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  1. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    Thanks. Would like to say I’d made more progress but sadly I’ve been snowed under with work and doing the house. Really need to make some time for it.
  2. Man1c M0nk3y

    Comical Hornet WR02CB

    Cool. Look forward to seeing this finished. I enjoyed building this chassis, or at least derivative of it in the GF01. Think it all goes together well and feels very solid.
  3. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    So today saw the electrics go back in. Still Torque Tuned motor and kit esc but RX is now and Absima one. Bought an Absima CR2S.V2 with the intention of putting it in the GF01 but the TX is a little too big for the youngest so the Futaba will be swapped to that and the Absima ended up in here. Seems a decent little bit of kit. Not as fancy but functions fine from a quick garden blast for the kids to use. And for the purposes of thread completeness here’s the chassis with the Aqroshot body on. Unpainted still but hoping to rectify that soon.
  4. Man1c M0nk3y

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    A break from decorating meant I managed to get the electrics in the DT03 again but with the Absima RX from today’s delivery instead of the Futaba one. Trimmed up nicely. Nowhere near as fancy as the Futaba setup but more than adequate for the kids. Need to get the shell painted now. Anyone got any spare time they can borrow me?!
  5. Man1c M0nk3y

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Beyond whizzing around the living room testing it I haven’t finished it. The RX/TX was the last piece to arrive and I need to sort body out. Just been snowed under with work/house. From the little play around the house though it looks a fun little thing. Pops wheelies for fun and feel rock solid. Perfect for the youngest who it was intended for. Think in the confined space of the house at least that the Torque Tuned is almost too much and had to turn the throttle down to 75% and even at that it was still nippy and popping it’s front end. Simple but fun build too. Admittedly got a bit carried away on the hop-ups mind! Looks tiny against the Aqroshot but equally looks like if the hit head on the Aqroshot would probably lose! Ill get some pics up when it’s finished but for pure silliness and fun I reckon it’ll perfectly meet that intention.
  6. Man1c M0nk3y

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    A new Absima CR2S V2 RX/TX for either the DT03 or the GF01 depending how big in hand it was as it’s for the youngest. Seems ok. Obviously not as fancy as the Futaba I have but for the kids should suffice. Its sadly a little too big for her to comfortably use though for now, so it’ll be going in the DT03 and the Futaba 3PV will go with the GF01 as that’s smaller and more comfortable for her. Ultimately though it scuppers my plans to remove the Futaba from the cars the kids use and make it just ‘mine’ as I was hoping the Absima would be ok for her then I’d get another one for the other daughters car. Just means for now at least it’s either the DT03 and GF01 out to play or the Cougar when finished instead of the GF01.
  7. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    Cool sounds promising then. Just double checked and it 3421kv. Only issue is I’ll need new batteries or to get practicing soldering. Tempted now!
  8. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    Been looking at an Absima setup. Apparently they are made by Hobbywing and seen a few on here rate them. Iirc it’s in the 3500kv range. Not sure what sort of comparable ‘t’ that would be. Might give it a shot and if it’s too much I’ll stick it in the Cougar when it’s finished.
  9. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    Cheers Cy. Definitely nice shocks but certainly an indulgence too. Apart from the fact I should have just bought an Aqroshot to begin with I’ve spent a silly (really) amount of money on this. Being my first though it’s got under my skin! Have put ‘stock/kit’ electrics back in for now but looking to go brushless with it. Need to research what’s the ‘sweet’ spot regarding power over the Torque Tuned and longevity of the drivetrain. Would like more punch but not at the expense of killing it.
  10. Man1c M0nk3y

    Man1c’s DT03 From Buggy to Truggy.

    Not updated this for a bit. Renovating house and decorating really do kill any free time! Anyway a small update. Like many others I’ve hovered over the DF03 hop-up shocks (53926) on many occasion but they are relatively expensive in the UK at least. I was looking for a part for my GF01 and could only find it available from RC-Mart. Figured I’d have a nosey at the shocks as they were fresh in mind as @ThunderDragonCy had recently posted about getting some and sure enough there they were at around half the price of UK sellers. The rest as they say, is history! I have built them following a post in @ALEXKYRIAK DT03 build and have used 3 o-rings on the front shafts and 4 o-rings on the rears to reduce travel down the DT03 lengths. Built them with kit supplied 400cst oil and 2 hole pistons and the supplied gold springs to begin with. These things are lovely to build compared to CVA’s. On par with the Schumacher Big Bores on the Cougar I have and the GF01 hop-up shocks I have recently built. I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere already, but the Aqroshot body is cut and ready for paint which the girls have finally decided on so just need to find some more free time to do it.
  11. Man1c M0nk3y

    Top Force damper options

    Been looking at the Schumacher shocks for my Cougar and thinking if they’d fit the TF. Guess you’ve largely answered that at least! Anyway I asked similar in this thread... DF03’s (53926) are the recommended ‘hop-up’ for the re-re Manta Ray.
  12. Man1c M0nk3y

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Had the same with the GF01 alloy shocks. Had me wondering if I’d missed something at first.
  13. Man1c M0nk3y

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Didn’t know about these. That’ll be another order going in for the GF01. I’ll finish it eventually 😂
  14. Man1c M0nk3y

    Show Me Your Porches ...

    Seriously resisting the urge to post a picture of the front of my house 😬 Autocorrect has done you proud @Hairyjon313 Sorry, nothing useful to add but the title got me curious regardless!
  15. Glad you got sorted. Strange about the ball connectors. I definitely had issues. Wonder if its a buggy vs truggy/monster wheel thing. Can’t recall what wheels I was running at the time now.