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  1. Great work! Bruiser, High-lift and Juggernaut leaf springs fit, semi truck leaf springs does not fit. High-lift leaves are connected with a screw so you can adjust them the way you want. Bruiser leaf springs are the best option, they're softer and more flat. I have stock leaf springs on my Bruiser but I flattened them even more by flexing each layer by hand, they also became much softer.
  2. Thank you for the information. I didn't know that Willy and SJ30 has different chassis.
  3. I had a rere Scorcher and I wasn't satisfied when I run it on the beach. After watching this wild willy video I started thinking about buying a SJ30 wheelie to run on the beach, they're affordable and they look lightweight. Maybe someone can share their experience with them here.
  4. Looks awesome! I love the Dennis figure.
  5. I also don't receive any emails for the last few years except for Enquiry emails when I sell something. I gave up on tech since I can't reply to emails as well.
  6. TamTom's blue buggy has Kyosho rear suspension, it might have slightly different wheelbase and wider track. His buggies are styled after Rough Rider box art so the side pods and nose is different than Funco.
  7. You're welcome! I've just measured and it looks to be 1.5mm thick on the side pods. I am looking forward to see your build.
  8. Hi, I've started modifying my Rough Rider to make it look like a 70's Funco buggy, I didn't use any parts from super champ though. You can see the start of my build here, maybe it will help; I still didn't finish it but I've built a nose cone for it last year. I don't have photos in my computer but you can see them on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kyotoblissard/
  9. Hi Erich! That's what I thought, also photos uploaded to imgur show up on google images but I can't open them in real size. It's probably because of my computer, I am always having hard times with technology. I changed my nickname about 2 years ago but it's still scalextreme on main site. According to the site I joined the forum 6 years after I first posted here, hehe
  10. Here's a screenshot of @mongoose1983's thread to show how I see most of the posts. Looks like 7 members were able to see it though. Sometimes gray boxes, sometimes Vu59wf1jg.jpg... Is there a way to fix this ?
  11. Strange, does edit page show that warning ? @mongoose1983: By the way, I can't see any of your photos on your recent posts except for that warning screenshot.
  12. These came from my original Bruiser that was only run indoors. They're in excellent condition, no cracks on tires and chrome is perfect on wheels. They come with 2 front and 2 rear hubs. (Might be pictured with wrong hubs) Asking $75 shipped. I would trade for; - Vintage Sand Scorcher/ Rough Rider complete front suspension. - -
  13. I don't know much about this model, I compared it to some google photos and it seems like it is missing battery holders. Gears run smooth and it has open differentials. Front upper shock mount and steering link end seems cracked and fixed by previous owner. Servo mounts are aluminum. It has 257mm wheelbase. No wheels, tires, body, electronics. Asking 75 USD including shipping but open to offers. Trades I am looking for: - Vintage Sand Scorcher/ Rough Rider complete front suspension. - -
  14. Thank you! The guy I sent my parts to asked me if I wanted brand new out of the box look or a shiny shelf queen look and I picked brand new look. I didn't polish any part. I hope you get to run yours without any problem. Your transmission housing also looks like new after sand blasting.
  15. I only have these 2 photos, I sanded the cast parts and sent them to other people to get them glass bead blasted. Mine used to be a messed up Blazing Blazer, with cut frame rails and scratched axles. I only have this thread that shows the lowered bed I built for mine, you can see that I don't have any electronics mounted, also the original speed controller box is empty.
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