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  1. Parts are incredible hard to find - The TB EVO 3 is similar in many parts - you might have more luck searching for those parts Here is my Hop up list but unfortunately without numbers :-( Teflon sealed Bearings Titanium Screws Surikarn Damper Stays Titanium Turnbuckles TB02/TB-05 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set (carbon reinforced) Reinforced Diff Joints TRF-Dampers Blue alloy upper arm mount set Blue alloy motor mount TB-EVO 3 lightweight propeller shaft Blue alloy racing steering Blue alloy ball nuts Blue alloy ball connectors Blue alloy 46mm rear universal shafts Steel 46mm front universal shafts TB-02R stabilizer set Carbon body mount set Suspension mount A - E Alloy servo mount 6mm Alloy Wheel Adapter
  2. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    I had half a tube from my Ultima build left but I'm not even sure whether I have lubricated the one way . . . . :-)
  3. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    Thanks mate ! I agree, it's a bit odd that the chain is rubbing on the deck and underneath the battery. I have added glide tape for industrial conveyer belts and that helps a lot. On the other side I do like the odd design from the mid 80th and all the imperfections of these simple construction - I only occasionally pull it out for a few spins in my living room so it doesn't really bother me :-)
  4. ...unfortunately, no. Still sitting in the box, half finished. Have to finish it at some point but I'm not in a hurry :-)
  5. 100% agree - it still is a superb looking car, even by today's standards. Tamiya is, was and always will be the benchmark.
  6. Thanks mate ! It's quite rare that I find such a good example - very lucky this time :-) Cheers ! The body was not easy but it all pays off at the end :-)
  7. After a good clean I have installed the old radio gear again. The driver got a new torso and I ve painted the guy in white. Fits quite well. Every single plastic parts that goes on the body kit is still original and not even painted. the chassis still has the old patina and this "barn find" feeling that I really like.
  8. I have masked the red area - made a little mistake on the front fender but it's covered with a white stripe and will be invisible. The chassis is just a bit dirty and I want to keep it in one piece as much as possible so I just removed the electric mounting and the motor box. The RS540SD Black Motor is replacing the silver can. I would be easy to polish the speed controller and make everything look like new but want to keep the patina Instead of over restoring the whole thing. I only ultrasonic clean the parts and then put it back together. I even want to keep the rest of the chassis in one piece - It just has something if a car was put together long time ago and I want to leave it like this.
  9. Well, I'm starting with the body first - I was in the mood to take the scalpel and the yellow tape out and start and like every time, I always underestimate masking. Took me 2h for cutting and sanding and 3.5h for masking just the blue area (....and windows) - that's proper oldschool - no pre printed window masks or window frames. The quality of the body is exceptional. Much thicker than most of the modern ones. Was not easy to cut, almost a job for a Dremel :-) [ To keep this project as vintage as possible I gone use all the plastic bits from the original body kit and the rear spoiler. Nothing wrong with the parts and the rear lights still looking beautiful. I leave it until tomorrow and then start masking the red section. Have found interesting information that came with the spare body - This one must be a much later spare body - has protection film and with a few modification it fits the GT01 chassis - my understanding by using Google translator is that the wheelbase is about 4mm shorter but it can be adjusted with different cutout at the wheel arches. I didn't know that this was possible but every day is a school day :-) This is the front page This is on the back side The body is 100% identical to the original one - I have compared every thin line and shape - no difference at all. The only difference I could find on the decals is that the 2x Marlboro sponsors are gone but they are super tiny anyway and I can't find them in the original manual - it looks like they were optional stickers.
  10. I was looking for over 5 years now to find a decent Datsun 280XZ but they are either totally trashed, have too many missing parts or were just too pricey for my pockets. But with enough patience and the right timing I could secure myself a good deal and the car is in great condition.( I do like a good patina, that's different from wear and tear) it has a Tamiya 6V battery and a charger with box - just superb - the radio is a period correct Futaba. There is not a single part missing or broken and even the wheels and tyres are great - can't believe it. I'm happy is and understatement ! There is only one downside on this gorgeous model and that is the white/milky polycarbonate of the.blue section and the fact that the windows are painted. Would love to just leave the original body as it is but I have to fix this - it drives me crazy when I leave it like this. I have found a spare body and a set of original Limited release Tamiya decals - that's a coincident as it is really not easy to find a brand new body kit and decals in perfect condition. Here are the fist pictures from the starting point: The Plan . . . . . I was thinking to hide new electronics in the old gear (1060 speed controller in one of the servos) but in this particular case I might just leave it as it is and only clean and polish the electrics. The RS-540SD is Tamiya's first black motor (not the Sprint !) it's the first release and was a Hop up for the 58008 Lamborghini and for this kit. I have also found a NIB differential, another Hop up for this kit. There was a racing speed controller that was the third Hop up but I can't find one and I'm OK with the original MSC - at least it's the nice copper version and not the silver one. Disassemble the chassis and ultrasonic clean the parts . . . . . . . shouldn't take longer than a day To be continued . . .
  11. That's a great idea - just get a whole kit - I'm looking for a chassis tub as well - mine has only very minor signs of use but I want it mint but this tubs as rare as hen's teeth. Can't wait to see pictures now !
  12. A bit of an update form my Plazma Mk.3. I have installed a new carbon fibre rear axle from Kyosho's Fantom series and a new (old) Trinity Monster Horsepower motor. Major improvement as all of a sudden, everything is spinning free and it drives super smooth (....the old axle was slightly bend.) The majority of the chassis is still untouched. I haven't even changed the electronics. Only moved the on/off switch to a different position and I'm using a Flysky GT5 radio with build in gyro instead of the KoPropo one - the handling is much better now - ESC and servo are from KoPropo as well. I might also get a new set of wheels in the near future, there is not much grip left on the old ones. And then the weird body.........still not sure from which model that is but definitely not the right one for a Mk.3. I'm temporary using a Fantom body kit and blue MCI decals. Looks ok for now and way better than the old one. The Fantom body has a slightly different wheelbase, mainly at the rear and I have used the old body as a template for the wheel arches. Other than that, it fits perfect. My first idea was to get one from Teambluegroove but I don't like the quality.
  13. there are a few similarities, like front bumper and I think the motor box and body posts are the same but everything else is different.
  14. Some more progress on the body. I didn't want to remove the whole paint and leave a bit of the original color. I have found out that the body was replaced at some point and this one is slightly different to the normal Mk.3 - manly the part behind drivers helmet - it's not quite a MK3 limited body but neither a normal Mk3 - - have to investigate from what model it is - the sides and the stance seems to be right - don't know whether Kyosho has updated the body within the production period. The chassis is in good nick but there are a few things wrong - bearings in the rear axle are missing and it has different offsets on both sides - I assume it simply is the position of the axle. Servo horn is not quite right and I definitely swap the radio. I'm repairing the chassis first and then disassemble it for ultrasonic cleaning, But back to my body kit. Still have to paint the driver and there are a few imperfections but it will be invisible once the stickers are applied. The rear fenders were not lining up with the body anymore and I have stiffened the sites with left over polycarbonate from the Fantom - proper Pan Car recycling :-) I have found a A4 sheet of Matt silver foil and added it to the side wall. Also painted the window in mate black and have used Ultima decals for the top part as well as some from the Fantom. The Plazma Mk.3 decals are coming in a few weeks and I might change some things again but so far so good
  15. They are identical to the Fantom wheels and I will get a spare set for this project - the chassis dives very well but the tires don't have any grip anymore :-)
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