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  1. I have just checked and all 3 wires are going to a small board and there are 3 other wires out of that board going to different parts. I will ask someone to try your recommendation next week, all I can do is change the batteries unfortunately.
  2. Found a photo of modified Brat wheels with trimmed front cone mounted on Losi MRC axles running reduced Tomahawk tires. Not mine.
  3. Does anybody have FN series transmitter here ? I was thinking that FN and DN series might be using same rechargeable battery so I can buy one just for the battery swap. It would be great if anybody have one and take a look inside to check the battery wires.
  4. Yes, trimmed the star and carved for pin. I didn't need to trim the cone because they fit RC4WD k44 axles fine. I think Tamiya axles are shorter.
  5. Hi guys, I'm saving money to buy the new Kyosho Jimny so buy my Celica When I bought it the rear suspension arms were cracked so I made new ones using black ABS from an old Blackfoot bed. Also rebuilt the chassis with new Tamiya grease. It has original motor, lettering is underneath. It is missing one dog bone. Comes with a period correct kopropo speed controller, I don't know if it works. Steering servo head is Sanwa. Asking $250 including shipping. Located in Europe. These are the parts I made but they're unfinished in this photo. Notice the Tamiya logo and made in Japan lettering. Thanks for looking.
  6. I found out that center ring doesn't need trimming because it's already too short to fit the tire. Maybe original Brat ring can be used to prevent tire from slipping. I modified the back of brat rear wheels by just using dremel and a drill bit. I've done it around 10 years ago so not the cleanest work. If you're going to do this make sure that CC axle shafts are long enough to mount them on because brat wheel centers are thicker than rc4wd wheels. Or you can trim that chamfered middle part in the font too. Another option is to make your own hexes that fit directly to the wheel screws but it would add to track width. 915's are true 1.55 but the rubber is thick. Take a look at the photos that show the space on the tire lip. The sidewall sticks out by 1.5mm on both sides because the wheel is too thin.
  7. They fit but you need to trim the center ring of the wheels. I mounted my 915's on aluminum wheels and they are a bit wider than the wheels. I will take photos in the morning. I have older version of rc4wd 1.55 steel wheels , I can fit a 915 on it to test if you want. Another thing you can do is use a set of Tamiya Brat rear wheels and trim the back to accept pins. I did that and they fit any axle perfectly and have narrower track width. I will take photos of them too in the morning. Here's a photo of 915's on the earliest version of rc4wd 1.55 steel wheels;
  8. Exactly. Thank you!
  9. I like it too, it's unusual, I hope it is a Kyosho. By the way, I can send it to you if you like it.
  10. I hope it is. I can't find any Kyosho Lemans that's exactly like mine. Could it be fake Lemans ?
  11. Looks like it but the front face of mine is textured and has chamfer, also the center part that is sticking out at the back is plastic.
  12. Does anybody know anything about this motor ? I was going to give it away but then saw the Japan sign so I thought it might worth something. It's heavier than Mabuchi 540.
  13. I have just tried 6 cells and 8 cells again but no power. I don't touch any power adapters that come from US anymore, I had few exploded before. Could there be some burnt parts inside the transmitter that I can be replaced ?
  14. I recently scored a really nice vintage Futaba FP5-DN set but when I checked inside it was missing the battery, most of the time it's not a problem for box futaba radios because they all use the same battery. So I plugged the battery tray from another Futaba and the transmitter did not turn on even though the plug fits perfectly. After that I noticed that the battery tray has 2 wires only, but the transmitter has 3 wires coming from it. All other box radios of mine have 2 wires coming from the transmitter but the plugs still have 3 pins. Only difference is that the FP5-DN had rechargeable batteries. Do you guys think that the transmitter does not work because of the wire number ? Is it possible to get a custom battery made that has 3 wires if it's going to make it work ? There's a manual for it if it answers anything: https://www.instructionsmanuals.com/product/futaba/radio-control/fp5dn I don't have any electrical knowledge so I don't know what to look for.
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