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  1. Thats quite nice looking. It sort of looks like its a hybrid of a pan car with a touring car with that suspension and direct drive. Do with the brake callipers stay in place when the wheels are turned?
  2. That's a really nice looking plane - love the colour scheme. It even looks far too fast just sitting on the ground!
  3. Ha!! Id better keep my head down. I think the technology in the receivers now is what is a complete game changer. I remember about 30 years ago my dad building an rc trainer of the day which was a balsa and film covered Cessna. He spent hours and hours on it and then promptly destroyed it banking it on its first turn after taking off. The learning curve back then was hideous. Ive also had a couple if powered gliders many years ago but as you say they had a bit too much dihedral and balsa wings which i broke on landing and couldnt be repaired. Now with this safe technology thing in beginner mode the gyro automatically rolls the ailerons back to level flight and mixes in a bit of elevator to always keep the nose up. If you point it into the wind with a bit of throttle it will basically fly its self. Ive been mostly practising with the second mode which turns off the gyro but limits the throw on the control surfaces to prevent it rolling inverted. As you say there are times its difficult to see its orientation so you end up doing a couple of long banked turns while rolling the wings to be clear on is it going away or coming towards you. Sounds like the DX6 is the one to get then.
  4. They come with a similar transmitter to what i would like but im not sure if you can get an aerial for it. Lot less traumatic after crashing though!!!
  5. That looks amazing!!!!!! After you have cut the film around the arch do you mask it again or is the film pretty resistant to bleeds after cutting? Also is it any particular auto paint or will halfords black or similar be ok? Ive got some semi gloss black in their silver tins (not sure if its acrylic or enamel but it smells nice) which i might try on a mini shell ive got to paint at some point.
  6. Hello, about three years ago I bought an Aeroscout RTF rc plane and have been teaching myself to fly. Its a really nice plane and the receiver has a safe mode with a built in gyro which automatically levels it out but can be switched off from the transmitter when you feel a bit more confident. Its a perfect trainer with a high mounted pusher prop too so when inevitably the landings at first are not ideal you dont end up destroying the prop and motor mount. Im now on my second one following a middair collision with my colleagues plane who i fly with which cut off my tailplane and left me with a bin bag of polystyrene. But its all good fun. It can be repaired easily within reason with a hot glue gun and some red devil filler which is amazing stuff and some halfords car body mesh comes in handy as the polystyrene is a bit soft and can get dented or cut by the ground particularly the wing leading edges. Anyone else here fly planes, if so what are you flying? Secondly im after some advice or recmendations on a new transmitter. The aeroscout came with a Spektrum DXE/S 6 channel with safe mode switch but it can only be bound to one model at a time. Ive bought another kit too and would like a similar transmitter but the DXE now looks to be discontinued and its replacement is more than twice as expensive. I dont need anything with millions of functions or programmable (i dont have a computer and am not techy) but 6 channels with safe switch would be good. Any ideas?
  7. Have a TF3 kit I will be building in the not too distant future and wondered if anyones got a stabiliser kit for it they are hsppy to let go of. The kyosho part number is SPW-19 so assume it fits the Spider chassis too but the ones ive seen online for the spider GP kit are very different. Cheers, Superluminal
  8. The one in the pic looks like its been polished. In hindsight i wish i had done that on my TopForce now before assembling it. The standard factory finish of them and the universals that come with it is like theyve been in the sea.
  9. That looks like a great restoration project as the body still looks in really good condition. Just need to sort the man out with a head!
  10. Looks really really nice! Its a great colour ps-60. Youve made a great job of it. Ive always been curious about the wheel covers on these. What are they? Stickers on a piece of lexan? I cant see the wheel nuts so are the fixed on the outside and removable?
  11. That looks really smart. Are they stickers?
  12. I like how youve fabricated the chassis plates from caramac! Good choice.
  13. Im a bit fed up with these pre painted bodies now. I wouldnt mind if it need some really complicated masking but its plain white. I dont wanted tinted windows either as i want to put a cockpit in it.
  14. I like what youve done with the rear shock tower! Should reduce the chance of breaking the rear gearbox case.
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