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  1. Eggcellent. (Sorry someone had to )
  2. I see they also copied the opening back door of yours 😉.
  3. Having never raced and my only encounter with Kyosho is the Javelin I built and still run last year, very impressed with I might add, and since that build I’ve had a keen eye for the Turbo Scorpion for a 2WD Kyosho addition to the fleet. How does the Ultima compare to the Turbo Scorpion??
  4. Not quite as bonkers as @wolfdogstinkus, but lively enough is a Gens Ace 2s 5000mah 50c hardcase Lipo, 13.5t 3050Kv brushless, and Hobbywing ESC, gives speeds of 50KPH. I have however drilled the motor mount holes to fit a 14 tooth (I'd say the stock 13t would be fine to) pinion in my Blitzer as it owes me nothing so didn't matter if if all went pear shaped. I've just had about an hour of fun at the beach on one charge, half in an SRB and half in the Blitzer. Its much better than the previous Sport tuned, NiMH it was fitted with. You just need to cut a little bit off the ribs in the bottom of the battery tray, squaring them out to fit the Lipo in.
  5. Some nice me time today enjoying the tail end of the Aussie winter so you can quite happily stand outside without getting burnt to a crisp and being inspired by @MockTurtle's recent Lunchbox shenanigans..... A spur of the moment decision to try the Scorcher for the first time on Lipo as my NiMH batteries are frazzled. All was going great on the 4WD track down to the beach, Then we got to this So with no permit we headed back to the Van as the Silver can SRB was finding its limits on the deep soft sand anyway, then swapped the battery into the Stadium Blitzer. The Blitzer was more reckless and carefree towards the lack of Permit issue while devouring the soft sand with ease. There could be worse ways to spend a Tuesday.
  6. That Samurai is Fantastic @Ferruz, great job Buddy
  7. Hey Chris, I haven’t had a TCPhoto account before, but if I understand this correctly this would work the same as and instead of having an imagur (that currently use to post pictures) or a flicker account??
  8. I also have a Wild One on the wish list, and I was talking to a Hobby shop owner in Brisbane a few months ago while admiring his WO on display who informs me that they should be available again sometime in September. Not sure where you are but RC Mart still have a couple of Wild Willy 2’s in stock last time I checked.
  9. Some parts are just as exciting as a kit when they arrive 😁 and anything purchased before a kit is considered a ‘freebie’ when it’s fitted because you already had in stock. I also seem to find myself looking at Pole Trailers even though I don’t have a Truck to put it on.........yet.
  10. Some SRB wheel rim covers turned up potently for a Wild One I don't have yet. I'm feeling a bit bad for the seller though as I'd ordered 2 sets but only sent 1. Second set is on its way though for a second Sand Scorcher that also don't have yet.
  11. I'll second don't listen to the 'gossip' it would have come from jealousy more then anything. I thought the fat drag wheels looked great. I saw this by coincidence on TV recently some food for thought https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UG6kJuX5aE
  12. That'll need the 3D Flat 6 Porsche motor in the back as fitted Junkyard Stance's Sand Scorcher in it to finish it off
  13. A friend and I were taking about the eye sight on the decline as I'd just picked up some glasses for close up, as my arm was getting to short to be able focus in on my phone. My friend however is still reluctant to go and get glasses as he says he is enjoying the 'airbrushed' look of his wife like in the magazines for the time being
  14. There are some very nice Subaru rally and touring car's I would do box art, But for a favourite its a photo finish between Blackfoot or Buggy Champ.
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