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    Long time rc'er since the late 70ties, TAMIYA was and is always part of my addiction. Also have boats, planes, helis, drones and problems with storage room, cause I can't let go anything.....

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  1. 8.4 V adapter 50295 ?? or Black Motor Endurance, blue endbeĺl 50200 ??
  2. ok next question: The tires of the 58112 Tiger Stripe Escort were available before the launch of the Escort as ???
  3. that was a rhetorical question for me and i gave the for me obvious answer
  4. thats not the question. the frog is a pre RC10 car and should be compared to e.g. the Scorpion. its advantage over the Scorpion are the weight and the diff and the Frog won championships, e.g. in germany, before the RC10 was launched (at least in germany).
  5. oh wait......, I think it was Byzantion.....
  6. if my memory serves me right it was Istanbul, Turkey...
  7. afaik 9803100 or 19803100 iirc.....
  8. not mine also, that's from the page of Tommy Peter, a known german RC racer since the 70s
  9. http://pro10-classic.com/werkstatt-tamiya-srb-racer/ that should be a MIP rear axle for SRB's (look for the assembly drawing on the light blue paper) follow the link.....it is in German, but i think you can work it out. Haven't you been in K'town during your army service?
  10. there is even one more washer missing, the "Differential Washer (Tool Bag)" , that one goes in Step 20 (Assembly of Gear Case R) between W2 and Bevel Gear R
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