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  1. DOH! Wow. I call those "Whats that all about then? moments"
  2. I've used a lightly damp, fine nap microfiber to clean trading cards with great success. Cards that I've purchased at a lower grade because of "wear" (turned out to be grime) that I swear I've increased a grade with careful cleaning. The first time I tried it, I was amazed at how much grime the microfiber captured off a little trading card.
  3. I'll add that I have used an automotive product with good results. No bash test on how well it does repelling mud/grime thought. It does make old plastic shine like new with no tacky residue.
  4. Anyone use a spray-on protectant for their runners, bashers, or even shelf queens? I'm seeing more and more RC specific products out there (who said RC is dead???). Lots of snake-oily claims. I'm guessing the majority of them are silicone based sprays. RC specific examples:
  5. I've been slowly but surely finding parts for my 5.2R. Though prices seem to fluctuate wildly. I went a little crazy on Tamiya USA's site because they still had a lot of stock. Picked up an unpainted body for $9.99. Also got two of the beveled ring and pinion hop-ups. The shock seals and o rings I found at Fusion Hobbies and they should be on their way. Still lacking 1 differential gear set and I need a gas tank, fuel lines and a filter. The original gas tank is lacking the primer pump. I'm slowly becoming an expert on all the TGM chassis and parts interchangeability Ever seen these in the wild? Would love to find a set. Also the TNX Pro? shocks. I think they are Pro Line.
  6. Which TNX? I'm currently working on a TNX 5.2R (43530) I picked up used and can't wait to get it fired up. Sourcing parts has been a bit of a treasure hunt. There's also a TNX 3.0. Haven't seen a NIB example in a long time so congratulations!
  7. I haven't tried it, but maybe Flex Seal Spray? www.flexsealproducts.com
  8. Juggernut

    TNX 5.2R

    Slow progress on the disassembly. I ordered the wrong shock O rings. Too small. Looks like I needed 9804362 The manual doesn't help much for certain specific part numbers unless you're looking for the parts bag. I'm also going to need new oil seals (9804347) as one looks a bit deformed. I'm electing not to take the pistons off the shafts for cleaning unless someone gives good reason to do so? The pistons look fine.
  9. I lost my dad years ago as well. Me and my dad bonded over playing golf and I regret letting go of his clubs. Every so often I wish I had one of his drivers to go out and hit a ball with.
  10. My shelf-queen Scorpion. Was a joy putting together.
  11. I'm late to the party, but I recommend Games Workshop paint system for faces. I've had good results with their base/shades/layers. I'd consider myself to be fair-middling in the painting arena but this stuff helps me pass as decent. https://citadelcolour.com/#techniques
  12. Juggernut

    TNX 5.2R

    Yes! I've been referring to that and another post of yours on your techniques! That's what I love about forums like this. The knowledge sharing. It looks very clean. The previous owner claimed he oiled it after each run and I've found nothing to indicate otherwise. I've been hesitant on doing a complete tear-down. Thanks thanks and thanks! Exactly the info I'm looking for!
  13. Juggernut

    TNX 5.2R

    Slow progress but I'm getting things disassembled for cleaning and re-greasing. I'm finding more rust than I was expecting - on the shafts, cups, bearings, and pivot balls. And a small metal shaving inside the diff housing (the pick is pointing at it). One of the diff gears is a little damaged.
  14. Now that is cool! And very expensive!
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