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  1. I found lots of good deals over the years. One of the best was a batch of 3 buggys for 35€. An original Avante which was only run a couple of times, a new built PB Mini Mustang and a new built Optima Mid custom Special. Unfortunately without original boxes
  2. That's a common problem on the astute gearbox, there's usually a big crack on screw pit at the back. A few ideas: - if it's abs or ps, styrene welder is the ways to go. I don't know which material the gearbox is made of. But to use styrene welder, you need to press both sides against each other and keep them pressed for some good amount of time until the styrene hardens. So not ideal for screw pits. What you would need to do is add some new melted styrene in the crack. - uhu acrylit express or pattex stabilit express seem to give better results than epoxy on non-styrene plastics - You do need to roughen up both edges you want to glue with sandpaper. Very important, otherwise glue won't stick properly What you could do is fill the pit with one of the above mentionned glue, drill a new 2.5mm hole and tap it at 3mm so you can use a M3 machine screw instead of the self-tapping screw.
  3. Yes you need it. I just learnt it the hard way the other day. After 10 minutes playing with my TA02 rally car, there was dirt and sand in the rear gearbox. All the nylon gears were badly marked. I tried a few things but it was the motor that was blowing stuff inside the gearbox. As said above, if you have a TA01/TA02 aluminium motor mount like I do, you really need to cover the holes with some tape.
  4. Hilux Monster and reliable runner are very seldom in the same sentence. I wouldn't inverst in a faster motor, the gearbox can barely endure a standard silver can. You should disassemble you diff and check it's condition before investing in othere upgrades. Plastic gear has a tendency to melt in the ball pits area.
  5. Hi, I probably have 2x BP3. Maybe also some step screws.
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