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  1. Not sure it covers all of them but this thread from a few years back has a fair few in it.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll have a play when I next get a chance. Like you say, should be able to get something sorted.
  3. Thanks for checking. A further question for clarification. Is that outer edge to outer edge of the adjusters or eye to eye centres of the adjusters (or however that would be phrased!). I have several spare open 5mm adjusters and some 3x8mm, 10mm and 12mm grubs spare too so happy to have a play around before I commit to spending. I am indeed in the UK so your offer should you have them spare and un-needed could be useful if I can’t sort a decent set up out.
  4. If you could do both front and rear for me that would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Now I’d be all over that if I had a B7.
  6. Hit a fairly major stumbling block in converting daughter's GF-01 back to standard width that will either need money spending or some creativity! We have lost the standard front and rear camber arms. Getting used to this now sadly. Still can't believe I must have thrown a box away full of parts. I have started a thread here if any GF-01/WR-02 owners fancy getting a ruler out and helping out before I spend more money!
  7. Well, it seems I have hit a stumbling block already in taking the daughters GF-01 back to standard width from it TL-01 arm wide conversion. We have the standard lower arms and standard length turnbuckle steering arms still but at some point the standard and it seems hop up (based on finding the instruction leaflet) camber arms have been misplaced/lost. Easy option is to buy some 2x C-Parts or the it seems ridiculously priced hop up again (no way I paid that much back when I got them!) however before I do I am wondering if anyone can help first. I am thinking of seeing if I can make the arms in a similar vein to the rear arms on an M-05R where the plastic camber links are swapped out to some 5mm adjusters and a long grub screw although like on the M-05R the fronts (small) may still need me to bite the bullet and spend money! I have the parts to make some and could guess through trial and error the measurements I suppose but before I do can anyone measure their standard front and rear arms and equally if anyone has hop-up 54667 could they measure those too please. Overall length or eye to eye I guess should be fine or indeed whatever is easiest for the individual should they be so inclined to help. I have added the WR-02 to the title as the hop up fits this model too so I am assuming they share the same original arms too so will greatly appreciate the help of either owners if they are willing.
  8. Made a start on stripping the lower arms off the daughters GF-01. The shell is in worse state than we had at first thought after its tumbles the other day so whilst we decide on shell we are going to go back to standard too. Will be fitting the turnbuckles that were bought but never used and the low friction step screws pinched for something else. Have also picked up some hex head ball connectors for areas such as shocks that need removing from time to time. Hate prising them off and stretching (or at least it feels like it) the adjusters. A small thing I intend to do on all the cars as I go through their rebuilds.
  9. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said, but that really is fantastic. The thought and attention to detail is outstanding. Absolutely love it.
  10. Cheers. I may take you up on that. The car is currently as new though so no parts needed. I never finished it for various reasons, but if I am to run it I’ll want some spares first. I will PM you so as not to derail @Pylon80 build/thread. Definitely agree on the 7 body being ‘nicer’ than the 6. Interesting to me too that the body needed cutting. I’d assumed maybe it would be pre cut. That was another area I found pleasantly surprising with my Schumacher. The body was perfectly pre cut. Is that a Schumacher quirk I wonder or do others do it too or indeed if Schumacher even still do. Like the idea with the paint and continuity between your cars.
  11. I can echo this sentiment from when I bought my Schumacher Cougar KD a few years back. I just couldn’t believe the difference. At the time my only experience of Tamiya (and re in general) being a DT-03 and a GF-01 but having spent close to the cost of the KD on the 03 and its hop ups it to me just seemed crazy really how far apart they were even after the upgrades to the DT-03. I’ve come to think of the two sides (Tamiya - Schumacher et el) as fun vs serious get the job done. Nothing to base that on other than personal observations/feelings. A couple of areas I think Tamiya wins hands down though is bodies and spares. For me as much as I am indifferent to buggy bodies such as my Schumacher or your Associated for road I hate the nondescript TC’s and the like and would take a MK1 Golf or CRX etc any day. Fun vs Serious again maybe and whilst I can’t comment on Associated spares my KD is virtually impossible to get parts for now. Edit to add: I do wonder how Tamiya’s TRF TC’s compare to the competition and competitively and is it just a case of them ‘giving up’ in the off road/buggy world Sorry if I’ve gone off on a tangent, that comment just rung true to my feelings when buying a race kit. Nothing of use to add however(!) I never did take it to a track but I look forward to seeing you build this and it might give me the impetus to finally rebuild the KD and run it. I have read and re read your M-05 multiple times whilst getting sorted to build mine so expect this to be equally great. No pressure!
  12. Nothing to add other than I enjoyed reading this journey and love the fact it’s added to your bonding and time with your son(s). My daughter is reaching that age where sadly other things might take over. Anyway. Whenever I read a TT02 build I always want to rush off and buy one despite all the criticisms they sometimes receive and also buy every blue bit available whether that makes sense or not 😂 Must resist. I can’t justify another purchase yet! Look forward to seeing what else you do with the car.
  13. Well unless something has changed between when I bought our 3PV and your version then I don’t think you’ll have any issue unless maybe you are out for extended periods. We get 45-60 minutes no issue then she’s ready to do something else anyway but confident we’d get more without issue if she wanted.
  14. I can vouch for this as I mentioned in my reply to your post regarding batteries. It’s a good size for my 10yo daughter to use comfortably but also myself.
  15. Looks like you’ve bought the 3PV from your other thread which is what I have and what the daughter uses as it fits her hand better than the Absima (?) one we originally bought for her. For reference I have already ran it with some relatively cheap and lower capacity rechargeable batteries from ikea mainly because we had them and have never had an issue. The battery(s) in the car always run out before any issues with the TX. These are what we are currently using. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/ladda-rechargeable-battery-hr06-aa-1-2v-00509814/
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