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  1. Thank you! That's the thinnest ABS sheet I have, it just came gray. I bought it in 2009 and didn't pay attention to material or color. Thank you very much! I agree with you, Tamiya probably had to make boxy sides to fit RC components but I still think that they could do better, like Super Champ.
  2. Thanks! I prefer a real comment full of ***** than hundreds of likes
  3. Thank you very much! Here is an update for you; - Started building partial roll cage and turned the original roll cage into front bumper.
  4. You're right, you can replicate that photo using Tamiya Hilux, extending to long bed would help a lot. Also my photo is misleading because I narrowed the track width on my Rough Rider so it looks like it might fit. There's still huge scale difference between them though. I think it would be best to use a rc4wd Blazer body turned into long bed pickup and than place a Rough Rider with narrower track and rear tires for a matching scale.
  5. Hehe, it's a good investment.
  6. I think you have to shrink the Rough Rider to 1/20 to replicate that photo Biggest Tamiya pickup I have is Hilux. All Blackfoots, F350s, and Clod bodies are miniscule compared to Hilux.
  7. That's always been bothering me. I have Hilux, Wrangler, Clod and Rough Rider right now and they have huge scale differences between them. For example in real size Rough Rider fits the bed of a Chevy truck but in Tamiya scale they are almost same size. I had a real size Hilux and I know that it's a tiny truck and much smaller than a Wrangler and Chevy truck. I would say Hilux is a true 1/10 since Tamiya dimensions are pretty close to catalog dimensions. Rough Rider should be somewhere around 1/9 and Clod might be as small as a 1/12, and Wrangler fits between those two. Tamiya SJ30 body is a 1/10 too if you ignore that it's shortened. ^^^ Blazer is a giant compared to Hilux, but perspective...
  8. Only rc video I liked on youtube. Great slow motion.
  9. I'll say Thanks in advance. I hope you make that purchase soon, I can't wait to get an FJ-40 version with a nice box-art for display.
  10. Why doesn't Tamiya make interiors anymore ? Just a simple dash and seat like in Bruiser would be great. I have to build a dash now one for my Wrangler, but can't do seats
  11. Rear side curves. Roll bar and new shock mounts next.
  12. Walter, vintage metal Futaba transmitters have really long range like Juggular said. But they do drain the batteries fast and than the performance might drop, the ones I have won't last an hour with 8 cells. Also the antenna must be extended all the way unlike modern radios, even in a room.
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