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  1. Wow that was quick!!! I didnt post it until yesterday evening. Dont worry about the postage it only needed a regular stamp fortunately as it didnt exceed the thickness of a standard letter.
  2. Ok, I feel like I want to step in here for some reason and stick my head above the parapet as I have some parts on order with Farmerbrown. I dont know him personally and have had no dealings with him prior to here so have no biased connections otherwise. But I do feel like he is getting a bit of stick unecessarily. Admittedly I have only paid a deposit so far but am working on the assumption i will get my bits that i ordered which with him being a complete unknown was a bit of a risk i know too and time will tell whether my judgement was right. I honestly dont begrudge him taking a small percentage of my money if I get the parts I want. Hes not doing anything illegal or untoward that I can see just offering to be the middleman in obtaining parts which he has been totally honest about. There is no real obligation to provide back to the community and you have a choice not to use him. But at the moment he just seems to be offering a service. I know there are times when other members of the community offer the same service without taking a cut and that is a beatiful thing and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. But there are times too when I dont want to put someone out even though they offered - they still have to go to the post office, transfer money and all that agro whereas I feel less bad if someones getting a couple of quid out of it even if its just beer money. His business model isnt all that different to any other agent or broker really for any other product or service. If he turns out to be a scammer then by all means unleash the dogs of war but I think he probably deserves a chance before people weigh in and get his threads locked when if you dont like the notion of drop shipping you dont have to use him. To be honest a few quid for someone for me not to have to arrange lots of cross country / international shipping, sending numerous emails, hunting around and lots of other associated ball ache etc is a small price to pay. As im too lazy lol. And if all turns out gravy then I will likely use him again. Be kind peoples.
  3. Same as mine - it took the official Tamiya importer to chase up and try and get a front damper piston shaft on mine which took over 6 months to get in from japan. This was after waiting on retailers having it on back order for about 3 months before i contacted the importers myself. I dont want to risk bending one again for a part that costs less than a fiver but takes around 9 months to replace. This was also back when you could still get a retail egress re re.
  4. Opening a new kit, particularly the rereleases and seeing all the parts laid out. The manual and the anticipation of opening the first screw parts bag. Building a chassis of a type you have never built before.
  5. For me the bits I hate; Adjusting ball diffs Stiff turnbuckles Drilling body post holes and then the shell doesnt quite line up properly with the wheel arches. Drilling it a bit more. Then a bit more. Then ruining a perfectly good shell. The gouging sound of a trapped stone under the a pristine chassis for the first time its driven.
  6. Yes its totally fine - do it all the time to get a gloss finish on the bodyshell ancilliary parts (mirrors and rear wing etc) Never had any issues.
  7. And then get some John Player Specials. You will probably need a smoke after finishing.
  8. Get the black cage. Spray the silver roof black satin black. Leave the chassis and shocks gold. Get some John Player Special stickers and gold vinyl pinstripe. Apply them and then post pics here. It will look epic.
  9. I remember you saying you wanted to hold out for undrilled versions. I dont think ive seen them yet as a body parts set. Im a bit excited to see what livery these going to have when finished.
  10. Nothing lol The sense of satisfaction that it gets your Avante up and running again is reward enough Pm me your address and i will stick it in an envelope and post it tomorrow.
  11. I have an avante black and the race steering set on the regular avante so i may have a spare. Are you in the uk? Will check in the loft and let you know.
  12. Hi Whahoo, Im so sorry to hear you are going through this but you will be the stronger better person out the other side of this im sure of it. Because you may not see it yourself but reading between the gaps and using my own personal experience of being ******* on under very similar sounding circumstances it sounds like somethings been going on for a while. Last christmas she feels she wants to be 'poly amerous' and now has strong feelings for a co-worker? As harsh as it sounds that script is a well worn cliche. There is a saying that in relationships people are like monkeys - they dont let go of one vine until they have a strong enough grip on another vine. And sadly this is quite true. As I said at the beginning you are better than this and deserve someone better than this. Let it go and you will soon find that you are stronger on your own (its just different and takes getting used to) and then in time and if you want to you im sure you will find someone else who will have more respect for you or at least be more honest. But whatever you do dont rush into anything. You may even find that your health is improved because it cant be pshychologically good for you with the underying thoughts that there is someone else. You made it clear you didnt want a poly amerous relationship (i hate the term to be honest - its just dressing it up and making excuses) so it was never going to work. Most of us arent wired up that way at all and the people who are tend to be a bit of a sociapath who lack the empathy to understqnd the pain they cause the other person anyway. In the mean time you get back up on your feet because of your daughter who needs you and then plan your new life. I reqlly wish you all the best. I know its just words and easy for strangers on the internet to say things like you need to pull your socks up and get on with life etc etc that but I honestly do think you will be better off out on the other side of this both mentally and physically. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about anything - every little distraction can be helpful early on even if its as mundane as deciding what to eat for dinner or wether the Aliens Special Edition is better or worse than the theatrical version. Anything. You have your RCs too - thats definitely a hobby to throw yourself into and the only reason i got back into it just over three years ago was to have an excuse to shield myself away mentally from the outside world which seemed at the time to be eroding away around me.
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