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  1. You should be fine removing them unless its a hardcore off-roader. I've seen it done a few times before with road going TA chassis and no issues. Why not just use smaller lipos? No cutting and built in weight reduction (that can either be good or bad depending on how your using the vehicle).
  2. Depends on how much material you need to remove and what you're doing with the chassis. I had this issue with my TA02 truck and ended up just buying some small lipo packs that would fit in the stock compartment. I didnt want to remove material as the truck is driven pretty hard on rough surfaces and jumps.
  3. I just used a spare piece of lexan cut to shape and then adhered it to the grille using some E6000 adhesive. Gives it a nice little touch. Had the truck out this weekend and I was very impressed with its capability for the size. Drivetrain is also very smooth, MST makes a nice kit. The tires are awesome, was climbing obstacles that some of my larger trail trucks can't. Most of my trucks are quite heavy, this one is so light. It gave an advantage over some obstacles and created a disadvantage over others. In short, if anyone is considering an MST kit I would highly recommend it. Build was fun and truck performs very well. Best part is Tamiya bodies fit perfectly.
  4. The Ford logos are from various decal kits I had in my box. Pretty sure they were from either Parma Drag Racing sheets or old Team Associated Dual Sport Mustang decal sheets. Not sure where you could get them new nowadays, but I still see the old sheets on Ebay from time to time.
  5. I'm shocked Tamiya has not made a proper crawler yet. Doesn't really have much to do with a CC02 release, but still can't believe it. The CR01 is great, but I'd love to see Tamiya's take on a classic crawler platform (SCX10/TRX/CMX, etc).
  6. An alternative to Shoo Goo is E6000 industrial adhesive. I have been using this for years and its great. Take a little while to set, but is very strong and the best part is it peels right off similar to Shoo Goo when you want to remove the part. I especially like it on wheels/tires because they can eaily be re-used once peeled away from each other.
  7. You should be fine with open differentials with the way you describe using the truck. I would definitely recommend the TXT-2, very nice truck and totally different than the Clodbuster. I'm not a fan of the wheels/tires or body on the TXT-2, but those are easily fixed.
  8. Good info from Juggular, just want to second that the Hot Racing diff lockers are nice parts. I've been using these for years in Clods and never a single issue. Are you running your Clod off road in open dirt areas with jumps or in a more crawler-like/trail setting? If running in open areas with jumps I would keep the diffs open. Coming down from jumps on throttle with lockers will break axles shafts. Not a matter of if, but when. If crawling or trail running definitely lock them, makes the truck a lot mor capable over obstacles.
  9. I saw them on Shapeways I believe. They have the light kits, etc. I'll add lights at some point and their accessories seem the way to go. I should be able to get it out in the next week or so, I'll post more photos in action.
  10. Haven't put as much detail in mine at this point at Maelstrom, but just finished my Blackfoot-bodied CFX. The CFX is small, but performs excellent. Only modification I made was a set of 1.55 aluminum beadlocks with Mickey Thompson tires. Also made custom aluminum body mounts so I didnt have to drill holes in the BF shell. Going to add lights at some point. Decided to leave the roll bar off, but may put it back on at some point. Basically, if you were thiking of getting a CFX do it. Great little truck and the Blackfoot body fits the 252mm wheelbase setting perfectly.
  11. Nice job on the links, they look great. Whole truck looks nice. I just finished my Blackfoot CFX, great perfoming little truck. I'll post a few photos in another thread.
  12. Mounted some 2.2 monster tires on a set of aluminum beadlocks. I think they fit the CR01 perfectly. Have not had it out to see how it performs yet, but should do OK.
  13. The Cliff Crawler tires do quite well when vented properly. The Vise Crawlers not so much. The open lugs of the Cliff Crawlers will grab rocks pretty well and also clean out after mud running very well. Of course aftermarket super sticky tires will help any rig, but I have to say the Cliff Crawlers are probably the best stock Tamiya tires I've ever used on the trail.
  14. No problem, happy to help. I am really enjoying my basic CFX. It is pretty small, but a very capable little truck. My father has been running one for a little while now with no issues. I put a Blackfoot body on mine, perfect for the 252mm wheelbase.
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