZgya3Xe%2FcitQQ%2Br2SaTMKv4IyQXB2RtOfV46xMqOlt7K91kqxvHfnB5f3SV2%2FpjEYDzQOBKKy3TsvPD%2FpDr%2BVEd3rcp5sOjt9ZgRuStGT5ivInMvx%2BmRyYuEjuYeb%2FK6bSovmlRZ36EsGIGs5yyvENzaGpV0lygu9lOAr2ZEmTN8Xl9mykYnfaYsrKlF2rycnChZtWeIlrsE1oRKe3MKqkqNEvc44BUAeiGIl2XhzkkozibXN39y1WVknvu5dEMmS7SGaipJGGypUimtIzdnVPYq%2BOuIDH5%2BrTK8sd8eByfRzr76Ty4GSuo%2B4R3ke1%2BWWyLTZ78WhyWc%2FOl8pLRn38NkQznhLLQ6YiSymvJFiQyl7092xloQArmMGLEj95oCMn3FDkm%2BD%2BL4hl2EmCMfFLt4lTpCJjsQrpFDOX7hD2j5MelQjImbuyz3GPJeO2qMd4FgzcuMNaCU60yJWMCO%2FgqezFWuGtC9bbHegVJQ%2BWS83QMVWdQ%3D%3D&checksum=392404365358b0a32375b45d49d7aa58c8198f8f8a20
  7. Design wise they are the same as the Rustler, 2wd Stampede and 2wd Slash. Many similar parts or identical design just a different length.
  8. Many many patents are owned by people who didn't invent them originally. This is nothing new. And you are really trying to shoot a company down for being clever and seeing an opportunity others ignored. If they hadn't, they might not exist at all today, which overall would make the RC world a lesser place most likely. And seriously if you view is you won't buy anything that a company owns the patent on but didn't originally invent, then I suspect you need to have a really good look at what items you have in your home and car. As I suspect you'd need to bin quite a lot of them if you really want to stand on the moral high ground.
  9. I still think you have it wrong. Patents are not awarded randomly or because someone shouted loudly. Therefore if a patent is granted, it was something that could be patented. The patent office can be very tough and will refuse lots and lots of patents. And as for Maglite, you are completely wrong. Show me another torch that looks remotely similar or even a clone of? Or how about another torch with the same focusing mechanism as a Maglite or the same motion control they use on some of their models. They simply don't exist, for the exact same reasons.
  10. Surely it wouldn't be a re-re if it was on a new chassis.....
  11. BTW 8.5T it too much for your ESC and it'll need a fan for 10.5T
  12. Batteries in the VX01 will be the difficult bit. Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful design. Hobbyking sell lots of LiPos and you can filter by size, so you should find something 3S that'll fit, but be weary of where the wires exit the pack. Honestly a 2S brushless (or even NiMH) setup is likely to serve you better. Or just an old fashioned lower turn brushed motor (not sure what motor limit your ESC has). Check out ebay for brushless motors. You can get a motor for under £20 delivered that will work with your Tamiya ESC. A 13.5T, 10.5 or 8.5T would work in a VX-01. 10.5T probably the sweet spot.
  13. Depends what you mean by best. Trinity, Reedy, Team Orion and many others all sold motors. I don't know how many people actually made them, vs branding them. I have some Street Fighter branded motors I bought in the early 2000's and they seem comparable. The best I owned was probably a Race Spec (Trinity I think) 14x2, not the lowest wind, but out performed many motors with lower winds when I was racing. Ran it until there commutator had worn past the copper. Lots of sets of brushes, cleaning and skimming of the com to keep it in top shape though.
  14. Does it? Or is it more about the design. If someone built a brand new 1920s race car to period specs. Should it race with vintage cars of similar design or be chucked into the current World Touring Car race series?
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