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  1. Might be doable with a ta02 type chassis which doeant relly on a tub as part of the gear boxes. You could make a custom top and bottom carbon chassis plate and a bespoke drive shaft out of a piece of steel bar with some flats dremmelled on the ends. I bought some custom ta02 carbon plates off of a german guy on ebay to correct the wheelbase issue on the porsche 934. He will make them however long you want - hes super helpful if you email him.
  2. Have you ever had a decent spec ta-01 or ta-02 touring car? Would be interesting to see how competetive one is against a tt01 or tt02 (i imagine the type s would run rings around it though?) What shocks are they onthe 03?
  3. Woke up this morning and it wasnt lashing it down with rain - unusal for a weekend so managed to spray a couple of coats of satin black into the sand rover body. Well pleased with the way it came out - it was a pain to mask around the curves in the back and into the gaps around the seats (i normally make a completehash of it and have bleeds everywhere)
  4. Im currently using Wildone / FAV rear axles on a project (part no 19808039) but they are a little bit too long it turns out. Is there a slightly shorter version that maintains the same distance from pin hole to threaded end for using the wheel plate adaptor but is about 8mm shorter overall in lengty? I can use a spacer and shim to get it to work but the track width is currently wider than I would like.
  5. I had some drive shafts and cva dampers left over from my dark impact when last summer i upgraded it to universals as well as the awesome df03 alloy shock set at the same time. Having these parts sitting around looking bored I read that they might fit a Dt02. So I bought a re re sand rover just before christmas which I wanted to use as a beach runner. Tonight using some double sided foam tape, cable ties and a wild one shock boot I made up some cv joints to replace the big plastic dog bones that come with the kit.
  6. Traxxas would have won another legal case to have patented the wheel by that point and even actual car manufacturers will be making something else.
  7. Mines should be on its way shortly (january feels like a really long month since last payday) Im planning on running the exact setup JG is referring too above; 21t steel pinion, 69t spur from the speed tuned gearset and a Superstock TZ motor (its flattery not copying right??) and will see how I get on. I had most of these parts left over from a TA02 touring car from a few years ago but looking online it seems like the speed tuned gearset is unavailable again. There were two part numbers for the same kit I recall - one was for a skyline something or other gear set that was then rereleased as 47328 speed tuned set but the spur gears are exactly the same. Modelbau Seidel shop looks like they have it or can get it but they are fussy about shipping outside of Germany - a forum member over there might be able to help you out.
  8. Thats cracking!! Is that standard or a hop up part?
  9. What ever paint you use on a tyre will eventually come off as they are so flexible it will crack and peel off and generally get scuffed during use. I would look for some white acrylic paint like citadel or something which is quite durable and are water based without any agressive solvents in (as i cant see that doing the rubber any good long term)
  10. Its had another 12 hours of sitting on quite a chilly kitchen window cill all day and so far so good. It hasnt separated or changed consistency since this morning and when the bubbles go is completely clear. Its currently sitting on a radiator for more science. Im interested to see how temperature affects it. Ive never really thought about it till now but if you are a racer (im not) using an oil filled diff then do you need to adjust the oil weight based on air temp at the track ie different diff set up in winter to summer? Something i suppose isnt an issue with ball diffs.
  11. Ive just taken the end bell out of my Superstock TZ but ghat appears to have a hex on the end of the spring pin to unscrew it with. Have you managed to take the end bell off the motor cylinder and havd a look? I dont have an actopower but looking at the exploded view im wondering whether the pins are just held in place by being sandwiched bewteen the two brass brush holders and the plastic ring underneath. If you can separate these the mighg drop out. All pure speculation though. The screw heads holding the heat sinks for the brushes look a big mashed up.
  12. Thats when you can justify to yourself buying a whole new kit....youve have some parts for it already so you might as well right.
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