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  1. Bet it would of been something like that.There's other things called Vanquish (video game etc), but the very fact its a car - even one that looks nothing like an Aston - would of meant its an issue. I worked with licensing cars as part of my job, and can see this sort of thing being a major issue for Tamiya. Wasn't that the reason Fox changed to Nova Fox, due to the motorcross brand Fox? Similar thing.
  2. I’ve ordered a program card today and I am now wondering what the difference is between the two models? The ESC and motor is a Hobbwing 10BL60 Sensored and the 3650 Quicrun brushless. The cards are: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-xerun-ezrun-quicrun-program-card-for-esc/rc-car-products/377036 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-general-led-program-card-for-xerun-ezrun-and-quicrun/rc-car-products/442555 any ideas? They both say Quicrun. I ordered the HW86020010 Thanks!!
  3. Link. No info yet https://tamiyablog.com/2020/07/upcoming-rc-tamiya-58686-vanquish-vqs-2020-re-release/
  4. Just appeared on various sites. Perhaps explains why the Hi-Caps are coming. Cool news!
  5. I want to get a Super Astute before they vanish completely. I remember when people started getting them, one of the parts on the gearbox had something removed from it, like at the factory or something. Was this every resolved? Can you get replacement parts without the issue? Do we know why Tamiya did that? thanks!
  6. It was Tonys Tamiya Parts saying it, so It’s gotta be legit. He said September. £165 with ESC (from them, at least)
  7. Apparently this is coming back in September. Tony’s Tamiya Parts said on their Facebook page. Might have to get one this time!
  8. Thanks for info, I will look into this. I am kinda hoping it was just an unlucky failiure of the servo and not as a result of using the high-torque tamiya saver :/
  9. I never knew you could use a servo horn without a saver. I am not even sure how it'd screw it in place without the saver being there (as in, the screws would be way long, and then the horn would be right next to the servo casing). I am confused!
  10. Update: - So I take off servo saver again and try it. It works fine. - Put servo saver on, it works fine - Turn off, turn on, it works fine - Turn off, turn on, servo rams to the right, and you can ear the servo motor pulling against it. Its so weird. OK so now it’s not doing the crazy to pull one side, but after steering one way, it won’t recenter properly. You have to steer the opposite direction, then it will recenter. It does the same when turning the car on. Could the servo be knackered? I don’t think I’ve set the high torque servo saver up wrong, you just fit together the three rings, right? There’s no adjustment to be made. I’ve got the hop up Tamiya horn too.
  11. If I plug another servo in its absolutely fine. I've not tried wiggling wires, I'll give it another go. Thanks! It's a weird issue. Maybe it is a bad connection because at one point, I took the saver, horn, steering rods etc off and tested it, and it was fine, then I rebuilt it all, tried the car and it immediately pulls to one side, permanently. Maybe it was when I turned the car over (access is from underneath; MF01X)
  12. I meant Alturn (video game hobby merging into RC for brief period then ). The servo in question is actually a metal geared one, so not sure what it could be. The servo just goes to one side as soon as it receives power. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/alturn-usa-high-performance-race-servo-high-speed-/rc-car-products/359785 It seems to OK for a bit, then will suddenly pull to one side, and wont go back.
  13. I've got new Altus servo which is died only after a few runs. I've been using the Tamiya Hi-Torque servo saver, and one of their aluminium hop-up horns. I wonder if the strong spring (the x3 rings you have to build) for the servo saver has killed the servo.. :/
  14. Ordered a couple of the slightly larger ones that are £9, based on your post. They came today, and are definitely handy for storing greases, zip ties, spare screws, Servo tape, craft blades etc and all sorts of stuff. I was hoping compartments would be wide enough to store tools like pliers (which are quite wide when open), but still.. very helpful for bits and pieces. Will get some for the garage too. thanks!
  15. Hey guys. I’ve ordered my soldering iron gear today so ready to have a play around with some cheap Deans that I’ve bought on EBay to learn before applying it to expensive ESCs!. I’ve also got some 14awg wire, which from peoples helpful advice here seems to be what I’ll what for my 10BL60 and 17.5t 3650 Hobbywing. Anyway, couple of things I didn’t know I needed to know about, until I ordered them was: - Heat shrink size/diameter - What type of bullet connector I need So, I am I right in thinking 5mm heat shrink is the right size to go for, for 14awg (or 12awg if I ever do that) wire? And, what about bullets? This would firstly be for extending the wire run on my XV01 so: End of 10BL60 wire -> new extension wire with bullets on both ends -> other end plugs into 3650 Hobbywing motor (which I think are 4mm connectors??) If anyone could offer advice and maybe even a link to which I need, that’d be so helpful. I’d typically call up Modelsport for sure noob questions, but in obviously they’re closed right now! thank you!!
  16. I've got the Rally Beetle, and I do like it, for the most part. I'd say What I like: + Easy to build + AWD chassis is a laugh to drive around + Quite a few upgrades available for it. Yeah Racing do Long Span suspension conversion kit for it. What I don't like: - Exposed battery so any rough terrain can and will tear batteries up. A hard case is essential, really - Getting to things like the servo basically requires taking the entire car apart - I personally find the gear mesh hard to get right because the little hole is tiny so its hard to see. I am old though! - It's not great on bumpy terrain, its more suited to flat land - Has a high centre of gravity too BUUUT. It's fun, and I like zipping it around my loval gravel carpark.
  17. Quick question: Are they 12 gauge wires that come with the 10BL60? Just so I can match the extension wires, if needed.
  18. Thanks, that’s very helpful information! I guess I just need to get it all together and see if the cables reach. I’ve just watched a YouTube video and they do indeed look fairly long, we will see if they reach enough for the XV01! I know some people move the ESC from the back of the car to the middle section, where the receiver normally sits, to get a bit more space. If it’s NOT long enough, is extending the wires with bullets ok to do, or would it be best to remove the wires and solder in 3 longer pieces? I assume making some extra long cables with 3 (or 4mm?) bullets would be OK, you wouldn’t lose power or anything from it not being 3 single cables? I am guessing although it had wires attached, it didn’t have bullets or battery connectors attached?
  19. Thanks guys. ah, from the photo, It looked like they didn’t come with wires at all (maybe that’s just for photography purposes). I don’t really know why’d I want sensored over sensorless, is one smoother than the other? Another question: If I had to lengthen the wires for the XV01, could you extend them using bullet connectors? I was actually thinking that (Maybe I am wrong here) that sometimes you can connect a motor and it runs backwards, so you swap any two cables. That would be a pain if you’d soldered them! So would bullets actually make sense? I don’t need it to be waterproof. Although the XV01 is a rally car, it won’t never be submerged in water, just muddy and splashes (and the ESC area is sealed anyway). Maybe the sensored one is fine. @TurnipJF Is it worth considering 120, or would 60 be enough? I assume that depends one what I have hooked up to it? One of their 17.5t motors, and 2S would be the spec.
  20. I've been looking at what to put in my XV01 when I start it soon, and this ESC, with a HW 17.5t seems a popular choice for lots of RC's. Anyway, looking on Modelsport, there appears to be two models: 1. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-quicrun-10bl60-sensored-bl-esc/rc-car-products/382832 2. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-quicrun-wp-10bl60-bl-esc/rc-car-products/382833 They actually look like different ESCs as one is taller than the other, and the first one looks like it doesn't have any wiring for ESC/Battery at all, so you'd have to do it yourself. In all honesty, apart from the fear of soldering (my first iron arriving soon!), this actually be a better option since the XV01 needs longer cables to reach the front-mounted motor. Weirdly, on the offical site, it looks like there is one model (without wires), so I am not really sure (or haven't looked properly ha!). Anyone know for sure? Thanks Paul
  21. Thanks, it does sound cool. I may try one of the Tamiya Super Stock brushed motors, and the 1060 esc. good luck with the rest of the build!
  22. I'd like to know if your motor wires reached? I am not sure what to put in mine, maybe a brushless Hobbywing, but not sure if the cables will reach? It's much longer distance than most cars. Anyone know for sure?
  23. I got mine nearly 18 months ago, and I've not started it yet. Shocking, really. I do keep buying the odd Hop-Up though :d Following this thread with interest.. I gotta start mine soon!
  24. Like this one, I think? https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/300458/?gclid=CjwKCAjwwMn1BRAUEiwAZ_jnEtrRRD8oLwMeXi-pLq_TO6CCFFeGAE0UnyrTNyLWE5B21qJGD3kPSxoCiR0QAvD_BwE The middle one here looks like it too: https://www.hobbywing.com/goods.php?id=384&filter_attr=5758.6671
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