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    Long time rc'er since the late 70ties, TAMIYA was and is always part of my addiction. Also have boats, planes, helis, drones and problems with storage room, cause I can't let go anything.....

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  1. Thank you. Had a little drive yesterday in the evening, lights do really add to the scale appearance of a model......
  2. Hi Busdriver, I like your Cayenne very much............finished my version of the german police car today. German police seems to be en vogue lately.....
  3. Finished my latest crawler build, a ISUZU body on a MST CMX. The car was sold in germany as Opel Frontera. 90s german police livery. Lights, light bar and horn in working order. The Hilux driver got painted like a 90s german police officer.
  4. Me too, always wanted to have a Showroom....same username please if possible
  5. started painting my next crawler project.......
  6. Before the 190-200mm touringcars took off in the 90s we run wide touring cars, that were mainly lowered 4WD buggies, like Optimas, Cats etc. A lot of companies made bodies for that kind of cars like Parma, Frewer or Kyosho. Some were designed especially for buggies and some were designed for 1/10 pan cars and cut to fit more or less.... Parma Alfa 155 Frewer Vauxhall Cavalier Parma Vauxhall Astra Parma 60t Vette Parma Calibra Frewer Peugeot 205 T16
  7. The HotShot 2 with its unique parts is one of my many soft spots.....and it drives really well. Whenever i can get hold of one for a reasonable price i have to have it....
  8. First of all i have to say this is a very nice work, very good executed. A 037 done with readily available, actual parts!!!! Hello Mr. Tamiya are you reading?? The measure for the front post for the Subaru is 28mm, so the 037 sits 5mm lower, i think it will be spot on with those shock mounts you have there without modifying them. Keep up the good work, i think i will do the same......
  9. I think they are generic chinese mag mounts, distributed here by Absima, #2440040. They have a tiltable joint so they can be adjusted to follow the body shape.
  10. looking forward to your finished car you can never have enough MSTs and BRATs.....
  11. i dug out the ta03rs Lancia and the original Lancia 5840 body set for comparison. The side hole is roughly about 14mm from the door shut line on the inside, on the outside it is completely above the lower side beam. Also found the marking of the front single hole on the new body on the underside of the bonnet, marked with a pencil. looking forward to your finished car
  12. First i had the body mounted with 4 magnets only, but during a competition the body separated from the chassis because of heavy bumps on the track. I then glued a square pieces of styrene into the body on both sides that hook under the backrest of the Hilux interior, securing the body solid to the chassis. The Hilux interior is screwed to the battery tray. I hope one can see it on the pictures....... At the moment the cars look like this: roll bar removed for better center of gravity, TFL twin motor winch, trailer hitch and a lot of scratches..........
  13. CMX needs ball bearings too, it only has metal bushings out of the box
  14. i am located on europe, MST parts availability is plenty here, i don't know about the US. But i own 3 CMX and one CFX and have to break my first part until now....since two years of competition use
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