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  1. Rancher body was too small for XC chassis so I abandoned it and bought a Bronco body. I also changed the steering setup completely and mounted the servo front. This is the best method, very solid. Servo is mounted by an rc4wd Trex-44 servo bracket and Knight Hauler suspension parts. Notice the 1 piece steering rod. Hilux/Blazer rear bumper
  2. I don't think that the gas motor is included, gas and electric versions were sold as separate models. Perhaps you will be able to find original, smaller wheels and tires.
  3. You're right, I didn't notice the ford logo. Both models seem to have same same body shell though, only with different decals. I'm sure the electric motor was original, I had the same model that came with electric motor and 2 speed automatic transmission.
  4. It's a Chevrolet 4x4 pickup, electric version. Very cool model, I had one few years ago. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=69975&id=15621 (not mine)
  5. 50EUR is a great price for the Jeep. That Countach CS should worth at least 150EUR. It's missing some body parts such as mirrors but seems to be in good condition overall.
  6. Awesome build! I can't wait to see the body. - I've just noticed that this is an old thread.
  7. I had this steering idea in my dream. I mounted an rc4wd steering box inside the brick to replace the stock mechanism. Works good, looks good. Using Super Champ/ Ranger steering links
  8. I've recently bought an original Isuzu MU with a broken body so I decided to build a Rancher from GTA Liberty City on it. I replaced the lower links with rc4wd steel rods and rod ends and re positioned stock upper links to shorten the wheelbase. Also replaced the shaft with a high-lift one.
  9. You can still sell it and buy the 2018 release Isuzu MU and have extra money for upgrades. It already comes with ESC and off-road tires. You can also buy an additional lexan body and a gear reduction for your son to run it without damaging it.
  10. Great find! Vintage XC's are collectible and can go around $500 NIB. I wouldn't give one to an 8 year old. I bought an Isuzu MU Type X last week and it hit the wall by itself on the first run and cracked the body.
  11. Primitive Life
  12. Thank you, I am looking forward to seeing yours. No update on the buggy yet.
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