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  1. You can see the Terra Scorcher below too!
  2. More here! https://tamiyablog.com/2020/01/tamiya-58678-comical-avante-gf-01cb-nuremberg-toy-fair-2020/
  3. I always loved the Terra Scorcher, one of the many I'd stare at for hours in the catalogues Has it ever been re-released before? I was hoping for a Fire Dragon, but this would be even better!
  4. I remember looking at the CB in wonder in the old catalogues. I always wondered how it worked, with the two motors etc For steering, did it have two servos? And, what were they like to drive? I always imagined them being quite slow, but fun and bouncy like a Lunchbox.
  5. Nice! I still need to build mine. I read that the new Castle motors don’t fit due to how the wires come out of the motor, they interfere with the motor mount housing. Do you know if your Castle motor is a new one?
  6. Will these dampers fit on the Super Astute? Thinking of getting a SA, wondering if it’s worth grabbing a set for that car, assuming they fit.
  7. More details on this model: https://tamiyablog.com/2019/09/tamiya-58675-mercedes-benz-g-500-cc-02-chassis-cross-country-2-official-details-and-description/
  8. I bought a £2 tube from RCMart which works really well. Running a stock MF01X and the tyres were coming off the rims on every run. Now they stay firm. It came with a tiny needle to make applying the glue easy. I still managed to get a little bit on the edges of the tyre, and on my fingers. It’s sticky stuff!! I was initially worried about getting the tyres off again, but to be honest the M series rims seem to bashed up extremely easy when when doing general bashing, so I may just replace the rims too (they’re cheap enough, again from RCMart).
  9. I managed to damage the internal gears on my MF01X, so I thought I'd go for the Speed-Tuned set instead over stock. I learnt the hard way that bad pinion mesh alignment can cause issues! Looks like pinion position on the motor itself needs to be slightly different to stock too, as the spur gear mesh doesn't cover the entire piece (if you see what I mean).
  10. Amazing! One of my all-time favourite cars and liveries.
  11. The TB looks cool (just reading online about them). How do they differ against the TT02 in terms of performance etc?
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