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  1. Just a couple of tips on the Blitzer @Mechanic AH, the stock rear tyres don’t last long, Proline and Schumacher Vee’s 2.2’s are popular replacements. I used Silicone grease in the Diff first but that was useless, the thing would just 360 pirouette at the lightest touch of the brake. So to stiffen the Diff I then cleaned it out and stuffed it full of AW grease which helped things a lot. Stock pinion is 13 tooth but there are holes in the gearbox casing for a 15 tooth if you wish. (32dp from memory) My Sport Tuned used to get real hot though Off-road with a bigger pinion. Hope that’s some help.
  2. After the Kyosho Javelin you’ve just finished, the Blitzer will feel a bit Bangers & Mash after dinner the night before with Nigella Lawson 😉... I don’t have any regrets myself yet with anything I’ve bought. I still enjoy sitting among the models I have at the moment and seeing how they have turned out. The Stadium Blitzer was my first NIB Tamiya, and I must admit was disappointing on its first run with a Silvercan and NiMH. But now on 13.5 Brushless 2s LiPo, and a choice of Sand Wheels or Road wheels to put on I enjoy it immensely 👍🏻
  3. And there’s me thinking I’d made my last order for Alloy rim covers too... 😉
  4. Yeah, good luck with that one!! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🤣😂
  5. Great run!! Insanely good. Congratulations 👍🏻
  6. Hey mate, I’ve got these going spare that I’ll never use if you want them. PM an address and I’ll stick em’ (not literally obviously 😉) in the post.
  7. This reminds me of a scene from Herbie, and I'm of the thinking this little Hornet has the Soul of Herbie too 😉
  8. Only just got around to watching this, just stunning 👍🏻
  9. Chop, chop then or you will end up with 2 to build 😉
  10. I got my Knight Hauler, Tx, Masking tape etc from there just after the ban was lifted to Australia (about September) by normal Air Mail as it was a third of the price of FedEx. It did take ages to come probably getting on for 4-6 weeks? But I wasn't in a hurry anyway. They sent me a photo of everything being packed which is a nice touch. It was all packed into 2 boxes, the Truck came first, I then got a bit concerned that the Tx wasn't with it but did arrive a week later. All was without damage. I would use them again communications have been very good with them. The Tracking didn't seem to work that well until it was in the hands of Australia Post then I could see where it was and got delivered when they said it would. So apart from a long delivery period which was to be expected, all was fine in the end.
  11. First thing I did was set up a separate email address purely for a YT account and just use an alias name on YT. That last vid took about half an hour to edit the clips from my phone onto iMovie on the Mac then publish on YT. Others I’ve done took a lot longer just depends how far you want to go. Short clips straight from a phone to YT are very simple. I’m hardly the worlds tech savvy person, so if I can do it anyone can 😉.
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