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  1. Well Fellas, Cant thank you all enough for all the help, it was the ESC at fault, replaced it this morning and it all now works and the kids are now trashing it Many thanks Steve
  2. Yeah its across the red and black. I've got the standard charger that came with the kit (Slow i assume) just checked the battery and its at 7.8V
  3. 6V? ive only got 1V, im not electrically inclined so ive attached a pic
  4. Thanks Backlash, Had a read and i'm not even getting a red light on receiver or any twitching of the servo im going to see if i can get a proven receiver i think
  5. Sorry for the delay in responding I have borrowed a multi-meter and the ESC is sending out power, i have a green flashing light on the ESC Is your 7.2 volt battery fully charged? It isAre the batteries in the transmitter / hand control new? Everything is newAre you turning the hand control on first and the car on second? Just tried it this way around and its still the sameHave you got the switch on the ESC turned on? Have you tried it in both the on and off positions (maybe the label got switched around?) it is on, i have a green flashing light (i assume this means its on)After you bound the hand control to the receiver, did you remove the bind plug before testing the ESC, receiver and servo? Have not been able to find out the binding status of the hand control and receiverAre you connecting to the blue and yellow wires from the ESC to the green and yellow wires on the motor? I haven't connected the motor yetCarefully remove the ESC plug from the receiver, and check that you can see all 3 pins in channel 2 on the receiver.. All the pins are all present I am beginning to think its the receiver not working
  6. Lentner, Thanks for the help, however, when all connected up i don't get anything from the servo when power is applied. Annoyingly i dont have a multimeter handy
  7. We had it all built and connected assuming it would be plug and play but nothing, i removed it all from the chassis for diagnosis
  8. no LED when its plugged into any of the ports
  9. Afternoon all, For xmas my kids got a Grasshopper kit, its all built but now we are having issue with the receiver/speed controller, i've configured the ESC for a brushed motor but i am unable to get it to connect to the receiver. I've tried binding it but im not getting the red LED (im a complete novice when it comes to this) and now at a loss Many Thanks Steve http:// upload photoes
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