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  1. In my experience - better than L&L but not as good as Tamiya. The print quality was very sharp and crisp / high res but the vinyl was a bit too thick and glossy and was difficult to get it form around tight curves neatly. But they stuck down and havent lifted so far. Perfectly fine for a runner. My experience of MCI decals has been hit and miss but they seem very dependent on what decal set you order.
  2. I made some for my Mercedes C11. The closest I could find were these for the SubarubBRZ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385632296467?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=RPYY7N2XTou&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=WNZ31tfYTiy&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I cut the stalk off and drilled a new hole in the side and re-glued it so it sat more horizontal to the mounting (if that makes sense)
  3. Looks great! If you had to do it again would you paint the yellow?
  4. Aww man I just posted a reply to his scorpion wheels / hornet thread with photos and everything. Proper mugged off!!!!!
  5. Well it looks like the wheel adaptor is 6mm at the back and 4mm at the front so even if drilled out to 5mm wouldnt sit on the drive shaft neatly. And the rear wheels would need drilling out too as they only have a 4mm hole. Front bearings would be 8mm x 5mm x 3mm wide which i think is slightly wider than the stanard 850 bearing which is 2.5mm wide right?? I tried to fit different wheels onto a DT02 once. By the time you have spent about 5 billion pounds on different drive shafts and axles of multiple lengths and pin spacing, different uprights and c-hubs combinations because some clash with the wheel and some dont and then realise none of the variations work with out you basically having to machine custom everything from scratch....it gets old pretty quickly I havent got Hornet wheels to hand to see if these tyres fit.
  6. Yes that was it!! Shame about the photo links having gone as the colour he had was spot on
  7. Duplicolor metalcast blue always looked pretty close from google images searches but i dont think its available in the Uk so ive not tried it. Someone came pretty close with a 2k clear coat blue colour on some hi-fi parts but i cant find the thread
  8. Standard scorpion re-re rear wheels use a fairly unique serated nut with a cross pin / grub screw hybrid thingy which i think is unlikely to fit - if i recall (i can check when I get home) scorpions have 4mm axles so the adaptor would need drilling out on the assumption the pin would even line up with the hole in the drive shaft. Unless you want to run Turbo Scorpion wheels which are 12mm hex so the tamiya 53193 adaptor should work? The fronts should be ok but I think you will need a larger 1050 bearing again as the axle size is different. I have a spare set of Tomahawk wheels and a Hornet so can try this out when im off this poxy train and back home.
  9. Kyosho Tomahawk if you wanted something vintage looking? Theres an aftermarket seller of vac formed undertrays for them on ebay uk.
  10. I had this and if i recall was the factory assembled diff unit wasnt seated correctly so i undid the four screws on that and reassembled it making sure that it went back together square and that the bearings were also pressed into the gearbox properly all the way. I also applied some threadlock on the diff screws as it goes into the metal gearcase - I remember someone hear had those screws back out while running which chewed up the inside of the gearbox
  11. Theyre back! I was just nodding off on the sofa when i could here a feint knocking noise coming from the loft. It was this little booger who was trapped in a plastic bottle that id rigged as a trap before buying those green ones. However in trying to get the bottle trap apart which is held together with hot melt glue and wire to get him into something i can put him out in the garden i dropped him and hes now under the cooker or fridge so i need to reassemble the traps and hopefully get him again
  12. I'd sack that decal off if it were me and brush paint it with some ps5 or matt black on the outside. If you look at the photo of the real thing on the previous page it looks like its been overpainted in waxoyl or some sort of bitumen rubber. It was probably going rusty.
  13. Theres a UK seller on ebay who sells custom carbon chassis plates; Rach280485. I enquired with them whether they could reduce the length of the plates by 6mm and they said yes, all parts were made to order so not a problem - although this was back in 2019 and I ended up going with Maxspeed in the end. @ruebiracer didnt you have Maxspeed parts personal contact details? Wonder where he got to.
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