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  1. Think I bought mine brand new for £129.99 about two years ago when there were quite a few knocking about. Should have bought a few more.
  2. Gizard, think i might have one in the parts bin. Let me check. If i remember right think i have the ta03 ones in my Top Force so should have the old ones left over somewhere. Have searched the parts bins;
  3. They're not a great design really. I much prefer the rectangular block key type of the later diffs which i dont think any fit unless you swapped out the ball diffs for gear diffs but then the lack of slipper in a top force wouldnt do them any good.
  4. Think they are the same alloy metal but a slightly reduced weight casting.
  5. If I recall the instructions or it was a tip on here mention about applying threadlock on the splines to take out the slight play in the outdrive cups to reduce the chance of them stripping.
  6. Pretty sure the TA03 ones fit in a Top Force? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TA03F-Pro-TA03R-TRF-DT02MS-9445648-19445648-Pressure-Plate-Bag-Grey-/293661421740?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  7. Take your time, it always takes longer than you think so dont rush it as it looks like youve made a really good job of the paint and masking, even if you take a few days to finish it. I just use scissors to trim just slightly around the outside of the printed decal and make sure all cuts around corners have curved smooth cuts, not sharp corners which can lift or catch on things over time. Have a bowl of warm water with some fairy liquid in, submerge the stickers for a few seconds then apply to the shell and gently stretch them around the curves. If they are still wet you can repostion them and when in place flatten down with a paper towel while squeezing out any bubbles. If I need the decal to shrink into a corner or around a tight bend I give it a quick waft over with a ciggy lighter. Any bubbles can later be popped with a bin to release any trapped air/water under the sticker. Other than that; make sure you peel the film off first and wash your hands, stickers dont stick to well to shells covered in greasy fingerprints and if you inadvertantly get the sticker stuck on your finger and it has a transparent backing you will see your fingerprint in the decal on the shell forever after.
  8. Yes multiple times, particularly in the last nine months. I always find they seem to sell to others for for far less when im at a point in life when im not wanting one.
  9. There was a great build thread on here not long after it came out. When I first saw it I really really wanted one but now dont have particularly strong feelings for it. I like the idea of it fitting lower profile bodyshells from the f103gt or similar and also standard touring cars. If they released it as a TC01-R chassis set with some of the hop ups i might be interested again but the current formula-e body does nothing for me apart from look scarily complicated.
  10. Wow! That sounds intense. It looks well worth putting in the effort though based on how good they look. Have you got the metal link chain kit to go with it?
  11. Those look great!!! How are the spokes attached to the rim? Are they glued in or do they have a proper threaded nipple? If so do you need a jig to get the hub to sit in the centre of the wheel?
  12. How has the Plastidip adhered to the lexan? Is it flexible enough when cured?
  13. Its whether pineapple is an acceptable topping for a pizza or not.
  14. All turned out OK in the end thankfully, kit arrived last night as described.
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