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  1. Weird. Wonder if bad batch. Same problem I had above. Only difference being paint brand. The gf01 shell was slightly twisted at the front also. Can’t tell when clipped down mind.
  2. Girls love it, which is what matters, but I’m not happy. First. Get your sunglasses! Suffered from a lot of bleed around the edges. Using proper Tamiya tape too. Not sure what went wrong. The flowers have perfect clean edges the arches not. Even the window masks had bleeding. Wondering if it’s the paint, used CoreRC stuff not impressed compared to Tamiya stuff personally. Hopefully the transfers will mask some of the bad spots. Like I say though. The girls don’t care and it’s going to get beat to badword and back by them so no need to get too precious.
  3. Nice one. You’ve just cost me money 😂
  4. Will look into it. Thinking behind Willy body on GF01 is that it should be 4x4 not rwd. Not that it matters in reality! Pretty straight forward. Just need the TL01B C-parts x2. Everything you need is on there apart from the steering links which you will need to make yourself.
  5. Just checked. It’s roughly 330mm/13in wide and 279mm/11in long of taken purely from wheels. Overall it is longer if we factor in bumper and wheelie bar. Think the crazy proportions at what make it. Everyone who’s seen it in the flesh so far thinks it looks great and I agree! Seriously tempted to get another for myself! If you could still get the Suzuki Jimmy I’d be all other it. I am tempted to build a GF01 with Willy body but not a cheap way of doing things.
  6. My least favourite task. Cutting the body. Doesn’t matter how I do it, scissors/knife, I hate it! I was seriously happy when I opened the box on my Schumacher Cougar and it has a pre cut shell. Anyway. The GF01 has a lid! Needs a little bit of tidying up before even thinking about painting. The girls want hot pink! Need to sort the driver out too. Wondering if it could be mounted a little lower but at the rear its already at its lowest so would end up nose down. Think I’ll trim body posts too at some point. Absolutely loads left free at both ends Picture gives a good idea of how much wider the TL01b arms make it. And yes. Still not tidied up the wiring 😳!
  7. Whilst it’s in bits it would be rude not to try it out no?! The only issue is the steering arms. You’d need to fashion some from the parts bin plus the longer dogbones.
  8. Cheers. If I’d just built it when I bought it I’d have saved a fortune on blue bits but the longer I delayed the build the more bits I kept coming across and well, the rest is history 😂
  9. Cheers Cy. Cant wait to finish it. Crazy how much wider it actually is. I looked into the comical arms before the TL ones and although I may be wrong as I’ve not seen them in the flesh it looks like the comical parts would be in between the gf01 and tl01 in terms of width so you’d possibly not gain a huge amount. With the tl01 parts fitted it’s pretty much as wide as the dt03 but obviously tiny in every other way. It looks crazy! I’ll get some more pictures up when the body is on.
  10. Not done much for a bit as been too busy with ‘life’ 🙄 Have finally finished building the chassis of the GF01 for the girls to bash. Things got a little bit carried away with this though as time went on and I kept adding pretty blue things! It started out as a standard GF01 with the Landcruiser body, which it will still have. However I don’t like the wheels that it came with so they went in favour of some white wild willy style ones. It’s also been widened using the TL01-B parts. Had to make some mash up universals using the swing shafts from the DF03 uni’s. Shock lower eyelets needing swapping to the longer versions too. Biggest pain was the steering arms. Took a lot of messing to get ‘right’. Ended up using the old 68mm iirc ones from the DT03 coupled with some of the reinforced style adjusters. Not a huge amount of adjustability left but it works. Had a lot of fun working on this one. For a ‘simple’ build once I started tweaking things it got pretty interesting for me. Wirings a mess, that’s post test. Needs tidying. Tyres extremely soft too. Not sure whether to add some inserts. Thoughts/opinions? Body to sort now then a trip to the beach is in order I reckon.
  11. Think you made the right choice. I regret doing it tbh. You are spoilt for choice for easy gains. Look up ‘block mod’ if it’s something you haven’t already come across and make you own mind up. I had it done when the belts where done even though beyond the de res the car is performance wise standard. Cost was negligible when having belts done at the same time and for the peace of mind I decided it was worth it.
  12. I approve of the ST. Will you be resisting the urge to modify? If you end up on forums a lot will say to De-res it (remove final silencer) I’d tempted think hard. Whilst yes it does sound better it with out a doubt does increase drone at lower speeds. Torque mount makes a huge difference for a small outlay. Great cars though. Still have mine after 5yrs. Longest I’ve had the same car.
  13. Thanks for the added feedback. I never ran it. Just static playing around and if memory serves it was full lock and compression. Didn’t doubt it would be solvable. Thought I’d mention/ask anyway just in case you had any weird handling and it didn’t immediately come to mind.
  14. Looks great Cy and nice to see it still getting love DF03 shocks next?! Great looking body and one I had on the short list. Makes me want to revisit the shell I got for the 03 but I’ll resist for now as I still haven’t got round to painting the Aqroshot 😔 Have you had any issues with the front wheels binding on the shell on full lock or compression? The Schumacher Vee’s I have fitted caught unless I had the body pretty high which ruined the look. Trimming off the inside row of spikes would solve it but ended up changing shell (for other reasons than the tyres). Just curious.
  15. Brilliant. Thanks for the heads up. That rules them out then as the wheels are a ‘must’. Just need to decide then. Standard WW tyres or the twice as expensive ‘spike’ ones.
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