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  1. On the subject of being watched, I see the latest phone updates now have ‘Exposure Notifications’ that you can opt in to if you don’t what download the Covid tracking app in Australia. Easy to find on an iPhone but my daughters boyfriend had to dig into the guts of his Samsung to find it and alter the settings. I guess it’s a day closer to becoming just a number.
  2. No tracks for me either, but any patch of dirt will do, and nothing wrong with putting slicks on it and going Urban Buggy 😃👍🏻
  3. They are quality kits, its like buying a Tamiya but with all the hop-ups in the box from the start.
  4. Looking quite the miniature masterpiece 👍🏻
  5. It is indeed 😁, I was playing around with the bits and pieces between my Brat, Black Edition Monster Beetle and Blackfoot. The body is painted Holden (GM) Prussian Steel automotive paint. The dark grey (sorry gray) chassis rails from the black edition MB would look good on a custom Frog build too don’t ya think?
  6. Take the Brat Lexan body rear body posts, fit them to your MB chassis add the Brat hard body and Hey Presto 😉
  7. And when you’ve finished your Brat you could add it to this thread 😉
  8. No you wouldn’t, no tab on the 1501 plug. The brown wire is the negative so that goes where a black would go in the Receiver. I only came across one option for the GT5 I’ve ordered that comes with a BS6 receiver (has a built in Gyro, helps stability apparently), so I’m not sure what the difference’s are between ones you have seen? When they first came out they where compatible with various older Flysky receivers, but if you’re starting from scratch that wouldn’t matter. Some of the older Flysky’s I think needed 8 AA batteries whereas the newer ones only need 4. Any Transmitter you buy new will come with at least 1 receiver, some come with 2 or 3. I would just check the price on additional receivers for the Transmitter and see what you would be in for to add more to it later.
  9. A runner is a runner once the screws have been shot blasted with use enough that they ain’t never coming out. Your tub still has heaps of life left in it yet 😉
  10. Another plus for the NSU according to my math is the money you save over the Swift should leave around 200 quid for additional hop ups.
  11. They are nice, I have a Buggy Champ box to, it would be great to have 4 or 6 different ones and frame them up.
  12. I have an imgur account with quite a few images on, but is was a bit of a pain to use on the phone app. I now use the Tamiya Club hosting service offered to subscribing members and haven’t looked back. It was set up primarily as even if your subscription falls away the images stay live (even though you won’t be able to access them until you renew again)
  13. I felt like painting up a Scorcher body back around April time, so I ordered one and arrived today 😄
  14. Reading the description the Swift is indeed pre painted in yellow. I think I’d be inclined to go with the NSU though myself @Busdriver, as it’s been around a bit now, and as the old Tamiya philosophy goes, when it’s gone it’s gone. Its got a bit more character over the Swift IMHO.
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