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  1. a.w.k.

    Blue Edition Brat

    i wonder what color that is. i painted my crawler Brat with TS15 and i think it is ok with the black/gold stripes.
  2. a.w.k.

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    yeah, looks like the old Monster Beetle QD body , like it
  3. a.w.k.

    Pinion module close to 05

    Thanks, I think I confound that, I'm not an imperial guy, i am a native metric guy
  4. a.w.k.

    Vintage MRC MRX?

    That top deck is of a Kyosho Sonic Sports, a 1/12 onroad chassis from the 80s. It is normally black, yours i think is painted yellow....
  5. a.w.k.

    Pinion module close to 05

    The definition for pitch and modul is reciprocal to each other, pitch is teeth per diameter and modul is diameter per teeth. this and the conversion from mm to inch leads to the following conversion formula: pitch = 25,4 / modul, is the same as modul = 25,4 / pitch. 32pitch is 0,79375modul, 48pitch is 0,52916modul and 64pitch is 0,39687modul. So you see 32 and 64pitch are a close match to 0,8 and 0,4modul whereas 48pitch is a poor match to 0,6modul, it is closer to 0.5modul but still not good.
  6. a.w.k.

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    bought them a long time ago. if i remember correctly, i purchased them from Conrad, so unfortunately i don't know the original manufacturer....
  7. TAMICO have them on sale : 14,99€........ https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Karosserie-Subaru-XV-unlackiert
  8. a.w.k.

    I have no idea...

    On Tamiyabase Mr. Jonny Retro has restored a nice example https://tamiyabase.com/forum/forum/35-other-makes-custom-builds/17659-spital-trial-12-resto.html
  9. a.w.k.

    I have no idea...

    Spital Trial 12 Heavy, Made of SteelπŸ™‚
  10. Congratulations @Jason1145 This is page 100, superb thread and a pleasure to read πŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. Those bodies were made for Carson's nitro touring cars in the first place. And those nitro touring cars were derived from their 1/10 scale buggies. Those Buggies were the same size as e.g. the Kyosho Optimas, therefore they fit very well on those wide touring cars that were en vogue before the narrow touring cars like TA-01 or Yokomo YR4. In the pictures you can see some pre 1992 wide touring cars, i.e. modified buggies, width 220-245mm and wheelbase 265- 290mm. Bosscat and Frewer Alfa Cougar and Parma Benz190 Optima and Parma M3
  12. a.w.k.

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Yes, bought, built and painted decades ago by myself. I tried to imitate the original iridescent paint job before the iridescent colors were available, and i think iridescent green/blue are still not available. It was done by painting a very thin layer of metallic green backed with layer of blue. But i dont want to hijack this thread, so here i found the plated Calibra wheels also in my collection: And some wheels made out of billet aluminium
  13. a.w.k.

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    That's right, that is an aftermarket racing body from back in the day, very thin and light one of the first generation race bodies for narrow touring cars like TA-01 or YR4. The decals are also aftermarket 1/10 scale, I think from Carson or maybe from Christian Keil, he was the german Associated and Yokomo importer of that time and did run one of the first national narrow touring series, the Keil-DTM. He was also participating in several Reedy Race of champions and world championships of that time.
  14. a.w.k.

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    do you mean these wheels? found them by accident in the 90s......
  15. a.w.k.

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Hi OCD, most of my 90s touring cars are featured in this thread: I think the Civic was on page 4 I will add some more but have no time to do so at the moment........