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  1. Personally, I would just go with waterproof electronics (servo, ESC & receiver). It will just be easier in the end, but maybe a little more expensive to start.
  2. I think you have 3 main options: Buy waterproof electronics Buy waterproof boxes for electronics. This will require some custom work as most of those are for boats or Traxxas rc's. Find/buy the waterproof rubber balloons you mentioned I don't find that the rubber balloon type approach is used as much these days. It seems most go with the first two.
  3. You can't really look at Tamiya off-road buggies for performance. If performance is your goal, there are plenty of better more modern brands out there. On-road, Tamiya is still doing well. The Re-Re Super Astute isn't going to win any races with modern buggies but that's not what I bought one.. I just like the look of the older buggies and I'm a bigger fan of 2wd buggies.
  4. I had a Fox back in the day. I really wanted a Hotshot back then, but the Hotshot was just too expensive at the time and heck, I was a youngster. That being said, while I wanted to have a Fox again; I used this opportunity to get what I couldn't get as a youngster and did a Re-Re Hotshot. It looks better sitting than it drives, but it's still a fun vehicle. The Fox (NovaFox) is probably the better runner, but you'll always wish you had a Hotshot if you don't get it.
  5. Well, it was designed in the early 90's where loose dirt racing was the thing. Those cars did require more ground clearance than the cars racing today on packed dirt or clay.
  6. The OP created a duplicate thread and posted he solved it:
  7. Can you take a photo? I don't recall any issues there but it's been quite a while since I built mine. FWIW, they are pretty stout. Not a lot of maintenance required.
  8. What electronics are you using (ESC, servo, motor, battery)?
  9. I'm using a Sport Tuned motor with a NiMH battery on mine. I did bearings during assembly and have been very pleased with it.
  10. I don't think there is a buggy Tamiya has that pearl white wouldn't look good on.
  11. I have a metallic orange Zahhak just for color reference. Hard to see the metallic part in a potato phone photo but it looks good in person. When I run it at my local track, everyone is always asking about it. I still have my re-re Super Astute to build and will likely go with an ivory/metallic type white.
  12. Go with your heart. If you are trying to make a logical decision, that would be to put that money somewhere else. If the Top Cat has your eye, go for it! If the Super Astute has your eye, go for that one. I don't think you'll go wrong with following your heart. Both of them, being re-re's will have some limitations based on their design age.
  13. Whatever you get, I would just treat it as disposable (i.e. expect to buy 2-3 of them as they will likely get dropped more than a few times). Get the cheapest thing that will get the job done. As your child gets older and if he/she wants to continue in R/C, you can pick up something more permanent.
  14. I don't personally use them, but a lot of people like Flysky for inexpensive R/C radio gear.
  15. There is some play in the kit. It doesn't affect anything once assembled.
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