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  1. @topforcein I’m in the UK. I can post from the UK as have work colleagues who travel there often. Cheers
  2. While I can do the building and general finger work no problem, painting is always an issue for me and often ends up in some pretty poor looking models, so decided to see if anyone can recommend a painter. Right now it's just for a re re Golf Racing Grp 2 that I would like done in box art work. It's new and uncut, all the decals and everything else is there but needs painting inc driver. Appreciated if anyone has recommendations, local model shops can't help when called. Cheers
  3. Looking for a box art Golf Racing Grp 2, 58025. Just the model, doesn't need the box, manual etc. Tidy condition though. Looking to get one of these back in my collection after selling mine a long time back. Cheers, Darren
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