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  1. I managed to damage the internal gears on my MF01X, so I thought I'd go for the Speed-Tuned set instead over stock. I learnt the hard way that bad pinion mesh alignment can cause issues! Looks like pinion position on the motor itself needs to be slightly different to stock too, as the spur gear mesh doesn't cover the entire piece (if you see what I mean).
  2. Amazing! One of my all-time favourite cars and liveries.
  3. The TB looks cool (just reading online about them). How do they differ against the TT02 in terms of performance etc?
  4. $175?! That's incredible. I am guessing the UK has no prices like that! And, I bet Tamiya USA wont ship world wide, either.
  5. Looking at some chassis shots of the CC-01 online, it looks very open to the elements. Anyone think that this could be all covered up? Something like the XV-01? I guess it's got a high ride-height so it's less of an issue that something like the rally car.
  6. I just looked on TamiyaBase and it says the CC-01 came out in 1993! Had no idea it had been around for so long.
  7. Just saw this on Tamiyablog. https://tamiyablog.com/2019/08/the-time-has-finally-come-for-a-new-cross-country-chassis-tamiya-58675-1-10-mercedes-benz-g-500-on-cc-02-chassis/ Love the CC-01 Land Rover, may get one at some point. Many CC-01 owners here?
  8. I’ve got a few Tamiya models and the only one that I’ve had slipping tyres with is the MF01X. The rally tyres constantly come off the rims. I’ve bought some new rims, and some glue (from RC Mart, can’t remember the brand off the top of my head), so this will hopefully sort the issue out.
  9. Did they fit OK with the rear motor sticking out like it does? I'd like to try some different shells for my MF01X, but I am not sure what would fit it. What do the TL01 arms do?
  10. Delivery from RC Mart - M series rims, motor mounting screws and aluminium drive shaft for the MF01X - Yeah Racing turn buckle spanner - Yeah Racing and 3 Racing anti-wear grease (thought I’d try a couple of brands out, they’re cheap enough!), and some Tamiya thread lock - Body protectors - Servo horn (will be used on XV01) - Tyre glue (not pictured) - Spare e clips! - Low friction ball connectors - Parts tray I wanted the motor mount for the MF01X but they’re out of stock. Stripping it down for prep of brushless motor upgrade next month.
  11. They look smaller than the ones on the VW Beetle MF01X too, but apparently they’re the same size!!
  12. Nice! I just bought the exact same wheels for my MF01X Beetle Rally. Where do you use the shims?
  13. Ohh lovely! I think I am sorted. I’ll read over the instruction manual again before putting the order in. I think the amounts I listed are correct. Do you know off the top of your head how many pairs of each length I’ll need for the XV?
  14. Just looked at the XV01 manual online. Looks like Bag C 3x42mm x2 3x23mm x2 Bag D 3x23mm x2 Bag E (for the steering servo by the looks of it) 3x42mm x1
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