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  1. Geez @jonboy1, can’t for the life of me work how you manage to bring yourself to part with your creations mate, but I suppose you can take comfort in the immense joy they must bring to their new owners 👍🏻
  2. One of the reasons I went Hobbywing for my first step into Brushless was they are designed to fit together from the start which simplified things. Saving time and potential frustration for someone time poor like me. As you pointed out the motor doesn’t normally come with the Yellow Blue and Orange wire. The wires come with/on the ESC generally. If the TBLE 02 wires will reach the motor tabs, all well and good, just cut the Tamiya bullets off and solder on. If they don’t reach they will need to be extended. Brass Bullets work well covered with a bit of heat shrink. (sorry I can’t remember if they were 3mm or 3.5?) Another nice touch for Hobbywing is where the wires are soldered to the motor tabs they are actually like a bullet connector too so if you need to change your motor the wires now just simply unplug no need to de-solder. One last thing, you can’t trust ebay pictures. I clicked ‘Buy Now’ on a HW 13.5t Quicrun thinking it was an older red can as pictured, but turned out to be the newest black can type, bonus for A$55 shipped, they are now around A$80 from the same seller which is a shame.
  3. Unfortunately not, TBLE 02 will just beep and flash it’s light until a sensor wire is connected for a brushless motor. I have a Hobbywing 17.5t Justock hooked up to a TBLE 02 in my Blackfoot, 2s LiPo, no fan, no problems so far. Hobbywing motors come with a sensor wire. Not always long enough though unless the ESC is close to the motor. My Wild One has a LRP 13.5t (K7?) in it with a TBLE 02 on 2s, no fan. It was an expensive motor and didn’t come with a sensor wire but runs great. The added bonus though was it had pre soldered Tamiya connectors and plugged straight in to the ESC. As said above though the Bluebottles are very popular and cheap route to brushless.
  4. Looks great @No Cheese Tonight, If it did turn out to be to stiff then you could have run one without oil in so is just for aesthetics.
  5. Well, once the Hornet is beyond repair (but highly unlikely from what we have already seen!) These tyres will make some rather nice Rottweiler cuff links.
  6. Are they Hotshot, Boomer tyres on the front? As the Wild One fronts are ribbed. Looks great, less is sometimes more 👍🏻
  7. No Tamiya man cave is complete without them 😁
  8. Copy away my friend and anyone else that wishes to as well. I’m actually quite flattered that people think something I did is worthy of being replicated 😁 Mine was done at cost, well out of the framing materials I had in my workshop at the time. Off the top of my head if I was to do for a customer then it would be around the A$250ish Price will vary according to mat boards, moulding used and size.
  9. Excellent framing Mr @Jonathon Gillham the best blatant ripoff I’ve ever seen 😉 They all tie in together perfectly. I hope they don’t cause to much trouble deciding who gets what. I believe you will have a Lunchbox box to frame soon to won’t you.
  10. Nailed it mate 👍🏻 Looks the bees knees now.
  11. Yep with you there @Juggular 👍🏻 I sometimes look at it and half expect a French 007 agent to hop out the drivers seat. I see Kyosho have the latest version of the Alpine in RC at the moment too. But as good as Kyosho are the Tamiya classic just looks so good even if it is a bit on the fragile side. I was waiting for things to settle down a bit in the current global situation and order one I’d seen in HK, but I’ll hang out now till they reach Aussie hobby shops again I think.
  12. Big Squid are suggesting the Renault Alpine is coming around again. That’ll be nice to see I think. https://www.bigsquidrc.com/tamiya-renault-alpine-a110-monte-carlo-71/
  13. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes, never used banggood myself but from reading between the lines of what others say it seems like a numbers game of most things work but some don’t in a mass produced gamble.
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