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  1. @BP2411 I would be interested in the acoms radio gear I would have all of it but I don't want to be greedy if no one else wants them
  2. I use tornado 3300 mah batteries and they are very good quality or fleuron battery's I use these for all of my cars. I have had the tornado batteries around 5 years and they are still as good as the day I got them and they have been charged countless times and I have dunked them in water when using my land rover when wading with it but that wasn't on purpose.
  3. Hi All I am looking for a basher body for my sand scorcher as the one I have got is very nice an do not want to damage it. I am looking for a rough complete shell it dose not matter if it is broken in places and has some parts missing as I just want a shell I can have fun with. I am not bothered about the paint job either. thanks in advance. Doc
  4. you could try and cut a slot and get a flat blade screw driver on it but it looks as if it hasn't sheered of flush so not to easy to do but the first way of getting it out that i thought of was the same as @Lee76 But WD40 attacks plastic so you would have to give the arm a thorough bath or spray it with brake cleaner.
  5. Thank you @KEV THE REV your help is much appreciated I will let the owner know regards Doc
  6. Hi All hope you are all staying safe I have not used my sand scorcher in a while as it kept flipping over on grass yet I were not going to fast but I think it might be because of the solid axle so I will be fitting a ball diff. Because it kept rolling over it has broken the exhaust off and mangled the wire antenna. so I were thinking about buying it a dummy engine as they look great and add realism but I do not know which one would be best, also how do they fit as I think some just slot in so would have thought they would move. Also I have a spare body but don't really know what colour to do it so were looking for a bit of advice. I do like the box art shells but I do not have the confidence to do one. I found an XB one I think on eBay but he said he wanted around £300 for it are they worth that sort of money I thought they were worth more around £100. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated Regards Doc
  7. The nut is on the speed controller itself it holds the battery leads on the speed controller plungers I would send a photo of the offending item but I don't have the vehicle . I have attached a pic I found on Google
  8. Hi All I recently did some work on a Vintage Big wig for someone as it didn't run properly and it had a lot of other faults. He has just got back in touch and one of the nuts has fell off of the speed controller wires so the question is what size are they as I don't have the car in front of me to have a look at and can I get them from some were. any info would be greatly appreciated. Doc
  9. Hi all I am going through a few bits and bobs I have sold al my on road cars as they didn't get used so I have got a few TA chassis parts to get rid of. I am selling the ball diff I have just found first it is missing its end pieces that accept the drive shafts. but it seems pretty good otherwise I also have front and rear gearbox cases a few bumpers a drive shaft and a couple of motor mounts the red plastic ones I will add pictures later today all being well. if anyone has a sand scorcher ball diff that they are willing to part with I would swap parts for it. I am having a big tidy up and shrinking my collection so will be selling more parts that I don't have a use for any more. Doc Hollywood
  10. Mad bulls are fairly cheap to buy second hand and I would agree with the others. I am selling one that needs repairs and the body has is in good condition but has been painted matt black it could be painted over it has red wheels but the gear box is broken I would add a servo and receiver. just thought I would mention sorry if your not interested
  11. I wonder if the motor is faulty what is the com like is it all black and dose it spark lots when its in use you should be able to see this through the two small holes in the case of the motor. also are all of the bearings fully pressed in and the drive shafts have end float as if these don't have end float it might be doing something weird and jamming something. Welcome to the club and I really like the black foot they are fast I had a vintage one and it was quite slow and I were a bit disappointed and it turned out to be a dodgey motor don't give up on it, it will be worth it in the end everything is fixable
  12. @garfield88 Hi I don't know a lot about the lift parts as I bought the truck with all of those parts attached but I tweaked them as they were not fitted properly so the radius arms were rubbing on the steering I think you can buy the parts separately but will look into it I can give you measurements though
  13. @Lee76 sorry I did edit the photo there was another jeep next to it covered in boxes and parts but that is one of my dads friends jeeps its a 1945 willys I have attached the photo before I edited it. I didn't do it because I were hiding anything I just thought it looked a messy. I will may be at some point be doing some rc military vehicles like a jeep and a DUKW but they are distant projects
  14. it does look very good but not keen on the coil springs as they are leaf sprung but that's because I am a bit picky I bet if Tamiya had made one it would have maybe been leaf sprung as Tamiya likes their leaf springs Also I already own a 1942 script ford GPW jeep that needs a total rebuild I bought that for the fun of rebuilding it and because they are great fun just like that rc one.
  15. That's a nice little collection I have got around 35 cars and that is way to big for me but the problem is I think that I have got all of the cars and I am happy with the collection then another one will catch my eye hence having 35 cars But I have decided I want a smaller collection of around 15 cars which will be all of my favourite cant do without cars.
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