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  1. I want to say that the dogbone can pop out if the control arms swing too high or too low. If you disconnect the shock, you should be able to move it to where it can fall out/back in on its own. From there, you can decide it the movement is natural enough for you to want to do it when the shock is in place. Also note that you may need to turn the wheels while it is in this sweet spot for it to actually happen.
  2. Does the gear box have two outputs to do this? I've tried, but can't find the BT-01 Manual online anywhere.
  3. Ok, I take it back. I don't think this is possible. Noticed the chassis direction is switched between the left and middle cars in the diagram above? https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/spare-parts/rc-mb-01-ld-parts/ It looks like a two part chassis that you couldn't take only the gear box side twice. OR, maybe you can if you fabricate the joining?
  4. After looking at this picture, what you want to do comes better into focus. I don't see why you couldn't do both. I'm sort of tempted to buy two kits to find out!
  5. I'm interested. Is this just an idea... or did someone actually do this? I know very little about the BT-01 platform though.
  6. So, I got a "birthday" coupon code email from tower last month... everything I've tried to put in my cart, it doesn't work on. I don't know what it is for, or any rules to it. Just that it doesn't work. lol Tower, you're such a joke now.
  7. Where are you buying these kit deals?
  8. I run a 10.5T brush-less in my Top Force Evo ReRe. I'm happy with it. As long as everything is working (no blown diff), it handles great. Almost too great as it can be boring to drive at times. (Which reminds me, I should replace the worn out tires while it is on "winter snow" break.) I run it around pretty hard, but stay away from any kind of medium to large jumping with it. Mostly because some of the parts are getting harder to find to fix it. It has a lot of custom bits you won't want to lose or break. My TA-02T F150, which is very similar, I tend to drive/bash more as I can get basically all of the parts for it. (It is based on a TA-02 Lancia) It has large tires and it bit too fast for its setup. But, it lets me live on the edge of speed, which makes it fun! As long as you are ok chasing harder to find parts, go for it
  9. If you are trying to get the braking to feel like a 4WD car, it just won't. This is why a lot of races use to be in classes. 2wd and 4wd were not in the same class. Do you have other 2wd cars? How well does it break when compared to those?
  10. Why do they recommend a 4ch radio? What does the 4th channel do? (Vs a 3 ch radio)
  11. The slipper is for absorbing shocks to the drive train instead of the gears. Sure, power can play a roll in this. But the key is things like jumping. When you land, the slipper takes some of the shock out when you regain traction. That all being said, my current favorite car to drive is a TA-02T F-150. On my sad old drive way. It has dips, and those play havoc with loss of traction at speed. The car has a 10.5T brushless motor in it. It is far faster than it is stable. (Common complaint back in the day of brushed motors too.) The amount of rollovers, spins out and other shocks to the drive train is huge. I mean, that is why I drive the TA-02T F-150 the most. Living on the edge of speed pushing the limits to the max! My most repaired part on my TA-02T are the rims. Yep, poor car goes flying that much. It needs to move to it 3rd set of rims. Original tires too. (Not glued.) I'm pretty sure my rear ball diff is blown or has some other problems due to the abuse and it is currently sidelined for repair. A slipper likely would help with that. The front diff is gears... so, well one day they'll just have to be replaced. I'm thinking of swapping them to a ball diff too.
  12. This kills me sometimes. I see a cool car and what I see as must have hop ups (slipper clutch) and... discontinued. I was looking at a Dark Impact a few years ago... and passed on it due to this. It didn't get me anything over the Top Force Evo. (At least not without the slipper clutch!)
  13. I recently built a TA-02T F-150 from the current Lancia Kit. Info and parts needed here: Edit: I should note that the N Tree with the front steering links and bumper is impossible to find. You'll need to use turn buckles and make custom links and cut down your own front bumper.
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