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  1. The Top Force is a lot more forgiving and less twitchy.
  2. ⁷Had an early morning race around our frosty garden track with the boy. Bit of a clean up required, oh and a new front gearbox for the Egress.... Sorry for crappy image, had to resize on my phone and the output isn't pretty!
  3. Fitted the front big bore aeration dampers, so I now have big bores all round on my zahhak.
  4. Big bore dampers for the front of my Zahhak, already had a rear seat so less to sneak passed the boss!
  5. The wing is tricky at first but easy when you know how. The manual doesn't explain it well! What I do is 'pre fold' the o ring and fit it in place, see my photo below Get the slot for the pin lined up with the holes on the male part the push the pin in. Takes about 30 seconds to do if you're being careful, hard to explain though!
  6. I think I've sorted the suspension issue. Just fitted my big bore aeration dampers on the rear, needed a small amount of spacing but they fit. Short set ordered from Tamico for the front.
  7. Thanks! I didn't know the Sand Viper body would fit, I'll have a look. My only gripe is the suspension. I've got either hi-caps or TRF big bores on my other Tamiya cars, other than the official TRF upgrade, are there any other options?
  8. Not perfect (why can't Tamiya provide window masks!) but I've pretty much finished my Zahhak. Just need to tidy up the wiring a bit. Not the most popular model, but I don't think it looks too bad if you ditch the box art stickers! It has a Schumacher wing as I've got a few laying around and I hate cutting out wings!
  9. Got up to step 17 of my Zahhak build, should be running tomorrow. Bit different building a 'modern' Tamiya. I've gone for the slipper clutch, will probably go for TRF big bore shocks, any other upgrades I should do?
  10. This arrived from Tamico this morning, won't be going box art......
  11. I ordered my gears from Tamico, they're in stock there, i didn't know you were in NZ, sorry.
  12. Having literally just done this, agreed! If you want all plastic gears and spur options too, buy the TA02 gearset and TA02 speed gears at the same time.
  13. Got these three ready for some highly competitive garden racing with my son! New wings for the Top Force and Egress and a full tighten of tightenables for the Top Cat after it's first run last weekend!
  14. It may not be the prettiest Top Force, but it gets used! I've wanted hicaps on a DF01 chassis since i was 10 so I'm over the moon that Tamico had some left! Also finished setting up the servo on my rerelease Top Cat, really looking forward to running that one.
  15. I thought I'd missed the boat on the Top Force hicaps tamiya recently released, thankfully Tamico had some that arrived today, assembled the fronts this evening.
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