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  1. Juggernut

    Your Man Cave

    This is good stuff. I'm in the process of getting my own Fortress of Solitude in order. Moved into the house about 2.5 years ago and just now getting to re-purpose a vacated room in the basement (daughter moved out). I'll try to add some pics this weekend. @Re-Bugged Is that a Kyosho Javelin on your work bench? Also, you can learn a lot about a person by looking at the books they read As far as work benches, I upgraded from a standard desk to one of these and never looked back: Picked mine up from Harbor Freight for $80. Painted the peg board grey and added a brighter strip light.
  2. Juggernut

    Tariff 301 Information

    The consequence of central planning with regards to tariffs, taxes, and price controls is consumer pain and businesses going out of business. But yeah, get it while you can and don't feed the beast if you can help it.
  3. Juggernut

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Better dispose of that dead elk before the neighbors complain.
  4. Juggernut

    New Tamiya CC01 coming...

    I like it a lot. Will go nicely with my Bruiser re re.
  5. Juggernut

    Do you use a magnetic work mat?

    I've found that no matter how hard I try, I'm an utter failure in that respect. Maybe I'm trying too hard
  6. You're driving on the wrong side of the road!!!!
  7. As the topic suggests, anyone on here use a magnetic work mat? I'm tired of searching the floor for small screws and other bits that roll off my bench and want one. Only ones I can find are those offered by CowRC and they're a bit pricey. I don't mind paying for quality tools, but if there are cheaper alternatives, I'm all ears. This is what I'm considering:
  8. Juggernut

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    So how do you shine it back up after the dusty run?
  9. Just my 2 cents, but if that temporarily quiets the noise, the system may be getting air in it which would indicate a leak somewhere. I had a similar problem with my wife's Honda Pilot. A line was leaking and pretty visible. If the leak is at the rack, in some cases the leak can be concealed/contained by the dust boots.
  10. Juggernut

    Basher Buggy/Truck - maybe Traxxas or similar

    I've been researching quality bashers and have decided my next one will be a Tekno MT410 (previous was an E-Maxx). My prerequisites were it had to be in kit form and it had to be durable. The MT410 fit the bill in spades for me.
  11. Juggernut

    Must have Kyosho?

    I was in the same boat but figured I'd give one a go. I knew of Kyosho back in the 80's but they were just not readily available where I lived. My first was the re re Scorpion. Was a great build so I preceded to buy a Tomahawk and Optima. Both are still in the box waiting and I'm looking forward to building them. Quality-wise, I have to give the Kyosho kits the nod. Pretty much all high quality aluminum and hex head fasteners. Instructions are nicely put together and are easy to follow. You should give one a shot. You won't regret it. You can pick up an Optima re re from AMain right now for $265 shipped. That's not far off from a MAP priced Monster Beetle and the two kits are light years apart in what you get.
  12. Juggernut

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    That's also non-MAP if you are plan on purchasing it from a US online distributor. My guess is tack on an additional 20% to 30% for the MAP. I'm also guessing US online distributors are not likely to import them as I have yet to see any new (post-MAP) Tamiya offerings from the ones I usually shop.
  13. Juggernut

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    They are stroppy because they were out-gamed
  14. Juggernut

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Or marketers are tapping into some primordial human trait that compels us to desire the best or most elite object.
  15. Juggernut

    Have all the Re-Re’s been announced?

    Is there an official announcement or does a vendor have them in stock?