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  1. This arrived from Tamico this morning, won't be going box art......
  2. I ordered my gears from Tamico, they're in stock there, i didn't know you were in NZ, sorry.
  3. Having literally just done this, agreed! If you want all plastic gears and spur options too, buy the TA02 gearset and TA02 speed gears at the same time.
  4. Got these three ready for some highly competitive garden racing with my son! New wings for the Top Force and Egress and a full tighten of tightenables for the Top Cat after it's first run last weekend!
  5. It may not be the prettiest Top Force, but it gets used! I've wanted hicaps on a DF01 chassis since i was 10 so I'm over the moon that Tamico had some left! Also finished setting up the servo on my rerelease Top Cat, really looking forward to running that one.
  6. I thought I'd missed the boat on the Top Force hicaps tamiya recently released, thankfully Tamico had some that arrived today, assembled the fronts this evening.
  7. Up to you obviously, but I didn't get on with my Top Force when it had a one way fitted. Braking force was reduced a fair amount and the car got really twitchy on tighter turns.
  8. The Top Cat is pretty much there now, just need to glue tyres, fit the velcro for the body and fit a pinion.
  9. Day 2 of the re-release Top Cat build. Stopped as I don't have the circlip pliers i need for the shocks! Should be finished Saturday, it's a lovely thing!
  10. Not Tamiya I know, but I ordered a Top Cat re-release with transmission and steering upgrade, can't wait to try it on our garden racetrack! On the Tamiya front, rebuilt Egress and Topforce diffs today, what do I need to buy to convert the Egress to a gear diff??
  11. Started round 3 of the Clophill Invitational. Just want to be clear i didn't choose the paint!
  12. Blew a motor (I think) on an Egress, had the steering assembly fall apart on a Top Force and broke a C hub on a Cougar. Good day. On the plus side, burning out the motor on the Egress means I can go brushless.
  13. Had a blast on a homemade grass track today, Egress performed well, Cat was a bit too much, my Top Force got hungry amd decided to eat its spur gear. I'm running 2s, a 1080 esc and Tamiya BZ motor, so not crazy. On a previous build i bolted the rear gearbox cover down, got the idea from here. Are there any other solutions to this?
  14. Laid out a garden track for me, my son and nephew to have a play on, not the biggest, but big enough for a laugh!
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