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  1. Dark Impact is a good shout. Theres a couple of recent threads on some upgrades to do to the diff and its worth getting the slipper clutch hop up. It comes with bearings already which is a bit of a surprise as there are kits from Tamiya that are twice the price that still come with plastic bushes. The only problem with it is that its old now and the third party support for it is non existant so if anything breaks you are at the mercy of Tamiya spares supply network.
  2. If you cant get it running im working in Basildon so might be able to drop around with another tble02 esc on my way home from work one evening
  3. Whats on the other side of the rim to drive it? Is it a typical 12mm hex?
  4. Absolutely - after the amount of care you put into this build it ended up pretty unique so was a bit of a shock when before the paint was dry you felt like selling it. Is it still in the condition you let it go in or does it need some TLC?
  5. What a great story. Looking forward to this as its clearly a special kit for you. Are you going to build it stock or are you planning some more bespoke additions to it as well as the driver?
  6. Wow! I wasnt expecting that!!! Thats quite a unique layout for sure
  7. Did you miss it too much?
  8. Does it have inboard dampers or torsion bar type suspension? Will be good to see more pics of your refurb progress
  9. Something looking like a piece of the ISS had fell out of orbit was on my doorstep this morning. Fortunately it contained two cockpit sets from Juhunio rather than lethal radiation and hydrazine. Thanks again dude!
  10. Use a scalpel blade or stanley knife to cut around the sticker over the screw head. You can also use it or a pin to make some very light cuts on the stickers to release air bubbles if you want to flatten them down. The hornet has some sticker shapes that are a complete pain to apply
  11. Where did you order them from?
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