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  1. Brushed are a lot cheaper and are more than adequate for running a Clod. I run brushless in almost everything as well, but most of my Clods are still brushed. The other reason I like brushed in certain applications is when running on trails or in deep water/mud. I'd much rather ruin a $10 RC4WD brushed motor than a brushless setup.
  2. Yes, of course. I run Deans plugs on every ESC/battery to avoid any issues. I would not run anything over a 2s Lipo on a Tamiya plug if I could help it. I run the Hobbywing 860 ESC in most of my brushed Clods, seems to do well. Excited to try the new 880 ESC they just came out with.
  3. 35t motors on 3s works great in a Clod. You'll have more speed than the stock silver cans and a bit more torque as you said. I run 45t motors in one of my trail Clods on 3S and it works great. Plenty of torque to get over/through obstacles and still enough wheel speed when needed.
  4. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    I'm sure you'll love it. Monster trucks are what brought me into RC and are still my favorite. You can run them anytime, anywhere, and they're just so much fun. Most of the trucks in the Trigger King series are modeled after real 1:1 US monster trucks, but a lot of them are owner creations as well. I like to model my trucks after the 1:1 trucks I saw live when I was a kid. Currently have a few Bigfoot trucks, a couple Grave Diggers, USA-1, and Excaliber. Have plans for a few more as well, just need some time.
  5. 87lc2


    Couple shots of mine, went with a metallic blue. Thought it went nicely with the yellow wheels and ended up using Tamiya 4mm anodized blue wheel nuts to match the body.
  6. 87lc2


    I may not be able to help much with steering and shocks, but I rebuilt a Mad Bull last year and think its a riot. I put a cheap Ebay 3500kv brushless system and run it on 2s, any higher KV I think would be a bit too much. It's an absolute rocket and the speed is pretty much all I think it can handle. The stock ESC will not run a brushless system, and no you wont need a sensored system. I'd go with a cheap GoolRC or similar brushless ESC/motor combo from Ebay, they run around $40 and are pretty decent for the price point. I haven't done anything with the shocks or steering yet. I hardly run it, but when I do it's on asphalt or packed dirt and it does just fine with the stock steering & shocks. I would imagine running it on rougher surfaces or jumps would require oil shocks, but I think there's only so much you can do with the Mad Bull, it kind of is what it is. Very entertaining, but will never be a great handling, jumping, or racing machine.
  7. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    Race Clod can mean many things actually, anything from "stock" class to all out custom frame plate trucks that basically only have axle housings from the original truck. I have more than a few Clods but most run trails and mud with them, but I do have one or two race trucks. I haven't raced in a while since the events dried up in me area, which is why I turned more towards crawling & trail running. The last modified race truck I built used a CPE chassis and ran dual 5700kv brushless systems on 3-4s power. It was quite a handful. Never really clocked the top speed, but I would say conservatively it would do at least 40 mph. Monster truck racing is typically short bursts in drag race style with a few obstacles, it's not like typical RC racing around an entire track. Check out the Trigger King RC Monster Truck races videos, it will show you exactly what I'm talking about. I really with I was closer to them and could join their club, looks like a ton of fun. I have the most fun with a mildly modified stock truck (stock chassis, 4-link kit, axle mounted servos, oil shocks, and stock motors on 3s). I think this is a great combination for an all around great performing truck that's a ton of fun. Stockers can also be a ton of fun although I haven't had one in quite a few years. I probably have enough spares to build a few more Clods, keep thinking I should build a stocker one day. I have a spare Bowtie body in great shape, just haven't had a chance to go through my parts and put something together, too many projects!
  8. I like all three examples, last one is pretty cool and haven't seen that before. I assume you're custom making the rear bed?
  9. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    No problem, happy to help. If you're keeping the truck mostly stock I would recommend sticking with the 4WS setup. With a good servo and a longer horn it will do just fine. Even on my heavily modded Clodbusters I stick with 4WS, the only trucks that I run 2WS on are dedicated race trucks. I like to run a servo on each axle, but if you're keeping it mostly stock then you'll be fine with the center mounted servo.
  10. The tilt cab looks great on there. Also agree on the wheels, the fronts look really good.
  11. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    Yes, you are correct on the rear steer lockouts. However, they are mainly used when the front servo is relocated to the axle and upgraded for much more torque. If you simply remove the rear linkage and leave the servo in the center of the chassis with rear lockouts installed I doubt it would steer at all. I would stick with the 4WS, unless you're racing it really helps these trucks turn much better.
  12. Agreed, since there's no slipper clutch if there really was a loss in power it would most likely be catastrophic and it would stop moving altogether rather than slow down. Now, if the diff screws got loose enough its possible the axles shaft is slipping in the splines, but I'd think you'd have a much worse and constant noise issue. Go ahead and tear it down when you get a chance. Check the diffs and driveshafts, I'm sure you'll find your problem in either one and hopefully it's an easy and inexpensive fix. The TXT-2 is a great truck, just ran mine today and still love it.
  13. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    The Tributes & Firestorms look awesome on your SMT10 Digger. Offset looks great too.
  14. That clicking is most likely the 3 little differential screws coming loose. The clicking is the diff gear trying to mesh under hard acceleration, won't do it if you're easy on the throttle. Do not drive it further until you take it apart and tighten them. It's the three really small M2.5(I think) screws that hold the diff case halves together. I use blue semi-permanent threadlock on them and they hold together for quite a while, but always come loose again... Hopefully it's that and not something more serious, very common. If you caught it before any diff gear damage wont cost you a thing (besides time pulling the axle apart). If you did mess up any diff gears pretty sure you can get them through Tamiya still. The only other thing I would suggest is check the driveshafts for play if you're using the stockers. If you are, I'd suggest replacing them with Traxxas parts. The shafts are the only part of the TXT drivetrain that I hate, pretty much junk. Even under stock power they will hollow the pins out and eventually fail. Brushless power kills them quickly.
  15. 87lc2

    Clodbuster / Bullhead wheel wideners

    I've never used the CPE wideners, but many people do. It will make the truck a bit more stable but in my opinion it looks terrible with wideners. Takes the Clod from looking like a scale monster truck to looking like a 1/8 truggy, just not my thing. The best way to widen a Clod nowadays is to get a set of aftermarket wheels. The Proline Brawlers come in +17.5mm offset and even better the JConcepts Tribute wheel comes with three different offset adapters. I would recommend the Tribute wheels, most scale looking monster truck tire on the market plus you get three width to choose from.