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  1. My understanding is that packs of multiple cells (Nicad and Nimh) should be trickle charged when new and every so often to balance the cells (maybe every 10th charge), otherwise you can get a cell that is either under or overcharged. To the OP I'd suggest a good trickle charge to see if that brings back the capacity.
  2. That be the FTX Outlaw, an Ultra 4 type truck.
  3. Hi, a drop of superglue will help but a mechanical solution would be better such as below.
  4. Just to say, I've got a couple of FTX Hooligans which is basically the Vantage with a rally shell. In my experience there's no problem running high powered brushless motors and the motor moving, where there is a problem is that the spur gear/pinion is not fully enclosed, so gravel, small stones can and do destroy the spur gear. However there is a cover that almost encloses the spur and pinion, and it's fairly simple to add tape/plasticard to fully enclose it. Not stripped a spur since doing this. Also the Carnage, Bugsta are basically a wide Vantage, and the Outlaw has the same front end as them, so spares are plentiful and cheap. Furthermore the Quanam Vandal on Hobbyking is the same as a Vantage and even cheaper. Very good value for money IMHO.
  5. I'd say at the start of the straight going upwards, as in just past the bottom right hand marker
  6. How about a G6-01 pr indeed GF-01 ? They're a pleasure to build and run, and plenty of scope for customisation due to sharing parts with a number of other models.
  7. There are 3S Hard Case Lipos with the same dimensions as 2S Hard Case ones. Overlander 4000mah Hard Case Low Profile 3S is one.
  8. Liking that Google Forms method of submission very much, I did both to be sure. Anyhow I only got a chance to do my 1 and only run today and the surface was a little rough for my MF01X Escort MKII. For Round 9 I'll try somewhere a little smoother, and hopefully get a few runs in. Great fun though
  9. Interesting project, I built a Slash based drag car last year but a Tamiya based one is intriguing. I'd be looking at a 2wd off-road car as a donor with a custom stretched chassis and one of the Proline bodies, this will all be easily available in the UK. As for wheels and tyres, Slash beadlocks with Hoosier slicks would be my first choice, other than this there's a few on road choices that would fit said beadlocks.
  10. Thing is there are examples of 4wd classic Minis, as there are Escorts. Saying that I appreciate the RWD Escort and FWD Mini are the originals
  11. Predator actually contains one of my favorite film quotes, I've used it at work once or twice
  12. Super Mini, the ones below are built with no internal spacers to give 55mm length for maximum ground clearance.
  13. Well for the first time ever (for me) in a Tamiya kit there was a mistake with the parts, on step 20 (attaching the lower rear arms) I only had one 46mm screw pin, however there were 3 dogbones. Luckily I've spare screw pins so no drama, and I now have an extra spare dogbone ! Anyone else had this ?
  14. The wheels are blue already, and yes they are M-chassis size.
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