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  1. Jugglar, sorry just seen your post ... brilliant thank you
  2. Wolf, viper is great thank you and thanks for the advice. Wooders, great informative articule thank you I’ll digest that over a few reads.
  3. Oh so many questions.... 1. ESC jumper ? What’s that ? 2. Balance charge ? Balance store ? 3. So you would stop using them ? Why ? Sorry
  4. Hobbywing quick run 1060s in both
  5. I’ve just bought two lipos and charger (see attached photo) and am going to chuck them in my madbull and my sand viper is there anything I should know/do before I try this ? Sorry for the question but bring old school I’ve never used lipos before.
  6. Thanks twinset Oh ****** .... they have the cr01 bag I need ... so I gave them a punt ... best I keep an eye on my bank account!!
  7. Yes think you may be correct ... I thought Canadian Dollars was CAD tho ? Anyone think it looks dodgy ?
  8. https://www.sesjamalls.top/advanced_search_result.html?search_in_description=1&keyword=Tamiya&inc_subcat=0&sort=20a&page=10 anyone know where they are please ?
  9. Is this built or still in parts please ? I know you say nib but is that nib in parts ? Thank you
  10. Andy many thanks unfortunately I don’t have the original parts I’ll look into what I need to buy to follow the instructions.
  11. Just saw this as I was posting mine above .... that looks doable thank you
  12. What about these ..... http://www.skmotion.net/STRC-ALUMINUM-STEERING-KNUCKLES-FOR-CR01-1-PAIR-SILVER_p_2864.html anyone know if they help ?
  13. No longer required I managed to get a cheapish CR01 of eBay... thank you for all the offers and advice ... sirry if I wasted anyone’s time. Admin can now archive please
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