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  1. This could be me, just I was between 15 & 31. Then I bought a Monster Beetle from a colleague and have been tinkering ever since. Aside from disposable income age has also brought better engineering skills and patience. Tamiya's appeal for me is part nostalgia and closure, i.e obtaining and doing justice to models I couldn't as a youth, by it's nature this has got to be a dwindling market. However justifying the cost for models that need basic upgrades (bearings & CVA shocks) is getting harder. Saying that I still need closure on a few models
  2. CC-01 is now on Ebay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123639330408
  3. Hi all,I'm having a clear-out over the next couple of months to leave myself with just a few models. Starting with my Tamiya's. All of them have been upgraded in some form, bearings, shocks etc.Probably best if I just list what's for sale and we can go from there regarding specs etc.M-06 Midnight Pumpkin LowriderGF-01 Suzuki Jimny SJ30 with or without wide conversionG6-01 Konghead with or without wide conversionT3-01 Dancing RiderI'll post pics over the next week, or PM me if your interested in any of the above.
  4. Thanks the wide conversion is a must do in my opinion, I've done my Konghead also, much less tippy. If your interested I'm sure we can work something out with a conversion kit for your dump truck, PM me if so Furthermore if anyone is interested in anything from this car get in touch.
  5. I'm having a New Year clear out, first up is my Tamiya Suzuki Jimny Wide GF-01, widened using new TL-01B arms and full metal driveshafts. Built with new parts, see through chassis, fully ballraced, CVA shocks, Only run for the videos linked below. Will sell as bare roller without wheels/tyres for £80 posted or to an agreed spec up to RTR with basic 2.4ghz radio gear, brushed or brushless. No battery though.
  6. Good points about the source voltage, sometimes I use a seperate battery for a LED set up.
  7. No worries, my pleasure. Did an order myself, I'm going to try out the Flat LED's. They supposedly have a wider spread of light.
  8. This is who I use on ebay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ultra-Bright-LEDs-3mm-5mm-10mm-Red-Blue-White-Green-Yellow-Pink-UV-Warm-White-/290736745166?var=&hash=item8963204eb8 And here's another calculator that will design an array for you. http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz Pics coming soon
  9. If I'm doing headlights I'll wire 2 white 5mm in series with a 1 ohm resistor to act as a current limiter/fuse, and connect direct to the Rx. I'm about to do some over the next few days and could post some pics if it helps.
  10. The calculator I linked to is pretty accurate for the different colour voltage drop of 5mm leds. I can link to some on ebay or rs if you like.
  11. Here you go. https://www.hobby-hour.com/electronics/ledcalc.php
  12. Thank you, it's an easy conversion consisting of TL-01B upper and lower arms, suitable length driveshafts and steering links So it requires 2 sets of Tamiya 005688 for the arms (and front bumper if you want), and 2 pairs of Tamiya 9805551 Driveshafts. I'll measure the steering links and post details later
  13. The motors in brushed FTX cars are 550's and quite torquey with good speed on 2S, I've not tried 3S but have read people have without issue. I ran one in a Maverick Scout Scaler, and it was very good. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=369466&gclid=CjwKCAjworfdBRA7EiwAKX9HeK9VPRUrz4_pzlsdcr7Zi_SWXEycPw8XgV-hcyVMlJW-mcr_7pNRGRoC_joQAvD_BwE
  14. Love this silly little car, the 3930Kv motor is very good, quick enough and very controllable, it's a 380 size motor in a 540 size can so not too torquey and barely gets warm. Very long run times with a 5200Mah Lipo. I'll be putting a quick motor in it for some speed runs next.
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