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  1. Awesome, glad she found it! So frustrating losing parts in the grass. You know they're there just can't quite find them, its the worst. Funny you posted this today, had my Mad Force out in the yard and it launched the front driveshaft (again) and took me a good 20-30 minutes to find it.
  2. I've run Pagid on my Jags in the past and they are excellent. Yes, a bit dusty, but great bite and fade resistance.
  3. Absolutely, we all learn by trying new things. I love Amazon servos by the way. I love the look on peoples faces at the monster truck races when they see I'm running the $20 DS3218 Pros in all of my trucks. They all have $100+ Reefs/Savox servos which just seems unecessary to me. They also break theirs a lot more than I do mine, something about driving properly I think
  4. Would be interested in what you think of the dust. Mine were horrendous as far as dust, worse than the OEM semi-metallic pads. Stopping power was the big deal for me, they were nowhere close to OEM let alone performance. Almost no pedal feel and very poor initial bite. With the amount you drive the car I'm sure they'll be fine. I had them on a daily driver and I just could not believe the dust, it was rather odd actually. Possible I got a bad set and not saying they didn't work they just simply didn't live up to their billing.
  5. I've found Powerstop pads to be less than impressive. Sub-par stopping power/initial bite and more dust than you've ever seen in your life for carbon ceramics. Hope they work out well for you, but never again for me. Have had great luck with ECB/Akebono. Power stop is made at the bargain basement China factories with little to no quality control.
  6. I haven't seen one built either but I know a few guys who have bought them. If any get finished soon I'll post some pictures. I run a 4700kv 3660 motor in that TXT-2 with the Axial trans. It's geared pretty low (around 11/56 I think) and it moves pretty good. For tires I think the JC Firestorms or Golden Years are the ticket with this chassis. I have'nt seen one in person but being 1/8 scale it will probably be pretty big so you'll want a larger tire for it to look right.
  7. For a scale build it looks cool, will definitetly be top heavy being made from steel. If you want to run TXT axles the Axial trans will work well. I run that trans in one of my TXT-2s and it runs great. I love TXT axles and they're quite durable so that would make for a cool build. The MegaXbib tires are a bit on the smaller side as far as diameter, but they look nice. I have a few sets of the Ignitor beadlocks and they're very nice looking wheels, but I dont use them anymore since they're way too heavy for racing. For scale looks though, very nice.
  8. With the increases in gas/food I actually feel like RC stuff is the only thing that hasn't gone up. I don't buy a lot of Tamiya anymore, but I buy a ton of bodies, wheels, and tires for my monster trucks and I'm actually shocked that JConcepts has not raised a single item since their release. Probably just shows how much margin they have in the product and they were overpriced to begin with, but happy about that. Also, the biggest increases have been in inbound shipping from overseas. RC stuff is small so it doesnt get hit as hard, that's really the only justifcation I can see for it.
  9. Wheels certainly do make a car. I think 17s would be perfect on the XJC. 18s maybe a bit too big, but depends on the style I guess. Look forward to seeing more progress on the car. I do generally like factory chrome wheels, but on my XJR the chrome wheels with stainless trim is just a bit much. Going to keep the on the car for now since I haven't been able to find any other wheels yet, but I'll keep an eye out. Would love to find a set of the BBS wheels that I had on my previous XJR R1. Mine is all fixed and back on the road. Love driving this car, such road presence these x308s have. Power's not too bad either with 370 supercharged horsies under the hood. Funny about the power though - It doesn't actually feel that fast until you look down at the speedo, it can really get going in a hurry it just doesn't feel like it.
  10. Fantastic work @Toolmaker72, I just love that car! If I ever find one in the States I'm buying it, no question about it. I really like those chrome wheels with black inserts in the second set of pictures, are they the originals? They look exactly like the original wheels on my 87 Buick GN.
  11. Thanks for clarifying @Mad Ax, makes perfect sense. Sounds like an awesome event as well, always enjoy seeing your write-ups.
  12. @Mad Ax - What do you mean by this? Not anyone can go to the event, you need to be chosen? Just curious.
  13. Yea, the chrome wheels are definitely an American market thing...I'm really not a fan of them. Apparently they're pretty uncommon but I'd much prefer the silver painted versions. Have been looking for a set with no luck so far. I actually much prefer the UK/Euro-spec XJRs and XJ Sports with the black window trim. All XJs in the Stated received stainledd trim with the exception of the XJR100 and there's not many of those around. These XJRs are rather cheap for what you get over here in the States. I've had a few and this is probably the nicest, in really good condition. I do love the dark leather and dark wood. My previous XJRs all had the Oatmeal interior with bright wood, I much prefer the black. I absolutely love the XJC, probably my favorite Jag ever (besides the XJ13 and one-off stuff like that). Do you have any pictures to post of the XJC?
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