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  1. It's a bit sad, that this doesn't work anymore.Can you not just update the list as an answer instead of having only one list at the beginning of the thread? That keeps the listing up to date and is far more comfortable than going back to page one all the time? Just my 50 cents . . . .
  2. Silver can is just the standard silver can but there are a lot of good brushed motors available and they are not allowed - 8T Orion or 11T super modified, and so on . . . .
  3. I think we should add a brushed category :-) that is the real competition :-)
  4. This one is in exceptional good condition. Never seen such a clean BD survivor. I never really liked the decals but on this one they really looking good.
  5. Kit arrived 2 days earlier from Walter RC and I have started to build the rear gearbox. I'm using most of the old screws, only identical ones will be replaced and there are not many. As you can see from the picture, the gears are different in material and some in shape.The main gear is totally different but has the same size. Left old vs right new. I couldn't find out why this is different, I again have used the old one. Same size but different appearance. I'm using the old one. Thrust bearing 3 pieces old vs. 1 piece new - I have used the old one. I have used all old internals for the rear gearbox. The new gear housing requires to use the 4mm E clips they come with the new kit instead of the tiny C clip, to hold the gearbox joint in place. Another small difference is the metal plate - silver old vs. black new - I have used the old one New motor cables . . . I'm replacing all plastic parts from the rear, the lower and upper arms and the upright are looking really bad. There is no difference between these parts. The finished gearbox with polished original driveshafts and wheel axle. I have replaced the screw pins they hold the arms, they are identical to the old ones. To be continued . . . .
  6. This is my "new" period correct acoms transmitter in pristine condition. It's a bit over the top to have 4 channel system but this one is as mentioned new, fits into the period of 1985/86 and was a bargain. I assume that the 1985 price was way too expensive for me and now I'm really happy to have found this beautiful looking radio system. :-) Note on the AP-427 from Tamiyabase: A 4-channel set is noteworthy for having the same color scheme as the Mk.1 and Mk.II sets, but having the same design cues as (and sharing some components with) the Mk.III set. Production dates unclear as yet, but it seems likely it was introduced around the same time as the first Tamiya 3-speed truck (November 1981) and carried on through the same period as the Mk.III and "Mk.IV" sets. Servos: 2X AS-2 (same green "teardrop" top case and the splined output as the AS-1 & AS-1S "correct" (Futaba) wire order and slimmer plugs, black print on alloy panel) + 1X AS-3 (as AS-2 but with reversed rotation and GREEN print). The Mk.3 transmitter that came with the Hotshot is in too bad condition and I'm selling the whole gear for cheap - in case someone is looking for a good acoms Mk.3 receiver and two servos, the transmitter is for free :-)
  7. I would love to see the Porsche 959 on the chassis and easy to make for Tamiya and fits into the rally range of the chassis.
  8. I have found more info about the gear boxes : the 1150 bearing that fits into is slightly deeper on the re-re, to accommodate the thicker E clips that hold the output drive shaft in place instead of the original tiny C clips. I can use the re-re gearbox, but I have to use the thicker E clips. The old ones are worn out where the arms are attached. I will probably use the new ones till I found a replacement. The white plastic gears are identical and I definitely use the newer ones, same with the rear upper and lower arms. Another difference is the thrust bearing for the propeller joint, made from 3 parts while the new one is just one piece.
  9. There is something else popping up in my head. Don't know how fast you want to go with the TL01 but in theory you can fit a 26T pinion by using the second, smaller gear - the one which is closer to the opening on the opposite side of the motor - instead of the bigger one. And at the motor side by using the two holes they are off center, in case you motor has these holes (I hope it makes sense ) I have installed a 11T super modified motor and it does 51mph with 2S brushed. The position on the 3 fixed mounting holes are changing now and that allows you to install a far larger pinion gear.
  10. In deed, but please add 51000, as 54120 is just an add on for the high torque servo saver and doesn't include the springs and plastic parts. There is also a note on the packing. I'm using the same setup and my TL01 drives like on rails now :-)
  11. After two evenings (3-4 hours each) the car looks like this. All red parts have to be replaced, they are sun dyed and have become a very bright red(ish) colour. Only 5 screws have to be replaced and pretty much all of the black plastic, apart from the front arms and the main chassis. The body kit is in exceptional good condition in comparison to the rest of the car but I'm really happy with the result and I now have time to polish the old metal parts until the new kit arrives . . . .wax on, wax off :-)
  12. I'm using ABS function of my Futaba and since then the TL01 handles quite good. Before that, my rear has overturned me on almost each corner.
  13. Hi guys I have recently bought a Hotshot #58047 and because this is not enough I bought a Hotshot II #58062 just a few days later. As spare parts are widely available for the first one and a few for the second one I thought to buy a re-re Hotshot #58391 to donate the parts that I need for the restoration. I have all the old parts and bras screws that I need and the period correct Acoms radio/servos speed controller, resistors, etc.That's gone be fun :-) it clarifies my question what exactly the difference is, down to the last screw. Always wanted to have a Hotshot but this one is gone a be a bit different - I'm building my very own silver "Streetshot" and I can't wait to start with this project. This is the wreck with all the known problems of this series but it is almost complete, apart from the rear stabilizer set and the roof. \ Have already started to dissemble the model and to remove the grease and dirt from the parts, it's really dirty and the plastic is quite brittle at some spots. Weird cables to connect a 9V block (???). . . . . have removed it. Damper are in good working order and the resistors only need to be cleaned and later I will polish them. The new fake resistors from the 58391 are not designed to fit the original carbon/FRP mounts, can't use them. The cleaned vintage upper frame, pretty much the only main part of the old chassis that i'm using. I can't find any number or "made in Japan" on the other parts, bumpers, protection cover. Neither on the front or rear arms. The red plastic seems to be also similar. I haven't opened the gear boxes yet but according to the manual there are no differences in the plastic parts but let's see. The old kit has bras parts, mainly ball connectors which I assume is not the case for the new kit and the dampers are different too from what I could read in the forum.
  14. Hi guys I need some advice. I have bought me a hotshot 2 from the US with aftermarket damper from You-G (?) Can anyone tell a bit more about it ? It looks like a mix of Hotshot 2 and Super Hotshot at the front section.. Are they period correct? upload
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