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  1. Hi All, some help needed please. I have recently been enjoying running the recent Tyrell 6 wheeler, very different to the M05. However one problem it has is it can occasionally turn itself off while racing as the switch is hanging low and can catch the ground. So first thing is to file that down. However due to this problem i recently smashed the car pretty badly and broke both the lower and upper arm plates and some bolts as well. I cannot seem to find spares for these anywhere. I am UK based, can you guys help me out and advise me on where to look? Also i have gone to the back of the instructions and duly noted down the part numbers, but those numbers seem to be different to the parts numbers websites use. Am i doing something wrong there?
  2. That’s what the pitch is about, thanks for demistifying the pinion!
  3. Just need some help and advice. The 18 tooth pinion has gone all pointy and looks worn. I need a new one but think steel would be better. I run a super stock BZ as the engine. Where do I get a steel pinion from and how do I know it has the right angle to it. All seems a little mystifying to me
  4. But could it be 2 servos in a row? Also it’s weird that it slowly resets itself.
  5. I have an M05 that I race on tarmac with a friend. What’s odd is if the car takes a knock the steering seems switch 5 or 6 adjustments to either the left or the right. Sometimes up to 15 or 16. It then seems to reset after a few laps nd settle down. Is this a servo thing? I have switched servos and still get the problem. Thoughts from anyone would be appreciated
  6. Ignore my last question, I had a senior moment.....
  7. Thanks all. Puzzled on the instructions to fit the rear wheels. Is number 26 on the instruction for the left wheel and then 27 and 28 for the right rear? Not sure which side the thrust bearing should go on I guess I use a wheel hub on both sides even though it does not say to do so? Is it me or has Tamiya let themselves down for once on the instructions?
  8. I am in the middle of building the Tyrell p34. As a kid it always caught my imagination and recently I have had incredible fun racing M05’s with a friend on a tarmac race course. Now I have an excuse to try this, but just wanted to know mostly about suspension settings, tyres and motors. The suspension and damping is unusual for me. The friction damper instructions say to put a little damper oil on them which to me makes them frictionless! Do I need to tighten it much or does it really make a difference? The model I had came with foam tyres which feel very grippy, advice on if there is better out there! Also it has a torque tuned and I will certainly get used to the car first with that but I assume it is worth upgrading in time. Lastly is the pinion, I assume we can increase this for higher top speed? The course I race on is for up to 1/5 so it is relatively quick for this vehicle. Thoughts and advice always welcome.
  9. Thanks for the info, mine has foam tyres which feel super grippy. Is there better tyres out there? Also can I fit large4 pinions? Any advice or pointers to other posts would be appreciated. But on the course I use top speed is a bonus
  10. I have just purchased one but read in a 2009 post fitting the batteries is tough. Has this problem now been solved? I was told not to put a Lipo in as the car runs better with additional weight in it for traction
  11. I will check the spacers. It has to be something silly that my brother and me have missed. The gearbox is clean as you like.
  12. When I turn one the other doesn’t move or moves slightly. But I can easily stop it with no problems. If I turn both at the same time in the same direction it’s easy on all my other cars there is a force you need to overcome. (The engine) I will take a further look tonight and see what I can find
  13. I will double check tonight as I have missed bits out in the past. But I did a double check last night and all seemed present and correct. I will try to get some pics tonight
  14. Hi all, this is an unusual one. My brother has given me his Bigwig to try to fix. It has a similar engine and speed controller to my boomerang but is much slower. It was quick but recently regardless of the motor it is slow. The only thing I can se that’s odd is the front gearbox. What I noticed is that when I turned one wheel the other wheel did not turn the opposite direction. When opening it up the only thing I can see is that the two bevel gears are not meshing with the three dif gears as well as they should. However there is no wear, the gearbox is clean and I don’t seem to be missing anything that might cause this. To all intents and purposes it is in good order. Anyone else ever had this problem? I am stuck on what to do
  15. Superba


    I have a Konghead and bought a Y servo lead and it worked fine. Remember the wheels at the rear need to turn opposite to the ones at the front anyways. This was with a simple 2 channel transmitter
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