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  1. 87lc2

    Old school Bandit

    Looks awesome, really nice work! I was hoping you'd be ditching the stock wheels, they're a bit bilngy for my taste. With some proper wheels it's going to look perfect.
  2. Those Top Force dampers look nice! I think the manual specs the 2-hole pistons, but not 100% sure. I like the 3 holes with light oil, the truck lands a lot better like that. With monster trucks it's all about soaking up the landing from the jump. You don't want the truck to bounce after it lands, the idea is to get on the throttle as soon as possible after coming down. That's how I set up my trucks for racing, for fun it's whatever suits your needs.
  3. Sounds like a good plan. After you realize it's terrible stock you'll either want to sell it or upgrade Be sure to post some pictures when you get it!
  4. Any reason you're looking to upgrade? Just asking because I love the stock TXT-2 shocks, they work very well. Try messing with the pistons/oil weight if you want to change how the truck feels. I usually ditch the stock aluminum side plates (they're so heavy) and run 3-hole pistons with 15-20wt oil. Sometimes just one spring on each corner, leave the other shock as a damper only. If you're set on upgrading look into the GMade line. I've used the aeration & piggyback versions on other monster trucks and they're pretty nice. Proline Powerstrokes are also very smooth and would work well on the TXT. However, I dont think any of these would really give a perfomance upgrade, the stock shocks are pretty good.
  5. Sounds like you've made up your mind, and at that price I can't blame you. Clods are a bit of an acquired taste in the RC world. If you grew up with them and have a sense of nostalgia they are great, but if you're used to modern RCs and drive one you'll think it's the biggest piece of crap ever I have a lot of nostalgia for them and its probably my favrotie Tamiya model all things considered. I've also gone through the customization route more than a few times, but there's nothing like a stock Clod for the fun factor. Once you start heavily modifying them they loose their charm, but can also become very capable bashers, crawlers, racers, etc. Some of the quickest pro mod racers are based on the Clod (axles only, but you get my point). I think the best modifications to keep some of the original charm and also make it a capable runner are steel pinions (this is a must in my opinion), servos mounted on axles, slight wheelbase extension. That's pretty much it. My current favorite Clod (I have more than a few...) is my retro race truck. Used the stock chassis with axle mounted servos and a 1" wheelbase extension. That's it, still runs stock friction shocks and 27t motors and it handles great and it a pleasure to drive. It's in my Showroom if you're interested in taking a look. Very knowledgable CLod guys on TC so any issues or questions you have can surely be addressed.
  6. 87lc2

    Old school Bandit

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has trouble drilling this stuff. Have tried quite a few different bit materials and they all take forever. I typically work with woven carbon so splintering isn't too bad, but it takes so long...Great material though.
  7. 87lc2

    Old school Bandit

    Very true. I don't have many Traxxas models, but the few that I do get run hard since I know I can replace the parts easily & cheaply. This is a cool looking buggy, the slightly shorter wheelbase helps a lot in the looks department. If that chassis is real carbon fiber then it will be plenty strong at that thickness. I make as much as I can from carbon sheet, so strong and light it nearly defies physics (in my mind at least). It's also very easy to work with as far as cutting, but I've always found drilling it a challenge. Have worn out quite a few bits going through carbon fiber. Is there a secret to drilling this stuff that I'm missing?
  8. Would be perfect for that. I actually have one SMT10 with the stock 12T 550 brushed motor that is my "loaner" truck. I let my nephews and anyone else that comes over drive it and has yet to have any issues. That truck has 2.2 tires on it. When you start to add Clod sized tires it puts a lot more stress on the drivetrain, but even then as long as you're not putting crazy brushless power through it or taking it off 2' high jumps it will be fine. It's a great truck for kids, they all love it.
  9. I don't know where the sentiment of the SMT10 not selling well came from. No way Axial would have upgrded it and brought it back in both RTR & kit form if it didn't sell well the first time around. As far as it being fragile, no big argument there with the AR60 axles, but if you use it like a scale monster then you won't break anything. Bashing it like a Traxxas will definitlely destroy it. The first SMT10 I built is a sport mod truck that I've been racing for 3+ years now and the only thing that is not original on the truck is the rear gear set. No other upgrades and has been dead reliable. Now some of my SMT10s with brushless power have broken gear sets and a few driveshafts, but even then the original axle housings, suspension links, etc are all doing fine. I think it's all in how you use it. With that said, a new version with better axles would be very much welcome...
  10. I don't even know what this is, but definitley cool. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up and running. Has a great vibe to it.
  11. Very cool! Those big Firestorms with the black beadlock rings look mean on the Agrios. Funny how that body is transformed with the bigger tires, looks great. Paint those faux planetary covers black and it will look even cooler.
  12. I like the look of that. Move the body back slighty and cut out those wheelwells and looks like a monster-sized baja racer, pretty cool.
  13. Yea, I needed another SMT like a hole in the head, but for the price it's a fantastic deal and I couldn't resist. For spares alone it makes it worth it to me. I problably won't get to building either of them for a while but can't pass up a good deal.
  14. Yea, not the most fun topic, but necessary. Reminds me that I need to do a bit more. Between the RCs, tools, 1:1 cars, and everything else I "collect" my family would have a heck of a time sorting it out. I'd hate for it to be a burden on them (really no avoiding that), and if it were decently organized they could make some good money. Without guidance though it would most likely just be overwhelming and a huge burden. I had been thinking about this for a while now, but may need to finally do something about it. Anyway, back to your thread. Keep the cool builds coming
  15. I have a lot of HW stuff, but the 1060 is junk. I'd much rather have the Tamiya ESC. Every single 1060 I've ever used went into limp mode (LVC I assume, its well documented online) after the fourth of fifth pack through it. Their other ESCs are great and never had an issue, but not a fan of the 1060. Actually need to replace the one in my GH2 now, was running it last weekend and kept going into limp mode. Hopefully for you guys overseas the Carson unit is better.
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