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  1. Yes, standard drive pin. Its a Dt02 chassis.
  2. Im looking to put some Hornet wheels on another chassis that uses normal hex wheels. I know to do this I need to use the plastic hub adaptors or the die cast ones that the SRB uses. Before I fork out for a hornet B parts sprue or the scorcher metal ones does any one know of a more cost effective solution to get the plastic types on their own? They do come on the wild one and FAV sprues too but the hornet one with the two gearbox halves seems to be the cheapest.
  3. The other bit that makes it look like that is the weight of the body over the suspension. There was a bloke on youtube who makes rc bodies out of wood to give them a lot of extra weight on the suspension. When you see them on video they look very very realistic. There was one of a mk2 escort rally car he made. Will try and find a link to the video This one - how epic is that!!!
  4. The prebuilt shocks on the Outlaw were leaking so badly out of the box that the front suspension lower arm had filled up with oil. The plastic damper body on these was very soft and twists / deforms when tightening the top cap. Which is a shame as the rest of the truck is epic. The red dampers on my Javelin leak too and this has only sat on a shelf. I found the very thin plastic gasket almost impossible to fit without crinkling or tearing (fortunately there are spares) but the leak seems to be around the piston area so I can only assume the designed tolerances for the piston to the o-rings is too loose? Havent had this problem on CVAs or Hicaps on the Egress. Over christmas I might rebuild them with sone Tamiya red silicone o rings and see if this helps.
  5. My Javelin re re shocks leak badly. So do the shocks on the Kyosho Outlaw Rampage. Why cant they get this right? The rest of the kits and build quality is awesome.
  6. You arent the first person to mention that either. I have one but have not built it yet but can only assume this must be an issue with the two carbon decks fixed to the front and rear gearboxes on the Ta02SW 40th anniversary edition porsches. I have regular Ta02sw plastic tub chassis as standard for the porsche gt2 kit and it seems fine on that. In fact its probably the best and most real world looking fit of chassis and shell than all of the other touring cars.
  7. No idea my self but for me I would probably also have the criteria of; 3. Most resistant to sand getting inside the gears and motor.
  8. They did sort of make up for it with the later release on the m06 chassis which seems to suit it very well and has tge correctly driven wheels at least. That Renault on an m05 looks a bit of a mess though.
  9. What emails are you expecting to receive from the site? Im a paid up member too but dont get any emails to my gmail account that im aware of - all the notifications and mesages are direct from the TC homepage.
  10. Someone needs to take one for the team and cut it open
  11. Ah yes! BUT... thats the old black can Sport Tuned that was possibly only 27 turns when opened up. Not the brand new silver can Sport Tuned that replaces it that now actually says printed on the box that it is 23 turns.
  12. Yes, definitely Atrack SR. I bought a kyosho gp touring car on one of my first ever monthly pay days (when I got my first full time job in 1995) and that was the transmitter set that I got at the same time. Still have it now in the same car.
  13. Very very keen to see the results of this!!! Please can you start a thread or update when you get a chance. Will be interesting to see considering its half the price of the superstock motors which are also 23 turn
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