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  1. We've moved the garden track from top to the bottom of the garden....there's no grass left at the top....... Also, ordered a TA03RS Porsche GT1 to build over the next couple of days
  2. Not Tamiya, so, sorry! But, today I noticed that Schumacher have designed an aluminium gear diff for the KR, LD and KD. I don't need it, I'll not notice the difference, and I could spend the money better elsewhere, but it looks really nice and I'll sleep better knowing I have one for my KR. https://www.racing-cars.com/news/news556/new-alloy-diff-conversion-for-cougar-laydown
  3. Got my 2WD runners ready for a thrashing in the rain tomorrow. Building my nephews new Sand Viper tomorrow too, so got my tools ready!
  4. Got these three ready for a blast tomorrow. Converted the Monster Beetle to a Hobbywing 1080 and Lipo, seems to go well with a BZ motor.
  5. Sorry for image quality! This morning, me and my 5 year old defied the tail end of storm Dennis!
  6. Good news! Tamico refunded the TRF driveshafts and I've simulated the 3mm bearing with washers and the suspension travel is back to normal. So, anyone that wants to do the DN01 / TRF201 Kyosho diff mod and finds that their suspension binds, you can fix it with £1.70 worth of 5x10x3 bearings. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Thanks, that's a much cheaper option if it works!
  8. Ah, just contacted Tamico to cancel! Annoyingly they don't do 42284.
  9. Sorry, one last question on this! Like you did, I'm suffering from the suspension binding due to driveshafts. I've found this at Tamico, is this what sorted it for you? https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=154850&lang=eng I only ask as the pic you attached a while back of the kit you bought has two part numbers on it! Thanks
  10. Successfully converted my Zahhak (it's much nearer to a 201 now) to a gear diff set up! First try out tomorrow. Also, finished swapping my Egress to gear diffs too.......you can probably tell I don't like ball diffs......
  11. Thanks. I'll probably run it as is for now, I already have the TRF slipper fitted. Good to know other gear options though!
  12. Built up my newly arrived Kyosho Ultima SC gear diff, all I need to do now is modify the Zahhak gearbox with a dremel and my Kyomiya Ultihak will be complete!
  13. In almost a year of running me 2013 Egress I've gone through maybe 4 front shock towers and 2 from gearboxes. Not too bad, but parts (gearbox especially) can be tricky to get hold of.
  14. Recieved my vintage Vanquish gear diff parts so I can finally bin off the ball diff in my 2013 Egress. Fitted the rear one tonight, waiting on new front gearbox halves until I can fit the front diff. Also finished rebuilding my nephews Manta Ray ready for him to drive headlong into a tree. I fitted a BZ motor, so at least the resulting smash will be more spectacular than before.
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