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  1. Thats a pretty good haul!
  2. Your link does say its a 540 size motor though? Very annoying!!!! Assume you can get a refund ok as Amazon are normally pretty good.
  3. Not too sure as im not familar with TTM. But SC Models is on a small trading estate just into Stevenage off of the ring road that goes down to main road that then heads up to the A1 if your heading out of Steveage (im not too familar with the exact road names but can drive to it ok as i come from the Walkern / A10 side)
  4. I wouldnt really on anything that parts arent very easily available for. Even some of the recent Tamiya kits or re-re's of mine have been out if action due to not being able to get a simple spare part eg; like replacing a bent piston rod etc. The two Tamiya kits you mention arent what I would call bashers. If they are interested in driving on road cars it might be worth considering something more economical with easily available spares like a TT02?
  5. That looks awesome! Really neat and compact.
  6. Theres still a pretty good and well stocked modelshop in St Evenage that sells Tamiya and Kyosho kits. S C Models - I went there about three weeks ago and got a couple of servos and crafting bits. https://www.scmodels.co.uk
  7. Head of a technical team for a building contractor.
  8. What do you do with all the collected graggly pieces?
  9. See if you can arrange a group buy. I might be able to knock off a tenner each if you can get over fifty takers. Paypals fine.
  10. I like the idea of your sieve. You could get several of them each with different sized reamed holes so you could grade your portions into different sizes depending on how much time you have allocated to eat it. In a similar manner I used a body reamer to make a TRF shock holder tool. To the untrained eye they are completely identical to the Tamiya alloy version except mine has less nutritional value. I'm taking orders too if anyone wants one.....i do them in different TRF anodised colours (ie chicken and mushroom green, beef and tomato red, bombay badboy gold etc)
  11. Arent the small pieces just fruit and fibre but smaller? Im a crunchy nut guy.
  12. Not trying to wee on your bonfire. I have that kit too and its lovely
  13. To be honest there isnt a great deal readily available for the TA03 apart from old stock or used parts that often goes for big money. You wont get many Tamiya original hop-ups for 50 - 75% of the kit price seeing as its pretty reasonably priced kit to start with. Aside from the obvious ones; ie ball bearings and a steel pinion its pretty sorted out of the box as it already has the cva oil dampers. If you wanted to, the period correct hop up for replacing these were the Super Low Friction alloy dampers and theres a used set on ebay at the moment, same with a used stabilizer bar set. But just these two alone would be 70% of the kit price. Id also get some aluminium wheel clamp hexes too.
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