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  1. Thanks for the advise guys, I’m just going to do some mild stuff to the Frog, until I decide if I want to spend more money for a true racer. I just want to get around the track at a decent hustle and not keep spinning out. The Frog garnered a lot of attention, especially from kids, who thought it was cool looking. I went through the tranny and found a small little clip had come undone. I re attached it, more grease and put it back together. Unfortunately, it’s noisy and binding a bit. The buggy moves but it doesn’t coast, it’s like applying the brakes. So I did order the MIP ball diff, as will adaptors so I can run racing wheels and tires. Its only money! -Derek
  2. Hi all, I took the Frog to the local indoor track in Tacoma to day. This buggy was a Christmas gift from my wife and my last buggy was The Falcon when I was 12. Here is a link to my Frog https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/84690-the-frog-brought-me-back/ Anyway, aside from racing in the novice division and getting stomped into the proverbial dirt, I had a great time, and so did my kids. But....a couple of challenges arose 1) The track is clay and the stock tires had no traction, it was like driving on ice. What are my options? 2) Something in the transmission let go in the third and final heat, haven’t opened it up yet to find out what broke. but I think a MIP ball diff will be on order. 3) Brushless motor, the stock can couldn’t keep up. I didn’t think it would, so this is not shocking. If I had better traction it would have been a better race. The other cars were launching all over the place and if I had been able to be smooth I’d have done better. This is a Frog. I don’t expect it to keep up with Team Associated or Traxxas, and I’m not so competetive to throw down $500 for a car. But....in the novice division I think the Frog can do better and it’ll be a great practice platform. Racing was fun!!! -Derek
  3. You’re right, it is an unfair question, to a point. I don’t see myself becoming a “collector “ so realistically I need to find that one kit that can satisfy all the itches. Granted, I don’t have to keep it forever, but I was curious what others would buy. They’re all so freaking cool! My first buggy was the Falcon, if they ever re-re it, I will buy it. -Derek
  4. Being new to the hobby after a 30+ year hiatus, and seeing all the re-re’s I coveted as a child, I’m curious what you folks would get if you could just own one kit? Be it for bashing around or club racing. Currently, I have a freshly built Frog (Thank you, Santa!) but I think if I was to buy only one more, it would be a hard choice between a Boomerang or a Kyosho Optima. As a kid, the box art of the Boomerang at the hobby store called to me like no other, but I’d like to do some club racing now and the Optima would be a great thing to have. It too left an impression on my 12 year old mind, all the ads and magazine reviews worked! -Derek
  5. The Tamiyausa site and the international website don’t show anything new RC wise, from what I can find. The Tamiyausa site looks like it was last updated in 2002! I’m still hoping for the Falcon to be re-re’d! -Derek
  6. The decals were fun, my three year old insisted on helping, so they’re not all straight or in the “correct” spot. The black roll cage stickers were not laying down properly, so I omitted most of them.
  7. It’s done!! There’s some fine tuning to do, but it tracks straight and is pretty quiet. I didn’t do it box art, because the LHS didn’t have Tamiya white, do I went with Corsa Grey. I like the color. My kids are young, and with two girls, the pink color was demanded. I painted the wheels too. I’m gonna keep the silver can for a while, but will get the Sport Tuned at some point. Anyway, I’m ready for another one. Come on Falcon!!!
  8. That’s what I’m worried about. It’s almost done, I bought bearings and upgraded rear axles but passed on the MIP differential. I’m hoping for a Re-Re Falcon and will put money into that, or a Super Hotshot, or a Optima, or a.... I’m not much into doing documentation while building stuff, but the build has been easy so far. The hardest has been getting the electronics put in, which are in but I’ve not yet hooked up the battery and trimmed the Servo. Anyway, I’ve been having total flashbacks remembering when I built my Falcon when I was 12. It’s weird, I remember it being easier, but then, my eyes were better and my fingers smaller and more nimble. -Derek
  9. When do they announce their product line? Or is it something that just shows up on Tamiya’s website?
  10. Thanks! Already have some parts on the way, I’m gonna try to get a radio today. -Derek
  11. Hi all, Been lurking for a while, but today I’m offically back, after a 30 year hiatus. Now, where do I go for hop up parts and necessities? I’m planning on just using to bash around our house, but there is a race club and track in Tacoma, which is about an hour away. A life time ago I had a Falcon and raced it at a track, good times indeed! Anyway, not sure how deep down the rabbit hole I’ll go, but, a Boomerang would be nice.... -Derek
  12. So cool, thanks for sharing! Makes me kick myself for letting my Falcon languish in my parents garage until one day, it was gone, about two decades later. Also, I had the same transmitter, just seeing it brought back memories!
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