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  1. If I was to pick up another spare body it will probably be Red, just Red 😉 I do think sometimes I’d rather mask stuff up than cut out a sheet load of Decals TBH. When I go for multi colours it’s generally a way of using up odd tins of paint I have to hand as well.
  2. 3 receivers for my Flysky GT5 came today 😁
  3. Got stuck in with some PS57 Pearl white… Then finally laid some Spaz Stix Silver over that. It would look better with a coat of Black to but taking into the consideration the imperfections and the amount of paint I’ve thrown on it now it’s definitely time to call it a day with spraying and get the window mask’s off as they’ve been on there a while now and peel off the clear film. It’s a bit orange along the tip of the bonnet and if I hadn’t titivated the making it slightly darker it would’ve hardly noticed I think. Anyway I am still smiling looking at it, so this is where it’s up to now… The Post(wo)man has just delivered some receivers, so I now I can get to powering up the chassis when I get time 😁
  4. Just open the box and admire that beautiful body should be inspiration enough 😉. @OoALEJOoO recently posted a very nice Giulia in ‘RC Gallery’ thread. White, Black and Red, worth checking out 👍🏻. Some more to help you along.. Love this colour, sort of what I was going to aim for but looking at it now Transparent Orange backed with Red would probably work.. And a die-cast toy car that caught my eye.. If all else fails they just look so sexy in Red… Edit:- Better still take the body out the box and leave on the coffee table in the lounge where you can see it, you’ll be shaking those rattle cans within a week. Good luck with it 👍🏻
  5. Good luck @Qed296 👍🏻, you’ve got this.
  6. Here is a nice write up on the TBLE 04, he does recommend not going less than 17.5t BL with non Tamiya motors, & only down to 25t for brushed. With that if the RZ motor you mention intending using (presuming here it’s a Tamiya Super Stock?) it may to much for this ESC as I believe they are 23t?, Anyway hope this helps.. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/05/tamiya-tble-04s-esc-speed-controller.html?m=0 I did change a Sport Tuned in my Blackfoot to a 17.5t BL Hobbywing and I prefer the BL much better in that. (Fitted with a the older TBLE 02).
  7. I’ve often looked at airbrushes and thought, well, this is probably the last one so it’s a big outlay for one more paint job. That was about 10 kits ago. In all seriousness getting paint for an airbrush is tricky around here. But in saying that it’s definitely worth considering as it’s something I’d like to have a crack at, especially after I’d watched a video of a guy emptying the contents of a Molotow Chrome pen and spraying a Gundam Robot with it. The results were very impressive.
  8. I know what you mean @Juhunio, in hindsight I think masking around that void above the grille recess might have helped to get a bit more paint down there.
  9. It all good @Badcrumble, I did have an even covering but tried to rectify a couple of spatters on the bonnet & in doing so lost the uniformity. Getting the paint right down into the front lip of the bonnet is also a challenge. Live and learn, overall I am still really happy with it. They are easier to run with a few imperfections on anyway, and I’m sure they end up going a bit faster that way too 😉
  10. I would say Tamiya are protecting themselves from warranty claims as different manufacturers have different KV ratings for the the same turn motor. I honestly wouldn’t bother with a TBLE 02/04 for a beach runner. My Stadium Blitzer has been my trial and error car for such use. Sand is hard power sapping stuff, I cooked a NiMH, Sport Tuned motor and Tamiya ESC as the conditions were way beyond there intended design, performance was very average for the sacrifice too. I had a 13.5t Sensored Brushless in it for a while with 2s LiPo and was much better for Sand although became a right handful on hard surfaces. It now has a 4000KV Sensorless Brushless (ZTW Beast) combo in and is great fun and waterproof.
  11. Good sound solid advice is always worth repeating IMHO if like me you only get on here in brief spasms I miss more than I can absorb so chances are I’ll catch up somewhere along the line 😉
  12. Plodding on with the body when I get 5 minutes and now almost up to peeling of the clear film 😃 I think I can see a few dark patches on the bonnet now though but I’m to far in to do much about it, and looking at the Snake Decal, that will probably cover up my sins 😉 Just a white backing to go.
  13. Sorry to hear about your back @Busdriver. I did mine a mischief loading a heavy motorcycle into my van a few years ago, I struggled for ages after and has never been right since. A visit to a Chiropractor once a month or so definitely keeps it in check, and I also invested in a kidney belt/back support with magnets. It works a treat for me I’ve just done two 800km 10 hour drives back to back in a Kenworth truck quite comfortably. Whereas before without the belt I’d be eating my way through a box of Nerofen & looking to jump on a Greyhound Bus for the trip home rather than drive the truck.
  14. Nice day for a bit more rattle, rattle, pssst, pssst. I’ve backed the transparent red now with PS61 Orange after playing around with a few options on off cuts, I’m also trying to incorporate a bit of Italian flair by adding a tribute to their flag. Just managed to get the Green on before it gets to dark outside to see probably, Tamiya’s Park Green would probably be more suitable but I couldn’t get any so I’m using Metallic Green PS17, once backed with white it shouldn’t look to bad. A couple of tiny bleeds on one side to sort out, other than that very happy. It’s so hard to resist pulling off the clear film just to have a little look 😬
  15. That did pass my mind, but it wasn’t going to stop the bearing falling out. The instructions call for the bearing to be pushed in place with the ‘T’ spanner, which I did, but then when turning the gear over the bearing would simply fall out? Others I’ve done were a snug fit, and stayed in, for some reason this one wasn’t. I even tried other bearings but they all did the same. I’m not sure the tape is going to last long, I just couldn’t think of much else at the time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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