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  1. Thank you for the reply! I have just noticed that there's one H2 Flanged on the main shaft so I tried it on the missing place and it won't fit. I've noticed the following problems; -Dimensions of the H2 I have seem to be slightly different than the flanged bearing on the link, but it fits the clutch gear perfectly. -The G7 shaft I have is much smaller in diameter compared to H2 center bore but the shaft fits the metal plate and housing perfectly. - The H2 won't fit inside the small gear. - Neither the H2 nor the small gear seem to fit between clutchgear and motor. Maybe the gearbox I have is from another kit ?
  2. Completed this build! Replaced the wheels with trimmed Humvee wheels and installed Rogue Element Components front and rear machined scale hubs. The body is painted with PS-32 Corsa Grey and PS-55 Flat Clear on the outside for that vintage appearance. Additionally, a Bruiser interior was added to complete the overall look. Will be listing this for sale soon. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi, I narrowed my wheels and hexes to 2mm before and didn't encounter any problems.
  4. Yes, here it is, the day I built it back in 2006.
  5. Thank you for the great tips, I hadn't considered those issues. I was also considering attempting to complete the entire body in one try to avoid bleeds between two different tapes overlapping, but it sounds quite challenging right now. Is it okay to place a large rice paper mask sheet on the body, draw the lines, and then move the rice paper to a cutting pad to cut along those lines? Or would it attract too much dust?
  6. I am planning to try the 1mm paper tape for the tightest radius curve on the nose only and use the 2mm white tape for the rest of the body, following Alvinlwh's suggestion. I've been thinking that it might be very hard to make a super straight line with a 1mm tape. We will see when it arrives. And thanks, I will post photos in the build thread once it's done.
  7. Thank you! They seem to fit fine, not much stretched eventhough sand scorcher tires are tiny. Rough Rider wheels are 1.55'' eventhough people say theyre 1.7'' while Sand Scorcher rims are 1.3'' approximately. You can fit Rough Rider rear tires to regular 1.55'' RC wheels. I have done some comparisons in this thread:
  8. Could you post a photo of it? I'm curious to see how they look.
  9. Thank you for the information! I've ordered Tamiya 1mm yellow tape, and it's ready for another try after a layer of blue. I've successfully removed all the bleed paint and sanded the body with several grit papers; the 2000 grit paper made it look like it's fresh out of the injection mold
  10. I am interested in purchasing the bushing parts shown in the image. I acquired this gearbox long time ago but recently noticed that it is missing the circled pieces, causing the small gear to be loose like sleeve of a wizard. The one I have has these small metal bushings that don't seem to serve any purpose. It appears to have been assembled incorrectly.
  11. Using tape as a reinforcement sounds like a great idea!
  12. I tried taping white on yellow in some areas. It didn't slide, but it lifted by itself. Cutting the yellow tape to curve seems like the best method, although it is also the most difficult one without any proper tools.
  13. Yes, it's very thick and feels like plastic. I taped some curves at night, and when I woke up, the radius of the curves had increased, almost as if the body is covered with grease and the tape is sliding. I will test it the way you suggested.
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