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  1. That transmitter looks like it was heavily modified. Perhaps to accept external battery and maybe connect to a different antenna. They drain 8x AA batteries in few hours and the antenna gives you light shock so that might be the reason why it was modified. Also the original board on yours seem to be re-soldered so who knows what's happening there. I hope someone here can id what those modifications are and give you a solution. This is how an original FP-T2F looks like, you can see that the original battery tray fills the whole space underneath the board and there are no outlets.
  2. That's great! So we should all expect 3 months delay.
  3. I agree, I received my decals at the end and I was very satisfied with the quality, he did a great job with my custom decals also.
  4. How about mounting Konghead wheels to your crawler ?
  5. Thanks for the information. I would also like to know if Tamiya does that. But the first RC they made is far from those numbers - 56001
  6. Yeah, I'm sure they started with a single decal sheet too and than people sent their own scans.
  7. I would buy from you
  8. Amazing work! Makes me want to buy a Blazer. What kind of primer did you use ? Not Tamiya I guess.
  9. I received my decals after 3 months and never got a reply for my email about shipment. Communication was good while placing an order and about customization of the decals but it stopped suddenly. By the way it was shipped on time, I just receive everything very delayed.
  10. Before (summer 2011); After; Received my custom decals made by MCI Racing along with Sand Rover decals for some of the sponsors.
  11. Photos are too big somehow so I have to make multiple posts.
  12. Finished bodywork today; sanded, washed and ready to prime. Cage; Half Sand Scorcher steering wheel that I completed with a round strip.
  13. That video helped me a lot with my Bel Ray bullet build. Not many photos available online of the older versions.
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