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  1. Mahjik

    Lipo soldering

    I've never attempted to move the wires. However, I will say, if you accidentally get any solder to bridge between the positive and negative connections on accident, there will be a loud pop and the battery will be destroyed (I destroyed a battery changing connectors). You have to make sure to not let the warmed up solder run where it shouldn't go since it looks like the positive wire is underneath (from that angle).
  2. Mahjik

    the steering on my tt02 is screwed

    You just likely need to get the alignment at least equal left and right. You don't need a setup station for this. You can do this with basic dial calipers that you can purchase from your local hardware store for about $15 USD. Just work on getting the left and right sides equal to start with, then you can adjust to start getting the vehicle to drive straight.
  3. Mahjik

    paint opinions

    This may be the look you are after:
  4. Mahjik

    Hotshot drive shaft dropping out

    Add either some small rubber or springs from a pen on both sides. It will help keep the shaft in a 'center' position.
  5. Mahjik

    Vintage Hot Shot restoration Help.

    While I understand the desire to have a period correct motor, if all you are looking for is black/red wiring with a silver can, why not just change the wiring color to whatever you want? i.e. unsolder yellow/green and solder red/black...
  6. Mahjik

    favorite wet-weather model?

    That's my goal. In my area, we get rain, snow, etc... I'm looking to grab a scale crawler for the rainy and winter months.
  7. Mahjik

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I haven't built mine yet, but I took quick measurements of the battery location and found several Lipo's that will fit. Also, there is a member in this thread that mounted a Lipo in his... With the older cars (and re-releases are just older cars re-released), you can't just try to fit any battery into them..
  8. Mahjik

    Racing a Novafox - what's necessary?

    Are you allowed to do wheel adapters? If so, that would probably give you some more options for tires.
  9. That looks like fun!
  10. Usually if you can comply with their tire and motor rules, the rest is just for those at the top of the charts.
  11. Mahjik

    Painting translucent colours

    The other thing to note is that it takes a few light coats (3-4) to even things out with the translucent colors. However, what really evens it out is your backing color. As long as the areas are not wildly different with translucent color, the backing color will even it out.
  12. From what I've seen/read, most clubs and/or tracks have their own rules so it's best asking the track these questions. For the most part, no one cares as long as you aren't winning. If you are winning, then they want to check for legality of the car. If you aren't winning, they are just happy to fill the grids for local club racing.
  13. Mahjik

    Conditioning Old Rubber

    I've read, but never tried, that using WD-40 can recondition/soften old hardened tires. Someone mentioned to get them clean of dirt, then spray them with WD-4o (completely coating them), then immediately putting them in a ziplock bag for at least 24 hours out of sun light.
  14. Mahjik

    Opinions please.

    I've never driven a XV01, but they seem pretty skiddish on videos probably by design. My vote would be tor the DN01.
  15. Mahjik

    Tyres / wheels

    Yep. Saw Super Saber only.... I'm not sure those wheel will match much if anything today. Just looking at the pictures, it looks like tires that worked on the older Losi Mini-T (even though the model is smaller) would fit but those are hard to come by. You might see if anything for the current Losi 1/14 scale cars could fit (or see if you could do a wheel conversion which would be better if possible).