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  1. In the US at least, the Opel Calibra is getting hard to find. I could get the lancia much cheaper delivered to my door. The lancia from a parts stand point, it closer than the Opel. If you just want to make something similar via tires and body, sure, that could work.
  2. I only added ball bearings to mine and my son's. They work great.
  3. I ordered a Lancia 58654A and followed the F150 Baja 58161 directions setting out all of the parts for each step. (No, they don't have the same order, it'll get a little messy.) I noted all of the F150 58161 steps MISSING parts from the Lancia 58654A kit. (Note, the C Trees are the same.) #15 Front Uprights (0445098 blue) I used 04445504036 aka 58144/136/125/120 red front uprights as they match the original '95 kit #15 MA20 x2 Wheel Axle (50823, currently available) #15 MA29 x4 1150 Bearings (You'll need a TA02T bearing kit as the the Lancia doesn't have all the same sizes as the front uprights are different) #16 MB11 x4 4x11.5mm Step Screw (84175 listed as 5x) #17 MA18 x2 Drive Shaft 39mm (50833, currently available, sold in pairs) #20 MC1 x4 Coil Springs (58181/178 aka 9805484 sold in pairs, you'll need 2 pairs for 4) #21 MC3 x2 3x20mm Screw (fine/machine thread) (49278 aka 9805895, listed as 10x) #21 MC6 x2 Damper Mount HARD TO FIND (58495 AKA 9804471, I found a set of 4x on ebay from an F350 kit and paid too much) #22 MA25 x4 3x14mm Step Screw (50582 aka 44002 listed as 5x) #24 MA27 x1 3mm washer (50586 aka 44002, listed as 12x) You might have spares of these from other kits. #26 N2 from N Tree -> DISCONTINUED -> These are the steering links. MD3 x2 (you have 1 of these plus two longer) with D3 (x4, x2 on each tree) MD3 is 3x18mm Threaded Shaft (2500024) This was hard to find, but you can use other thread shaft or cut the kit ones down maybe? #27 MA25 x2 3x14mm Step Screw (50582 aka 44002 listed as 5x) #27 MA27 x2 3mm Washer (50586 aka 44002, listed as 12x) You might have spares of these from other kits. #30 N3 from N Tree -> DISCONTINUED -> Front Bumper Not sure what I will do here, I may modify the kit E tree bumper to work. (58537 aka 0115202) #31 Wheel (58136/132 aka 0445516, currently available) #31 Tire (58136/132 aka 9805481, currently available) #34 Body (58495 aka 1825673) -> After Market #35 Paint Mask (58495 aka 9495678) -> After Market #36 Side Panels (58495 aka 4945678) -> I found these on ebay, not sure if After Market Body will include them or not #37 Decals (58495 aka 9495678) -> After Market Happy hunting.
  4. Thanks for all of the manuals and information. I first compared the TA02T manual to the original 58161 manual of the F-150. They are pretty close. Some part number changes, but I think still basically the same. I'm still working my way through the parts and builds, but the Lancia has the same D tree for control arms (only uses 2 of 4 arms and has a F tree). The Opel (TA02 generic manual) has a different D tree and plus F/K trees for arms. I also noticed the steering linkage is on the N tree for the TA02T (looks impossible to find one at the moment). Not sure if the included turn buckles for the Opel/Lancia will be the correct length or not. Edit: (I still need to do another pass on the manuals) -List: F-150 TA02T vs Lancia TA02S Front Uprights are different 10440378 2x -Front shafts are different 50883 2x Front step screws (top/bottom) 84175 4x are different (4x11.5mm vs 4x10mm) C Tree is Different 10009611 (but wow are the pictures close!) The coils are different. 19805484 2x Piston rods are surprisingly the same! Dampener mounts are different (MC6 19804471 2x which is bigger for the TA02T vs MC10 50593 4x6mm) -Front wheel axles are different 50823 2x (TA02T front/rear are the same) N Tree (front bumper/steering links) and looks impossible to find 10115202 Rims Tires Body Decals
  5. Thanks for the help so far. I already downloaded the TA02T manual vs the TA02S. Does anyone know where to find the 1/10 R/C Opel Calibra V6 (TA02) TAM47461 manual? I can only find the old 1990s version, with old part numbers.
  6. I want to build a TA02T (F-150 baja). What current production kit is the closest to what I would need to make one? What parts will be hard or border line impossible to get when converting the TA02? to at TA02T? What I see right now in stock is the 1/10 Lancia 037 Rally TA02-S Kit 58654A, is this even close? What is a good way to start comparing possible kits to a TA02T? Edit: or maybe 1/10 R/C Opel Calibra V6 (TA02) TAM47461? Thanks.
  7. They have worked great for me.
  8. I would caution against cheaping out on lipo batteries or chargers.
  9. I did the 23T gear on a colder day. About 45F. None of the temps anywhere on the car were in the 90s. I did the 24T gear today ground was 47F, but the air was warmer (temp increasing) the motor got up to 90F (about 75F 5min in) ESC was 94F and even found a 100F hot spot. Battery was at 72F So, the main reason for doing the temps is so you don't burn anything out. The second reason it if the motor can't push the car any faster, it runs hotter and slower at wide open throttle, but the wheel speed is the same. Should I also be check my top speed and checking that it is increasing? I can't take my jumps at Wide Open Throttle anymore. The car sort of nose dives like it did on the ramp that was too short. Having done a lot of brushed stuff, this going a lot faster brushless is less fun some how. I'm tearing around, but having to keep slowing down, tires breaking loose all the time otherwise. It has sort of turned bashing around my home track and jumps into work. I'll have to rethink my jumps again too.
  10. 22T gear with the 69T spur still. Still max motor timing. (Mostly because I forgot to change it back, but in a much cooler running temp, it may not matter.) Initial cold motor temp was 70F (car was in the basement due to some missing nuts/screws repairs that delayed continued running until I got replacement parts) Ambient driveway temp in shade was 52F (Air temp was likely around 65F but much cooler over night) Motor temp was 94F at the hottest spots (lots of 80s, maybe even a high 70s) (5min in it was 85F) Battery was 78F ESC heat sink was 94F ESC black box was 94F While today was a "warmer" day (for October), everything being so much cooler is likely throwing my temps off for a fair comparison. I tried the RW 21T pinion on the bench and briefly on the basement floor and it wasn't happy like the stock 21T pinion on the 69T spur. The 22T RW pinion seemed great.
  11. Anything can be repaired given enough time and money. ESCs are much cheaper than they use to be. This one is likely not worth paying someone to repair. Are you sure you plugged it into your receiver correctly? Are you willing to crack it open and look for obvious problems?
  12. I put the 69T spur gear back in and the 21T pinion on the 16T slot (as per the directions) and it was clicking worse this time. Never left the work bench. I was going to post a help thread, but RW racing pinions showed up in the mail today! 7 days from order placed to my door with coming over the great pond! Super fast. Thanks RW! More to come.
  13. This thread made me realize that TT-02 kits don't come with oil shocks. I guess I've been having too much fun in TT-02B land where oil shocks are stock.
  14. What contacts and connectors are you using? JST brand?
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