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  1. Brand new in box 2011 - 47390 release Comes with GT motor and ECU £510 delivered via insured courier (Will post to UK only) Payment: cash on collection or via PayPal / bank transfer
  2. Unreal when you think about it as to why they didn't make more or even continue producing based on demand on the rere run. All nostalgic for me - first car was a manta ray in 93 ish perhaps. Will look at pulling parts together perhaps as above.
  3. As above - looking for a re-re of the Manta ray.
  4. Seems I missed out on the re-re sometime back for the Manta Ray (My first car at age 8) Wouldn't mind owning one again, preferably new and boxed.
  5. Fitted the new rear arms and all aligns now.. Will fit the fronts soon but would rather like the car running.. (The front Ta01 arms look shorter - Doesn't affect the wheelbase though, again will fit at a later date) However the body mount posts don't align with the body shell (more so at the rear)... I have had to fit the posts to the damper stay the other way around to try and align with the holes in the shell.. Any advice with this? I bought items = 50482 (Body mounts) but these seem to worsen the alignment so resorted to ones kicking about my tool box. Also my steering setup seems to hit the gearbox when the servo runs at only 33% either way.. The top FRP part (When fitted) also hits the servo horn so more issues here..
  6. On order so will report back with photos when built
  7. Tracked them down to FF01 parts = 50640 What was i trying to do exactly?????
  8. Ok thanks.. I actually found the "D" parts I purchased all those years ago. Clearly i can see I used the rear arms and left the fronts... Who can determine what they are from?
  9. Will take a look at them then. I am assuming the rear (and front) drive shafts remain the same lengths.. 39mm i believe. at the moment the rears are 39mm and the fronts are longer. luckily I have spares so will see how these new arms pan out for fitment with the shafts.
  10. The car/parts originated from a mantaray.. so that is probably why i went for the carbon chassis (DF01 / 02 ?) I remember wanting a touring car so bought parts and ended up with the above Frankenstein creation So to get my head around this and what I need:- I have Ta02 rear arms - Good to know Front and rear gear boxes are the same for Ta01/02 - Good to know I don't require Ta01 arms afterall.... ? I just need a Ta02 chassis and I am golden? Is this the correct part number for the bathtub type? = 50637 I can see the following too , are these compatible? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-84431-Porsche-934-Jagermeister-TA02SW-53166-4025040-14025040-Lower-Deck/292369573650?epid=2085689105&hash=item441295a712:g:V7UAAOSwA3dYPD1p https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-58128-Alfa-Romeo-155-TA02-FF01-9335609-19335609-50637-0445264-Chassis/292150866395?hash=item44058c71db:g:eKAAAOSw~gRVzfno
  11. Good advice ... Ok so size is 255 when rear arms are switched from where they should be (allowing the body shell to fit) Which means in their original position the size is 280 which means no body shell would fit (could be wrong) My main issue is those **** botched spacers.. When I switch the arms to original position there is no need for them as the link arms reach the damper stay... but then have the long wheel base.
  12. Yes I have discovered as to why I reversed the rear arms - It was to fit the bodyshell I had at the time. By reversing the arms It pushes the rear wheels into the chassis which then fits the bodyshell.. Draw back is the need for spacers and ill fitting dampers.. unsure which route to take her to get the car on the road again.
  13. Just joined and will most certainly be a regular. Some 15+ years ago I morphed a ta01/ta02 and made it into a touring car. Bought my son a tamiya at christmas and now the bug has bit me so want to get my old car running again (in some capacity anyway) Been trying to figure out what I had done all those years ago.. The front end seems fine (as per the photo's) It is the rear end that is odd to say the least.... The rear suspension arms don't line up with the mounts so I must have constructed a 'spacer' to make it work all those years ago.... Obviously I want to make this as near a perfect build as I can.. I must have changed over the rear arms so that the bodyshell would fit. I also need new steering gear and can't figure out how the steering servo attaches to the chassis (Tape?) Who can a) figure out what I done and b). what parts I need to make this work (Properly)
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