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  1. This thread is going to be a brief summary for the build of a TT02-SR chassis as a speed run car followed by the trials and tribulations of running the car. I’ve been inspired by the multiyear, multipart “Tamiyaclub Official Top 10 Fastest RC'ers” thread. I’ve even got an entry for a completely stock TL-01 near the bottom of one of the tables with an eye watering 16 MPH. This all started with wanting a “different” on road car to run. I already had a Porsche RSR and loving all things VW and Porsche the Porsche 911 GT1 Street TA03R-S seemed to fit the bill as I’ve never had a belt drive car. But as a chassis, the battery compartment seemed a bit limiting. I wasn’t sure it could fit lipos, it definitely wouldn’t fit a tall 3S lipo and I didn’t like how exposed the battery would be. For me, another negative was being short wheelbase other standard wheelbase bodies wouldn’t fit nicely. As the eventual aim was always to get a speed run focused body I decided to explore the different chassis kits available. Although I could probably stretch to one of the higher priced chassis, for that sort of outlay I know I’d be ****htened to crash it. I wasn’t previously aware of all the different TT-02 chassis kits and after a bit of deliberation ended up with the TT-02 SR. This seemed to offer a good balance of essential hops (bearings & CVAs), adjustability and other hops ups right off the bat. There’s a load of good TT-02 stuff at the rcracer.com https://www.thercracer.com/2014/08/tamiya-tt02-guide-mods-tuning-and-tips.html and this was excellent to get an idea of the different TT-02 chassis kits and hop ups. Link to the Tamiya product description https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/47439/index.htm I got the kit from Tamico https://tamico.de/Tamiya-47439-TT-02-Type-SR-Chassis-Bausatz KP
  2. Final (for now) bits arrived for the next build. KP
  3. Ok, so the big box of stuff arrived today for my speed run build. Also in the box were a new party frock and shoes for my Avante Black. KP
  4. I thought I'd have a go at building a speed run car and bits and pieces have started to arrive. Now waiting on the main care package with the kit and hop ups. KP
  5. My immediate thoughts were, yes definitely. But then scrolled down and thought I get nowhere near 47 bullet points! I just procrastinate too much. Current "problem" is whether to do the Avante Black box art or not......... KP
  6. The driver survived the first battery pack.
  7. CF always looks good! In started as a cheap build but then...... Well, we all know the story it's a £200+ "cheap" buggy after adding 3 cans of paint, MCI decals, different wheels and CF bits. KP
  8. Thanks. The driver is just mounted on double-sided tape. The driver is not flat bottomed so I'm not sure this is going to last - we'll see! The ESC is quite large so I had to move the receiver. This has resulted in the antenna wire laying horizontally which is not ideal. KP
  9. I'm a bit late - completed yesterday. More shots here -
  10. Some shots of my recently completed DT-03. I decided I needed a cheap modern buggy to compliment my SRB - You can always find a reason. I started with a Neo Fighter Buggy Brushless Combo from Tamico, this came complete with CVAs, bearings and a Robitronic Brushless motor and ESC. A few extras were added:- 54628 & 54629 Steel pinions 54560 Lightweight transmission shafts 54566 Gearbox bridge 54816 Reinforced M parts 54562 Front carbon damper tower 54563 Rear carbon damper tower 53832 Spring Set 10448047 Racing Fighter front wheels 10448048 Racing Fighter rear wheels 53084 Spike rear tyres 54896 Rib/spike front tyres 10225033 Driver Inspired by these DT-03s https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=127897&id=43050 & https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=127728&id=43050 built by @Truck NorrisI decided I was going to try something similar but based on the rough rider. Some paint and reduced size MCI decals and I was on my way. The Neo Fight Buggy body is not really suitable for a direct copy of the Rough Rider paint scheme and there was no wing on the Rough Rider . The body ended up with a simplified version of the Rough Rider orange and white. The wing is influenced by the TD2/TD4 Astute/Avante. For me, I liked the symmetry of a nod to Tamya's oldest and newest buggys. Anyway, enough waffling on - here's the shots.
  11. Tamico box of goodies arrived today. DT-03 bundle with bearings and a brushless combo - a bargain. A few hop ups, servo, wheels and a driver. CVAs for my nearly complete 911 RSR and a servo saver for my Rustler. KP
  12. Finally finished the stickers on my 911 RSR. I just need to finish the wheels and build the CVAs that arrived today then it's done...... I've got a rally interior but I think after painting the wheels I'm taking a rest from painting for a bit. Anyway, I think I over did the smoke on the windows to really appreciate an interior. KP
  13. The first polycarbonate body I've painted in 18 years and I'm pretty pleased with it. Now to attack the stickers. KP
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