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  1. I cut a piece of styrene tube and made a hole so the front sits squarely on the peg in the front damper mount as didnt want to drill another hole or velcro to the prepainted shell
  2. Yeah the servo and steering rod get in the way. I had to saw off all the gubbins underneath the driver and its still very tight
  3. Trial fitting looks and feels ok - think im going to get a low profile servo just in case. It looks like its clear when looking through the gaps between the body and the chassis.
  4. That looks lovely! The yellow springs really set it off - what paint did you use? Has it been flexible enough not to flake off?
  5. The upfront development costs pre production that your initital unit sales have to fully cover with no profit?
  6. Yarp I knew the carbon bit and the pivot bushings are the same - cant recall what thd difference in the levers are though will have to compare at some point. Will take a pic of the driver fitted tonight. Was waiting for some filler to dry on it before sanding and paint. I had to saw off the pegs and raised bits off the bottom of the driver as it was clashing with the servo. Its still a very tight fit and thinking I may need a low profile servo but its difgicult to see (the pre painted body doesnt help)
  7. Bought an Avante Z parts cockpit set to go in it. Had to extend the rear seat with styrene sheet to reuse the screw hole in the shell and a hole in the front to locate over the peg in the shock tower (which ive no idea why its there unless its used the same part from a different kit) Ive never been keen on the original driver for the Vanquish - mans cant race a cars with a screw through his head!!
  8. It was about £270 when I ordered it not £390!!!!!
  9. Theyre the VQS hicaps - they are available as a separate upgrade (although out of stock at the moment) https://tamico.de/Tamiya-47455-Alu-Hi-Cap-Oil-Damper-VQS-2020-2-2 The kit comes with the yellow plastic cva dampers as standard
  10. What silver ones do you mean mate? The dampers or the steering parts?
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