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  1. Sad news, thoughts go out to his family RIP Willy
  2. Nothing concrete but possibly tomorrow evening I may get a chance to give something a blast….
  3. Smells like a Podium position coming up 👍🏻😉
  4. Nice day for it and home alone so clear top coat time for the Hopper, Just the roll bars to paint in later and then I can start tidying up the hobby room carnage…….probably.
  5. Installed the seemingly pointless hop up Blue Servo saver cap on the XV-02, But as it unexpectedly can actually be seen through the tinted windows, well, that makes it 100% worth it 😁 Shut up and take my money Tamiya 🤣
  6. 2 deliveries in the last couple of days, a very essential blue servo saver cap for the XV-02 & Giulia body from RCJaz. Battery posts x3 since soldering posts straight on to an ESC worked well on a GH recently. And just the 1 pair of Giulia wheels (lol) Took a chance on RC Hobbyland here in Oz, I ordered 2 pairs but when I was refunded $5 the other day I knew what was coming there 🤣. Just for info, my older Giulia body that was on an M06 (as a few others to I believe) had a slight defect in the front valance, glad to report the new one is perfecto 👌🏻
  7. I’m hardly an expert but my experience with an SB from a Silver Can starting point to a similar brushless system you’re looking at is definitely stiffen the Diff up with at least AW grease. New to it all when built it and was upto a Sport Tuned in it on NiMh it would just swap ends doing countless 360’s every time you throttled off on pavement. Wasn’t man enough for soft sand either. The Stock rear tyres don’t last 5 mins, most use Prolines, Dirt Hawgs are popular (2.2’s fit the rear, fronts are a different story being narrower) but after sticking a BL set up in it on 2’s on went the Paddle tyres and it was a hoot on the beach 😄 It says 4000kv but that’s a fib it’s a bit less about 3600kv I think. On Pavement with grippy tyres the front wheels spent more time in the air than a Lunchbox’s 😂
  8. Looking at the manual I’m not sure what L2 even does? It’s only on the one side and isn’t seen once the two gearbox halves are together. I’d carry on building the front end without it and see if still works Ok 👌🏻 You could always go and do some nice photography instead like the last ones in the Gallery, the FAV was a cracker with the old helmet 👍🏻
  9. Sorry to hear TC Photos isn’t working for you as it’s mostly what I use now 😬 I found Imgur to work great on a computer but was a real pest via the phone app.
  10. If it spat out bubblegum balls it would be worth considering 🤔
  11. Just referring to your earlier post about the difference in the cabs mate, it’s been sitting at the back of my mind for a while and thought you may find interesting, is that the yellow Dakar truck is a Scania P Series cab, while the white one is an R Series. Generally truck companies make a lower cab for local multi delivery jobs at the sacrifice of a bigger engine tunnel in the cab as access to the back of the cab is negligible. While there taller brothers are for long distance were the driver isn’t climbing in and out so much but getting in the bunk (and being able to stand to get dressed) is more a priority so the cab floor is up higher. Some cab overs are now high enough that the cab floor is completely flat for the driver to be able to walk through, only previously possible on a conventional bonneted cousin. Here’s a P Series.. Excellent work by the way as always your determination in these projects are second to none 👍🏻
  12. I found some (I hope) at RC Hobbyland, no picture of them, just part numbers. I may have got the last ones as they say ‘out of stock’ now 😬 RC Mart still have stock, I nearly went with them initially as they had the body as well. Wheels were 6 bucks delivery but shot up to 75 with the body added 😳 so I’ll probably just go RCJaz for that instead.
  13. I’ll just carry on with this in the meantime then (in keeping with the red theme) 😉
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