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  1. I dont need one for free, but I want to say i think it's fantastic that you even thought to do this for people.
  2. I wasn't sure I wanted to sell it, but I need to with the economy slowing. NIB ultima, box has been opened and the corners taped, but the parts bags and cards are still sealed. $400 shipped in the U.S.
  3. We're pretty rural where I live in California, almost like a different state entirely than all the craziness we've been seeing on the news. Hopefully I'll stay busy enough with work to keep saving up a few extra dollars for the current projects
  4. Thanks all, I'm thinking it might be better to just sell it and let someone else make that decision. I have a partially built original also, so I will just build that one up and use re-release parts on it.
  5. I've had a NIB original ultima for a while now, and while the box has been opened, none of the packages inside have been opened. I'm torn on whether to build it, or sell it to someone that is more of a collector, and just buy myself a re-release and build that instead. Any advice?
  6. Awesome, I wasnt aware that it was coming. Thank You!
  7. I would even say that their off road TRF kits were fantastic as well. The way they were designed to easily be tuned in many ways before buying parts was a feature that I just dont see in many other manufacturers. My assumption is that they didn't see themselves competing in their home market, and the overseas markets weren't enough to keep TRF going. I imagine there are too many smaller race oriented companies to designate a portion of tamiya to compete against and still make money out of that division.
  8. Water. If they included bearings in the beginner models, the manufacturers would have a lot of complaints from people who were starting out and didn't know to clean and oil bearings after hitting water.
  9. I came across a NIB ultima, and it just stares at me from the shelf, almost like its calling out to me "build me, drive me!" It's one of those buggies that I dreamed of owning back in the 80's. While I drove my pajero and grasshopper in the novice class, I saw the rc10's Falcons and ultimas tear around the track like speed demons, planting themselves to the track like they had magnets, landing smooth with there oil filled dampers, finishing laps ahead of the other classes. I really dont know the worth, but it seems like it might be smarter to sell it to a serious collector and buy a used one as a runner? The box isn't perfect. And It doesn't have the front rims, but it has everything else still In the sealed packaging. Thiughts?
  10. Yet tamiya does both regarding on road. They currently have both "fun" cars as well as race spec TRF versions, and did the same with off road for a while. They've won national and world titles between their on-road, off-road, electric and nitro platforms.
  11. This needs to be yelled from the rooftops. I love tamiya, except for those.
  12. How true! My first r/c was the original Pajero on 1985, which was odd compared to the buggies and trucks of the day. I would be really happy though, if they found enough interest to build a TRF-level scale crawler.
  13. Not necessarily. The way that we add trusses to full size rockcrawlers, is on the top, and across the front or back if the axle has a pull out 3rd member like the Ford 9 inch. Some still put small braces across the bottom, but not big, just enough to fight separation at the connection of the axle tubes to the center section be cause they are separate pieces. With r/c cars, the housing are molded with the center section and tubes together, so that adds some strength already. As for the truss; think of the axle like a door. You, as the force working against it, want to push the door open. Will you find more resistance with the door boarded up on the opposite side of your force, or boarded up on the same side?
  14. I've only read the last few pages, but I wonder if this isn't tamiya "dipping their toe in the water", so to speak. it looks like the chassis is a little nondescript, which would make changes to suspension, drivetrain and body adaptability easier. i do wonder why the axle truss is on the bottom though.
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