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  1. Some more progress on the body. I didn't want to remove the whole paint and leave a bit of the original color. I have found out that the body was replaced at some point and this one is slightly different to the normal Mk.3 - manly the part behind drivers helmet - it's not quite a MK3 limited body but neither a normal Mk3 - - have to investigate from what model it is - the sides and the stance seems to be right - don't know whether Kyosho has updated the body within the production period. The chassis is in good nick but there are a few things wrong - bearings in the rear axle are missing and it has different offsets on both sides - I assume it simply is the position of the axle. Servo horn is not quite right and I definitely swap the radio. I'm repairing the chassis first and then disassemble it for ultrasonic cleaning, But back to my body kit. Still have to paint the driver and there are a few imperfections but it will be invisible once the stickers are applied. The rear fenders were not lining up with the body anymore and I have stiffened the sites with left over polycarbonate from the Fantom - proper Pan Car recycling :-) I have found a A4 sheet of Matt silver foil and added it to the side wall. Also painted the window in mate black and have used Ultima decals for the top part as well as some from the Fantom. The Plazma Mk.3 decals are coming in a few weeks and I might change some things again but so far so good
  2. They are identical to the Fantom wheels and I will get a spare set for this project - the chassis dives very well but the tires don't have any grip anymore :-)
  3. That's my latest addition to the collection. Plazma Mk.III in pretty good shape. I have to change the electrics and want to add a period correct MSC at some point and different motor and servo. I do like the paint job and with a few more decals and touch ups, pretty sure it comes up nice but I want to strip it. Have ordered a set of decals for it - not sure about the color - not going box art - way to complicated for me. The chassis needs rebuilding and ultrasonic bath but everything is there and I will start very soon. Pretty rare to find a decent example with an almost perfect body. No cracks or scratches and only minor signs of use and a little dent at the right rear corner. Even the wheels are great - not new but I want to keep everything as vintage and original as possible. On top of the condition it also comes with a Ko Propo EX-5UR radio, Ko Propo Servo and ESC - not really old-school but a full set and quite nice. Motor is a Kyosho Mega Outlaw 22x1 and it has to leave the engine bay and will be replaced by the left over LeMans 480T First task is to strip the paint very carefully and make sure that the body stays in good condition without cracks. End of first night of heavy cleaning - I do have a small crack but it will be covered by decals later, so no drama. It's quite a job to strip the paint.
  4. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    Here we go, D-BAG - have set the rear axle adjuster on the highest point - there is no point in lowering an already lowered car and there is a lower risk for the carbon base plate to be scratched And then it was time to mount the motor. That is the 480T that should go into the Fantom. My motor labels from MCI haven't arrived yet and I just can't stand a scratched motor. I'm using the 240SB for now - has just been rebuild and ultrasonic cleaned - ready to go in a car. Couldn't move the motor to the diff and the reason was the carbon base plate - I assume that a brushless is slightly smaller in diameter and fits with no problem. Had to grind just a tad of the corner to make it work. And here is the result - the LeMans motors are my favorite ones for the looks. The colored metal end bell and the copper anodized front end end parts adding a nice touch to the car. The 240SB is labeled with 29.000 - 30.000 rpm - the new recommended brushless 480T with only 14.400rpm. It's gone be a beast :-)I might just leave the 240SB in the car and use the 480T for my next project. Last one is the E-BAG - I have to squeeze the electronic into that little chassis. Trackstar pan car servo and Quickrun 1080 crawler ESC with program card. And here is the result - I'm in love with this little gem - it is such a great little car. Have even added a gyro to control the power, not sure if I need it but better safe than sorry as the power to weight ratio is insane ! I have set the speed controller to the bare minimum of what can be set and it still is fast. The first circles in my living room were awesome and I don't even have to adjust anything. Still not done ..... more hop ups to come
  5. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    Thanks mate, I just love the green stripes and how they flow over the body. I hope it's gone be fast, not that I want to drive fast but always good to have enough power :-) Have the same problem - only have a small public road and I definitely take it out to check the performance but most likely it will only be driven occasionally on 20% in in my living room :-)
  6. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    opened the C BAG - this kit only contains one tree of plastic parts and I'm not even using all of them - the Carbon fiber chassis plate is looking really nice - such a good looking part. The steering is done and the quality of the parts is superb - the parts have no play - very happy so far.
  7. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    The chassis is relatively easy to build - A BAG ....... it obviously is a bag with only turnbuckle parts. No plasic parts and it all goes together in no time. The B BAG is to complete the front axle - again very easy to assemble and I'm using the HRD carbon parts instead of the FRP ones. Spacers are a bit difficult with big fingers like mine :-) Quality is outstanding - very nice and solid construction. The one way is very smooth and makes a nice ticking sound when running free. I have found two bearings for the steering in my spare box to replace the brass bushings - have ordered the missing two bearings and hope shipping doesn't take too long. To be continued . . . .
  8. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    I again have started with the body-kit first. A nice and warm spring day in South Australia, perfect for a paint job. My first thought when I ve opened the box was "...ohh, that's an easy body kit" .Lage decals and not many but it has turned out to be a very tricky one and I have done a lot of Touring cars with sticker sheets of 130+ . The Fantom doesn't have as many but they are not easy to apply - a hair dryer and a lot of patience is required. Two cans of white in thin layers and about 15 mins between each layer, then silver to cover the shiny white and finish off with black, just like box art. The cockpit part is relatively easy to do - don't even need to be very precise. There is a sticker for pretty much everything. And that's the result - like the slick look. The large decals are applied with soapy water. Have added a thin black line at the bottom to simulate a carbon fiber base plate, just like on the real Le Mans race cars and some black lines to highlight the different body parts. I like it. Starting with the chassis soon . . . .
  9. Very nice paint job ! The black wheels fit very nice into that livery and the color choice is fantastic
  10. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    That Newman is a very nice livery. I have the Rothmans on a RM MK.5 chassis - they are awesome looking cars. I do have the right servo and all other parts. I'm also waiting for pretty much all hop ups available for this one but they will be added later. I just love the slick look of the Fantom body. Using a Tamiya Porsche on that beautiful chassis is a sacrilege for me :-) .... even when it's a very nice one. That's my Porsche 956
  11. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    I have ordered a set of blue decals from MCI to replicate the early version of the Fantom but I have also scored an awesome Plazma MK3 with that particular body shape (and a weird paint job) and I might just use it for this project - decisions, decisions . . . The HRD Carbon Fiber chassis set has arrived t- the parts are looking superb ! I simply like these pan cars - they are satisfying simple constructions but with a very elegant touch.
  12. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    I knew it right after I ve started the Ultima :-)
  13. lowspot

    Kyosho Fantom

    Here we go again. After I have finished the Ultima, I'm hooked and I scored a Fantom for a good price. I'm planing a brushed motor setup with a classic LeMans 480T. Also have scored a HDR carbon chassis set. They are sold out everywhere but have found a last one in Japan. I might do a bit different paint job, but not sure yet. I hope that the final parts arriving within the next days. The box and motor are already here.
  14. beautiful looking Hotshot and an awesome built - thanks for sharing !
  15. Such a beautiful car - can't wait for mine to arrive - ETA in Hong Kong is in 5 days. Great work mate !
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