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  1. Hi, I have a good collection of parts / spares for the Cat 2000 range of cars. includes Cat 2000 top and bottom chassis plate, EC top and bottom plate. many shock mounts. selection of wishbones whels tyres diff parts if there is any small piece you are trying to find, let me know the part number and I will see if I have it! located in UK.
  2. If anyone is interested, my Cat 98 from my showroom which has the Cat XLS wheels, body, wing etc is on eBay and finishes tomorrow. also my Tamiya Rough Rider / Buggy Champ.
  3. Hi, my Cat 98 (which I have added some XLS parts to) is on eBay now. i also have a load of Cat 2000 parts for sale also. If your interested regards
  4. Hi Guys, Think its time I part with one of my cars to try and fund some other non-rc projects :-( For sale I have a Schumacher Cougar 2000 with Fabix Carbon conversion (lengthened version), chassis only No electrics etc. This car is part built (current progress is shown in my showroom. I will update pictures later) and has since had numerous additions to the build added. Comes with: NIB Schumacher Visco drive and also a service kit for the Visco drive including the correct layshaft NIB The upgrade moulded flex rear wing in white NIB Black schumacher 3 spoke wheels NIB C95 SACS Laydown shock conversion There may be more parts I have collected but I cant remember until I get the kit out later after work. I have no idea of the value so am open to offers. I know I wont get anywhere near the money I have spent on tracking the parts and shipping them from various countries but at the end of the day it has the potential to be a very special build. Thanks.
  5. I am after some parts from hobbymagasinet and need some help with the purchase! Please help... :-(
  6. Hi Guys, I am still after some front wishbones if anybody has any for sale? Thanks.
  7. Not a large amount of progress! I have had to get some carbon fibre parts manufactured slightly differently to suit the front end. Some extra parts on their way also which I have wanted for a long time. Brand new Visco drive coming, new Flex wing, SACS front end :-) I have also been checking out belt drives (which may mean no visco fitted) to eliminate the lack of grip on the rear end when accelerating. Just need to find the Laydown front wishbones which I cannot find anywhere...
  8. Desperately after Schumacher kit U1939 or some laydown front wishbones for the Cougar 2000 Will cover shipping costs from wherever!!!!!!! Thanks
  9. Great, thanks Jonathon! sending a PM
  10. I might need some helping buying some parts and shipping to the UK.... Could anybody possibly help please!?
  11. After many searches on google and looking through old race photos I have got my inspiration (mostly) for the Cougar 2000. Full Carbon and a Fabiix conversion.
  12. Hi Guys, I am after any hop-up / speed secret parts available for the Cougar 2000. Anything considered! Thanks, Saul.
  13. Spent some time last night stripping down the cougar 2000 before I had to go to bed early due to a chest infection. Discovered quite a lot of parts that should be replaced, including the lower chassis :-( The holes that the wishbone pivot screws go through are both broken so the chassis is useless really. Will either get a Fibrelyte replacement or watch ebay. not sure if I will have the GRP? or carbon yet. Other option is to completely clean everything, replace the broken parts and throw it all in a Cougar 2000 box with instructions "for sale". Currently it looks like this:
  14. Thought I might start my own thread if allowed to just update with my little projects. I have my CAT 98 which I am turning into a modern version of the CAT XLS Masami... The bodyshell cutting has started and it is nearly there fit-wise :-) Also have a Cougar 2000 which I bought when I was in school and I am going to restore by stripping every nut and bolt and rebuilding. Unless somebody makes a sensible offer for it ;-) I will update with some more progress shortly! Saul
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