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  1. Hello, I sell my tamiya blazing blazer because I have two. Bodywork under renovation paint but in very good condition Chassis in good condition but I miss the lid of waterproof box. It lacks the engine cover and a central cardan. I sell it with chassis to finish for 900 euros OR In spare parts (in this case do not hesitate to ask me what you need, sale of parts by reservation) Thank you
  2. I'm still waiting for your photos for weeks despite my reminders
  3. Hi I do not need a rear axle. Thanks
  4. Hi I have to have a new front light of my original super champ
  5. Hi everybody I am looking for some parts to finish my golf 58025 -1 front bumper -Case of the pilot -support to keep driver -Variator and various chassis electronics thank you ++
  6. Hi everybody I'm looking for some pieces to restore my blazer -1 waterproof box -Pare full rear shock -Front bumper - Black rubber engine cover - Transmission shafts, Box / rear axle -1 rocket before thank you ++
  7. Hi everybody I am looking for some pieces to restore my porsche tamiya 58001 I would need the bumper before 2 mirrors 1 rocker 2 black rocker strips 4 wheels or wheels 1 driver 1 dimmer 1 battery holder 1 box and a notice thank you ++
  8. I need a front and rear bumper, a waterproof box, axes and heads of servos, rockets, rubber engine cover, transmission, screws, I have to dismount to see what I still need inside the deck and box.
  9. Hi everybody I am looking for several pieces of tamiya hilux or blazer, Thank you
  10. Hi everybody, I wish to part with certain parts or cars that no longer serve me or to finance my restorations. Feel free to send me a message if something interests you. Lunch box new built gold édition Box only Ford escort cosworth Manuels Box and manuel only Fast attack original Hollyday buggy original New Juggernaut 2 2X 2x TB01 Golf 58025 NEW Celica wheel TA02 Chassis porsche 959 58059 very rare Blitzer beetle original Buggy champ 2009 58006 NEW 58009 TA02 Vario 58002 support NEW Body blackfoot
  12. The chassis is sold as in the photos, for him I have nothing more and I bought it as presented.
  13. Hi everybody, It's very difficult for me to come and talk about this forum being French, I actually use the translator. I will try to speak with simple words, understanding will probably be easier. This beautiful frame comes from the personal collection of someone I was shopping with a few days ago. At the base for my blazer blazer, and as this gentleman had in his possession several models éloque.Je wish to keep the majority of his cars for my collection, but I must among others separate me from this one to carry out the others. Everything I bought from him is strictly vintage. If need more photos do not hesitate to ask me anything. Great pleasure
  14. Hi everybody I want to sell my brand new original super field chassis. I do not have the body or the box, that's why I hope he will find a new home in a lover of this model. I have too many projects going on to keep it and need to fund others. PRICE:350 euros contact me
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