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  1. Nice rig:) I have a similar concept toy yours too. did you widen the rig? I was afraid that I won't be able to use my widened setup since the portals look like they won't be able to take anything other than the stock dog bones...
  2. Still need to verify, but it seems like it will use special axles for the input gear... Most likely use dog bones... Which means I can't convert my widened G6-01 with universals installed I also don't see how those 6 portals add another $100 or so to the kit. Honestly, I'm not sure why they would release a version of a chassis that the current hopups won't work on. Maybe I'll just get the body.
  3. I was wondering how I can better the front bumper/skid plate using parts that I had, and ended up with the following. I used the standard attachment part for the spring bumper, and then added the rear bumper from a mini on top of it.| For the bottom part of the mini bumper, I overlapped the top screw holes on the original bumper, and used a longer screw. On the top holes, I drilled through the chassis and nut/bolt using 6mm spacers. I like the way it looks now, and also offers some protection for the shocks:) The other issue is the underside, where the skid plate would get caught when reversing. Thinking of just using strapping tape and changing it every outing for now until I come up with something better.
  4. Oh no, I didn't use any mini arms. It's like Front=kit rear arms, Center=DF03ra rear arms, Rear=kit rear arms. The rear arms are longer since it doesn't need the c-hub assembly. The outer drive cups are interchangable between the TL01(which this kit is based off of) and mini stuff iirc. The difference is that the threaded area is longer to accommodate the wider hex adapter.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I got the ideas from other builds I've seen around on the Japanese sites. Some pointers: Diffs are locked using another set of bevel gears I had from my minis. Just put one in between the original gears and it'll bind up. For the widening, I used the rear arms that were left over. This will cover the front and rear. Since this widened the track by about 10mm per side, I had to look for an arm for the middle. Found others using the rear arm from the DF-03ra for this. It's about 2mm wider than the required 10mm, but it was as close as it gets. The arm also has a 3deg toe-in built in, so I used the rear hub carrier from a M05ra (has toe built in as well), put it on reverse to cancel out the toe. Now here comes the fun part, the drive shafts. I had a bunch of M05 universal axles, and it was a perfect with one exception(more on that later). In order for the dog bone to reach, I needed to use a 48mm swing shaft. I just so happened to have 2 pairs, and put them F/R. For the center, I got a pair of axles made by Square (for the GF-01). These axles move the cross pin about 3mm towards the center, so you can get away using a 46mm swing shaft(which is more common). My build doesn't look that wide because I had to use the mini axles, which will not accept the 10mm wide wheel hex from the kit. Instead, I used the 6mm(silver) ones. To make things more confusing, remember that the DF03ra arms were a tad bit longer than 10mm? I used the standard 5mm hex here to lessen the difference as much as possible. So in all, I gained 10mm from the arms per side but lost 4mm from not using the kit hex. 6mm is not much of a "wide" conversion, but I also gained more suspension travel in return. As for the other unusual things on this rig, The two savox servos came off my 1/8 nitro buggy, and they are power hungry. So much that the BEC on the tekin could not handle, so I used the RX batt as the power source. I had to mount it somewhere in the front, and by using the frame that came with the kit, I was able to get a flat surface. Thought of cutting the rest off, but it kinda grew on me lol. Sorry if the explanation was confusing, but lmk if you have any questions.
  6. Hi, first post here. I was out of RC for several years until I got the itch to come back. But found out that the local racing program all went extinct, and was a bit bummed out. I decided to go back to my roots and play with Tamiya cars that I did as a child. My first project was the Konghead 6x6. I've been through several crawlers in the past, but the 6x6 really got to me. Thought it might be interesting to see how much I can do with this chassis. I first locked the diffs and gave it some 1.9s I had from a Twin Hammers. Wanted a little more travel, so I added longer arms. Added a little more options, and ended up with this video. Still a work in progress. (need to decide whether to use the kit decals) Let me know if you have other suggestions for the project. Thanks!
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