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  1. Vanquish - should be easy with the re-re Avantes and Egress
  2. What do you use to create templates and program it? Does it just cut flat sheet?
  3. Looking forward to this. Are you going to go with the typical MS scheme of the pink blue white flames?
  4. Would that mean the outer bearing shown to the right of the arrow sits on the outside face of the wheel exposee to the elements - as hex wheels dont have a recessed hole for a bearing to sit in. I notice the vehicle the show it fitted to has really deep dished / offset wheels so its not easy to see.
  5. If you searched for a 9" driver and thats the worst result you got count yourself lucky!
  6. Does anyone ever find them that useful for adjustment anyway? I hate the poxy things. In my experience the plastic cups grip the screw threads so tightly that one of three things always happens; 1 - the spanner rounds off (the tamiya kit supplied one is made of cheese) 2 - the turn buckle rounds off (as Uranium above) 3 - so much force is required due to the tight threads that the cup pops off of the ball. The end result of all three outcomes is the same. You end up manually adjusting them with pliers and reinstaling them. The only time they have actually been enjoyable to build / adjust for me was on the Avante because its a properly machined thread in a metal rod end not plastic forced onto a screw.
  7. I may have missed the point as im typing this while quite drunk
  8. I wouldnt worry about it too much - im pretty sure all the driver figures for tamiya kits are interchangable between 1:10 & 1:12 scale. If you look at the size of the head of the driver on the sand scorcher compared to that supplied in the 1:10 scale 4x4 figure you will see. Ive always thought the cockpit figures in the rally and touring car set were too small and the sand scorcher and FAV drivers were closer to true 1:10 scale
  9. As Markbt above - anything with the martini racing markings. Particularly the Alfa155 touring car
  10. Looks stunning. Really captures the feel of what you were aiming for with back ground story of the prototype avante
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