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  1. Hi there. I'm thinking of getting a Hang on Rider, could someone please give me a really good esc, motor, servo etc? Many thanks.
  2. I did a bit more testing today in the wet grass. As someone suggested above, it's the bloomin tires slipping on the rims! or at least one tyre slipping. It's been difficult to work out, because it happens at full throttle and the things are so fast, add my wheelchair so I can't move around that easily, add wet conditions only, add loads of other stuff! I decided to put the iPhone to work and filmed the car from both sides to see if I could see the suspension dipping as the weight moved backwards, then I'd know if there was any power getting to the axles, and in the slowmo you can see a rim spin up while the tire stands still. Of course to further complicate matters this will only happen on one side as there's no limited slip in this diff setup. So, there you go, Zomboided, get the phone out and slowmo both sides from standstill to full throttle, I wouldn't at all be surprised if that was the problem. Partly WooHoo for finally getting to the bottom of the problem, and a slight sigh as I have no idea how to stop a tyre slipping without gluing them, which I really don't want to do. Maybe something like UHU which wont melt into the plastic? And while on the subject of tyres, does anyone know where I might find rims and tyres this size? I know they're classed as 10:1 Monster Truck, but on the sites I know and use there are only these wheels and tyres. I could really do with some softer rubber and some inserts. Oh, and tyres that don't slip!! As always, any suggestions will be very gratefully received and I thank you all for your input, it really did help. :o) Cheers.
  3. Hi folks. Has anyone come up with a better idea than the steering collar on these models? Part of the problem with the plastic, which when it's been used and or bashed about it stretches so the steering becomes more than woolly! I've printed some replacements which work well, but there isn't a plastic that allows for a bit of stretch without bending after a hard impact. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to print anything at a fine enough pitch to replicate the splines on a servo, I could file a servo down for a flat edge, but that seems like overkill. Any ideas? Many thanks.
  4. Quick midnight update, I've just ragged the badword out of it on the drive way which isn't at all as wet as the grass, no problem. Not a single click or grunt. So, it's a problem with something getting wet. I'm still confused! Also it hasn't had any hard hitting or landing moments, grass or smooth tarmac. I think somehow the diff is slipping when it gets wet. But I can't see how water would get to the diff, I know it's not a sealed box, but still.
  5. The washers are there, I made sure they were replaced for new. The motor shafts are tight, these definitely aren't a problem. The hex nuts, well, I printed some new ones that are perfectly snug and cannot slip. I can't think that 2 motors can come out defective from two different suppliers, they feel fine on basic inspection, and I'm not losing motor rpm, I'm missing the power further along the drive train. The 'clicling' isn't fast enough to be the motor, it's somewhere near the wheels. I've just had a quick look at box 1 again all locked down on the bench, full throttle, no slip. So, there's no problem when everything is cold and dry. On both occasions I've tested on damp grass, but I can't think water is going to get anywhere that's going to cause a problem. I think tomorrow, I will send one of them out for a damp run and dismantle as soon as I get back in. My suspicion is the diff, the sound is more metallic than plastic and there are definitely no bits of plastic floating around. It's so strange no one else seems to be complaining of the same thing, but I have two with the problem. I will report back tomorrow. Thanks folks.
  6. I should add - the first gearbox is upgraded with good bearings, the second is still running on the plastic.
  7. Hi folks. I recently picked up a couple of WT01s. With the first, within 20 minutes of running I started getting a grinding from the gearing on acceleration, especially from a stand still. I've pulled the gearbox apart and had a really close look at everything, I couldn't see any obvious sign of any grinding gears, but I replaced the diff gears and the final drive axles. It was a lot better for about 5 minutes then it was back to grinding and loss of drive again. The other kit is waiting for paint so I swapped over the gear and motor block, sod me if I haven't just seen exactly the same. Perfect for the first few minutes, then grind and loss of power. I haven't taken this gearbox apart yet, but it's exactly the same sound, so I doubt - without advice - I'll see anything untoward. I'd heard these gearboxes are nearly indestructible which is why I bought them as first use bashers, but at the moment they're both in the garage. Has anyone found this? Or know where I should start to look? Thanks.
  8. Looks good, although I'd have to paint the wheels a different colour!! Thanks for all the info and links folks, really appreciated. When I've got the paint and upgrades finished I'll post a couple of pictures. :o)
  9. Hi folks, I'm trying to locate a decent set of shock/damper mounts/trees/stays and suitable 90-100mm shocks for the WT01 chassis in the UK. I've been searching around, but to be honest I really don't know what's going to fit properly. I've already made the mistake of ordering some shocks which are the default length, but the fittings are completely different, so they'll have to go in a drawer never to be seen again! I've read any mounts for the WR01 will fit, and after some more research it looks as if the WR01 chassis is virtually identical, but I could be looking at completely the wrong thing! If anyone knows where I can get the bits needed could you please pop a link in here? Many thanks.
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