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  1. Saw this on YT: https://youtube.com/watch?v=UjoVVUHcerw&si=HempEAFuzhWGTgEl
  2. My BBX arrived 2 days ago, not from Tower. I have a backlog of models to build so this will likely sit until the holiday season at the end of the year.
  3. I have a feeling none of those Tower pre-orders are going to get fulfilled.
  4. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/jc-racing-products-kyosho-optima-pepper-pot-silver-4--440403
  5. I wouldn't say it was a useful reason: Thank you for your recent order at TowerHobbies.com (Order #). Due to a recent systems migration and one-time system error, we are no longer able to process your credit card and ship your order. Unfortunately, this will require us to cancel your order.
  6. Just got an email from Tower that my pre-order was canceled. They will likely not be getting my money going forward.
  7. I did my pre-order on Tower on Feb 12th. Since they combined accounts with Horizon, I do not see my order under my account but it does work using the order#, email address, and billing zip code (although still says backorder). Are you sure you are using the same zip code as when you placed the order (i.e. you didn't move since)?
  8. If you haven't painted your Zahhak yet, I did a metallic orange on my Zahhak. I didn't use box art stickers (the dragon bits that is). It gets a lot of compliments when I run it at my local track.
  9. XV01 should be fine. Actually, anything but stock should be fine. That was one of the few things that broke on me at the track.
  10. I didn't see it in your parts above. I would recommend getting: RC TRF201 ALUM REAR UPRIGHT - 54246 Also, depending on what gearing you use, you may need to use a different gear cover (as you might need to widen the standard motor opening). When you do that, the Tamiya cover won't fit. You can use: Team Associated 7460 B4/T4 Molded Gear Cover
  11. If both sides aren't "sensored" and connected with a sensor wire, then the system will behaved as sensorless. Cogging is an issue with sensorless.
  12. Forgot you might be limited on the Spektrum protocol. Savox is known for pulling a lot of amps. Most sites have a warning on their servos about the amount of amp draw they have. Typically it's assumed with those servos you will need 5A internal BEC with the ESC to avoid issues. They do have some servos which don't pull as much power. I'm using one of those in my Hotshot and it works just fine with TBLE-02S. I used the SR6000T receiver in that one. I do have a ESC with a 3.7A internal BEC that is in my XRAY XB4. It's using Protek 106T with a SR215 receiver. I would think that any ESC with an internal BEC of 3A would be fine unless being paired with one of the "problem" Savox servos. Granted, there might be other servos out there which pull just as many amps but Savox is the one I've seen the most complaints around.
  13. I haven't use a SR210 before.. I do have some of the older SR2000's that are in use with brushless/Lipo setups. However, as mentioned my ESC's have a 5A internal BEC. I also have some of the newer receivers SR215's which Spektrum have mentioned address some of the older issues of glitching. Having said that, I think the main two options are using an ESC with a higher rated internal BEC or trying their newer receivers. The newer receivers are relatively cheap so it wouldn't cost a lot to try one out. As for the ESC, unless you are running Savox servos, I don't think you'll need 5A for the internal BEC. 3A should work. Personally, if possible, I would try on of their new receivers. They remove the hassle of keeping a bind plug around.
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