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  1. That looks great, a very well finished body. Is it this Team Blue Groove body for the m chassis https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TBG-P-TYPE-959-BODY-NEW-V3-fits-tamiya-m03-m-03-m05-m-03/153187238757?hash=item23aaabc365:g:SygAAMXQ9rVQ6RX1 with MCI decals? KP
  2. I'll see if I can get a shot of the silver can, GPS, do the run and another shot of the GPS in 15 seconds. Thank you. And how perceptive, the Focus is a bit of a ruin! I'll get a shot of the body on the next run. Thank you for managing this thread. It gave me hours of fun looking at all the set ups and videos and was inspiration to dig out the old GPS. KP
  3. One for the Non-Tamiya list. Associated RC18T Mamba 25 ESC Mamba CM2068 6800Kv GensAce 7.4V 1550mAh 25C Max Speed 40.0 kmh / 24.9 mph I can't remember the gearing, only that when I put it together I wasn't interested in top speed, so it has a pretty small pinion/large spur. KP
  4. Tamiya Ford Focus TL-01 Futaba MC230CR ESC Silver Can Floureon 7.2V NiMh 3500mAh Standard Gears, 19T Pinion Top Speed 25.8 kmh /16.0 mph I realised I didn't film the motor to prove it's a silver can, so it probably needs to go in the 4 wheel drive section. KP
  5. Wish I'd read this before I'd put more in my basket. Less haste more speed. Doh!
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