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  1. I to like the green, and feel adding silver, maybe a bold section through the middle, or along the top and bottom? A more classic paint job would be to add gold & red if you wanted. If you want to strip it off though, Brake Fluid will get the bulk off fairly quickly, but is messy. Give it a light rub with sand paper first to break the skin, apply the Brake Fluid let sit for a little while, then scrub it a bit with a toothbrush. The sludge can be wiped off with a cloth (I found a micro fibre to work well) easily with a spray of Brake Cleaner. A newer favourite to the old Brake Fluid is Isopropyl Alcohol (at least 90% stuff) I’ve used some 99.8% in a pump bottle before. Available at Pharmacies, DIY shop etc.It does evaporate very quick so you need to either let it soak for 10 mins or so in a container, or for big stuff like a Truck Cab spray it on and cover it with Cling Wrap. Scrub & wipe off. Using Isopropyl Alcohol with wet & dry sand paper is good too. Old hard paint can be a bit stubborn. Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner apparently works too but I haven’t tried it myself.
  2. In the same boat work wise, not much spare time. All good otherwise have fun when you get reunited with your (growing 😉) RC collection 👍🏻
  3. Just picked up some LRP brushless motors at 70% off 😁 https://www.frontlinehobbies.com.au/on-sale/radio-control-specials/?utm_campaign=smartrmail_manualcampaign_260221_13723353&utm_medium=email&utm_source=smartrmail
  4. This week a set of 4 Super Mini CVA’s from New Zealand, seeing as most people change the springs anyway for an M05 they should do And some Stainless Steel suspension shafts from Tony, they took nearly 4 weeks to arrive I was beginning to think they were MIA.
  5. I was looking around for so Super Mini Shocks. Most of the Aussie shops only had 1 pack with a pair in, so means double the postage coming from different place’s. I then discovered a 4 pack (listed for TT02) in Hobby City NZ and only $10 flat rate shipping. Ordered Friday night and should be here today or tomorrow 👍🏻 I found Googling part numbers the best way to find stuff too. The addition headache to saving the 5p through is trying find all the bit you need in the one shop 🙄.
  6. Hey @Lunchy, with regard to your Lager bearing query, (Larger printed as Lager 🍺 in the manual!!) have you put the metal 1150 bearing in the white plastic cup as in stage 8? Can’t really tell from the photo. It seem odd that it doesn’t spin? Try putting the drive cups in the Diff and spinning with your fingers to see if it’s working. And the MR1 spring stays in place on the Spur Gear. They say it’s removable with tweezers if you wish to change to a different size Spur later with its respective Pinion gear. There are 3 supplied gear options, 52 tooth Spur goes with 16 tooth pinion ( Torque, slowest top speed ) 50 tooth Spur goes with the 18 tooth pinion ( Standard, medium ) 49 tooth Spur goes with the 19 tooth pinion ( High Speed ) But all options will use the one MD3 part.
  7. I think you’re going have fun with that 👍🏻👍🏻 What are those front Tyres by the way?
  8. https://hobbiesdirect.com.au/Tamiya-110-Sand-Scorcher-2WD-Electric-Off-Road-RC-Buggy-Kit-58452?gclid=CjwKCAiAg8OBBhA8EiwAlKw3ktqtuOvuY2RUJKksC0ngSyGzsaPS4cr4Y_YQsGSXGKTIKRhAHjAJSxoCQ9sQAvD_BwE https://www.frontlinehobbies.com.au/tamiya-1-10-sand-scorcher-2wd-off-road-racer-kit-5 These two spring to mind, I dare say Hobbytech in Perth & Metro Hobbies would get some in if/when they become available (unlikely before Easter?). At least they are in the free shipping bracket 👍🏻
  9. I have only recently come to understand that all the best Tamiya’s seem to come in a Kyosho box.
  10. It’s when you get to the point of putting the bottle down somewhere on the way to get some more nibbles, and subsequently forget when you left it. Only to discover it again the next day and ends up in the Spag Bol.
  11. Definitely the original style ones, for sure. I keep all boxes. I think it stems from my childhood, as always kept my Matchbox cars boxes. Most of the cars were kept mint as well, but sadly in one of my mums cleaning frenzies she binned all the boxes 🙄. My Monster Beetle houses spare sprues. All the others, bar one, is in the loft. My favourite is framed, (sorry to bore those that have seen it many times already!!)... I just love the section through artwork on the sides of the box as well. Hoping to add a Fighting Buggy done the same way. A Scorcher would be great to but wall space would be a bit of a problem.
  12. That’s a shame for the refund @Jonathon Gillham 😬. Dang it, so close. Small consolation, but I got the same for some M Chassis springs from Wah Wah’s, ordered yesterday, refunded today 🙄. It’s not the first time from them either. The Cleanskins are really good for the money. Mrs RB even cooks with them if there’s any left. We also have a taste for ‘Tokay’ dessert wine at the moment 👍🏻
  13. Only just seen this thread, a bit late to answer as you’ve now ordered one but I believe there is another run of SS coming. A few Aussie shops have been showing ‘coming soon’ etc for them for a while. I’ve put in some notify me’s but haven’t heard anything yet. What pre fill your cart wine do you recommend? As I’ve had a Fighting Buggy sitting in the cart to long?
  14. Excellent!! Didn’t know they did free shipping. Did you have to pay the listed price or do they take of the VAT? I’m guessing they don’t take it off.
  15. That was my thinking, and the general consensus seems to be that you will probably end up replacing the the supplied springs in any set you go for anyway 👍🏻
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