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  1. And the Wild One steering ball end where it asks you cut the flange off. Its only after you completely cut them off and then dont have enough to thread on the steering rods that it becomes clear what the diagram actually meant (and then you have to buy more ends)
  2. Made some carbon lightweight gear shafts for my Top Force as its to windy to paint today. The 5mm carbon tubes i had left from the porsche drive shaft experiment cut to length with a pipe cutter. No idea if they are any better than the kit ones but they used to be a hop up part many years ago
  3. Just to add - these are the only ones I have. I would imagine those for the porsche gt3 kit would be a better fit as the lights are closer to the angle of the gt1 than the more upright 934
  4. By complete and utter coincidence im looking at this now! I think the ones on the 934 im currently building will fit. You would need at apply the double sided tape to the indicator bar as the top tab doesnt meet the shell
  5. There are too many random high profile people who have it compardd to the relatively small number of reported cases as a percentage of the whole population.
  6. It also makes me think that we have probably all got it or have had it, its everywhere and has been around a lot longer than we think.
  7. As well as sloping ceilings is the shelving terrace away from you as well? Theres some weird perspective thing going on thats blowing my mind!
  8. Looks like they were available as a pack of 4 49240 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=113418&id=3448
  9. I would also read some of the recent build threads. There were a couple of areas where some had issues with the instructions not being too clear and led to a problem further into the build (ie dont apply thread lock to the lower chassis plate screws until you have fitted the lower body shell at a later step in the manual)
  10. And the chassis is now finished once the drive shaft is installed
  11. Made a short drive shaft for my Porsche 934 with the custom carbon chassis plates. Its the standard kit hard shaft with the ends cut off and a dab of araldite into a 3mm ID brass tube (then a bit of autosol) I did buy some 5mm carbon tubes with a 3mm ID but the hole through the tube didnt look very central which would cause it to run out of balance. And theres already enough carbon on the chassis the brass is a nice contrast
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