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  1. A cross brace from a M08 might help stop the rotation? Centre to Centre for the posts it measures 70mm. (A Parts tree 51595)
  2. Excellent, something actually worth watching 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Excellent choice there 👍🏻 I was really impressed with that shell, mine sits on a TT02R. It was a bit of a pig for extensive masking and to get paint in a couple of areas (kinda Giulia bonnet but not quite as bad..) and 2 large decal sheets to keep you busy if going box art, but a beauty when it’s done though and definitely worthy of a more quality chassis than a TT as you suggest. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=138930&id=49381
  4. I haven’t seen a Tamiya Nitro for a long time but according to Tamiyablog there is one on the way.. https://tamiyablog.com/2022/09/full-details-and-photos-of-tamiya-44055-tg10-mk-2-fz-racing-chassis-kit-2022/
  5. Great round up of the extensive & beautiful builds that have been going on here mate 👍🏻 I’m looking forward to the day when I have enough bits laying around to build something out of, that’s a way off yet though. Unless you have any tips for a ORV, M05/6, TT, TA bitsa mash up??😂
  6. Cheers Bud, I ordered the F parts, 39mm CVD’s set of 26 & 30mm two piece wheels and a YR Motor Mount with the Calibra. I sat the Scorcher body on my 934 Jäger Porsche chassis and look pretty good to me, which is what kicked it off. Just the waiting game now till it turns up. I’ll just have to keep staring at the bearing kit I already have sitting on the bench for the time being 😉
  7. Nice 👍🏻 Flying along with these now aren’t you. I do like the TA’s, I’m also a bit jealous you have a few on the go when I’m just wanting one for a Street Scorcher. I’ve got a Calibra on the way as a donor it’s sitting in Belgium as I type patiently waiting for a flight out, hopefully not to long. I’m looking to make it a SW, but I’m thinking I may need to change the front uprights looking through your very informative thread. We’ll see when it arrives. Keep up the good work and enjoy.
  8. Although it’s not sold as Aerospace here it’s the same @Frankster The ‘Protectant’ label & Ultimate UV Protection in your image would indeed suggest it is the rubber plastic & vinyl one suitable for tyres 👍🏻 You can see here the left nozzle residue is clear, while the one on the right is milky (for rubber)
  9. There are different types of 303 @Frankster Without original packaging it would be hard to tell. There is one for Interior & Exterior which is designed for rubber plastic & vinyl which is what I used today. It should look a bit milky when applied heavily. Then there is the 303 Sealant that is for paintwork, that is clear. That is very lightly sprayed onto a wet surface then rinsed of with water.
  10. Pretty much what @Willy iine said @Frankster. I dampened a soft cloth with it for the plastic body wiped on them buffed it. For the tyres (tires😉) I sprayed a little directly on and inside with it removed an rub till the residue is gone 👍🏻 You don’t need much at all.
  11. RC World in the USA have a 4 link conversion kit on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/195324130728?hash=item2d7a39b5a8:g:U6UAAOSwm0liyP1r&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsKFgbL2RiSvwT7dOzS3UUsYmd6uYj%2FaPuXJtKMISED0epdOfI6Nu4S6z7xxcfKpjmFH32059Aj8ppTukQBlibBXAJrUPxmgJEKpMiRbY9NiEryMCdam02gmDGPulMGK%2B%2FHhh8J%2Fmiwt2HIIw6WBMXdwPoKRDK8R4na8FVVhROHFqKrrkDJnRy%2BYXk%2FeXoM%2F7IMT%2FTzPIZMYbLz2KWHGAIH6ugyDpg9V8okM1qDP3Gs4%2B|tkp%3ABk9SR9jN7ZHpYA https://www.ebay.com/itm/204073295741?hash=item2f83b75f7d:g:MKQAAOSwaiFiy0X7&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsDBTrh6GzlLhGtZ9S2OQPRk6QMDclSzC5WgI5u%2FXqp8IwTrxWlTObDUrLTTKievCUR6Xxhgh4%2BCWR0Vo%2FDfPgVV3NtVi5%2FaY7LNObK7wmbZ9kGZwrj3m%2FCD4oTd%2BQZyZj2kBdq40ujq2zEh5h%2B3PQVpEASZHhNu4nBrgesvgPu2lKrcLtbzSqNgrVVdaD2akr9hOFvmqvu6wLDDEvlFvshQnzMWBQWIJmHtQPDfpTJZJ|tkp%3ABk9SR9jN7ZHpYA
  12. A nice day for ducks today and not looking for anything to involving before night shift tonight I set about tidying up the my work space. Then I gave the Blackfoot a spring clean with 303 after reattaching the back window that’s been sitting on the shelf for months. I’d cleaned up the Monster Beetle a couple of weeks ago too,
  13. Hey @Juhunio, sorry to hear it didn’t go as well as planned. I’ve been pondering what I might do in the same situation and this is what I came up with if it’s any help, 1, Repaint the black on the outside. (using something suitable to give a gloss finish may be tricky though) 2, Mask a Pinstripe on the outside covering the scruffy line and fill in with a Sharpie. 3, Use some Pinstripe decal (like the fine ones used for panel trims) to cover it. Just some food for thought 😉
  14. Cheers @Willy iine, unfortunately no space on the ceiling lol, where there aren’t pictures hanging already there are book shelves, Mrs RB has truck loads of books, maybe I should by her a Kindle and shift the books 🤔😁 I’ve have also got a bit of a plan for illuminated display stand eventually for the SRB’s when I get time. Had some fun coming up with the comp entry, it was tricky with 3 cars & lots of mirrors to get them in without me or furniture in the shot so settled on this in the end,
  15. Thanks very much @Nicadraus 👍🏻 I’d like to frame up a Scorcher box too, but our house is all doors and windows so there isn’t much free wall space to hang it 🤔 I do like the old style hand drawn through sections of the chassis’s on the boxes. It’s a shame the Fighting buggy’s Chassis pictures are photos so don’t quite have the same charm to them. Its the first time I’ve had the 3 SRB’s together (the Buggy Champ shares its chassis with my Orange Scorcher) since playing around with ideas for the last Main Site competition,
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