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  1. Hi Have you tried re programming as it should have a red light from memory not green on a standard motor
  2. Nice Helicopters I am selling a Tamiya CC01 Toyota land cruiser black edition which is boxed i am looking for £145 posted in the UK if interested.
  3. Hi I have an opel calibra v6 in good condition with one mint shell and one battered shell it drives nice. it also has its original box and manual. I just thought I would mention it. I am based in the UK too
  4. That is ok I haven't got an m chassis to check the length but I have got a pair how does £3 posted sound is it just the two rear lower arm screws
  5. Hi @DayRider I am very sorry I didn't get time to look until today also kept forgetting I do have some how many would you like they are used regards Doc
  6. I might I will have a look this evening for you Doc
  7. I Have found some as far as I know I will add a picture I also have many more parts for the M03 chassis if you need any other parts.
  8. Really sorry @J@mes The FAV sold yesterday afternoon Honda NSX still available Also I have a nitro TNS chassis car Opel calibra V6 DTM TA 02 boxed with 2 shells
  9. Hi Grumpy Pants I Like the thread I will want to try and use my Tamiya cars more this year and have fun with them I decided to sell about 19 cars or so to shrink the collection but I still have around 20 left which are all my favourites. So I have decided to keep the cars I have and enjoy them and improve them a bit. The only problem is is there is always a car that catches your eye but I will try to resist and save my money.
  10. I would recommend the MFU 01 as it dose sound something like and it does suit the truck. Were as the MFU 03 is more continental trucks like Scania's and Volvos. The standard motor works well in the truck they tend to go a little fast though so a torque tuned motor might be better.
  11. Wheelie *SOLD* Fast attack and Honda NSX still available I will be taking pictures today I have just found one of the NSX that I saved from the eBay auction
  12. Have you checked the connections in the receiver, also are the motor connections tight to get on. I don't run brushless so not my area of expertise but I just thought it could be one of those as I have had problems like this.
  13. I Recently rebuilt a Nitro Tamiya TNS chassis that was fitted with a SMT 15 engine but it would have originally had a FS12 engine. I would have thought you could fit any engine in it as long as it had the right mounting brackets and dimensions to fit the chassis. I rebuilt the engine on mine and the piston was fine so was the liner. the things I would look out for on the engine is weather there is a step in the liner the piston has significant scratching or wear. and to see if the con rod is bent which would restrict the piston stroke from memory the piston should reach the top of the liner more or less.
  14. Hi All I wondered if anyone would be interested in a WR02 VW wheelie which is half built up I built the chassis and ball raced it all including the gear box. The body shell is brand new with stickers still in box. I also fitted a Tamiya 27mhz receiver TRU02 it has a 104 BK and I think a Tamiya servo if you didn't want the radio gear I could take some of the price. I would like around £200 for it as it owes me that. I have also got a shelf queen Honda NSX TA03 F which is in superb condition with no marks on the underside and a nice paint job it is un boxed with no manual but does have a new set of stickers. I would like £200 OBO Lastly a vintage Fast Attack Vehicle which will come with all sorts of parts and bits it will need to be gone through as I have never used it so don't know how good it is mechanically it has a servo fitted but no other electrics it is pretty complete and doesn't look like it has done lots of work I would like around £100 I will take some photos Regards Doc
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