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  1. Is it me ? Admin has not replied to my avatar request since last August so I just added a 1x1 pixel white image. I can remove it if it's disrupting the forum's style.
  2. Used chassis for parts or restoration. It's from a Subaru Impreza kit. It has some broken/cracked parts (circled), also notice the trimmed front bumper. Shock springs seem to be too short. Missing parts I've noticed; axle pins and hubs, battery mounts, maybe motor cover. Drivetrain moves smooth and diffs are open. Asking $55 shipped.
  3. These are aftermarket Bruiser tires, they don't have lettering on the wall. They are very soft and might require tire foams. They have never been used. Comes with a set of Blackfoot rear wheels. I wanted to build a 4x4 monster truck with these but never had the chance. Asking $80 shipped.
  4. These came from a Bruiser that has only run indoors few times therefore they're in excellent condition. No cracks or dryness on tires. Comes with complete hubs plus 2 rear hubs. Asking $75 plus shipping.
  5. Rancher body was too small for XC chassis so I abandoned it and bought a Bronco body. I also changed the steering setup completely and mounted the servo front. This is the best method, very solid. Servo is mounted by an rc4wd Trex-44 servo bracket and Knight Hauler suspension parts. Notice the 1 piece steering rod. Hilux/Blazer rear bumper
  6. I don't think that the gas motor is included, gas and electric versions were sold as separate models. Perhaps you will be able to find original, smaller wheels and tires.
  7. You're right, I didn't notice the ford logo. Both models seem to have same same body shell though, only with different decals. I'm sure the electric motor was original, I had the same model that came with electric motor and 2 speed automatic transmission.
  8. It's a Chevrolet 4x4 pickup, electric version. Very cool model, I had one few years ago. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=69975&id=15621 (not mine)
  9. 50EUR is a great price for the Jeep. That Countach CS should worth at least 150EUR. It's missing some body parts such as mirrors but seems to be in good condition overall.
  10. Awesome build! I can't wait to see the body. - I've just noticed that this is an old thread.
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