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    Long time rc'er since the late 70ties, TAMIYA was and is always part of my addiction. Also have boats, planes, helis, drones and problems with storage room, cause I can't let go anything.....

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  1. afaik 9803100 or 19803100 iirc.....
  2. not mine also, that's from the page of Tommy Peter, a known german RC racer since the 70s
  3. http://pro10-classic.com/werkstatt-tamiya-srb-racer/ that should be a MIP rear axle for SRB's (look for the assembly drawing on the light blue paper) follow the link.....it is in German, but i think you can work it out. Haven't you been in K'town during your army service?
  4. there is even one more washer missing, the "Differential Washer (Tool Bag)" , that one goes in Step 20 (Assembly of Gear Case R) between W2 and Bevel Gear R
  5. same transmitter? does it have the ABS function activated?
  6. from the op. parts chart of a guidebook
  7. My son and me love the MF-01X, we won some crawling contests with it, the conteners don't have it on their lists of capable chassis....ok...we modified it a little bit.....
  8. .....and the windscreen decal reads "Calsonic Nissan Calsonic" on the body set, whereas on the original 58135 windscreen decal it reads "Impul Calsonic Impul"
  9. Next open air wrenching session today. A Kyosho Rampage 10 today, two and a half hours between first and last picture. The car was taken apart and parts cleaned and refurbished over the week. Body is ok, paint needs some touching up.
  10. 58036 Audi Quattro 58037 Opel Ascona
  11. Today, while we have to stay at home, i took my workshop outside in the garden under my parasol and did a one day restore to a Terra Conqueror that was in a very sorry state, rusted screws, broken shocktowers, seized Dynatech motor....etc.....etc.... with its brother.....
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