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  1. please excuse the mess I have just finished the build on my re release I really like the coil over shocks they make it drive better and also look fantastic. The body was done for my vintage sand scorcher.
  2. Hi all I wondered how much they are worth unbuilt with box but has used wheels and tyres and 8x ball bearings missing. thanks in advance
  3. Hi I have two of the ones pictured and another one that I don't know what date it is. if Tamiyabigstuff doesn't have them. I am in the midlands two.
  4. Thank you Blissard it is appreciated I forgot to add that if there are any specific shots of any areas needed I can do some more photos. I still need to fit the front number plate and also the side lights which will be from a sand scorcher and also some door handles. I were thinking of making a hard top for it in the future. The REG I used was actually from a real series one that was cut up in the 1980s.
  5. I have taken some photos of it on the bonnet of a world war two jeep if anyone wonders what is in the back ground of the pictures as it was a nice flat area. I tried to photograph areas that people wanted but they are a bit blurry but the body is not very easy to take off but I did try my best.
  6. Hi All sorry for the delay in pictures I have been very busy and not had time to get to the computer I have some of the front wings being assembled
  7. Hi All I am still looking I have started the build on my re release. Kind regards
  8. Hi All I am hopping to take a lot of picks of it sadly I don't have many pictures of it being assembled but will look through my photos and add them. I am not the best at documenting as forget to take photos as going along because I am in my own little bubble but I do wish I had taken more.
  9. Hi I think it is the old version of the air scoop as used on the original clod buster as you get the option. and also because I removed it to fit the super clod one with the extra detail and that has many more parts were as the original is in two halves.
  10. Hi I have bought a super clod buster that has half of the chrome grill panel broken off so need a complete one. it doesn't have to be that nice as the truck is scruffy any way and I also have plans for the body to do it as maybe a modified military blazer so will get olive drabbed with stars and bonnet numbers like a WW 2 jeep or wild willy. The chrome will also get painted olive drab. James
  11. Thanks yogi-bear and Turnip I will definitely add more photos. The tyres are around 95mm in diameter they came with the rims for around £10 from china but they are the same as the Pajero Bf Goodrich mud terrains as far as I know. The tyres though on the Land rover are very soft and grip well. I will have a look if I can find them again on eBay and drop a link .
  12. Hi All I have just about finished my 2 year rebuild on my TA01 Land Rover series 1 I have made all of the front wings and detailed it all up. I also made the bumper out of stainless steel tube. The chassis has solid diffs and oil filled shocks with a flywheel type gearbox mounted in the centre it goes over most things surprisingly. There are a few odds and ends that still need doing like side lights and a scale number plate but otherwise all finished. I thought I would share it as it is a bit different. please excuse the mess in the background I had no were else to photograph it at the time. so will add more photos when have the space.
  13. Hi All I have taken photos of progress I don't intend to run it much as I have a re release that I can run when I get round to building that. I have cleaned the reinforcement plate I am quite happy with the finish I used lemon cleaner and a squaring pad and it took the corrosion marks off and also the mucky marks. I did decide to turn it over in the end. I am going to experiment with the green chassis plate.
  14. Sorry I have had a look and don't have any of those I couldn't even find the ones I thought I had, I haven't come across those ones before but that doesn't mean that there is no hope to get some I wonder if they could be reproduced using 3D printing.
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