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  1. Thanks mate! Yes modelled them all from scratch. They're parts for an F103 formula 1 kit inspired by the work @speedy_w_beans did on his Ferrari but not quite as detailed. I really like Sketchup but have come across issues before with it not generating "solids" as other 3d packages know them. The issues were being picked up by the printer software of the person i found on ebay to print them and when i imported them into Autocad you could see the surfaces were fragmented. So i ended up staying late at work on friday and remodelling them in Autocad from scratch again.
  2. Hi Frankster, It looks ok on the Sketchup model; But when exporting out of sketchup as an STL directly it was where it had lots of errors according to the 3D printer. I then exported it as an Autocad3D DWG and could then see the problem with the surfaces. @bRIBEGuy kindly took a look and reported the same - i think its to do with the limitations of how sketchup works by creating hollow boxes and it cant really deal with the geometry of circles that well particularly at smaller scales. I remodelled it from scratch last night in Autocad and it seems to have sorted it now.
  3. Had no idea what this peice was so Ive got one you can have (uk based) Ive got five!! Do you need more than one as I'm never going to use them?
  4. Ive made a model in sketchup and a bit of 3d Autocad but it seems that ive created lots of separate surfaces that i cant seem to convert into a solid oject or something i can export as an STL. Does anyone fancy helping out and seeing iftheres an easy fix? I can email over the DWG if so Cheers
  5. Im not to sure!!!! Now that you mention it though from what I can remember of it, it could well be. ....oh no! The bridge is out!!!!........
  6. ".....he eats every thing he sees, from trucks to prickly trees......" Have a song in my head for some reason
  7. This is great, the Outlaw chassis doesnt seem to get anywhere near the recognition it deserves for how good it is to blast about with.
  8. If @toyolien is a definite pass on the Kyosho I will take it and the Superstock BZ too if both available
  9. Thats true! I really cant be abidin them. Every kit ive had with them, they have to go
  10. I wouldnt be too concerned about the trianglar piece as the original Tamiya hop up alloy mount doesnt have it. However I would think that the position of the posts relative to the holes is critical for accurate mesh of the gear teeth. Ive fitted a couple of Yeah Racing bits before and the quality on some has been ok but questionable on others - some of their machining tolerances have been way off.
  11. Agreed, this is what Tamiya do and do best for them. If i want to build an aluminium ladder frame then i know to get a kyosho rere kitas an alternative
  12. Im really surprised at the wheel tyre combo - these look like new mouldings. Pleasantly suprised it doesnt have the star dish wheel and tyre combo a la DT02 etc which have been continually recycled a million times
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