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  1. Im pretty sure the word "RC10" was listed on the description prior to this which is the troublesome bit, and vendors were referring to it as such.
  2. If your working on something with blades I'd be inclined to get a head start on designing some replacement mechanical opppsable thumbs and fingers
  3. Im glad to hear that! Although im not sure how youve managed it to date. Great work again! If you put some castors on the rear skids you would be able to transport yourself back to the working area from the tipping area after each load.
  4. The seller was Rc_loverr but sadly dosesnt look like he's trading anymore
  5. I'd be put out by that too. Ive bought a couple of sets of Pargus gold 5 spoke wheels a few years ago for the Javelin and they were the lighter gold like in the original pics but have now noticed they are in the orangey colour on the listing which isnt the same. The wheels in the second pic are alloy avante wheels without the camlocks. I have a set of these also in the light gold colour which was a perfect match for the Avantes gold hicaps. But i cant find the seller now....
  6. Its a shame Tamiya didnt do what they did with the Ferrari 312 kit and supply both lexan and hard bodies. Glad the driver is ok though!
  7. Glad to see this, been looking forward to see a detailed build thread of a relatively modern race spec buggy and how its evolved from the classic. That steering setup looks pretty indestructable!
  8. Superluminal

    Kyosho Salute

    That is stunning! Hoping for a rerelease of this but doubtful it will happen. Great job on the masking.
  9. Brushed because it needs less wires and they normally come with connectors alreqdy attached. I hate wires and i'm rubbish at soldering.
  10. 2.6 x 8 screws for two piece wheels https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/295981924915?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=RPYY7N2XTou&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=WNZ31tfYTiy&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  11. Wondered where youd gone, glad to hear you're ok.
  12. I cant get sound to work on videos on my far so apologies if they mention it. If its like the Genova it wont have any distribution outside of Japan which is a shame.
  13. You can get Revell Paint Remover from Hobbycraft in the glass bottle with the blue lable. Its the same stuff. Ive seen it recently with a new improved formula yadda yadda sticker which means it will be a load of old pony so look for the older bottle. I used it strip a shell - also a celica and also painted blue. It took weeks to remove it all, but it does work.
  14. Not that I can think of and not that you wont be paying about 50% more for the same things over here than you will in the US.
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