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  1. Am I right in thinking the Bigwig uses a 0.8 mod pinion?
  2. My Trigger’s Broom MB was starting to become unreliable with the 30 year old receiver not wanting to play with the more modern ESC, so this afternoon I converted to 2.4 with an additional Flysky receiver and at the same time popped in a decent Savox servo. Unsurprisingly the steering is now a world apart from the original Acoms servo that was still soldiering on. The new receiver is so small and light that I chose to pop it on top of the old Acoms one which was left in for the nostalgia and it actually makes an ideal mount! I’ve also decided to leave the old aerial in place for a classic look.
  3. There’s a guy on UK eBay selling what appears to be the fake sport tuned motors as well - £19.99 with free postage.
  4. Should have said I’m using 3300 Nimh batteries.
  5. I’ve just finished a comical Frog for, ahem, my daughter who loves all things pink. Really pleased with how it turned out, and it’s the first modern Tamiya I have built (after an original MB, a re-re Hornet and a CW01 Unimog). The difference in materials and the way it goes together is noticeable. All I would say is that I thought it would be a bit closer in speed to my Hornet. Both are standard apart from ball races throughout, and the Hornet is a fair bit faster. I guess it’s a bit lighter but even so... I have a new Flysky GT3C transmitter so need to make sure I’m not somehow holding it back on a setting on that. Otherwise I really like the way it goes and handles - lots of fun. Can anyone comment on the speed out of the box with theirs? I may have to pop a Sport-Tuned motor in there earlier than I thought, and then use the end point adjustment to bring the speed back down for the kids. Anyway, pics:
  6. Spent far too long painting this - definitely longer than it will take to build the vehicle! Going in the Comical Frog.
  7. Flysky GT3C transmitter - took 6 weeks to arrive from China and the box has taken a bit of a battering as it was basically just wrapped in a thin plastic bag. Fortunately the contents was perfectly fine! The transmitter looks really good for the price - £40 delivered by slow boat..
  8. As usual, bought for my kids (in particular my daughter this time, who loves pink) but I’m already feeling upset at the thought of them crashing it!
  9. I’ve still got the spotlights to do. Haven’t decided on using the covers or not yet.
  10. I’m waiting for a new Flysky GT3C transmitter and some receivers from China, so thought I would switch the build around of my new comical Frog to doing the shell first. Now that I’ve got to grips with the waterslide method of adding decals I’m pretty chuffed with the result. Basically box art, with the exception of some additional pink on the sides of the wing and choosing not to use the large red ‘Tamiya Racing’ decal on the front end. I think the font used fights with everything else and it’s a bit too large for the space. Went with the brilliant Frog decal instead and left the roof a bit cleaner.
  11. It was an HPI Racing Plazma 3300 from Modelsport
  12. Nice box from Modelsport: Comical Frog, which they currently have on for £109 along with Savox servo, bearings and paint for it. 8.4v battery, paint and steel 16t pinion for an upcoming Bigwig build.
  13. Well that took me longer than anticipated to get it painted Finished the shell over the last couple of days - metallic blue backed with silver really pops in the sunshine.
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