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  1. Try OZRC on eBay they had a few TBG bodies not long ago? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143614117260?hash=item217011858c:g:WGUAAOSwaspeywte
  2. Best pal & buddy @yogi-bear mate, some ‘Budweiser’ ‘Mint 400’ ‘KC’ spotlight covers, oh and some MK1 Escort ‘Mexico’ stripes Decals would be great please 😉 No rush 🤣😂
  3. Hot diggity dawg, an expensive T spanner arrived today, but it was the bonus buggy kit Tamiya threw in that swayed me to buy it 😁 Such a relief to see these finally turn up in Australia and as it was my birthday at the time it would have been silly not to. Another added bonus was the 15% off promo code on the day as well, so it’s good to tick the box that has been unchecked for some 36+ years. I can now also stop kicking myself for missing the 2014 run too.
  4. Thanks @Tamiya Fan 1, smiles for sure I couldn’t stop just sitting staring at it on the coffee table last night 😉😁
  5. Thank you @jonboy1 & @Aerobert, a trailer could be some time away!! Need a break after this one. I was thinking along the lines of something like this originally that I see travelling past me on the Highway, I liked the way the cab is a different colour to the mandatory white fridge trailer but the stripes tie it all in as one unit. It would be a bit tricky now though with the paint job I’ve now done. I’d also need an extension on the house to fit it all in 😆
  6. You could always build a 1:1 special mate,
  7. Finished my first Big Rig today so I had a drive around the house of course 😁 These things are pretty amazing 👍🏻
  8. Well Ladies & Gents, without further ado may I present the finished article (for now at least!!) powered up, lit up, and feeling pretty chuffed with this one under my belt. What an experience this has been, it’s had its ups and downs but thankfully all came together better than I could have wished for in the end. I couldn’t get the smile off my face driving around the lounge, happy days 😁
  9. Is this @toyolien’s new scale garage?!?
  10. Cool dash lights 😎, great work, a Grand Hauler could never have to many lights on it.
  11. A little more towards finishing this evening in the way of fitting the aftermarket exhaust stacks, I’ve noticed that some KH’s are missing the top half of their stacks due to them being in two pieces so these nice shiny aluminum one piece ones should stay as they are meant to. Colour coded mirrors also fitted, and I had a few drama’s getting the painted section on the visor right and on the side returns but is OK now. The visor isn’t screwed on yet as the lights aren’t in there yet. A job for tomorrow maybe in the daylight.
  12. Hummm, without seeing the tape marks my guess is the paint hasn’t cured properly? And is that with using Tamiya masking tape? A hairdryer is a good friend between coats too especially if the weather is on the cooler side of warm. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but the paint always seems to be a bit more glossy once it’s had 5-10 mins of a medium heat from the hairdryer on it. I don’t think the Isopropyl alcohol would affect the Tamiya paint with a light touch. It can strip paint if left to soak for 10 minutes or more, but that’s if it’s covered over or in a sealed container as it evaporates very quickly otherwise. I tend to use Dupli-colour most of the time on hard bodies as it’s more accessible, a wider choice of colours and more in a tin.
  13. In hind sight @Tamiya Fan 1 I think actually filling the holes where that chrome trim goes and leaving it off completely would have been better and give it a more modern feel. But to late for that. I hadn’t really allowed for the width of the trim when I added the Metallic black but not to worry now as I’m still pretty chuffed with it. I tend to leave a coat for a minimum of 4 days before masking and adding another colour. But the tape on the inside had been on for weeks and left some residue that came off easily with a wipe of some isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth.
  14. Thanks @Tamiya Fan 1, I was considering colour coding the fuel tanks initially but then the tool boxes might have looked a bit odd without them being fully painted too. And to think that the Voodoo blue only really came about because of the previous hiccup with the paint and having to strip back and start again. Kinda worked out well in the end. Still slow and steady cab trims now fitted along the lower edge...
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