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  1. Got it sorted today. 1st spot hitting was the center piece between diff cover and the piece that secures the driveshaft outdrive. Trimmed the "wings" off that, then found it was hitting the bottom steering limiters, so I trimmed those off the knuckles. Next, it was hitting the outer steering cups, so I switched in a pair of front universals. Finally, it was just pushing against the top steering limiters so I trimmed those off the knuckle as well. Now the servo has full range of motion and turning radius is basically cut in half. Huge improvement! Only cost was $14.25 for the universals. Thanks for the recommendations!
  2. I will definitely trim the knuckles and look into the turnbuckles. As far as the turning circle, it seems very wide to me, even with the steering at full lock, I'll check over the car tonight and see if I might've missed anything. Thanks guys!
  3. Finished my TT02, added a few hop-ups including the Yeah racing aluminum/ball bearing steering kit. Still seems like a pretty limited steering angle, and I'm using alot of power steering in tight turns. Servo has plenty of room left left/right to turn more sharply. Is there an easy mod to increase turn in/decrease turn radius?
  4. Building a TT02 White Edition for rally racing. I've been told that it will help to build the diffs with some AW grease. At least in the front. Does anyone use oil as well or will it leak out. Maybe 500,000wt? Thanks!
  5. Great info, thanks guys, much clearer now.
  6. Just getting back into the scene after years away. In the past I ran nitro, now I'm going electric. Finally figuring out this lipo and brushless stuff, but I'm at decision point. Awaiting my new TT02 White edition kit in the mail, and I need to order a motor/esc combo but I have no idea where to even begin with regards to what I need. Here's what I know: 1) It has to be compatible with the 2s lipos I already have. (One 4000mah and one 6500mah) 2)I need both motor and esc so a combo makes sense. 3) Want to keep price around $100 or less. This article has a ton of options but I don't know what the differences are. https://www.onkidstoys.com/top-21-best-esc-motor-combos/ I'm going to be racing at a local track doing rally. The guys who go there suggested this combo: https://www.hobbytown.com/xerun-justock-zero-spec-sensored-brushless-esc-motor-combo-13.5t-by-hobbywing-hwa38020401/p453305 This is one I keep seeing advertised: Http://www.horizonhobby.com/KXSS0500?utm_medium=display&utm_source=criteo&utm_campaign=productremarketing&utm_content=KXSS0500&CA_6C15C=320011980000459400 Happy to take suggestions. Don't need the world's fastest motor but I'd like to be competitive. Thanks!
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