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  1. Hello everybody. I hope to receive my Raybrig NSX 2007 body-kit in the next days. I was just about to order the PS colours but I can't find any manual, even not on the Tamiya website. Three different colours are required PS35 Blue Violet PS5 Black PS?? Silver Does anyone know which silver? https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/190mm-touring-car/rc-body-set-raybrig-nsx-2007/
  2. lowspot

    Tamiya CS chassis RM01 wheels?

    Thanks mate ! there are two types of sponge tyres for RM-01 - looks like that your rear wheel is from RM-01X which is lightly bigger.
  3. I have just seen a video on Youtube where a guy has mounted RM01 wheels on a CS chassis (58008 Lambo) unfortunately it was heavily modified with a different front axle. In theory it should work, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? The RM wheels come closer to the Lambo ones than the CS
  4. lowspot

    The "Less is More" Bush Devil

    Hi guys. Thanks for your compliments :-D it both is the same BD. I have sold it for a new project. It is a great little truck.
  5. lowspot

    Bush Devil 58101

    The lexan Brat body fits perfect. The body mounts are on the same position. The windows from the matt black Landfreeder are matt, too - looks kinda strange. Your car looks pretty clean on the ebay pictures.
  6. I haven't specifically used Quattro decals either but the quality in general is quite good (IMO) but matching the original colours is always an issue with MCI decals. I have used round about 10 sets of MCI#s and 5 out of them were just way off colour wise. And sometimes there are a few decals missing - like on my Porsche 956 Rothmans. there is one "Shell" sticker missing in the layout AND the blue colour is way too light.
  7. lowspot

    Bush Devil 58101

    Love the Bush Devil! It is one of the best ORV chassis. Have just finished mine (in my showroom )It is with landfreeder decals and chrome parts. The original ones are really ugly (IMO) with pink ..... Looks like a nice project. ....btw; got the same radio with it :-D
  8. Finally the body kit has been painted and I'm quite happy with the result. The decals are a mix of MCI & New Man Porsche (re-re) This is one of my all-time favourites. I was surprised by the heavy weight of that little 1:12 scale. Thank you for looking !
  9. These are the black wheels from RM-01X chassis - will change the tire letters to yellow ones - the white ones were just a try. the period correct steel antenna .... I 've made a quick test drive in my living room, result: un drivable - too fast for indoor today, I will start with the body kit
  10. Today the box from Athens has arrived. Both decks and the blue bell-end motor Attaching gear case and steering Brand new Looks really nice ! Slow setup for higher torque starting to look like a chassis again next bags - servo saver and battery holder and some bits and pieces. speed controller installed servos and receiver connected Motor and mechanism deck installed On the power switch there is a simple resistor to reduce the voltage from 7.2V to 5V for the receiver - direct connection from the speed controller . . . . funny :-)
  11. I'm watching for a complete body set with the extra Rothmann decals. There is one in the US but I'm not willing to spend so much money for it. I'll start with the re re NewMan body and MCI Rothmans decals. Should be ok for the beginning.
  12. Today, the Tamiya RS-540SD Black Motor Sprint has arrived. it is the official hop up option for the Porsche 956 and was used also in the CAN AM LOLA The original RS-540SD Black Motor Endurance is a bit slower but is one of the rarest motors from Tamiya (blue bell end). It was only made for the RM MK.5 Porsche 956 (and later available as a hop up for Frog) Should arrive with the two FRP decks within the next days
  13. thanks guys ! Restoring this beauty is pure pleasure for me - I hope to continue at the beginning of this week, the decks and motor are stuckin' somewhere.
  14. Hey, thanks for your comment ! The caliper is a heirloom - yes these pan cars are very simple and robust - unfortunately, it's quite difficult to find period correct parts - for this one in particular. I'm still looking for one of the aluminium front body supports . . .
  15. assembling the gearbox and differential new screws from "A bag" - new differential gear - new ball bearings - new aluminium shaft - new stopper Assembly of front arms old vs. new assembling new old speed controller ... so cool to open all these old bags now I'm waiting for the new old FRP decks . . . .