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  1. Sorry to hear that 😕, looks like those screw heads were only just catching I’m wondering if (presuming those wheels use them) changing the pan head screws in the wheels to countersunk ones so the head is flush might work?
  2. Where’s that person with the “Do it” meme when you want it. The super champ is the first RC car as a kid I always wanted and never got. Probably just as well getting it much later in life as I would have made a right hash of it in my teenage years. I picked one up on the last run and love it. They are probably a little expensive for what they are, but my personal collection would never be complete without one. I would only run it on sand or loose dirt though, which is where it belongs anyway. With a HW 1060 brushed ESC it’s fine off road getting dirty and hoots along nicely with a Kyosho 20t motor. It is what it is and for me scratches the vintage Rc itch nicely. I think it does no good to compare to more modern offerings as it’s not a level playing field in that way. The only hop up I’ve fitted is the Ball Diff. The original ones were fetching $200 but Tamiya released them again and can be had for less than half that. The only problem I’ve heard with them is the body breaking where the roll cage goes down to the back end of the body. I noticed that when I built mine when clipping the body on the back end kind of squashed on top of the rear metal cage above the suspension. So I put a spacer in between the roof clip and the roof to raise the body up slightly so the body wasn’t under tension and has been fine so far. And am a bit bias to SRB’s though just so you know 😉 Just remembered, I stiffened the chassis a little with 2 strips of aluminium…
  3. I have the E part from a Calibra TA02 if it’s any good, happy to post it to you for free (I’m in Australia) if you have a use for it @futureworks?
  4. Turns out I’m negative anyway just about to go out the door. I can’t lie though I was tempted to send a photo of my daughters test and blag some time off 🤔 Some places still have a ‘stay away if positive policy’ We deliver to a lot of industry that you have to do a self assessment for symptoms before you go in. To be honest though most people are just carrying on as normal now. My offsider’s wife has had it twice now, but he’s never got it 🤷🏻‍♂️ He did nearly die of Pancreatic cancer a few years ago though but you would never know to see him. Still a very enthusiastic Italian 😂. I’m sure you're aware, but watch those bank texts, we get endless scams here with that sort of thing. They look legit and nearly always have a dodgy link attached to them.
  5. Friday over here again. Last ‘day off’ for me though. I should be back in the truck tomorrow but while at home, and my daughter is here to, she just tested positive to Covid on a RAT test 🙄 I’ll have to test now and see where I’m at I guess and what I’ll be able to do 🤷🏻‍♂️ Earlier today though I did get some shelves up in the hobby room. Which is something I’ve been wanting to get around for a while. They’ve been up for an hour now and haven’t fallen down yet so that’s a good sign 😁 It was like this.. Now like this… Feels better in there now. I’ll probably shuffle the cars around a bit more later, and I’m thinking about hanging a couple of buggies in the lower space on the wall. I may have a chance sooner than I thought if I test positive to and can’t go to work. Have a good weekend everyone 👍🏻
  6. Had a bit of time to get the Chippy tools out today and change this, into this.. At least things are starting to get a bit more civilised in there now and starting to feel a bit less cluttered with the old black shop display unit & bookshelf out the way 😁
  7. Still looks good though, even if does get out of shape on the track 😉. I keep looking at the Tamiya 1/10 version of this and imagining it on a XV01, also thought about the Custom Escort, (the white Cozzie lookalike thing but with a nice paint job 🤔) It’s going to be while before I add anymore to the collection now though.
  8. The front tyres look nice though, that is if the wheels to left are the front, can’t really tell 😉
  9. TGB do a re-pop body if that’s any use to you for a spare body?? https://teambluegroove.com/products/tbg-toyota-prerunner-hilux-hi-lux-monster-body-tamiya-monster-racer
  10. As fantastic as the big rigs are I just wish Tamiya would start putting them on their Trucks now. To still be putting Leaf springs on the back of the Euro’s is bizarre for a company that pride themselves in scale looks. But at least they well hidden under the guards on the them. (sorry just bugs me a little 😉)
  11. Maybe leaving it clear to be able to quickly visually inspect for stones/debris/noises without have to remove anything else as it’s a runner?
  12. 😱 I feel like I’ve just been bashed up by the school bully!! All good though, life would be boring if we all liked the same thing 😉 P.S have you been struck by lightning yet?
  13. I’m liking it a lot. I think it will, as mentioned earlier, appeal to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts. Classic style with more modern capabilities, looks as good without the body on as with it. Without gives many options for personal customisation. I think I can hear the likes of the Blockhead boys scribbling away ideas already. Swap the wheels out, add lights. Add some Rothmans stickers. Or some nice juicy Aluminium panels and/or minimalist wing for a Sand Rail type look. Or just build it as it is. And at least it’s not just another TT01/2 😃
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