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  1. I only discovered Asahi recently at a licensed Burger Joint of all places. The black label is even nicer, but a bit early in the afternoon for that! Sapporo is also very nice 👍🏻
  2. Cut the grass as we have at last had some rain, nice to have a bit of greenery again after looking at a dust bowl out the back for what seems like an eternity. Got the electrics in the Wild One at took it for a test run around the garden, (hence why the grass was really cut in the first place 😉) And it runs very nicely 👍🏻 I then had a LiPo that needed reducing back down to Storage charge so the Blackfoot came out for a spin In the sunshine before the Mozzies come out to say “Hello”. The Diff is still going strong in this one. It may be a Tamiya influence but I seem to have developed a taste for Japanese beer as well 🍺 Nice drop of stuff.
  3. I found a tyre pen from a an Auto shop worked best and lasted the longest for me. The tip was on the large side for intricate lettering, so I trimmed it down a bit which helped a lot. I did also do a ‘quick’ trial on an old 1/8 wheel before I trimmed the tip. It has a slight ridge on the tyre to guide the pen around. With a bit of care it could be a lot tidier.
  4. I think @Saito2 has a Hot Shot in Metallic Blue? Looks fantastic with the white wheels 👍🏻. Wouldn’t mind one in blue myself 😀
  5. I sometimes struggle to see past Box Art, but this goes to show just how it can change the whole demeanour of something with a bit of imagination 👍🏻 Very nicely done, as others on here, I hadn’t really given Wheelies or comical’s a second look until now. 😁
  6. There’s that, but out of everything in the shed it’s the cup under the TV that got my attention, definitely need one of those 😂
  7. Thanks for posting ‘Danny Huynh’ , I happen to stubble across one of creations on YouTube a couple of years ago by chance on holiday but could never find it again until now, and it’s been driving me nuts!!! 👍🏻
  8. Geez @yogi-bear, your workshop would put the Mythbusters set up to shame 😉👍🏻
  9. Scorcher wheels & rear tyres from Tony, so I can now use the Alloy rim covers I got months ago for the Wild One.
  10. Made the most of the last day of freedom today before the New Year onslaught takes over again by finally finishing the mask, spray, mask, spray, mask, spray part of the build. I've nothing against the Box Art of the Wild One, and do actually really like it, but having a few Black vehicles in the fleet already it was time for something a bit different. It's so nice to peel of the protective film and see if the effort was all worth it, even got a couple of stickers on too. Pretty happy so far
  11. Yep, Thanks mate. I've just been over onto the main site and discovered my subscription had expired, so have just renewed and all hunky dory again
  12. Lots of masking today just to achieve a small amount of Gun Metal sprayed on. Also having to use Imgur for the time being as I can't seem to access TC Photos ??
  13. I like your approach to what can be considered housework, its definitely the kind I could get used to.
  14. I'm hoping thats what it was. I took the instruction manual and ball cup to the LHS, and he suggested a similar solution to the what you have on your Truck for the steering, but unfortunately only had the the ball ends and no suitable replacement rods so I left them there. But now I have a better understanding, I should be able to round I the bits I need online now thanks to your help.
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