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  1. I had this steering idea in my dream. I mounted an rc4wd steering box inside the brick to replace the stock mechanism. Works good, looks good. Using Super Champ/ Ranger steering links
  2. I've recently bought an original Isuzu MU with a broken body so I decided to build a Rancher from GTA Liberty City on it. I replaced the lower links with rc4wd steel rods and rod ends and re positioned stock upper links to shorten the wheelbase. Also replaced the shaft with a high-lift one.
  3. You can still sell it and buy the 2018 release Isuzu MU and have extra money for upgrades. It already comes with ESC and off-road tires. You can also buy an additional lexan body and a gear reduction for your son to run it without damaging it.
  4. Great find! Vintage XC's are collectible and can go around $500 NIB. I wouldn't give one to an 8 year old. I bought an Isuzu MU Type X last week and it hit the wall by itself on the first run and cracked the body.
  5. Primitive Life
  6. Thank you, I am looking forward to seeing yours. No update on the buggy yet.
  7. I am exactly same as you. I didn't know that it was called being introvert and there are more people like me. If I talk to someone I don't know it gives me anxiety all day and my heart rhythm goes back to normal only after I sleep. My phone is disabled to numbers that are not in my contacts. Even dealing with people online that I am selling to give me anxiety lately so I had to stop doing it. Luckily I don't work or go out, even though I live with zero money I am happy this way.
  8. This is great. For me another problem is the Reset Password button, I think it should be in another color and located under Login button. I accidentally reset my password so many times in the past.
  9. I would like to add my name (Scalextreme) here in case a new subscriber wants to gift a subscription. I have new projects to add to main site. I can not share the cost unfortunately, it's huge money in my currency.
  10. I messaged him on 2020 August 29 and he still didn't read it.
  11. My first and probably last car, 1981 Hilux. I had to sell it unfortunately ; (
  12. You're welcome, I'm glad I could help. The original battery tray accepts 8 AA batteries. I have no technical information, couldn't find anything in the manual as well. I hope you can get it to work and use with your Wild Willy.
  13. I hope these help, battery wires connect to the middle slots on the caramel candy. Let me know if you need different angles.
  14. Sure thing, do you want me to just remove the original board and picture the back side ? I'm clueless about electronics.
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