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  1. Doc Hollywood

    How do I put photos of my collection on here??

    when you reply to a topic at the bottom of the text box it says drag files to attach or choose files. when you click choose files it goes to documents. But like graemevw says there is a low download limit. I don't know any other way but there must be more ways to download pictures.
  2. Doc Hollywood

    How do I put photos of my collection on here??

    I download pictures from my phone on to the computer and download the pictures on to here straight form my documents.
  3. Doc Hollywood

    wanted original monster beetle stickers for project

    I might try the MCI decals are they as good as the originals.
  4. Hi all I am selling my sand scorcher body shell with lights fitted, it has indicators, headlights, side lights, spot lights, and brake lights which I couldn't figure out how to make work. The body has no damage but does have a few finger prints and marks in the paint. It is a bit dusty and mucky but will clean up fine. I have bought custom American number plate stickers which reflect light like real ones. it also comes with wires to connect lights to receiver.I am looking at £65 posted in the UK.
  5. Doc Hollywood

    How do you organise your spares?

    I store all of the screws and fiddly bits in small divided up containers and things like gears and shock parts in Chinese plastic boxes. I try to keep parts for each model separate but if parts interchange I will put them together. For the large parts and parts trees I use reseal able plastic bags with labels of what model they belong to or what sort of parts are in there. I made a spares book so I know what parts I have for what model, under categories eg chassis.
  6. Doc Hollywood

    Are there any meetings and events near Leicestershire

    Thank you Wooders I had a look at BRCA and couldn't find any clubs that seem to use Tamiya cars. The Tamiya Junkies sounds good but is too far to go I did wonder about organising a meet in Leicester but don't know how to organise one.
  7. Hi all I want to use my Tamiya cars more often but have no were to take them and use them apart from the back garden and occasionally on holiday. so wondering if there are any meets or events that happen around Leicester or near Leicestershire. thanks in advance
  8. Hi everyone I am doing a vintage monster beetle to shelf queen spec. I have completed the chassis, and have managed to find the correct stickers. But I don't have the correct ones to do the body with so wondering if you have any original sticker sheets, they don't have to be 100% complete. Thanks in advance.
  9. Doc Hollywood

    For sale tamiya monster beetle tyres x4 used in UK

    Hi all picture added
  10. Hi all these tyres are in good condition with lots of meat left on them they are slightly perished but still soft will add photo asap. don't know how much they are worth so price is up for negotiation.
  11. Hi everyone I have for sale my lowered mystery machine lunchbox for sale comes with instructions ,battery ,transmitter which is not tested ,all radio gear in vehicle works nicely also have a set of monster wheels which I can include for a fee. I am looking for £80 OBO + £10 postage If you need more pictures and info please ask.
  12. Hi everyone I am selling my holiday buggy it comes with battery and instructions and esc/receiver as well. it is a bit battered and has a crack in one wing I am looking for £60 or near offer + £10 postage. I don't know how well the battery works. if you want more info please get in touch.
  13. Doc Hollywood

    Please Delete.

    I can do the set of shocks for £5 if you want with £1 postage.
  14. Doc Hollywood

    Please Delete.

    Hi Simon I think I have a set of shocks for the grasshopper if it is a mk1 style I can take a pic if interested.
  15. Doc Hollywood

    Fully rebuilt and restored vintage tamiya fav for sale

    Update still available price lowed to £190 obo