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  1. Eye surgery has come a long way @Willy iine , it’s either that or a 1:1 Willy helmet with prescription visor, could be hot in the summer though?
  2. Have you looked into eye lense replacement? My 80yr old Aunt had done and now doesn’t wear glasses anymore. My Dad has had it to with the same results. It’s more or less like a permanent contact lense and is a simple procedure.
  3. Cheers mate 👍🏻, It’s a L&L body, but came up on a well known Aussie seller’s eBay shop so went with them rather than risk it coming half way around the world. I started with this one.. https://landlmodels.co.uk/collections/rally-car-bodies-190mm-200mm/products/mk1-escort-body-shell-kit-190mm I think there are other liveries available to now. Its on the TT02 chassis (set at 251mm W/B) from my MK2 GT kit, as the TT02R I had originally planned for the Escort got stuck sitting in Belgium for months. So looks like the GT will be upgraded to an R now it’s arrived 😁.
  4. A Bogan Build on Straya’ Day, luv your work mate 🇦🇺😉👍🏻
  5. I’ve woken up to worse @jonboy1…
  6. Well in all honesty @jonboy1, not entirely all that because I don’t have enough hair left for it to brush anyway 😉
  7. I was tempted by this when I saw one. But specs say the Wheelbase is 260mm which could be a problem for fitting Tamiya bodies to.
  8. Window shopping over a cuppa I came across this, https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-1-10-fighting-buggy-2014-ep-car-kit-47304-00063495 If you missed the last run looks like it’s coming round again 😁
  9. I got the M08 a while back, just love the thing. It’s a quality bit of kit. I don’t race (except for the Postal racing if that counts!!) And it puts a smile on the dial every time I take it out.
  10. As I had the Brat and the MB (not suggesting that you buy both) but, if you did it would give you everything you need. Put the Brat on the MB chassis, and the MB body on the Brat chassis for a ‘poor man’s’ Scorcher as they are more affectionately know 😉 All I did for the one in the photo is add the rear body post’s from part tree F #0005439 of a Brat kit to the MB chassis. As pointed out by @KEV THE REV earlier. Those posts are in the box for the other polycarbonate body that also comes in the Brat kit.
  11. Hello @16_Bit_Mr_J Good to see you off to a great start and having fun along the way. Enjoy mate 👍🏻
  12. Apologies to @catman79 for a now photo bombed thread, but I can recommend what your looking at doing its a great looking thing in the flesh 👍🏻
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