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  1. I would say 4wd which will give you more versatility of surfaces. That being said, Arrma and Team Associated also have competing RTR products to the Slash. I've heard mixed things about the Slash but it's mainly around QA. Also, Losi is a little higher, but also has a RTR product similar to the Slash to consider.
  2. Well, you did mention that everything worked fine when you tested "Until I tired a TEU-101 with extra BEC line. This is stable with all servos and throttle is precise." There is a reason most modern ESC's have internal BEC's.
  3. You should be able to use external BEC's where your servos can't take 7.4V (or spend the money on ESC's that have at least 5 amps for it's internal BEC).
  4. I use the newer Spektrum gear, but my understanding from reading older complaints on forums is that the older Spektrum products were glitchy and required Glitch Busters or external BEC's.
  5. I'm not a huge collector, but there are a handful of Tamiya vehicles I would buy immediately if they were re-released. Bear Hawk Original Audi Quattro Rally Nissan R91CP (Group C)
  6. I've had mind for a little over 2 years now going on 3. I've had no issues with it's functions up to this point. Although I should do a better job at keeping my tips clean. I'm using the following tips and so far have been very happy: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CTLZBHQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. There are several out there... I do not believe you have to have a name brand for something as simple as a soldering iron. However, I would recommend that you seek one which can reach 482C/900F. While most soldering for 1/10th scale or smaller won't needs that high of a temp, it will help if you go 1/8th or others. The other part is the tips. Most solder stations come with a single tip. You'll want to purchase a set of tips to use with the station. This is the one I purchased: https://xtronicusa.com/X-Tronic-Model-3020-XTS-LED-Display-Soldering-Station-p74220205
  8. Related, anyone have a good source for GB-01 bodies? I'm thinking about picking up the Tamtech GB-01 chassis. I've seen one or two bodies available, but curious if anyone has a source for more of them (specifically hoping for a Frog body).
  9. Yes, the technique won't be different.
  10. I'm using one of these on my Hotshot Re-Re: https://www.rcplanet.com/venom-drive-7-2v-4600mah-nimh-battery-with-uni-2-0-plug-vnr1547/
  11. Check out Hobbywing. They have some inexpensive options which are good value for the money (and they have good support as well).
  12. I've seen the Hotshot in many different colors over the year. Honestly, there are very few colors that don't flatter the Hotshot. It's hard to go wrong. For me, I had dreamed of the red Hotshot box art every since I was a youngster and couldn't afford one. When it was my time to get a re-re, it had to be close to the box art.
  13. My 2 cents... The Re-Re Hotshot is very durable, however not the most nimble vehicle to control. If the main use of the vehicle will be for an astro turf track, I would recommend buying a used carpet buggy. The dedicated racers are always selling off their "last year model" cars which you can pick up very inexpensively.
  14. I assume you have figured it out, but just in case. For Lipo charging, the amps are the important part. If you have a 4000mah battery, you want to charge at mah / 1000 = charge amps for 1C. So 4000 / 1000 = 4 amps for charging at 1C.
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