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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQNK9UK_QVk No other details than "coming soon".
  2. This thread is great. I can’t decide between a Fire Dragon or Thunder Dragon. Other than the front shock, are there any other differences? And how much difference does the Fire Dragon shocks make over the mono? I think I prefer the look of the Thunder, but it’s close. I had a Thunder Jnr as a kid
  3. Thanks! I would love one, but with the Egress coming, I may have to hold out.
  4. The Fighting Buggy looks like such a unique building experience. Anyone going for it?
  5. So the Top-Force Evo also comes with a pre-cut and painted body. I am not sure I like this trend, part of the hobby is body work too. HOWEVER: Applying decals to some cars (looking at you, Lancia Delta Integrale!) it a total nightmare, so if they're going to continue this trend, then I'd wish they'd do the decals too Actually, how about one complete body, and one clear (un-cut, un-painted) in the box, like the Brat did?
  6. £385? Thats good, since £450 was getting floated about. Is the Egress going to be £450 then?
  7. Seeing the TA-02 is cool. Anyone with much experience of them? How they compare to the TT-02?
  8. Did they change the name of the Top-Force Evolution to just 'Evo'? Not that is matters, what a cool release! Also the TA-02, always wanted one of those!
  9. I absolutely LOVE the Fire Dragon, and I can’t really explain why - there is just something about it I’ve always loved - it looks so cool! :) I was really pleased when I saw it was getting a 2021 re-release.
  10. Bet it would of been something like that.There's other things called Vanquish (video game etc), but the very fact its a car - even one that looks nothing like an Aston - would of meant its an issue. I worked with licensing cars as part of my job, and can see this sort of thing being a major issue for Tamiya. Wasn't that the reason Fox changed to Nova Fox, due to the motorcross brand Fox? Similar thing.
  11. I’ve ordered a program card today and I am now wondering what the difference is between the two models? The ESC and motor is a Hobbwing 10BL60 Sensored and the 3650 Quicrun brushless. The cards are: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-xerun-ezrun-quicrun-program-card-for-esc/rc-car-products/377036 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-general-led-program-card-for-xerun-ezrun-and-quicrun/rc-car-products/442555 any ideas? They both say Quicrun. I ordered the HW86020010 Thanks!!
  12. Link. No info yet https://tamiyablog.com/2020/07/upcoming-rc-tamiya-58686-vanquish-vqs-2020-re-release/
  13. Just appeared on various sites. Perhaps explains why the Hi-Caps are coming. Cool news!
  14. I want to get a Super Astute before they vanish completely. I remember when people started getting them, one of the parts on the gearbox had something removed from it, like at the factory or something. Was this every resolved? Can you get replacement parts without the issue? Do we know why Tamiya did that? thanks!
  15. It was Tonys Tamiya Parts saying it, so It’s gotta be legit. He said September. £165 with ESC (from them, at least)
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