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  1. Have seen in another thread that you could mount the brat on a Super Champ chassis by cutting out the lines underneath the cargo area https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92620-subaru-brat-to-super-champ-conversion/
  2. Still waiting for the right day to start the paint job. I have bought everything to finish the body kit but still unsure about the color - have blue and camel yellow now but I might get another light green option, let's see.
  3. Interesting question. I'm trying to find a set of C cells batteries for my 58005 Lamborghini Countach. I'm about to buy white C-cells (rechargable) and print my own decals for it.
  4. hope to have luck with the upcoming paint job. There is usually always something going wrong .... :-)
  5. I have to find C cell batteries now. Probably take rechargeable ones and make self made Tamiya decals for it. I like the old school battery trays. A bit strange but you actually have to remove one battery to disconnect the power. There is no plug or switch but anyway. I'm now waiting for a spare set of telephone dial wheels with all weather tires, the ones on the model are for my green one.
  6. I would definitely get a new body kit & MCI retro decals. I think the body kit of the rere is identical? Looking good so far
  7. Is that the yellow one with RM wheels? have seen your crack at the front ...ouch ! It has something satisfying to drive that slow, seriously. It is totally different of what I usually do with my RC's :-D
  8. Well, I have removed the Trinity motor and I'm now using the original silver can. That's more than enough power. Here is a picture of the ESC and the converted 6V battery
  9. Here is my living room runner [youtube] [youtube] [/youtube]
  10. I have a 58008 CS Lamborghini converted as a runner for my living room. It has a hidden 1060 Quickrun ESC in the servo of the manual speed controller and a converted 6V battery pack to Lipo. Have slowed down the speed and steering speed to the minimum but it's really nice to drive. I make a video later. And I have the intention to drive this as well .
  11. After the motor mount and all brass screws from the first screw pack have been cleaned, I ve started the assembling. Very simple and not much knowledge required. The plastic parts are not comparable with new ones (or they have lost their shape over the time) It's not running free but it for sure will improve, the longer the motor is running. The tires are very soft and still flexible like new. I"ll spray the rims in gold but on a later stage, together with the body kit.
  12. I ve started to unpack the parts and especially the brass parts are really flat and not shiny anymore. Due to the restoration of my other CS chassis I ve tried out a lot of cleaner for metal parts and the best solution is coffee machine descale in a liquid of 1:1 with water . Put in the brass parts for about 1 minute and tada...! they looking good again. Same with the speed controller and the motor unit. Have also used brass polish and the outcome is quite good. Here are the new brass parts (darker) beside other cleaner brass parts from a former build. Here is the speed controller, really mat after 41 years. Cleaned brass parts after a bath in the cleaner And the speed controller And the motor mount Lamborghini main frame - needs to be polished as well. The metal parts are in far worse condition than I have thought - it's more like a new build restoration .....
  13. As times are rough at the moment and I don't know how things will develop here in Australia, I ve decided to build my 58005 Walter Wolf Lamborghini Countach. I love these early chassis and the details of the body kit. They are looking awesome. Have bought a new Futaba period correct radio and all the bits and bites to start the build today. Already have three 58008 CS Countach - two in black and one in green but this one is new. I had 3 body kits to learn from and this one is gone be my master piece, well I'm trying . . . . Have bought TS15 blue and TS34 yellow but still don't know which one I should choose. My black Countach 58008 in box art - absolute love it. Body kit is brand new and the chassis I ve bought from first owner. It was built in 1979 and comes with a nice MK.1 radio. I ve only polished the parts and put it back together. The only thing that embarrass me are decals . They are lifting due to it's age and I'm about to order a set from MCI to solve this problem. RC System: Found the Futaba system in the US in pretty good condition, it's new(..ish) and fits perfect to the older version Lamborghini. I only need to replace 4x AA batteries for the receiver as I don't think they still working after more than 40 years but I'll give it a try :-D ....even the FM band marking for the antenna is sealed
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