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  1. New in box, complete and all parts and papers are in perfect condition. Asking $350 including shipping. Relisted due to buyer disappearing. Already packed, ready to ship. Thanks for looking
  2. I use Plastruct plastic welds. Abs to abs and styrene to styrene cement type is the strongest. It never cracks from the same spot once its welded. Also you can undo your work by applying cement again.
  3. Hehe. thanks. I haven't even seen the activity button before.
  4. I know how hard it is to rescue used decals. They always end up curling like a rose even if you heat them with hairdryer while removing. I am looking forward to see yours restored.
  5. Awesome news! I've been looking for even a photo of a decal sheet for years. I can't wait to finally restore mine. Your ATC looks great, well painted and decals applied properly.
  6. I am desperately in need of a decal sheet for my ATC. Can any of you guys scan their decal sheet for me ?
  7. This is what I see most of the time when I'm viewing a post; Hk5793.jpg jp9iJfds.jpg 9gln4M.jpg ... It is the same for either new or old posts, however everyone seems to be able to see the photos. Could it be from my computer ? If this has been asked before can someone send me the link. -Update: Found out that photo posting services are blocked in my country like many other useful websites so that's why I am unable to see any photos.
  8. Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing your creation.
  9. Thanks guys! I've been away for a few months so couldn't do any work on this. I haven't run the gearbox before because I don't know if I have the correct electronic parts, also it's still not mounted. But it might be too speedy for a tiny car like this since it makes wild willy does wheelies. (Also I don't know if wild willy axle reduces or increases speed)
  10. Lowered the price, added trades, still open to offers.
  11. Yesss, you're right. Thank you!
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