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  1. Very interesting thread. There are a lot of nice trails by me that my father and I frequent on the weekends with our crawlers, monster trucks, etc. We run into all sorts of people; dog walkers, joggers, dirt bike & quad riders, fishermen, pot smokers, etc. We always say hi to everyone and most people just say "looks like fun" or something like that. Today we were out along with my younger brother and came upon some fisherman at the edge of the creek. I heard one of them say, "Hey, there are the guys with the trucks I told you about!". A few of them proceeded to walk over and take photos/videos of the trucks crawling some rocks. Of course they asked if they were nitro (everyone always ask that, don't they?), how fast do they do? and can they do burnouts? Better than negative reactions I suppose. The thread is interesting because the negative reactions have always been in my mind and I worry that will happen. That's why I rarely go out by myself, much less likely to get "bothered" when in a group. I can take care of myself if anything were to happen, but it would really put a downer on things. Some people just take joy in putting others down, horrible way to live if you ask me. Last summer I went over to the local mall on a holiday and ran my TT02R around the giant empty parking lot. I had my 1:1 Buick Grand National with me and had at least 3-4 guys stop in the lot to ask about the car. They thought the RC was cool, but were mostly interested in the Buick. It is funny how having an interesting full size car takes it from an adult playing with a toy to you being a cool guy no matter what you're doing. I could have been crocheting a quilt and they would have thought I was the coolest... Not that everyone has to be into the things I am, but there are so many like minded 1:1 car guys that I know would love RC but just wont give it the time of day. I love my 1:1s, but working on my RC trucks is much more relaxing and a lot less stressful. If I break an axle shaft out on the trail no big deal. If I lift a head on the Grand National at the track its a lot more time and $$$$ to get right again. RC is a fantastic hobby, I just love it.
  2. 87lc2

    TA01 Motor Stall

    Using 2s lipo batteries with a full charge. Thanks for the suggestion though. Maybe I'll try a 3s battery and see it the extra voltage will help.
  3. 87lc2

    the correct pinion size

    I believe the Tamiya Mod 0.6 pinions are 42.3 pitch or something like that, but they are usually sold as mod 0.6. I would definitely not run a 48p pinion, that will do more damage than the crappy stock Tamiya pinion. Robinson is great, have been using them for years but I believe the largest mod 0.6 they make is 23t. Hot Racing may be OK, but I've never used them. Why not just use a Robinson and tune your ratio with a smaller spur gear?
  4. 87lc2

    TA01 Motor Stall

    The 1080 is the newest crawler specific ESC from Hobbywing, really nice unit. It has 15 or so adjustable parameters so hooked up the program card and made sure everything was set properly. Definitely possible it's no good and my next step is to swap it out with something else and see what happens. I do have a few other Hummers set up with similar motors and the same ESC, think I'll run them and make sure they don't do the same thing.
  5. As Peter said the drivetrain is the same, you can use the TXT-1 bearing kit. The only difference is the TXT-1 uses bearings in the cantilevers for the suspension so it comes with more bearings than a TXT-2 kit. You'll have a few extras, but everything you're looking for will be there.
  6. 87lc2

    TA01 Motor Stall

    Curious if anyone has ran into motor stalling issues with the TA chassis, specifically the TA01 Hummer. I've been using my Hummer as a dedicated crawler for a few years now (custom chassis, locked diffs, high turn crawler motor) and have never really had any issues, it definitely holds its own with modifications. Problem is recently the motor has been stalling when trying to get over certain obstacles. I was running an 80t motor with 20t pinion and from what I remember it did not do this when I first built the truck, but on the last two outings the motor was stalling pretty badly and the truck would pretty much stop dead in its tracks when trying to climb. I thought maybe it was just too high turn of a motor so today I installed a 55t with a 17t pinion gear and same exact issue. I don't think its the speed control (newer Hobbywing 1080) and made sure all of the settings were proper. Either the truck has always done this and I'm crazy or this is a recent development and I can't figure out what's causing it. Has anyone ran into this before and have any ideas on what the issue could be?
  7. Nice body, been meaning to pick one of them up. Truck is looking good.
  8. Thank you! I was the same, never gave it a second thought and now I absolutely love it. Get one, you won't regret it.
  9. Funny this thread came up. I never gave the CR01 a second look until sometime last year I bought one from a TC member for a good price. Rebuilt the truck and have run it on the trails over the past two weekends and am in love with it. All I did was lock both axles, add 4WS, and install the optional barrel springs. This truck is an absolute beast on the trails if you know how to use it properly. Had it out last weekend along with my father and his TRX-4 Defender. There was not one rock, obstacle, mud hole or anything else that the CR01 did not conquer, even when the TRX got stuck a few times. With the axles locked, 4WS, and the stock Cliff Crawler 2.2 tires it was virtually unstoppable. You definitely need to drive it differently than a TRX or SCX10, but I am having so much fun with this truck. I have heard that the driveshafts are weak, but have not had any issues yet. It also ran for over 2 hours on a single 5000mah 2S Lipo. The TRX had to swap batteries twice. I really can't say enough good things about the CR01, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone that wants something different from the traditional 4-link crawler that everyone is running nowadays.
  10. 87lc2

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    I think you'll really enjoy the TXT-2, it's definitely one of my favorites and you can run it virtually anywhere. I'd start with the stock electronics and go from there. They're not fast out of the box, but in my opinion they really don't need to be. Really depends on what you're planning on doing with it. Be sure to post some pictures when you're done, I never get tired of seeing what other people do with them.
  11. 87lc2

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    Thanks! The last two F-250 bodies are indeed lexan and readily available from Proline. I've painted quite a few of them and they fit perfectly on the TXT platform. This is the version shown in my photos - https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/2008-ford-f250-clear-body.asp They also have a newer version with a bit shorter wheelbase - https://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/2008-ford-f-250-clear-body.asp I don't mind lexan at all. Hard bodies are obviously nice and have more detail, but real monster trucks basically have lexan bodies anyway (fiberglass). Besides, they;re a lot easier to paint a a lot more durable if and when you roll the truck. I typically reserve hard bodies for crawlers that I don't intend on flipping wrong-side-up...
  12. 87lc2

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    If you get the TXT-2 just run the stock silver cans on 3s and see what you think. Hotter brushed motors would be a waste in my opinion. If you need more power that silver cans on 3s go with a brushless system. I run a 1/8 Castle system (2200kv) in one of my TXTs and its awesome, so much torque and doesn't even get warm when running hard. As far as the Agrios body, I did my original in the Bigfoot 18 theme with decals from MCI and it looks OK, I just prefer the pickup bodies.
  13. 87lc2

    Help choosing a new, larger build.

    Great list, I think you'd enjoy any of them. My opinion on each: CR01 - Very fun build and very capable truck. I take mine out on the trails quite often and it is leaps and bounds more capable than a CC01, but still offers some challenge. When driven properly it will keep up with any of the mainstream crawlers (SCX10/TRX4/Ascender, etc). The 2.2 tires help and you can always throw some 1.9s on it for more of a challenge. TXT-2 - One of my absolute favorites, have quite a few of them. I also think everyone should own at least one Tamiya monster. I would definitely swap wheels/body immediately as I have with mine, but other than that does not need any major upgrades to be a very fun truck. F350 - I don't have one of these, but do have a Bruiser and always though they were a bit similar as far as capability. Very cool truck with the three speed, but not an incredible capable or useful truck. Definitely looks like a fun build though and the hard body is nice. I would think off road capability would be in line with the CC01 even though they accomplish the task in very different ways. If I had to choose just one it would depend on where and how I decided to run it. If you're doing slower off road trail.crawling type activities I'd go CR01 hands down. If you have some open space and want a versatile truck I'd go TXT-2. If it were me I'd buy all three.
  14. Clod tires will fit the aftermarket wheels, but you may have to trim the bead a bit as Clod tire beads are very thick. The Clod does have a 12mm hex drive, you just don't use the plastic adapter when using aftermarket wheels. The Brawlers & Tributes work fine with no modifications needed, I have plenty of them on my trucks.
  15. 87lc2

    Your favorite tire?

    Most iconic for me would the the Grasshopper rear paddle tires. They don't work well on anything except for loose dirt & sand, but for some reason I just love them. Also the original Clod tires. There are much better options for monster trucks now, but there was nothing like a Clod tire when they first came out.