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  1. Sure - https://www.prolineracing.com/performance-parts/black-planetary-gear-covers.asp You have to custom fit them to the Clod wheel by drilling 2 holes through the wheel and the hub adapter and install using M2 hardware. For the simulated lug nuts I just made a template to drill 10 M3 holes in the stock Clod wheel and then finish with M3x6 screws and nuts.
  2. Thanks! Yes, they are original 1987 Clod wheels. I repainted them gloss white and added planetary caps & hardware. I do this to a lot of my Clod wheels, I think it makes them look much more realistic.
  3. Nice plow! Looks like a lot of fun. Been meaning to do that for years to one of my Clods.
  4. As Saito said, always use a steel pinion in a Clod gearbox, even a stock truck. The original aluminum will chew itself up in no time and make your gearbox a sludgy mess. I like the Robinson Absolute steel gears, nice pinions that never wear and will not wear the stock nylon gears.
  5. Never had an issue with these at all, I run 2 & 3S Lipo.
  6. As others have mentioned, you should be fine with the stock diff gears, have yet to break a set but have broken everything else in a Clod axle. With the axles locked the biggest failure point is the axle shafts themselves as TWINSET said. They usually break when the axles are locked and you're jumping the truck coming down on one wheel.
  7. That's exactly what I was talking about. Been using them in everything from crawlers to Clods and they work great. Have not had a failure yet and have been submerging them and crawling with them hard for the past couple of years. Can't go wrong for the price.
  8. Looks fantastic! I love the body, looks great on the CR01.
  9. I run 20kg servos front & rear on my CR01 with 5.5" tall 2.2 monster truck tires and they have no issues turning the wheels at any time. Bonus is they are very inexpensive and durable. Have had them in the truck for about a year and take it out on the trails at last once a month, no issues.
  10. I bought a used one from Ebay last year in never ran condition with upgraded steering, battery mount, shocks, etc for around $130 USD. I was going to put some more work into it and make it a fairly capable trail truck, but to be honest I didnt like it at all. Not going to get into that as I know a lot of people really like them, just wasn't my thing. Went ahead and re-sold it on Ebay for around $150 USD. I'd say you should be able to get a decent used stock CC01 for around $100 USD, maybe a bit less if you find a deal. I agree with the sentiment of getting something else as Triumph suggested, even the CC02 would be a better choice in my opinion. Why not try the Redcat Gen8 PACK? It's cheap at $170 and has portal axles.
  11. I've run a bunch of different motors in my Hummers, but as you said gearing options are a bit limited. They're really geared for speed, but you can definitley slow them down and crawl with them with some success. Currently I'm running a 55t RC4WD and it's working well for crawling. I've gone as high as 80t with the smallest pinion option, but it just stalls out on inclines. I think 45-55t is the sweet spot for these. There are a bunch of other things you can do to get them to be capable crawlers such as locking the diffs, raising the suspension a bit, better tires, etc. The best thing you can do is make a custom plate chassis which gives a ton of extra ground clearance. With this done it will do nearly as well as a 4-link truck when driven properly. Here are some photos of my plate chasis trucks, they work very well and takes a different skill set to drive them as opposed to traditional crawlers. Fun little trucks.
  12. From a strictly nostalgic point of view I am very fond of the Grasshopper original box art and of course the Clod. Blackfoot is great too. Now that I think about it, they're all pretty cool...
  13. There are a ton of great crawlers on the market today as other have mentioned, really becoming my favorite segment of the hobby. I have quite a few from different manufacturers and like them all for different reasons. Have you thought about the SCX10 II builders kit? It's nice because you get to build it (I hate RTRs) and it only comes with what you absolutely need. The fun part of crawlers is customization so you'll get to choose your own electronics, wheels/tires, body, etc. It's also dirt cheap at around $200. The TRX is also an outstanding truck, but the elctronics are not the greatest (I've ended up replacing th servos/ESC in all of mine). The Redcat Gen8 is nice for what it is, but for the same money the Axial is a better truck. I really like the MST as well, but it is a bit on the smaller side and sounds like you want a standard 313mm truck. Honestly, you really can't make a bad decision here. Just decide on what features are important to you and what you plan on doing with it and go form there. The HPI is probably the only chassis I dont have. I've heard good things about it, but I would worry about parts support in the long run. HPI tends to discontinue vehicles and parts become scarce. As other mentioned they are under new ownership, but not sure how thats working out. Does look like a nice rig though. Whatever you choose good luck, I'm sure you'll have a blast with whatever you end up getting.
  14. Don't blame you, I'd hang on to them myself Good luck with the builds!
  15. Just looked in the manual and wouldn't you know it, you can program it! Not that I doubted you, I just always hooked them up and went without a problem. Went through the sequence on a few trucks and no change, but nice to know the feature is there in case I ever have a problem. Odd that it didnt work for you right out of the box, I've never heard of anyone having a problem. Anyway, thanks for the info. You relly do learn something new everyday!
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