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  1. Blew a motor (I think) on an Egress, had the steering assembly fall apart on a Top Force and broke a C hub on a Cougar. Good day. On the plus side, burning out the motor on the Egress means I can go brushless.
  2. Had a blast on a homemade grass track today, Egress performed well, Cat was a bit too much, my Top Force got hungry amd decided to eat its spur gear. I'm running 2s, a 1080 esc and Tamiya BZ motor, so not crazy. On a previous build i bolted the rear gearbox cover down, got the idea from here. Are there any other solutions to this?
  3. Laid out a garden track for me, my son and nephew to have a play on, not the biggest, but big enough for a laugh!
  4. Prepping some cars for the Clophill Invitational 2019 (me, my 5 year old son and 14 year old nephew.....in our garden!). Hopefully the weather will be ok on sunday! Not sure if I've got enough wing on the Egress!
  5. I don't use the Tamiya nuts when I use Schumacher wheels (which is always). On my Top Force and Egress I use the Scumacher nuts, possibly marketed as Core, can't quite remember! They don't have nyloc, the flange is serrated so it grips the wheel. I've never had one come off. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/core-rc-serrated-m4-steel-wheel-nut-pk4/rc-car-products/32795
  6. That isn't true of the limitless, it doesn't come with an ESC or a motor so you have to add your own. As for me, I own a few Tamiya off road cars, I'm used to tinkering and I understand how they work, to be honest, if you want to properly tinker you would probably buy another race based brand that actually give you proper gearing options (that's what I did anyway). The appeal of the Outcast to me was the toughness. I can't explain what has happened to Wolfdogstinkus, but mine has been a massive step higher than any Scumacher or Tamiya car I own when it comes to durability. If I knew how to upload video here I would record something tomorrow and show you how much punishment they can take.
  7. That's the opposite of my experience. I've had my Outcast for nearly a couple of months and I've kicked the crap out of it and so far I've just broken a front wishbone. It's had the kind of abuse that would have left my Schumacher and Tamiya cars in pieces. Worth contacting Arrma? They seem to be a proactive company when it comes to dealing with the customer.
  8. Bit of a cheat as this was yesterday and today....sorry! Fully rebuilt my Cat K2 and partially rebuilt my Egress after both had seen some heavy use! The ball diffs in the Egress are sounding a bit agricultural, anyone know what parts are required to convert to a gear set-up?
  9. So tempted to order one of these, the Laydown has dropped the price and they'll soon be gone!
  10. Not Tamiya i know, but it's been an Arrma day today! After half an hour in rain and mud earlier, mt Outcast has had a deep clean, and a new body from the Notorious.
  11. I've just got in to Arrma, recently purchased a 6S Outcast, immense speed, fun and strength! Out of yesterdays releases, this is the one that interests me the most, my bank account is getting twitchy........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puzHSGc_xo0
  12. Rebuilt the Top Force gear boxes, refreshed some bearings and fitted tamiya locking hexes as I was fed up of losing the pins all the time! Also sprayed up a new body so it matches the Egress a bit.
  13. I've used standard Tamiya turnbuckles, but Schumacher captive ball joints on my Top Force. They're standard fit on my Schumacher cars and I've had no problems with them. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/schumacher-captive-ball-joint-short-4pcs-/rc-car-products/396482
  14. Bit the bullet and went to Als Models in Milton Keynes to pick up a 2019 Arrma Outcast. It's huge! That's a 1/10th buggy next to it in the picture. It's ridiculous on 6S!
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