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  1. we really appreciate your help everyone, but it still hasn't worked. i will call the shop in the morning, this is what they suggested; 'Hi there, is the steering working? If the steering is working then the handset is bound to the receiver.Assuming the tamiya speed controller is plugged into channel one on the receiver and you are not using the orange motor lead from the speed controller then this sounds like it might be a faulty speed controller.May we suggest you give us a call and we can see if we can sort this for you. i will report back. thanks
  2. so we get to step 10 but the receiver does not stop flashing, i'm starting to think that the receiver has broken? maybe it got wet.
  3. i have tried binding for a few minutes, with both ways of putting the wires in the receiver, its still flashing and beeping....
  4. do i have to hold the bind button down for a few mins or just press once?
  5. ahhh, the receiver is still flashing red, the esc is still flashing green and beeping, the car is still not responding we tried re setting to the AFHDS2A system and it was already on the right system ......
  6. it is possible that we have accidentally changed something, my children tend to press buttons whenever they see them...
  7. thank you, how do we know if the binding was successful? any way we will try this in the morning. do we have to do this in the same way as we did the binding with the binding key in the receiver. or do we leave the wires in the receiver as they should be for normal use? Thank you very much for trying to help
  8. i think green flashing just means it is in brushed mode, which is correct.
  9. i have unstuck the esc from its position and can now see that it is flashing green , (it wasn't possible to see this before). The receiver is still flashing red. and there is still a beeping sound and no movement. ( apart from a short twitch of the front wheels as the car switch is turned on.) so nothing has changed i'm just trying to add more detail. on the esc trouble shooting instructions page there is no category for green flashing... ?
  10. so.. we used this video to try re binding but it has made no difference ..... ?
  11. thank you, i'm going to try rebinding ... will let you know
  12. The esc came with the car kit, it is called Tamiya TBLE-02S, i dont know if it has a bec , i cant see it mentioned in the instructions .... the receiver doesnt look fried from the outside...
  13. hi, the battery has been charged again over night, and we still have flashing and beeping and no movement, any more ideas? thank you
  14. no manual for the receiver it came with the transmitter no instructions. the receiver is called flysky fs a3. batteries are not flat on the transmitter. ...
  15. hi, it is the receiver that is flashing not the speed controller, the instructions for the Esc give various set up instructions, high point set up, neutral break set up, brake set up, reverse setup, low voltage protection setup, motor mode setup, .... do i have to do any of these? from the trouble shooting page, it suggests ' low voltage protection function activated . recharge battery.' so i could try this again although it has been charged , i don't know what else to try... thanks
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