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  1. Got the Calibre sat on its TT01 body prop tonight. It lost its TA02 chassis to a Street Scorcher build and the Fat Fox body is on a TT02R which is one of two TT02 runners I have already, so the TT01 was going spare. Nice to have it looking like a complete car again rather than an empty shell on the shelf.
  2. I can help you out with those Mr @Grumpy pants 👍🏻 more than happy to help keep an SRB going 😉 PM me an address and I’ll stick ‘em in the post.
  3. Racing by Post is getting serious now @Andreas W 😉
  4. Today I’m grateful I don’t suffer from claustrophobia as the hobby room became a bit of a dumping ground recently. I’ve moved more stuff around than I care to remember over the last few months. But as Mr RB put Netflix on for another “Is It Cake!!” Series I’m making do until I clear up a bit to start putting a TT01 chassis together as a body prop for the Calibra. The good news that came for this mess is that I found the other missing Total sticker for the Fat Fox mirror inside the Frog tape container as I used it to tape a bar to the ceiling fan for the pic 😁 bonus.
  5. Fantastic job 👍🏻 I like how you got the ESC behind the driver, very smart. I expect that makes the wires to the motor shorter than if it was under the chassis.
  6. No worries @FWLBP, search Tamiya 19005073. Each sprue will have a front & rear wheel. The 10 nuts and screws from your Hornet wheels will fit them. Enjoy it 👍🏻
  7. You’ll have to wait till it’s in the Sale & Trade section for that 👍🏻
  8. Steady on, next you will be saying you got all those rusty screws out the XV-01 😉
  9. Buggy Champ with the smaller Sand Scorcher etc wheels & tyres, Buggy Champ with its larger wheels & tyres, I do like these particular types of Tamiya wheels 😉
  10. Just chipping in here as I think there may be a little confusion, Buggy Champ tyres won’t fit the Hornet wheels as the centre of the tyre is bigger than the wheel. Hornet (Spikes), Fighting Buggy (Spikes), Grasshopper, Sand Scorcher (Paddles) are all interchangeable. Buggy Champ, Fast Attack Vehicle, & Subaru Brat (more a road block looking tyre) use a slightly bigger wheel. Hope that makes sense. The Buggy Champ wheels with the appropriate tyres will however fit straight on the Hornets axles.
  11. Sounds like the C11 is about to kick off a whole new chapter in your RC career @Ferruz 😎 It sure looks the part out on the track, nice 👍🏻
  12. Can’t help with whether they are fake or not, but I was close to putting some of those in with an aluminium SRB chassis from a USA seller recently. The day after I ordered the chassis the seller offered 5% off the shocks. I bought some similar blue ones elsewhere that look the same claiming they fit a TT02. They where pretty stiff and I bit long so I’ve never used them. But if the ones you have do there intended job that’s all that matters really.
  13. While had the camera going…and trying to convince myself I don’t really need a BBX….
  14. Made a platform out of pallets and Astro turf for a garden wedding reception, then ragged the Turbo Scorpion for a trial run of a potential circuit after the event… My daughter then came out to make a jump 😁
  15. Thinking back to this thread Mr @Juggular while working in my backyard for some wedding reception preparation. Once the big days out the way though 🤔 I could incorporate more up on the top level transversing to concrete and then some kind of rickety passage back down the retaining wall. I don’t have a crawler but I’m seeing all sorts of possibilities for one now as well. I did consider having sand delivered a while ago to do a make shift track but that was when we had a cat so wasn’t a great mix then, cats & sand 😬 Should hopefully get a few laps of some sort in anyway before the termites eat the pallets at the end 😂
  16. There is another one on YT but a can’t find it at the mo, but….
  17. Another fantastic addition to an ever growing enviable custom collection 👍🏻 Hope the weather turns soon in your favour so you can enjoy it to the fullest all over again.
  18. Dang those Camaro’s look good. It would be interesting to hear what you think of it compared to a TT02 😉
  19. Very smart 👌🏻 Excellent job.
  20. Thanks @BuggyDad, I’d intended to just paint it red like a 1:1 I had but glad I didn’t in the end. MK1 Escort’s are one of my favourite cars.
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