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  1. Thank you Mud4fun, loving your nicknames for your nippers. Anyhoo, after watching some vids etc on the LapMonitor and what has been written in this thread about it, I've just ordered one. Plan is to have a play tomorrow morning, and then hopefully the LapMonitor system will be with me in time to do some recorded runs next weekend. I'm looking forward to this
  2. Great thread, and idea. I'll joining the fun I've spot in mind where I can set up a gravel & tarmac course, the first cars I'm going to use are a Konghead, DF-03 and XV-01. Now I've got to decide whether to buy a LapMonitor system.
  3. Have you calibrated the esc ? Also what battery are you using. If you're using a Nimh or Ni-cad pack then it might not be able to supply the amperage needed on startup
  4. As well as mentioned above, bicycle GPS speedos are another good option for recording speed runs etc, I use a Lezyne Mini GPS and it's small and light.
  5. Hi, if it's a coaxial aerial with an exposed length of the inner signal wire at the end then it's the length of the exposed signal wire that's important. Just strip the outer screen to give an exposed length of the signal wire between 28.8 to 32mm. I've done so with succes on a damaged aerial on a Spektrum DSMR type receiver.
  6. The kit comes with 4 ball bearings for the gearbox, and 8 plastic ones for the axles. So your 8 bearings will be enough to fully ball-race your Frog. Here's a link to the manual https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/58354the_frog.pdf
  7. Hi, I've gone wide with my Konghead using TL-01B parts. You'll need upper and lower arms, dogbones and longer steering links. Also I used the longer bottom shock rod ends. Drives lovely, much less tippy.
  8. Hi, The first one is for sensored and sensorless motors, and not waterproof. The second one is for sensorless motors only and is waterproof. So it depends on the motor you want to run and in what conditions.
  9. And this pinion http://www.rcmart.com/hard-anodized-aluminum-26tt-pinion-gear-tamiya-t301-dancing-rider-p-77799.html?cPath=595_744_2029 BTW, the speed run I did with mine was with a 6000KV motor in it.
  10. This exact scenario was covered in a consumer rights tv program, and the outcome was that the sender/seller is responsible for claiming back from RM and should refund or resend the item to the buyer asap. Furthermore a signature was not deemed as proof of delivery to the actual recipient. Not a nice situation to be in, I've been on the other side where a tracked parcel (not signed for) was "delivered" according to an email from RM, the shop said it wasn't their responsibility, which it was, in the end Paypal refunded me. Hope it works out for you.
  11. This could be me, just I was between 15 & 31. Then I bought a Monster Beetle from a colleague and have been tinkering ever since. Aside from disposable income age has also brought better engineering skills and patience. Tamiya's appeal for me is part nostalgia and closure, i.e obtaining and doing justice to models I couldn't as a youth, by it's nature this has got to be a dwindling market. However justifying the cost for models that need basic upgrades (bearings & CVA shocks) is getting harder. Saying that I still need closure on a few models
  12. CC-01 is now on Ebay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123639330408
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