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  1. Here's one that's not often mentioned I use them to install and remove hard to reach M3 nuts, makes removing axles on crawlers much easier. Locking Foreceps
  2. FYI, all of the TRX's have portals. I've built and own both the Sport and Premium kits, the Sport has a single speed transmission and locked diffs, but no electrics, the Premium has the two speed gearbox and remote locking diffs and all the electrics (except battery) but no body. Both have a 313mm wheelbase. For speed biased use I'd recommend the premium kit. Recently I tried a Hobbywing SCT 4000KV combo in mine and it was a blast, both usable for trailing and moderate crawling in low gear and as fast as I'd want in 2nd gear.
  3. They'll do nicely, PM me your Paypal details and price please. I'm ok for other parts. Cheers.
  4. PM replied to. Still looking, preferably in the UK.
  5. Hi, As per the title I'm after a set of lower arms to fit an M-03 Or anything from the M chassis range that would fit ? Cheers
  6. Hi, there are chassis kits on ebay for £74.99, just type in TT02 chassis kit.
  7. Hi, Regarding the reverse, If it's still set at the default setting of 25% you will not see the green LED. You would need to set it at 100% (number 6) and recalibrate. As for the rear wheels locking up, is the drag brake on ?
  8. Sounds good to me also, the results I submitted earlier where my one and only attempt. So hopefully I'll improve !!
  9. Great write up As for detecting cars on other parts of the circuit, I found sticking my backpack behind the LapMonitor solved this. So presumably sticking it in a box so it can only "look" where you want it to will work also. I'm also wondering if an "optical extension" for the transponder would be possible using some fibre optic cable ? https://makezine.com/projects/how-to-connect-optical-fibers-to-leds-and-sensors/
  10. Maybe a buggy like the DF-03 with short arms might work.
  11. Have you calibrated the esc to the Transmitter ?
  12. Yes indeed it's the Embie Racing one, very nice it is too. For the battery I'm using a Turnigy nano-tech Ultimate 2600mah 2S2P 90C Hardcase Lipo Super Shorty Pack from Hobbyking, I made a holder for the rear of the battery and I'm using the Embie Racing one for the front of the battery. Also I added some insulation tape to the top of the battery so as it can't move. All it takes to remove the battery is loosening the thumb screws on the front mount and it can be slid out. I've got the mudguard holders to add in the future.
  13. Hopefully out in the morning to do some practice with this
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