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  1. That's brave in a hornet!!! What esc was that with?
  2. What was it in the end? Glad you got it sorted.
  3. Pm me your address and I will stick them in the post tomorrow
  4. Oohhh - yeah I think so as i upgraded mine to the aluminium parts (high rolling baller that I am obvs) so might have these. Are you in the UK?
  5. If you need another kit standard servo saver and your in the uk i can probably find one in the parts box you can have. As Turnip says above you wont make it more robust though beyond what youve done already. I think even turned down a 17.5t motor must still pack some wallop. Have you tried it on the standard silver can? It might be slow enough to give your son some more reaction time between obstacles.
  6. Wow im loving that greeny petrolly blue body colour!!! Not a tamiya colour ive seen before - can you remember what it was?
  7. Wow!!!! What an awesome project this has been. Really glad it got off the ground and the final result looks great. FOR THE MOGS!!!!!! >' ' <
  8. Looks great - really worth doing with this bodyshell
  9. Its those ones from RCbearings in my link above. Have done three superstock motors with them now - dead easy to do.
  10. Is this all part of the USPS thing? I assume when i buy something from a US vendor it still goes through normal USPS domestic mail before getting to the international shipping depot and is just sitting there. Ones a vinyl record that I ordered on the 5th July and the other some F103 body a few days later also in July. Neither have appeared which seems to be too much of a coincidence as very rarely have actual lost post.
  11. I have been looking at those but worried about them getting here. Ive got two separate items that i ordered from the US back in July - neither of them have arrived yet.
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