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  1. Hey TamiyaBigStuff, thanks, only need one. That would be great!
  2. Hello, I'm restoring a vintage Boomerang and the one I bought (from eBay) only included 3 set plates where the motor mounts. Rather than sourcing 4 new ones, does anyone know where I could get hold of just one? Alternatively are there any other creative solutions out there? Am trying to keep costs down and would like to have options to use different pinion gears. Part numbers: 19808143 / 9808143 Set Plate (4pcs) Many thanks
  3. Thanks, I gave this a try, it didn't seem very tight though (or I couldn't get the wire tight enough to grip the output shaft). Doesn't it unwind itself inside the gearbox though?
  4. I've had the same problem, am restoring a vintage Boomerang and have lost one C-ring, after reading many posts here I've a few options, but don't want to fork out for a re-re gearbox if I don't need to. (Went down the e-ring route initially and could modify a bevel gear but would rather not if possible. A c-ring or 2 would be amazing if anyone can spare.) (Tested my controller/radio and servos today, still working after 30 years in my parents loft ) Cheers!
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