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  1. You can pretty much ignore the bag of bits that cane with the servo from my experience. With the Tamiya kits I’ve built I’ve only needed the parts that came with the kit and not what cane with the servo.
  2. Man1c M0nk3y


    I’ll not bother then. At least I’ll know for next time now!
  3. Man1c M0nk3y


    I feel better in knowing I wasn’t alone 😂 Might email them and see if they will honour them minus code. Probably say no but nothing to lose.
  4. Man1c M0nk3y


    Well then. That’s a lot of points that went in the recycling bin 😂
  5. Man1c M0nk3y


    Hmm. I must be missing something here. As I have made several orders and the points on all (one over a year old) are still ‘pending’. Do you need to do something to convert to credit? I’ve never really looked. Edit: just had a quick glance over t&c’s and says you need a validation code. Definitely never noticed receiving any. Might email them.
  6. Man1c M0nk3y

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Nice. So much want. Really can’t justify it. Especially without a chassis it could go on.
  7. Man1c M0nk3y

    What’s in your current collection ?

    A DT03 that started life as a buggy and has ended up a truggy. A Top Force I really should finish. A Schumacher Cougar...that I should finish! And an impulse purchase GF01 Toyota Landcruiser that I thought looked fun for the youngest. Again I’ve not even considered starting that yet. Bit of a theme going on on that front! As for next. I really fancy a ‘proper’ truggy/truck like the Associated RC10T6.1 but I’ve told myself no more purchases until the others are up and running. Keep looking though!
  8. Man1c M0nk3y

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Are those springs different hardness’s? I’ve not seen any springs for the wr02/gf01 and it’s a build that’s on my radar for the future, although I’ve not looked too hard tbh!
  9. Man1c M0nk3y

    ebaYJ - aka. "Daydream B'leafer"

    So much is cool about this but I am absolutely loving that rust/weathering. Top job 👍
  10. Man1c M0nk3y

    Ball caps vs Adjusters

    I only have experience of two Tamiya versions. The open ended ones from the Top Force #50596 The ball cup/closed ones from my DT03 #51283 I have a preference for the DT03 ones as they feel better on (subjective). Think I need to get me one of those tools @ALEXKYRIAK has posted. The adjuster on the Schumacher Cougar are an absolute pain to remove. The grip those balls for dear life!
  11. Man1c M0nk3y

    Top Force vs Super Astute

    No idea tbh as I haven’t finished the TF and don’t own or indeed have any experience of the SA. In all honesty though you know the only acceptable solution to this situation is to buy both. 😈
  12. Man1c M0nk3y

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    @svenb @moffman seeing as we are having a cossie appreciation thing going on(!) have you seen Ken Blocks latest? I know it’s designed for a specific purpose but really not feeling it personally.
  13. Man1c M0nk3y

    Ball caps vs Adjusters

    Just been wondering this myself as I’m going to be needing a fair few soon for something. Cant believe the price difference between the open ended vs ball cup. 6 open ended are £2.99 8 closed are £8.99 Considering I’ll need 12 that’s quite a difference.
  14. Typical. Glad they arrived anyway.
  15. ****. Worth a try but what a shame. Royal Mail, rubbish 😂