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  1. Thank you Simon It is much appreciated but I don't really have a use for them I have been thinking hard whether any of my cars use any of the pinions in the photo and I cant think of any so will have to leave them as there might be some one that really needs them. I am sorry Simon. Kind regards James
  2. Thanks Simon I didn't know that you could fit a 15t pinion that is most helpful thank you for the link to the post it is much appreciated. Don't worry I am in no rush as doing the ford cosworth at the moment and fixing my broken cars in the mean time. is the pinion new also is it a steel one out of curiosity. regards Doc
  3. I keep all of my boxes for anything I buy as it adds value when you sell it and also it is complete then as well I really like Tamiya box art and always try to buy kits with boxes.
  4. I have taken some pictures of all of the motors I have tested them all and they all work well apart from the white end bell on the far left there is something seriously wrong as there is lots of end float it could be used for parts or maybe rebuild and one of the Johnson's has dried out so is noisy on the rear bearing. I would like £9 each for the black end bell motors as they are quite hard to find. £6 each for the Johnson's and £9 for the white end bell as they are very hard to find and £2 for the non running white end bell. All prices are plus postage
  5. Hi all I have decided to sell my collection of 5 vintage black end bell motors as used on wild willy M38/sand scorcher etc and a couple of other Jonson's They are all in used condition one of the motors from memory was a bit slow but they seem to be in good condition I am selling as I have only got one wild willy m38 now and I have sold everything else that used these motors. I also have two white end bell motors like used on bowtie grill clod/original midnight pumpkin/lunchbox I haven't tested a couple but will test them later today. If interested please PM or post they can be bought as a job lot or separately prices will be plus post Regards Doc
  6. welcome to the club I never clear coat over the stickers as it would make it harder to take them off at a later date also they are very tough. Also if they start peeling it might make a mess of the clear coat That is my opinion other members might have different opinions
  7. Thanks It means a lot and Thank you for the compliments it is much appreciated I will add some more pics of progress soon Doc
  8. Hi Simon it is a 13T pinion I need the manual doesn't show a 15T pinion but can you fit a 15 tooth pinion Regards James
  9. Hi All I am looking for some rear tyres a sticker sheet and also a pinion for my blitzer beetle I bought from @Grumpy pants As want to make a really nice job of the blitzer beetle. many thanks all happy VE day also
  10. Hi All hope you are well I am glad to say that I have restored one of the original wheels and I have amazed myself with the finished product Step5 put plastro filler in the low spots and bits you had missed Step 6 sand the filler off again Step7 two coats of white primer Step8 two coats of TS26 white picture 1 is before picture 2 is after I am hopping to get the chassis finished this week end as the front uprights have come. Just need some tyres now.
  11. Hi Sven Thank you for the compliment it is much appreciated I might need the decals can I ask did you get them from MCI or are they the people in the UK on eBay called RC Decals as were thinking of getting a set for the body shell from them to see if they were any good. I sanded the wheel down as the filler looked to be dry it took less time to harden than I thought but the wheel looks no end better for it but there were still a few chip's so added a bit more in the low spots will add some pictures when I have finished the filler and primed the wheel. many thanks James
  12. Hi Andy I don't know how much it is worth so make an offer I don't have the TEU101bk manual I thought I had got come but I don't sorry I have also PM you as well. Regards James
  13. Hi all I have started the reassembly and built both gearboxes I must say the have come up a lot nicer than I thought they look new but have stopped as the red front uprights had cracks in them so have ordered some new ones today so cant do any more at the mo. All of the parts are the original parts I have not replaced any of the parts except for the ball race bearings and the aluminium motor mount. all of the screws are original the same with all of the plastic parts. As I am now stuck with the chassis I thought I would have a go at restoring the original wheels and I am thinking of getting the original tyres if this all goes to plan which I really hope it dose step1 cleaned the wheel with white spirit after taking the tyre off. step2 I filled all of the burs off around the edge and made it round again also bending the lip back to were it should be and gluing any chunks that had half fallen off back on. I also sanded the middle part down to. step3 check that all of the burs and damage have been cleaned. Step4 use a lot of plasto revel model filler in the effected areas leave about 3 days to properly harden. I don't know whether this is going to work well or not but will keep updating and please don't try this until I know it works unless some one has done it and it did work. Please excuse the multi coloured effect I will be painting the wheels white to freshen them up as they are a bit yellowy. Doc
  14. Hi and welcome to the club Have you tried resetting the speed controller as that should sort it out regards Doc
  15. Hi all I have taken some photos of the progress on the chassis I have spent a fair bit of time cleaning most of the chassis parts today I still need to clean all of the screws and pinion and the ball diff but I have made a lot of progress. I always use white spirit to clean all of the chassis parts as it degreases all of the parts really well and then use brake cleaner to clean the awkward bits and to dry some of the parts the first photo is how mucky the parts were and the shoe box is all of the clean parts. I polish all of the parts after this stage as they tend to dry matt the thinners and brake cleaner dose not effect the plastic as I have used it for many years on my rebuild and I must have done at leased 20 rebuilds or more and none have fell to bits. Hope you enjoy the updates and information this is the first time in the builds and I am trying my best to document the build. please wait for the next exciting episode I mean update.
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