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  1. Looks awesome. I've never seen vintage shocks this clean and shiny.
  2. I'm not sure if I understood correctly but you might not have an email to login to the main site. Login page on the main site has design issue, there is Reset Password button where Login button should be so every time you're trying to log in you click on Reset Password button unless you're very careful. Inside reset password page there's email box which comes empty, unless you rewrite your email there it stays empty and when you click Enter website deletes your email, then adios Tamiyaclub. I still fall for this and than have to ask admin to add my email.
  3. I agree, it definitely needs to be filled. Here is how I fixed it on my Bruiser;
  4. Look great! Makes me want to buy one. I love the location with the beach also.
  5. Very cool cover! Ground Beef tires, Flatsum pickup, Suki carry, Radical tires...
  6. Thanks! I agree with solid axles, I wish they were ABS so we could bond leaf spring mounts on them and shave stuff.
  7. Still not visible. They're loading for a while and than turn into names.jpg. I would love to see more from you. I am also thinking about putting fj40 body when I buy one. Do tires stick out with stock wheels or does it have same track width as cc01 ?
  8. There's no gap in real Hilux but it's where body panels meet. I filled mine with styrene strip.
  9. Nice work cleaning the mold lines, it makes huge difference. Are you going to fill the holes or add other details to the body ?
  10. Front suspension is MK1, hopefully rest of the car too, so pretty valuable.
  11. You're not hijacking, I would also love to see some cool paint jobs for Lunchboxes. But not rusty or silly weathered.
  12. Lunchbox body is a great canvas for kids indeed. A friend of mine bought 2 Lunchboxes for his 2 daughters and the results were pretty good.
  13. Probably. The black lines inside the front vent are pretty straight. That's pretty good paint job, when I was 8 I painted my Lunchbox with white glue thinking that it's paint. It looked like a world map.
  14. Look at this Lunchbox! I love the paintjob, those colors and 2 tone gradient painting. Looks like Shere Khan went to Vice City. I would like to find more but nothing on google.
  15. Looks great, shocks make a big difference. Just flex each layer of leaf springs, they will become much softer and you will get the stock ride height.
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