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  1. It's getting harder and harder to find a kit that I really like. I'm far more picky than years ago as I have built all the plastic chassis and Touring cars that I wanted (.........I love Touring cars :-) ). I'm trying to built my kits in very different way now. let's say the car has TB02 chassis then I'm trying to find a TB EVOLUTION 3, usw. Right now I'm building a Raybrig NSX 2002 that was released on a TA04-R but I have found a TRF414M-WE limited edition chassis. That's on my to do list and the Nissan R91CP group C car with a wheel modification from a F103GT to mount "normal" 1:10 wheels is the second one.
  2. Very nice car and body. Have one on my TRF419XR, Just beautiful looking but you can clearly feel the difference once you have built it. You can't beat Tamiya but that's complaining on a high level :-)
  3. The HS aluminum joints have a smaller thread than the HS2 - the HS2 has slightly different uprights. HS & HS2 uprights are both included in the re release as the newer joints are different and made from steel You can buy the re release ones from the HS - they fit. Have replaced mine with re-re ones as well. You need these ones: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-TAMIYA-SUPERSHOT-Parts-D-HOTSHOT-SUPER-TP11/312014122230?epid=1642471561&hash=item48a57dacf6:g:EfYAAOSwFb5aH7-e
  4. Sehr coole Foto Story !!! Thanks for sharing the detailed pictures - clearly better than any Youtube Video and it makes me want to have one. Might be waiting for the "R"or "PRO"version. Otherwise I'm ending up spending too much for Hop Ups :-) Well done !
  5. Why doesn't tamiya make cars closer to real ones in terms of construction and chassis. The same chassis style since they have started. A platform with electric parts and you put a hard cover or lexan shell on top.....that has nothing to do with real cars.It's just look alike. The closest to a real car was the Hilux and the Bruiser. Can't see many Monster Trucks on public roads and I would love to have a real looking bug based on the real bug chassis - scorcher is not bad but not close enough. A real car frame made from multiple parts. Even the big scale series doesn't have separate fenders. and with modern materials it still would be pretty strong. That would be an innovation and clearly ahead of others.
  6. You guys know that you can select shipping method at RC mart with Fedex and it only takes 5 to 8 business days. It's more expensive but 'm not waiting 80 business days.They have their own planes.
  7. According to the manual they are almost the same. The rear ones are using a little tube to prevent the shaft from moving out in comparison to the front. Can probably do the same with the Losi Mini T. @ No Slack: The red dampers looking really good !
  8. They seem to have the right diameter and they are looking pretty close to the GT01 dampers. I'll give it a try. Thanks !
  9. HI guys I'm looking for a set of dampers for a GT-01 chassis. Original ones are nowhere to buy and I wonder whether there are other ones they fit?
  10. Have managed to find 2x AA part tree at Tamico. I'm actually from Germany and my family is still there, so they are sending me the parts. Can't wait to start with the build. It is gone be a kind of 58001 here :-)
  11. The dampers are YOU-G period correct superb hop up parts. They are looking awesome on the Hotshot.
  12. I'm looking for info about the mounting of the hard body Black Porsche Tamtec GT01 This one https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/84057?fbclid=IwAR0PF8JTLK-cpTJwkTkAsssjlCmxTOhEUXom8f7iN1zSdk9YUq-cg_0FkEA I'm playing around with options and the GT01 seems to be an affordable chassis to mount the static kit body. Can only find the normal 934 Vaillant polycarbonate body manual. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  13. Have seen in another thread that you could mount the brat on a Super Champ chassis by cutting out the lines underneath the cargo area https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92620-subaru-brat-to-super-champ-conversion/
  14. Still waiting for the right day to start the paint job. I have bought everything to finish the body kit but still unsure about the color - have blue and camel yellow now but I might get another light green option, let's see.
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