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  1. 3D printed Transmission brace from Shapeways/Ampro Engineering - simpler and as effective as the 5th shock mod, cheap and very easy to fit. They also make neat front chassis braces. Tyre foams before glueing the rims!
  2. Thanks Juggular. We took it out for a shakedown run yesterday and it went well, definitely fast enough for the time being with perhaps a sport-tuned motor down the line. On cleaning up and checking it over afterwards I saw that the little ball joints had unwound and very nearly detached their nuts (and themselves) from the servo saver - I was probably a minute or two away from losing the steering completely! I’ve nipped them back up with threadlock on now, but will look out to see if it happens again. Good fun though; very different to my original/upgraded Monster Beetle and re-re Hornet. I am planning on putting some foam in the tyres and then glueing them and that should really show what the suspension is up to with the other upgrades.
  3. I wouldn’t be so bold as to call this a ‘build’ as I’ve pretty much just screwed it together out of the box over the past few days, along with a few basic upgrades as I went along. But I think it looks nice just finished so thought I would bung a few pictures up before my 6 year old gets his hands on it! Like a lot of people ive always loved the original Unimog shape, and my wife’s Dad ran one on their farm years ago so there’s a tenuous link there too.. Choice seemed fairly limited when I bought the kit last year but I’m happy with the green that it came already painted in. It all went together without any issues. I added bearings throughout, the Ampro transmission brace in fetching orange, Absima oil shocks (heard mixed reports about these, but they seem fine at the moment - we’ll see) and made a front strut brace from 3mm rod and some of the left over rear suspension mounting points. The hardest part was probably the decals! They mostly went on ok; very fiddly of course - especially around the windows- and I wish I could have another go at the headlights which are quite wrinkled. I’m still running the silver can motor and 3300 Ni-mh batteries which is plenty for using it with my kids. Anyway:
  4. I’ve just fitted one of these to my Hornet, and went for the version with the properly retained battery door. Very nicely made and easy to fit. Certainly stops the slap sound and I think improves the bouncing on uneven surfaces slightly. And of course the battery will never fall out again!
  5. Yes to the 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ above, and of course being biased, the E28 M5:
  6. Added some more decals to my recently finished Kamtec basher shell, and also rebuilt my Hornet into a new chassis after my son snapped the chassis/suspension leg after 10 mins (from new)!
  7. If you’re planning to upgrade the motor (even to just a Sport Tuned) you will need the MIP diff.
  8. At the moment they’re superglued and then wrapped with some very strong black tape. I’m not anticipating any problems as it won’t be doing anything too harsh tbh.
  9. Maybe just needs a race number on each door?
  10. Ha ha yes! Popped a few decals on:
  11. This afternoon I masked off and painted up a new basher shell for my recently resurrected and now slightly modified (ESC, sport-tuned motor, MIP ball diff etc.) vintage Monster Beetle. When it first arrived from Kamtec I was slightly disappointed at the lack of detail so decided to go for a simple but bright colour scheme to distract from it. It’s Tamiya Bright Red over gold and silver which gives a subtle metallic fleck, and I messed about with a bit of masking for the stripes and the bonnet detail. All said and done I’m quite pleased with the outcome. The inside is very bling! I’m going to add a few stickers shortly which will appeal to my 5 year old son, who was the reason for digging it out of the loft and fixing it up.
  12. That is the problem identified with using the polycarbonate Brat body on the MB - due to the height of the front suspension mounts (and consequently the standard front body mount on the MB), the longer re-re Brat rear body mounts are still too short. However, this afternoon I solved it by chopping the top 20mm off the longer Brat polycarbonate F part mounts and bonding them to original Blackfoot rear body mounts (that are fortunately included with the MB kit!). The overall height is now correct to my eye: I’m looking forward to getting it painted - will update here when it’s done.
  13. I bought one a few years ago although it’s looking a bit tired now! They are hugely more detailed than the Kamtec Sand Scorcher shells and better quality lexan.
  14. Those are the F parts mentioned, which are too short to use on the Monster Beetle.
  15. I’ve just realised I have some Blackfoot rear mounts - they’re about 20mm taller than the Brat F parts and should do the job nicely.
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