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    Long time rc'er since the late 70ties, TAMIYA was and is always part of my addiction. Also have boats, planes, helis, drones and problems with storage room, cause I can't let go anything.....

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  1. Found locally, collected today: 1/12 OTAKI BMW 3.5 CSL
  2. I like your Ultima very much. I had also the plan to do my Ultima boxart. I sourced a nib body, cage, wing and decals, but then i got the chance to buy tc member gerolfs Ultima body that he painted. Yes, the graphics are no stickers but painted, white, copper yellow and silver. gerolfs showroom is a little quiet these days, he did some very clean builds in the past. Still in my Ultima spare parts box, I think i have to do also a box art Ultima in the future.......
  3. Thanks Erich, i appreciate that you like what i have done with this Ultima. I hope you are doing well these times since your hometown is in the news nearly daily....
  4. Wild Willy Jr. ? First Racing Mini maybe the HotShot Jr. ?
  5. slooooooooooowly getting there, had a little spare time today
  6. no problem, i can live with your decision , maybe i have a strong connection to the SuperShot lately, because i am restoring my original at the moment
  7. Hi, that is a Kyosho LeMans 480S There are some more pics in my thread in the Kyosho section on here:
  8. now we could debate if the coilover is a coilover if the spring coils over the damper rod only or if it has to coil over the damper body and rod
  9. Iirc, 58054 SuperShot 4 c/o 58055 Boomerang 3 c/o 58056 Falcon 4 c/o
  10. Falcon was the second Car with 4 coilovers😉
  11. change the left's to the right side and vice versa and you are done
  12. correct, here is the instruction leaflet of the Subaru Brat Body Set:
  13. afaik it is on all Tamiya beetle derivatives
  14. some say it is a SRB, some say it is not.....
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