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  1. i didn't install them in the beginning. the truck run properly without them.
  2. if Tamiya is not a must u could consider kyosho javelin
  3. don't support such pirate copy
  4. good car. i still don't understand why Tamiya stopped manufacturing df03. i like its design.
  5. i pushed the hub cups all the way in and there are no wobbly. the trick is: - you install them as per the manual instructed - you run the truck for several packs of battery - you ignore the slops / plays at the front wheels during this period - after some time, you loosen the front wheels and re-tighten the lock nuts - you would discover that you could tighten the lock nuts further then when you newly build it - the slops / plays at the front wheels disappeared
  6. you would do better in your second build of the same chassis.
  7. u made me discovered that there are actually two trucks in that photo, not a mirror in the middle...
  8. rtr, little maintenance, ... i recommend traxxas trx4 sport
  9. i built two bruisers and didn't need to bend the parts...^^'
  10. good looking but not practical as the huge rotational masses of alloy wheels would hinder performance of touring cars..
  11. it has part no on it https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/7-digit-spare-parts/rc-led-plate-5651156523/
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