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  1. What’s not to like about 80’s Flame stickers, I’m in 👍🏻 SRB Fighting Buggy Flames next please Mr Tamiya 😎
  2. You couldn’t get any closer to Red Bull blue if you tried 👍🏻 Excellent 👌🏻
  3. Heating the tins up has helped me a lot @Marchie You can’t shake them to much either, while the kettle is boiling I’ll shake them, then when it’s boiled tip the water in a saucepan or jug so the water is deep enough that the can stands up in it for a few minutes. Then shake it again for a bit (usually wrapped in a tea towel or something because the tins hot) then start spraying. Passing the can over the body to quickly (trying to avoid runs) has resulted in splotches for me. The heat gives the tin a bit of extra pressure and in my case have found it gives a more even coverage, and also just about uses all the contents as well. It tends to be when I get to close to the body with the tin it’s harder to get even.
  4. Sounds good 👍🏻 If it’s only 21.5t motors you could probably just stick some bearings in a stock chassis and off you go. Thats all I did with my Escort, on softish dirt the pogo stick worked fine, and as it was cheap as chips the care factor of the chassis was nil 😁 As the event is such a drive away I would be inclined to take a few cars so it’s just a case of using another if something did happen to one. Maybe 1 hopped up as far as allowed, a mid range and a stock with bearings as a spare? Mark Bryan also has some good tips for next to nothing on TT02 Rally builds…
  5. Those batteries should work great @Tamiyastef, especially as they have the recess at the terminals 👍🏻
  6. I keep looking at a 17.5t Justock @Wystan Withers, good to know the XR10 ESC fits in there 👍🏻 But I do have the smaller footprint HW10BL60 ESC in the spares box anyway now. How is it with a 25.5t? Big pinion?
  7. Just add some sticky goo from Timmy’s delicious Doughnuts to it if the tape gives way 😋
  8. Looks like a wheelie bar could be fitted to it once the badass Brushless goes in 😉 ( @Xeostar in the UK on here was making some braces for ORV’s a while back, there was a thread on it somewhere)
  9. Not sure how far they ship to in Europe, but they don’t ship to Australia unfortunately when I’ve emailed them. They did have some hard to find discontinued Tamiya bodies shells listed when I looked a while ago (Mini included). Might still be there?
  10. Very nice, there is great detail in that Killerbody by the looks of it 👍🏻
  11. No worries, hope you and the your young family are coping OK in the heat there.
  12. With a bit of artistic license, ease and leaning towards a fast circuit this is my offering for the Endurance round this month, any criticism, ideas or adjustments more than welcome 🙂
  13. I’ve got a free evening to cobble a track plan, basically a one & half times bigger isn’t it from memory with a bit of rounding off to the half metre for ease of setting out…
  14. TT02R chassis cover… Pesky little stones we’re getting in the vent holes of the motor and intermittently jamming things up during Racing by Post sessions. So an acrylic paint tube box was trimmed & zipped tied on, so far so good 👍🏻
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