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  1. Today i build the rear Stabi on the top deck. Like in the picture you can see, its sadly damage. Extra hole, a corner is missing and a to big hole. I think i put a reciever and a speed control over this point. But for driving its ok. For my Avante i missing the white rims, the complete body with sticker ( is the new Avante body the same? ) , front shocks. Thats what i know at the moment.
  2. Some parts with cleaned frp parts. I use Ballistol for frp and carbon. Nice look and same for the axles and screws. I put axels and screws in Ballistol for a night and next day i wipe it off.
  3. Yes of course. That was the first car i get shipped. Parts are mixed with egress and avante. It take me a lot of time , to find the Titan screws. I cleaned a lot at the moment, but at the moment i dont know hows the best method, to upload pictures here. I send a picture of my actuall point now, with the real egress chassis.
  4. The starting point was my egress, but after i should get my second paket, it seems the second car turned out to be a Avante 2001. I have pretty much parts, i think i can buil an egress and avante.
  5. Hello I am searching this things for an vintage egress. Gearbox Joint is the Number SB17. Thanks
  6. Hello everybody! I just buy an old egress and searching for a carbon top deck. And i need a gearbox joint. Number SB17. Would be happy you can help me. I will load some pics of my restore later. Thanks!
  7. Please make me a offer if someone have something to sell. It's for my Raybrig nsx i bought in 2001. Thanks!
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