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  1. It would be good to see @ChrisRx718 GF-01 turn up here 😉
  2. No white dust here either...
  3. I find the ‘browse’ function at the top of the page helpful to catch up if I haven’t been on for a while by clicking on Showrooms.
  4. Well done that man 👍🏻, stay safe out there. Shops seem to be shifting a fair bit of stock down under too, which is great for them, hopefully they will be able to weather this storm. When you become a Subscriber on the main site, you can add other people’s models to your favourites in your own showroom and has the same effect 😁
  5. ‘Basil Faulty Shock Towers’ ’Pogo Performance Suspension’ ’No Response ECS’s’ ‘Shoe Goo Customs’ ’Silver Can Shredder’ ’Quick to Crack Bodies’ ’Major Pro Brothel’ ‘Shocking Electrics’ ‘Up In Smoke Lipo’s’ ‘Stuck Fast Nuts’ ‘Balls Deep Mud Plugger Tyres’
  6. Excellent work, those aluminum parts look right at home on the dark chassis, they were originally for a MB you say? Hummm now there’s a thought, 😁. The aluminum wheels you have you don’t notice the different offset between the fronts and rear like the original plastic ones either 👍🏻
  7. Well......I’ve had this sketch in my note pad for a while with the intention of adding to the side of a Lunchbox if I ever got one 🤔
  8. Seeing as GIF’s are becoming ever more popular I thought it worth starting it’s own thread for some easy to find entertainment 😁
  9. I seem to be working through isolation jobs before it gets here so I downloaded a GIF maker for some emergency entertainment....
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