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  1. Superluminal


    Every time I open this thread and see the update photos I have no idea what so ever what I am looking at. I like it a lot though.
  2. Superluminal

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Its because we are all too embarassed to talk about it in real life - especially if the subject of how much it costs might come up
  3. Superluminal

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I gots to get me one of these cabinets - where did you get it from?
  4. Superluminal

    Rally car - TB01 or TT02 Type S?

    Yeah you do - you just havent listened to enough of us telling you you need one. I will start - get an XV-01 a rally shell needs a a rally chassis for sure
  5. Superluminal

    Where are all the Tamiya parts?

    Tony of the tamiya parts on ebay
  6. Superluminal

    How do clamping hex's work?

    My experience of them is that there is a very fine line between stripping the thread and them not being tight enough, coming off in the wheel and the pin dropping out (which they are meant to prevent) They would be better if they were machined out of stainless stock.
  7. Superluminal

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Waiting on some items to be delivered by DHL Parcel / Ukmail - I dont hold out much hope considering they have been a complete and utter failure 100% of the times I have had the mispleasure of having stuff sent to me and they have been the courier. Sadly you dont often get the choice when items are being shipped from Germany. Fingers crossed...
  8. This is what the dynahead should have been all along and not the yorkie easter egg box it turned out to be.
  9. Superluminal

    Tamiya F104W Grinding Noise

    What was the cause of the stripped spur gear? Could be worth trying a new pinion too - if it was the original one from the kit made of cheese then the teeth on this may have worn so that they dont mesh correctly with brand new spur.
  10. Superluminal

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I have a feeling RCChannel is winding down and only selling off the remaining stock. I really wanted a set of the cast metal differentials and axles he made as they looked more like sculptures or works of art but sadly these to are not available. I emailed to ask but never got a reply. Hope he is ok (Paul i think it was??) As when I orded some bits a few years ago for an FAV he emailed me shortly after to ask if I was happy with them - which I ddfinitely was.
  11. Superluminal

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Or any box's?
  12. Superluminal

    Having to reload page every few mins

    This again? Anyone else today?
  13. Superluminal

    Midlife Crisis and RC?

    The other thing that gives it away is the members birthday announcements on the TC homepage - apart from the odd person who comes up about 1000 years old I would say that 95% of the members fall within a ten year age bracket of circa 38 - 48 give or take a year either side. I may havemade these statistics up but todays birthday list sort of rings true.
  14. Superluminal

    Midlife Crisis and RC?

    Its this, and Tamiya know that too. All the cars we wanted then but couldnt afford at the time we can buy now. I would imagine its the rereleases that are practically keeping them going. And the same with the upcoming releases too like the Audi Quattro rally car, its hardly a car relevant to anyone of a younger generation but to us (im 40 this year) its a car I grew up watching on tv and admiring and will definitely buy when its out.
  15. Superluminal

    Iconic Revival 2019 - Anybody entered?

    I would like to enter the TT01 class events as i quite like the idea of racing a basic stock chassis with a silver can (about as fast as my reactions can deal with)