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  1. Hi All Hope you are all staying safe and well. I bought a Tamiya high lift tundra last Sunday and am totally stripping and rebuilding the hole truck as it has been badly built. But it has all of the hop ups to make it from a high lift to a high high lift truck so the original wheels look silly and they are the ford f350 wheels not tundra ones which if any one wants them they can make me an offer as I don't need them. Has anyone got a set of used or new RC 4WD beadlock 8 spokes or modular wheeler wheels I am not bothered if they are used and grubby or new as I intend to use the tundra a lot off road I have got some tyres but no rims. I would appreciate anything as want to get the truck running next week. thanks in advance Doc
  2. Hi @Grumpy pants I had a lunchbox at the age of 11 but I did always find it fun and I still have it and use it now. the reasons why I found it so fun was because it was fast it was capable of wheelies and it would also go over rough terrain. the steering is a bit of a problem but its a white knuckle driving experience on road I have had it on two wheels loads of times which is another reason why its fun they are bullet proof even the shells are hard to break. just after I got mine I crashed it into a sticky outie slab with a point on it which just so happened to be the height of the windscreen and bonnet the body had a minor scratch and the glass had a massive hole in it but the original shell is still in good condition after 9 years of abuse. Also if you do decide to go for a lunchbox I will be selling a brand new one that looks like it was never used it is unboxed and has no controller but has all radio gear if you are interested. The Mb is more interesting to look at and dose seem to handle a bit better than a LB.
  3. That's ok not a problem I hope I helped you cool m38 s are great I do prefer them to wild willy 2's they just look the part good luck with it and I hope you enjoy it.
  4. there are quite a few different shades Tamiya do ts 28 looks fairly accurate for olive drab American vehicles like ww2 jeeps and many others I have spent a lot of time around olive drab vehicles due to my dad that has one and also sells them to, I do all the work on them. but I have looked at the colour sample on goggle and it looks about right but it isn't easy looking at colour samples as they can differ so don't completely rely on me. or you could try a real jeep dealer we did have some synthetic spray cans in various colours but might have ran out if you were struggling. is it a wild willy m38 or wild willy 2
  5. Update I am selling the following from my collection it hard to decide to sell my cars but don't have enough room and want to have less and use more often I am selling my cherished vintage monster beetle it comes with two shells one is half finished but new never used I am looking for around £300 it owes me more than that. I am selling the opel calibre v6 DTM with two shells with manual and bits I am looking for £250 1x red edition lunchbox that is fully ball raced and built to XB standard you cant tell the difference used once. Make me an offer 1x chrome edition midnight pumpkin hardly used mint again fully ball raced £120 obo blitzer beetle new build fully ball raced new stickers new rear tyres as the old ones were perished just needs the body finishing no radio gear £150 1x TL01 with ford raptor body project £70 obo all have radio gear apart from if stated otherwise. I can take the radio gear out as its old school 27mhz with standard esc. These cars are from my personal collection so have all been built to a extremely good standard as I an a perfectionist. if interested please pm I will be listing on eBay today or the week end
  6. I have got the following 1x blitzer beetle 1x TL01 project with brand new ford raptor look a like body 1x opel calibra V6 with 2 shells one basher and one mint boxed with manual lots of vintage monster beetle parts chassis parts wheels body shell 1x brand new vintage monster beetle it is pretty much all NOS parts with one or two re re parts. 2x ford escort cosworths 1xm06 beetle 1x M03 mini with 2 shells boxed with manual 1x original release hornet some other parts and bits I am unsure to sell right now I am in the considering phase at the moment. I am more into serious off road so don't use these that much if you are interested pm me. there might be more to follow as have about 30 cars in my collection
  7. Good evening all I will be listing on eBay soon if no one is interested I might also be having a clear out in my collection but haven't decided yet
  8. I couldn't tell that was an SRB chassis for a start it dose look heavy the tyres look a bit flat at the bottom it looks cool. I enjoyed the video of @Re-Bugged SRB too. I have always driven my SRB on grass and high traction areas without a ball diff as I didn't know they were available until last year but never had a problem with burning out motors and I have driven 3 different sand scorchers on grass vintage and re release. It sounds a bit like something is wrong some were is the grease in the gearbox really thick as grease can dry out over time. are the front wheels free or stiff as I have known front wheels be a tight fit on the axel and do not turn easily I have a hornet like that. But The diff conclusion could add to the strain as it the wheels are trying to go different speeds but cant as there's no diff. Also if it is over greased it will put a strain on the motor also if grease gets flicked into the motor it will ark and blacken the comm as its not making a good contact. these are just theory's but maybe worth looking into just in case
  9. Hi All I am looking for a re release monster beetle to have fun with and do a couple of mods to. I don't mind if it is scratched and well used anything is considered I am just a big fan of monster beetles. I can swap as have some cars and bits I don't need. I am based in the uk Thanks in advance James
  10. how about G601 king yellow/kong head I have been using mine just now going up a dirt ramp and over small rocks and driving it in and out of a dirt pit and going up the edge of slabs and block pavers on one side, the bumper on the front is a bit clumsy but it handles well on road too and is fairly nippy considering it 6 wheel drive or a clod buster as they will go over the roughest terrain but they are big and heavy and a bit slow.
  11. Hi All I have taken photos of all of the big bits but have got lots more parts in a box like arms shocks and other bits to photograph enjoy looking through the photos any questions or offers just ask I will be more than happy to answer them for you
  12. Hi all I am getting rid of a lot of M03 parts and cars. There will be pictures as soon as possible. so far I have found a blue plated chassis but is well used and scratched but it looks to be sound a few axle parts are missing/broken (make an offer) 1x m03 mini which has a good chassis it could do with a clean it has got TRF shocks on it with tuned springs 5 spoke wheels and a hip racing 27 turn motor also has servo but no other radio gear it has an original box which is beaten up. the body has seen better days too. I think it was used for racing and it appears to have rubber inserts in the tyres as they seem very firm when squished I am looking at £125 plus postage but (I am open to offers) 1x Suzuki swift which is heavily modified with hop ups it has got TRF racing shocks with tuned springs red alloy front hubs steering knuckles and uprights and rear uprights. it has adjustable top wish bone arms to adjust the camber of the rear wheels. It has a racing style steering setup it is fully bull raced, with frp battery stays one flips up to allow quick battery changes, also has a 27 turn hip racing motor but no radio gear at all. it dose have extension plates to make it slightly longer for the Suzuki shell which Is well bashed £140 (I am open to offers) There is a load of other normal silver and black chassis parts about 3 and a half chassis worth and a lot of blue anodized rear and front bottom arms and uprights will add a pick. sale is uk only as not confident with international postage. PM if interested I will reply ASAP I will be adding pictures after lunch as not had it yet
  13. I Have enjoyed reading through all of the progress on your mini it looks amazing so far and I like the choice of colours on the body I think British racing green is the best colour for a mini but that's just my opinion. I had to rebuild my mini too it had all of the original bits too. The body was white with bright orange arches and roof LOL. I haven't striped it as not had the chance but I did buy a nice green shell with box and manual as it didn't come with them. They are great fun to drive they tend to wheel spin if the tyres are not very good I did drive mine on ice and snow that was very fun doing massive wheel spins and drifting it. They are great fun I hope you have great fun with yours.
  14. Hi @Busdriver Are you still looking for a lunchbox shell as I might have one that I could part with I am in the UK
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