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  1. Made a terrible mistake that means I can either dismantle my entire build back to the beginning of the build or try one of those screw removal bits and drill my way out of trouble. Guess which one I'm going to try...
  2. Thanks for the replies. Seems like such a small thing now as I have just made a massive irreversible error with the steering pinion assembly(Didn’t put the brass bushings in the steering arm holder.) oh, what I wouldn’t give to go back to the halcyon times of innocence and frivolity of 30 minutes ago. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGG!!😩
  3. As you can see the instructions are showing the servo head as being dead center. The actual pic show that dead center is not possible. Is it important? It’s not the first time ive ween this but i want to minimise addjustments later on as i am doing 4WS on a G6-01 and apparent it’s hard enough to get it steering straight anyway without baked in errors. Any advice?
  4. Built a G6-01 chassis. The shocks on this thing are very ropey. I didnt bother with the internal rubber tubing as it just made them worse.
  5. Makes me feel better knowing is still happens to old hands, too. I also just discovered that I should have swapped two small ball bearing on the gear spurs but that will just have to be as I'm not going back in there. The brass bushings will just have hold on till reinforcements can be sent in.
  6. As @78Triumph said shoo goo is excellent. Sand, score and clean both surfaces for extra hold.
  7. I spent a hour confused as to why the rear axles on my G6-01 were pointing upwards and eventually discovered that I'd put the wrong pieces on. The pieces in question looked very similar to the correct pieces and even though I stared at the instructions for an hour and re read them I still missed my error. Reading the instructions gives me a sort of dyslexia as the diagrams float around the page and the multi-language texts blur into one another. Have you ever made it through an entire build error free?
  8. I just got an email from paypal who said the seller provided tracking information that proved delivery. It most certainly didn't arrive so is that just standard reply guff? I continued with the claim anyway, so now waiting to see if I gets me 654p back. I tell yer' it's geting so you can't trust "too good to be true and clearly a scam by Chinese organised criminal gang" offers, anymore
  9. I stood there in stunned silence for few minutes. I was too far away to catch it and just watched it happen like I was frozen. I had put the brakes on but it was too late, over she went. Several pieces snapped away, but they were soon reattached with super glue. The front light wires were however ripped from the LED solder points so that will require some more considered repair.
  10. I want to build a fleet of Unimogs. I have two!!
  11. Yep, the footplate is foamcore. I wanted to try out the material for my next build as it looks a lot more workable than styrene. The thing snapped off when the truck went off the workbench, along with several other pieces.
  12. Dude, please, please, PUH...LEASE paint it to look like a submarine!
  13. Finished my Unimog 425 More pics in my build thread https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/85132-ronnyhotdogs-realistic-cc-01-unimog-425-build-no2/
  14. sanded rear of cab with dremel graphite black metallic polycarbonate paint from core rc as the undercoat for the military green acrylic final surface coats. Then I put it all together and it was kind of just done before I realised it. I meant to take way more pictures of the build process but I just forgot. I'll do better next time. So here is my finished(sort of...) Unimog 425 build No.2 full album https://imgur.com/a/M46GL Oh, hey check out muh smooth new ride... https://streamable.com/808wh EDIT: I forgot, I'm looking for constructive criticism about my weathering and attempts to make the Unimog look realistic. I have already seen a few things I should have done, like sand down the door hinges on the body shell and then put little cylinder styrene hinges on like the truck bed hinges, before I put the paint on. Also if anyone knows where I can get 1/12 windscreen wipers. I have some 1/10 but they are too big for this body shell, which is actually a 1/12 shell even thought the kit is 1/10
  15. The coat underneath was PS then I used an acrylic spray on top
  16. It's maddening. Getting a few hours to actually do something and then realising you haven't got the parts to finish, so you twiddle your thumbs and try to finds other jobs to do, which leads to ordering other supplies you need and then waiting for those. It's a vicious circle.
  17. I have used the Core lexan paints and the delivery is not up to the Tamiya standard. No idea why but it will require more paint to get the same coverage. It will do the job, but you can definitely tell the difference when sprainting. The final product will be the same for internal coverage, but I have to say there was more spitting and splotches than the Tamiya cans. I guess the R&D Tamiya do is what you pay for. Core cans are cheaper for more paint, but then you do need the extra, I guess. That was just my experience, though. I bought several cans and will still use them on internal jobs but not externally as a final coat as the finish is not as good as Tamiya.
  18. Yes, It's an external paint job if that wasn't clear. I mean the splotches, though.
  19. Any ideas for resolving this issue. Add more coats? Sand and recoat?
  20. The spots, not the terrible paint finish. On the third light coat these splotches appeared and ruined the job. the first two coats looked fine, but I think as the can was emptying it started spitting instead of misting the paint. Also some little black flecks started appearing. Is this normal when can is nearly empty?
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