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  1. Finding somewhere to do speed runs >50 mph is difficult. Manhole covers, road repairs & kerbs are not your friend. KP
  2. For all you air-cooled aficionados out there. KP
  3. A really interesting thread. Over the years I've been on and off with RCs. Sometimes going for years with no interest. Coming back most recently I liked the idea of an anniversary Porsche. I was amazed at what these were going for and wasn't prepared to pay that much. I settled on a TT02 RSR. The whole market around the 45th I found quite disappointing. Driven in part by FOMO, speculators and I'm sure other factors. The whole spares situation is rubbish. Break something on your new BBX and you have no chance of getting spares. This drives an element of demand for kits that should be met by adequate spares supply. I think it's a shame you can't simply look in Tamiya's current catalog in any given year and go and buy what takes your fancy. This whole FOMO isn't just Tamiya or RCs - just look at the MoonSwatch. It's across the board with many consumer products and as others have said, demand is driven these days by a whole bunch of new factors that didn't exist 20 or so years ago. Now (IMO) the 50th anniversary is going to be something really special and I'm already caught up in the whole FOMO! KP
  4. I started a build thread but I've been pretty rubbish at keeping it up to date. I'll have to update it with where I've got to - I've tried a gyro and multiple servos. KP
  5. I'm on a similar journey - trying to get a TT-02 fast. I've only got to 45mph with 64T spur, 30T pinion, 4600kv Robitronic on 2S. Now play around with other cheap high kv motors on 2S without spending Castle money! Biggest problem now is going straight. The old set up would do 45mph straight as an arrow. I cant get my new set up to even drive straight. Good luck. KP
  6. This photo shows the sacrificial under tray that has to deal with the road above has been properly sacrificed to the RC gods! KP
  7. Photo of the car post run covered in dust and grime. In the photo you can see the two temp sensors, the gyro and the SkyRC GPS mounted on the upper chassis plate. The next photos show the road I'm running on - up to the usual standards of UK roads. But on the plus side, on a Sunday (or Bank Holiday Monday) its pretty much traffic free, it doesn't have much of a crown to it and there are no cats eyes. KP
  8. This has been a bit an on and off project but it's time for an update. I recently treated myself to a new radio - a SkyRC Noble NB 4. This is a feature packed radio at a mid range price. One of the features is telemetry from the car back to the transmitter. A range of sensors are available to measure voltage, temperature, altitude and rpm. I fitted a couple of temperature sensors to the motor and ESC. Now I can see real time motor and ESC temps and can set up some max temp alarms. For the power system and gear ratios I've currently been playing with temperatures were never really going to be a problem but I'm an Engineer and you can never have too much data! Another feature of the new radio is the ability to set the "Channel Speed". EG you can programme it such that if you rapidly pull full trigger, 0 to max ramps up over a user defined time. This will be more useful when running bigger power systems where a having a smooth input of throttle is key to minimising wheelspin, current spikes and voltage sag. Combined with user defined throttle curves and throttle dead zones this gives a lot of flexibility. Another area I've been playing with is getting the car to track straight. The car is set up with ball raced steering linkages, 3 deg of rear toe in and about 1 to 2 deg of front toe out. I had trouble trimming the car, it seemed to wander around neutral. To cut a long story short, I've tried 3 servos and replaced the servo saver with an alloy servo horn. The earlier servos I was using had more play/backlash around the neutral point. Combined with the mechanical nature of the backlash will be the accuracy of the sensors in the servo needed to maintain a commanded position both statically with no load and under load in use. I've ended up with a servo and set up that's not too bad. But it may just be I'm gaining experience at 40+ mph. As a slight aside, most will appreciate the specs for servos focus on torque values and angular speed. I haven't found any specs that detail either angular accuracy or some sort of measure of backlash. I've been playing with cheapish servos and I expect that some of the higher priced brands are designed and built with tighter tolerances. Steering gyros. There seem to be mixed views on steering gyros for speed running, ranging from "gyros are cheating" to "gyros are essential". My only experience of a gyro was recently with a drag slash. Box stock, cold tyres, full throttle, no gyro it was all over the place. With the gyro it was rock solid and straight as an arrow - I was amazed. So I wanted to try one. I fitted a SkyRC gyro. This was set up with the gyro gain adjustable on the fly using a third channel. I'm still on the fence with the gyro but it's fun to experiment with! The speeds I've currently got to are nothing to get excited about:- 45mph, 30T pinion, 64T spur, 2S CHNL 5600MAh 120C, Robitronic Razer Ten Combo with 4600kv motor & 60A ESC. Next step is to see what combinations of 31T, 32T pinions and 63T spur will fit under the gear cover and then fit a 4.5R Speed Passion motor that was going cheap at Modelsport. KP
  9. Still trying to go fast! Time for a spur change - and what a PITA that is on a TT-02 with a top deck / chassis brace fitted. KP
  10. Backing into the scenery sounds like a proper 911 accident! Glad you got it fixed. KP
  11. Thought I'd try something different. Roads were finally dry enough to have a test run with my new Drag Slash. KP
  12. A second hand Rough Rider, so not strictly a kit that I built. Like a lot of others I built static models and lusted after the RC cars in the Tamiya catalogue. A friend had the original 312T Ferrari, I saw that and was hooked. After saving every penny from jobs and pocket money for months I bought the Rough Rider for £80. And we need pictures. It had already got a modified roof and relocated lights. If you look closely you can just about see the steel bumper my Dad fabricated. Happy days. KP
  13. Today was finally good enough to attempt some painting. Even though I was only planning on one colour, the body didn't come with any window masks. So it took a bit of time to mask up the windows and lights. Judicious use of a hairdryer, a can of red and some smoke for the windows and lights and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Then the best bit - peeling off the protective film! Now on with some stickers. (Badge not yet stuck on) KP
  14. The thinner stock bumper, the undertray and some standoffs. KP
  15. First couple of runs were over Christmas. I was dying to run the car even though the road was not dry. With a 22 pinion / 68 spur, max speed was 30mph. With a 22 pinion / 64 spur max speed was 35mph. This was a bigger jump than expected which I'm putting down to a partially discharged battery for the 22/68 runs. These runs were done without the body and before I'd made an undertray. In the picture you can just see my 1:1 car. Unfortunately I managed to crash into it and rip off a rear corner. Particularly disappointing as the body and an undertray (the width of the body and wider than the track) may have reduced the damage. KP
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