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  1. Nope, it's a home made in my garage from plans in a model boat magazine Made it years ago, maybe 25 years ago (?), and have recently dug it out from my mum's house. Been having a play to try and get it running a bit better. I posted about it a few pages ago in this thread.
  2. Non tamiya (and technically I did it yesterday) but made a new rudder for the hydrofoil and fitted a new prop shaft, this time in line with the centre of the hull. Hopefully it will be controllable like this.
  3. I've got a battery charged so might go and bash the Top Force as a break from gardening tomorrow. Apart from that I've ordered a new prop shaft and some brass sheet too make a new rudder for the hydrofoil that I'm re-commissioning. They won't be here until mid week though.
  4. Change of heart, I'm keeping this for now...
  5. I've just had another play with this, moved the battery forward for better balance, and put in my Gool RC brushless motor and changed the prop to the biggest that will fit without hitting the rudder. Conclusions are that it likes flat water, doesn't like wind, won't steer and if you hit the throttle from a standstill it will launch itself into the air When it gets up on its foils it really shifts though and looks good. I thought I was done with it this time but I'm going to re-align the prop shaft and make a new rudder and give it one last shot. The sea isn't the best place to use it, I had to paddle over the top of my wellies when the prop shaft seized because I hadn't done the lock nuts up tight enough and it unwound the one behind the prop and jammed it up against the end of the tube.
  6. After only a recent resurgence into the hobby I concur. I've got a Turnigy Trackstar sensored setup in my Top Force and it's A LOT smoother than my Gool RC unsensored set up in the Baja Champ. Especially under light throttle and from a standstill.
  7. The core battery is a perfect fit, smaller than my NiMHs. But it's not cheap for the spec, I guess you're paying a premium for the "convenience" of it being standard size. I've got a couple of Turnigy batteries that are supposed to be standard stick packs but are slightly bigger and don't fit the TL01, I use them in my Top Force but had to tweak the battery mount slightly. But... They were half the price of the Core, 200mah higher capacity and higher C rating.
  8. Yep this is the one I use https://www.modelsport.co.uk/core-rc-4000mahr-7-4v-30-60c-2s-lipo/rc-car-products/388538
  9. Infact there's a thread here that I've bookmarked previously https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/68361-converting-old-transmitters-to-24ghz-using-hack-modules/
  10. Cool. Got a link? I used to have a yellow and blue one that I ran my TF with. Looked just like this. Next time I'm at my mum's I'll try and dig up some photos.
  11. I'd be interested to see if you manage this. I've seen these kinds of modules https://www.t9hobbysport.com/rc-gear/frsky-tx-modules and have an Acoms Techniplus like this
  12. I've got the same issue, bought some cheap ones off eBay and struggled to get them to clamp. Squeezed them with some long nose pliers as I did them up and they hold ok now. Was a bit fiddly though.
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