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  1. lowspot

    TB-02R rebuild

    I call it finished, apart from minor details like mirror glass painting an 2 decals. All in all a blast to build and I'm really happy with the outcome. Off to the next project . . . . . :-D
  2. I have changed to form tires, they are more suitable for car park bashing and they have more diameter that gives the chassis a bit more ground clearance. Setup is pretty basic, 1060 Hobbywing ESC and the stock silver can from my new Toyota Hybrid Gazoo Racing 050 I think I have to tighten the differentials far more than I have it the moment. Tomorrow morning is setup with my new station (never done before) and in the afternoon first time racing - how exciting :-D
  3. lowspot

    TB-02R rebuild

    More parts; SSG Carbon Center Plate & Raybrig NSX 2003 body kit - just 9 days from Greece to South Australia with TNT, take this Aussie Post !!!
  4. lowspot

    TT-02B MS WEE

    I would leave it in black. It's a nice contrast to the main part of the chassis and as you have mentioned, I will look pretty ugly when painted white with scratches. I would rather look for blue aluminium parts, as your drive train is blue . . . . but have no idea whether they exist
  5. lowspot

    TB-02R rebuild

    small update, the new TE37 HPI rims have arrived - +3mm Offset will just fit in the wheel arches and the motor cooler :-)
  6. I use a set of TB05 pro dampers at a later stage, they are spare but I want to find out how big the improvement is first and give it a go with the stock dampers:-)
  7. Applying decals is almost a spiritual experience for me, I love it ! These ones were actually quite easy in comparison to the other NSX. They are pre-cut. The 26mm tires are only to display the model. I'm using the 24mm rims & reinforces slicks type A with green inlays. The rest is stock and I'll keep it for the first runs. The damper update is coming in a few weeks but I like to know how it handles out of box first The electric is on its way, the motor is a new silver can + 1060HW ESC on 2S and we should get better weather next weekend :-)
  8. You are right, seems to be a mix indeed. I'm using the lightweight reversible suspension for the TB02-r as well. It fits for TA05 and TB02 and there are 950 bearings used. That's interesting. Haven't looked in the manual. Thanks for clarifying !
  9. There is actually something not quite right The ball bearings for the TA05 Ver. 2 are 950 bearings for front/rear uprights, not 1050. Same goes on my TB02-r which uses the same TA05 swings and uprights as a Hop Up.
  10. This one was a carpet racer and heavily used. Pretty much all screws were loose or on the wrong position. As always, disassemble and see whether there is something is broken. Well there were a few issues with overtightened threads but thanks to the reversible swing-arms, that was an easy fix. I'm pretty happy with the condition of the car. I was a bit confused by the synthetic rubber cement but I have simply used shoe goo and it works fine. Never seen before for a ball differential. all went together quite easy and apart from a few spacers, the car ist stock. This is the status quo for today. The body kit was pre cut by the former owner and to my surprise the holes are on the right position. With new wheels & tires it looks quite good. I have ordered 26mm HPI TE37 rims but these ones are ok for the moment. It all works fine now and I'm waiting for my new setup station which i have ordered yesterday. I have never used one before. I might need help and ask you guys :-) anyway, I'll clean the body kit as my last task for today and prepare the colour & masking for tomorrow.
  11. WOW, seems to be great runner. That was the initial reason why I have bought it. All my cars are modified to death and I can't really drive them anymore - too nice to drive :-) but this one is gone be my racer. Thanks for the Link !
  12. Thanks, I ve just noticed that there are heaps of TA05 chassis types available, holy molly. Can't wait to start the build
  13. The other car TB-02R is still on my workbench but the build is almost complete and I'm actually only waiting for the body kit and the wheels, so time to find a new project. I have spottet a TA-05 Ver. II Weider HSV 010. The body kit is on my watch list for a long time, I'm only not a fan of belt driven chassis, I'm more a TB type of person :-) but this one was too good to let it go. This one is my 3rd Super GT car now and since I have done a bit of a research, I think the chassis is not as bad as I thought it is :-) Here are the first pictures, Tires are glued but I have a brand new set of exactly these ones and apart from that it is in quite good condition. I'm trying to keep it as original as possible but the nice blue and carbon parts are simply looking too good on it, so let's see. I'll strip it down and then see which parts are required for my setup. At least carbon damper stays and other damper and some other stuff . . . did I mention that I'll keep it original? ..... LOL
  14. lowspot

    TB-02R rebuild

    Next bunch of replacement parts on my desk, thumbs up for my Japanese dealer :-) mainly titanium turnbuckle shafts and another set of 10 blue ball connectors, have replaced 22 in total now. The changes are small but all the shiny parts are making this chassis looking really nice now and we are far from finish :-) .....to be continued !
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